Gary Kubiak says his health is good as he starts new job


Soon enough, Gary Kubiak will get to the somewhat-less-than-life-and-death work of fixing the Ravens offense.

But after his on-field health scare last November, he’s fortunate to be able to joke about his condition. The former Texans head coach suffered a stroke-like attack on the sidelines at halftime of a Nov. 3 game against the Colts.

How do I look?” Kubiak said, via Aaron Wilson of the Baltimore Sun. “Am I OK? No, I’m fine.”

He said he felt recharged now, and ready to get to work.

“I went through about a three-week process where I cut back my hours a little bit,” he said. “I came out of it fine. I was my old self at the end of the season. But things didn’t work out, and that’s part of this game.

“I feel great. I’ve been working out. Looking forward to getting up very early in the morning and going to work again. My wife is tired of me being around the house.”

Hopefully the decreased stress of having half a team to worry about instead of a full one will help as well.

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  1. “See how he feels after watching Flacco live in practice for the first time.”

    Congratulations, it’s unusual for you to recognize what Flacco brings to the table and the danger of excitement. Kubiak’s already said “He’s a championship quarterback, and that’s all you can ask for as a coach in this league. I’m very excited to work with him.”

  2. Kubiak is going to make Flacco look good. His system is so simple yet effective if he has the tools. RB – Check, A QB with an arm and can move a little – Check. One go to WR – Check. One above average TE – Check. Kubes success rate against AFC North teams is pretty solid as well. The guy is not a bad coach, he is just overly loyal and stubborn to a fault. I think he will have learned from his mistakes here in Houston and be a better coach down the line for it. The only red flag I see is the fact that he brought Dennison and the Dumb Dumbs to town with him. I think your owner and Harbaugh will be able to keep them in check though. Good look Ravens, us here in Houston have always admired you guys from afar.

  3. I can’t believe PFT hasn’t published anything on how the Kubiak hire went down.
    This wasn’t a hire by Harbs, but the front office. Kubiak was NOT on the initial list of candidates, like Harbs said, or we would have heard about it. Even Kubiak denied that.
    There is something going down in the management level of the Ravens and it makes Harbaugh look like he is being trumped. Let’s hope the team doesn’t fall apart because of any animosity between coaches.

  4. Glad to here that. You will definitely coach well in that team and maximize the talent which you are the best at finding and extracting. The ravens should be far a better team in offense then they were in the past few years, yes that includes the superbowl winning team.

    Good luck Coach.

  5. For as much as I slam Flacco as a bad QB, I don’t even waste my time on Dalton anymore. He’s not even a real QB.

  6. Joe Flacco is a good QB. Is he the best Qb in the game? No. I am not that delusional. He has one of the strongest arms in the game, he at times can put good touch on the ball, and when given the time can completely take over a game (playoffs in Denver, last year’s superbowl). If he was as bad as some people try to say he is, the Ravens would have never gotten anywhere near the playoffs.

    His offensive line was Swiss cheese last season. Oher looks totally lost and I am sure he’s gone unless he wants to take a severe pay cut and I personally think he should move to guard. He’s quick and athletic, but he just doesn’t have great technique. Move him to guard, let him pull, and I think you have a monster in waiting there. Problem is, we already have two very good guards in Yanda and Osemele (if healthy).

    McKinney finally looked like he was done and mid season they get Monroe who is okay. He’s not great, but he’s better than McKinney. Now that he has some time in the system he might do better. Osemele missed most of the year and Shipley was horrible. Gradkowski showed that he wasn’t ready to start in the NFL yet. Too soon to tell, but the coaching staff seemed to indicate he might be too small or not tough enough.

    You get a healthy, cohesive O-line, a healthy Ray Rice, and that offense will be looking good again. Another wide out who can actually catch, and another TE that doesn’t have bricks for hands…it could be exciting. I see the Ravens moving to a twin TE and 3 WR mode with no fullback mode. Sure, they might have some TE as an H-Back type role, but no real full time FB. In fact, they drafted a HUGE 6’8” TE out of Maryland last season who might be perfect for that role.

    The defense played a lot better than most thought it would without Ed Reed and Rey Lewis. It may also lose Suggs in the near future. To me, those players were/are past their prime and getting younger and quicker was the right way to go. With youth you get inexperience and mistakes and that’s what you saw last year. That and playing two strong safeties at the same time kinda hurts you too. While it may never be the same killer defense it was during the legendary time of Lewis and Reed, it will still be pretty good.

    And another fan is right. Our assistants and coordinators are leaving for higher level jobs. It isn’t because they are horrible. It is because people realize what a good job they are doing in Baltimore and want to bring success to their team.

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