Jack Del Rio confident he’ll be a head coach again


Broncos defensive coordinator Jack Del Rio filled in as the team’s interim head coach while John Fox was recovering from heart surgery, his second stint running a team after spending nine years in charge of the Jaguars.

Del Rio went 3-1 during those games and his name was dropped in association with some of this year’s head coaching openings. Del Rio said at Wednesday’s media availability that he hasn’t spent time wondering how much interest there was in his services and that he feels confident that he’ll get another shot as a head coach in the future.

“I feel like for me, I’m really blessed to be part of an organization that is playing for the world championship,” Del Rio said. “There certainly are opportunities each and every year, and at some point it will match up with what somebody’s looking for and what I offer. In the meantime, I’m going to enjoy the heck out of my opportunity here to fight and find a way to win a world championship. I’m not going to spend a lot of time wondering if there was a lot of talk, a little talk or those types of things.”

Both of the head coaches in this year’s Super Bowl have had previous runs as NFL head coaches that ended without Super Bowl titles and Seahawks coach Pete Carroll said at his Wednesday press conference that he hoped more coaches get the multiple chances that he’s had. Del Rio would fit right into that group, which could help him find that right match if the success Carroll and Fox have found leads teams to go to the recycling bin in their future coaching searches.

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  1. Luckily for him, the Vikings just hired a new coach. If Fox can get a head coaching position within the next three years, he could probably avoid the Vikings Resume Stain altogether.

  2. I predict John Fox will retire after winning his ring this weekend (making a smart move like John Madden did upon winning the big one) and either play golf or get into TV.

    So DelRio may well take over for the Broncos.

  3. Thank God it won’t be for us again. Drafting Byron because he was too insecure to work with a vet in Brunell. Cutting starting QBs after him right before Week One…twice! Del Rio is a talented guy but not a boss. He needs a boss on football matters. Not just an owner to answer to.

  4. Well if his chargers play well sunday, more than likely he will be, could carry that through next season. Now world championship, i dont know about you but the only country that plays competitive football is only in the US. NFL champions that is more like it.

  5. He probably will, though I’m not particularly a fan.

    He certainly has a resume as good as some of the other retreads. Yes, he never won a division title, but he was stuck behind some great Colts teams. He did take the Jags to records of 11-5 and 12-4.

    Nothing spectacular, but it doesn’t seem to take much in this league to get a second chance.

  6. He called the Super Bowl championship a “world championship” twice. Since when did it become a world championship? Same time the NBA title became one too? Always makes me SMH when Kobe or Lebron refer to their league championships as “world” and now the term is permeating more and more in the NFL as well. Hilarious.

  7. Not a Jags fan, but a Jax resident.

    I think Jack is a solid coach, but they seemed to have poor GMs while he was here. I think Bradley will be ok, but if he doesn’t, and Jack is free, he would be a good choice to bring back.

    Just don’t let him pick the players. Leftwich? Yeesh…

  8. When Rex was on the hotseat I thought del Rio would’ve been a good replacement and I was a little sad to see all the vacancies filled before he became available. Remember the Reebok suit he wore in Jax?

  9. I’m not sure whether to laugh at this or think Del Rio a genius.

    I laugh because half the league’s front offices have proven time and time again that they have no idea whatsoever what they’re doing and are likely stupid enough to hire Del Rio. Hiring retread proven losers is shockingly commonplace and his bold statement reminds me of the Lions hiring Marriucci, the Chargers hiring Norv, the Bucs hiring Lovie, the Redskins hiring Shanahan, and on and on and on.

    Del Rio is essentially a genius for drumming up a fervor over his availablility and confidence that HE SHALL RIDE AGAIN!!! I could easily see the Browns firing the guy they just hired “because we didn’t want anyone to grab Del Rio up”!!!

    You have to admit that, despite Goodell’s efforts to ruin the league, there is a ton of unintentional humor in the NFL.

  10. The great QBs leave a trail of successful coaching careers wherever they go.

    All these coaches go from mediocre to coaching geniuses when they have great QBs– and then they parlay that into as many years of jobs as they can.

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