John Fox learned his lesson from Panthers trip to Super Bowl


Having been to the Super Bowl twice before — once as a coordinator, once as a head coach — Broncos coach John Fox has learned the most important lesson about getting to this week’s game.

“That you don’t want to lose,” Fox cracked Wednesday morning.

Of course, Fox also got a subtle dig at his previous employer when asked if he’s a better coach now, or whether he just has better players than when he coached the Panthers in this game 10 years ago.

“I had good players in Carolina. I think that was the only Super Bowl they’ve ever been to,” he said. “It was a great team, great locker room, as you’d expect. I think all these are different. This time of year from now, I’ll have a completely different team. It’s just the way of the National Football League. Coaches change teams. Players change teams.

“I’m just really soaking this one in. It’s a great bunch. I’m very proud of this bunch, just like I was with the Carolina team. So I’ve enjoyed, really, all my football teams and I think you get better. I think the more experience, or the more you do it, the better you get. You should, whether it’s your job or my job.”

Fox obviously takes pride in being the only Panthers coach to get to the Super Bowl (though there have only been four of them, and two of the others have been to the playoffs). But the way his career there ended, with a messy lame-duck contract situation leading to his departure, guarantees that he’ll always enjoy working little tweaks like that into his press conferences.

16 responses to “John Fox learned his lesson from Panthers trip to Super Bowl

  1. I think the dig is, “that was the only Super Bowl they’ve ever been to”. That is, after they kicked me out, they never made it back again.

  2. That was really really subtle. Perhaps, it wasn’t a dig – Foxy was just sharing some thoughts, with no intent to grind the Carolina white-collared shirts.

    Not every comment uttered has some hidden agenda behind.

  3. Richardson and Hurney didn’t give him any talent to work with toward his final days in Carolina. They were preparing for the lockout and didn’t want to spend money and didn’t care about the talent… It was miserable and they screwed Fox. We miss him here but I hope he does well on Sunday!

  4. Fox lost them that SB. If he hadn’t been chasing points so early the Pats would have been kicking to tie, not win at the end of the game.

  5. I think that was the only Super Bowl they’ve ever been to,”
    Whats makes it an obvious dig is that he said “I think” – Which is not true. HE KNOWS. We all know cus they have only been in the league for a while. He just wants to make sure you dont forget that.
    Also he said:
    “This time of year from now, I’ll have a completely different team”
    Thats also not true. The team will only be slightly different/

  6. Eleven of his starting players in Carolina tested positive for steroids, and the Panthers team doctor went to jail for prescribing them to the team.

    Hopefully that part’s different.

  7. If he’s that good of a coach, how did that very talented 2006 team, coming off an NFC championship game appearance, manage to go 8-8? Why didn’t the game plan for the 2008 playoff game include actually covering Larry Fitzgerald BEFORE Arizona got a 21-point lead? And why did he insist on slavish obedience to that stupid damn card that says you ALWAYS go for 2 when you are down 5, even if it’s in the second quarter, like he did in that Super Bowl? And if he’s such a great coach, how was he the only one on Earth who didn’t see the lockout coming in 2010, and put the best players on the field? Was Tony Pike a good NFL QB? No. But he had been with the team since being drafted in April, but Fox hates rookies so much, he insisted that Brian St. Pierre, with the team for 5 days, “gave us the best chance to win” because he was the “known quantity,” even though he never accomplished a thing in the NFL.

    Fox is a great DC. He’s an OK head coach, nowhere near a great one.

    I, for one, don’t miss him here in Carolina. After a shaky start, Riverboat Ron is doing just fine.

  8. Funny, I don’t hear so much about how Tebow has won more playoff games than Manning and Fox and Elway had it in for him… That chatter is gonzo!

    Manning took basically the same team that Tebow got destroyed by NE to the SB, by thrashing NE. Poetic justice.

    Just maybe he was actually a better choice for QB than to bow!

    And, there isn’t actually a conspiracy in America against good-looking, educated, white, Christian males.

  9. He never deserved an extension nor to be fired in Carolina…no back to back winning seasons and yet just enough to keep him hanging around, his last year he basically didn’t care and should’ve been let go about half way through

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