Jonathan Martin details harassment from Dolphins teammates


Jonathan Martin, the offensive lineman who left the Miami Dolphins after he was harassed by teammates, has detailed some of that harassment, which he says went far beyond the normal razzing that teammates give each other.

“There was persistent comments of a racial nature, aggressive sexual comments related to my sister and my mother,” Martin said in his interview with Tony Dungy. “I’ve spoken to my former teammates in other locker rooms across the NFL and I asked them, does this stuff go on? Is this normal rooking hazing? The consensus was, this is not normal.”

Martin says he wasn’t the only victim of bullying in the Dolphins’ locker room. And Martin also says Richie Incognito, the teammate who was suspended for his role in the bullying, was not the only bully on the team. But Martin does say that he believes he was picked on more than the rest of his teammates, for reasons he never understood.

“There were other people that got it, too,” Martin said. “I can’t say why I may have gotten more.”

Martin’s full interview with Dungy will air today at 6:30 p.m. ET on Pro Football Talk on NBCSN.

91 responses to “Jonathan Martin details harassment from Dolphins teammates

  1. I’m no fan of bullying but this guy isn’t doing himself any favors with this.

    Just shut your mouth, ask for a release from the team, and have you agent start trying to get you signed somewhere else…

    Go to Indy and work with Luck again….

  2. To all you internet tough guys hiding behind a screanname, just remember this; Jonathan Martin is a 1000 times tougher that you will EVER BE.

    Furthermore, if you truly object to his actions, I kindly suggest that you share your thoughts directly in person with the same conviction you have in your postings here.

    Once you do that, you have right to call him names …

  3. People responding negatively to Jonathan Martin are just trying to live vicariously through his tormentors. If they did the same where they worked, they’d be fired for racism or sexually-suggestive language.

    Also, they’re conveniently forgetting that, in the same scenario, they’d be Jonathan Martin.

  4. Maybe these idiots need to GROW UP and act like adults and not frat boys so the other adults in the building can also do their jobs.

  5. When people think you are their friend, sometimes they say things to you that they wouldn’t say to passing acquaintances in the workplace.

    The longer you go without telling people that these things bother you, the more appropriate they will think their behavior is.

    Point being that Martin is just as responsible for this as anyone else. Give people the courtesy of knowing you don’t appreciate their behavior, and let them have the opportunity to treat you differently in the future.

    Anything less than that is disrespectful, especially considering that many of these people consider you to be a friend.

  6. The question isn’t so much whether or not this stuff happened; the key is the impact it had on Martin–the true impact, not the exaggerated one being put forth by the legal team.

    Martin not only endured this kind of behavior but he participated in it as well. That, to me is a critical piece of information.

    Each one of Martin’s complaints has at least one (more likely several) examples of Martin doing or saying the same kinds of things. (lunch room joke, racial language, “threats” of violence against family members, etc.) There is also the little issue about Martin having text/phone conversations (after he left the team) with teammates, including Incognito, where he said he had no problem with them and he just was having a hard time.

    The public releases were designed for a lawsuit/settlement. The actions Martin took seemed planned to me. They targeted a “bully” with a history of questionable behavior. Incognito was the perfect guy to lay the blame on because his past actions were indefensible. When some backlash started appearing for Martin, there was an anonymous report to Miami media members to look into the golf tourney incident. The “victim” signed a non-disclosure agreement. The tip was obviously from Martin.

    I have no respect for Martin. He failed to notify anybody on the team (players, coaches, etc.) that something was wrong or bothering him until after he abandoned the team and created the media storm. I am not saying he needed to stand up to Incognito (that was an option) but he did need to inform his employers that behavior worthy of a lawsuit was happening and needed to be addressed. IMHO, Martin is a coward and a system manipulator–not a victim.

  7. I’m not condoning any actions on either side, but… You’re a grown man… You could have taken a guy aside and explained that you think he’s crossing the line with comments and to stop…. You don’t blind side one of your teammates … You just don’t! I think we have an issue of wanting to get paid without getting hit anymore. I would have no problem telling Martin to his face .
    Set up a meeting with him for me and I’ll do it…

  8. “There were other people that got it, too,” Martin said. “I can’t say why I may have gotten more.”

    actually, nothing more than this need be said.

    perhaps while at stanford he should have watched some documentaries on animal planet to see how a room full of alpha males sort things out.

    or perhaps dog whisperer where he could see how dogs respond to the physical clues given by the human.

    some team will give him a play when he’s released, but they will almost certainly cut him cause this cat doesn’t really want to play pro football.

  9. ranoversquarells: It might be easier than you think to say those things to him.

    I mean he won’t do anything but wait and then threaten to sue you later.

  10. Martin must think he’s the first person to be picked on. He’s lucky to be born in this time period where running to your parents as a grown man is applauded. He wouldn’t last 5 minutes in the military or the Boy Scouts.

  11. He can’t win here given football locker-room culture. No matter what he says, he’ll look like a wuss.

  12. I hope another team does pick Martin up and I hope that team plays Miami and I hope the Dolphin players end his career for good!!!!

  13. Jonathan Martin,
    I lose more respect for each time I hear a new report about this. You were a highly educated, wealthy man with many “tools”: Parents who were lawyers, your own lawyer, your agent and apparently other players in the league with whom you polled their locker room experience with.

    Yet you used none to communicate your situation of displeasure about your surroundings.

    Sad to see that wealthy intellect used when it was needed most.

    By the way yo momma was so fat that when Lamar Miller was behind her, he had flashbacks of Bryant McKinnie blocking for him.

    Oops! I’m a bully! Sue me too!

  14. He said the word ‘consensus’. That means most people. He NEVER said all. Hmmmmmmmmmm…

    That means IT DOES happen elsewhere and if I were the investigator or the NFL, I TOO would want to know.

    That word is a can of worms. We all knew this whole mess was a can of worms, anyway.

  15. My, my so many manly men marveling over Martin’s meager machismo, cloaked and “incognito”, as it were, by way of the internets! Come on out, tough guys, blatant (and latent) is no way to go through life.

  16. To all the internet tough guys here who have nothing but contempt for Martin and who excuse bullying, Ron White’s observation fits you to a ‘T’: “You can’t fix stupid.”

  17. There are lots of comments here that ignore Martin’s alleged mental illness. The mentally ill don’talways react the way normal people expect. Many mentally ill people don’t use very good judgement either.

    My question is, why didn’t the Dolphins know he was mentally ill? If they did know, why would they select the course of action they did?

  18. Can we quit worrying about everyone’s feelings? My god we’ve turned into a nation of pansies. I’ve dealt with far worse for much less than what this very well paid baby is crying about.

    The world ends when you’re dead. Until then, you got more punishment in store. Stand it like a man — and give some back. – Swedgin

  19. First of all “Bullying” applies to minors & teenagers, in no way shape or form do I condone bullying. But when your in your early to mid twenties AKA an adult its called harassment. So when Martin felt the harassment crossed the line he needed to man the f**k up & do/say something like an ADULT, not run behind the bullying shield (he’s too old for that nonsense). I blame this P.C. Culture that has taken over everything we do as a society for this mess & his actions.

  20. Come on dude. You gotta roll with the punches in life. They prob persisted because of your reaction. Give it back to them!! This guy ever hang around dudes before the NFL?? It’s what we do!!

  21. Most of us would kill to be on the roster of an NFL team. This soft guy has been babied his entire life and now someone has called him a name. Cry me an f’n river.

    Pay me million$ and you call my mom, my dog, my wife, my daughter or even my goldfish anything you want.

  22. To all those people defending Martin I simply ask why? Do you honestly believe that 300 pound man could walk into a court of law and claim he was bullied? Given the fact that he did the same to many others in the lockerroom besides the man he claims was the BIGGER bully. I’m sorry if that’s how you feel then again there are plenty of people such as your self who have no idea of what it takes to earn respect of others without crying victim. Much less go through this life as a person accountable and responsible for their own well being.

    BTW, in case you have been sleeping for past 50 years the NFL IS AND ALWAYS SHOULD BE A HOSTILE WORKPLACE.

  23. I can’t help getting the feeling that Martin is probably gay. Something about the way he carries himself, his mannerisms, his level of sensitivity etc. . . . I’m not saying for one second that it’s OK for the other players to do what they did, but I think there’s more to this story lurking beneath the surface.

    There’s been a lot of chatter recently about gay NFL players being afraid to come out for fear of repercussions in the very macho locker-room/football environment, and this could be part of that scenario. Aaron Rodgers has been the topic of a lot of this discussion recently too, and there’s a huge question-mark over him as well. I have not seen or read anything that mentions Martin having girlfriends or anything, so it’s just something that stuck in my mind. Or maybe I’m just crazy ?!

  24. Before all the smart guys mouth off about what happened, lets see what comes out in the report. Maybe He didn’t inform coaches what went on. Maybe He did and they didn’t do anything about it. If He did, some on here would say He was a rat for telling on them. Ok tough guys, let see if you would put up with this crap day in and day out. Stuff has always gone on in the NFL in the locker rooms, but just maybe what went on in the Dolphins locker room was way and above what is normal. They had a guy as GM who had no business being in that job and maybe have a head coach that shouldn’t be one. Easy to see how this whole thing exploded.

  25. Don’t you just love all the internet “tough guys”, who poke fun of Jonathan Martin…

    I’d like to see… just ONE, ONE poster in this thread with the stones to go up and man up, and say the things that were reportedly said to Martin, to Martin’s face…

    I have a feeling… I’d be waiting a REAL long time…..

  26. I will reserve judgement until the report comes out but Stephen Ross seems content with what the report has to say. It is possible the line coach with get fires as the Fins have hired the Texans offensive line coach to work in tandem with last years coach. Maybe they will fire the incumbent coach once the report comes out but one thing I learned at an early age when it come to jokes. If you let people know they bother you they will continue doing it. I played D1 football and our locker room always joked about sleeping with another teammates mother (if she was attractive). Same applied to their sister. So for me what Martin experienced is normal. But everyone’s degree of normal is different.

  27. cakesw says:
    Jan 29, 2014 11:38 AM
    Don’t you just love all the internet “tough guys”, who poke fun of Jonathan Martin…

    I’d like to see… just ONE, ONE poster in this thread with the stones to go up and man up, and say the things that were reportedly said to Martin, to Martin’s face…

    I have a feeling… I’d be waiting a REAL long time…..

    I would do it if I was his teammate. It is one thing for a stranger to say those things. It is another a teammate to say them. Huge difference.

  28. So the Miami Dolphins offensive lineman went on a vacation together after this season and took Richie Incognito but not Jonathan Martin. That tells me all I need to know about this overblown, silly “scandal”.

  29. Add boogers and farts and it sounds like my 10 year old hockey teams locker room. They have the yo momma jokes and talk about each other’s sisters. No one cries or leaves the team. This guy has been cuddled too much.

  30. The fruits are ripe now from the liberal society. Man up, plenty of people in the world and in history have it far worse than a million dollar crybaby. Boo hoo.

  31. One reason he (allegedly) may have been bullied more than others is because he tolerated it. When he (allegedly) had to fund some recreational activity in Vegas despite not personally attending — he acquiesced. In essence, he was an enabler.

    Why wouldn’t he do, like nearly everyone of us did, and say something like, “Not gonna happen”?

    And the avenue he elected to “solve” this “problem” may have been lethal to his playing career. Not speaking for everyone, but man — he’s not the kind of guy I’d want to go to battle with. Not at all.

  32. For starters – ripping on one another, is just what guys do. Guys are crude towards one another, they make obnoxious obscene comments – and that’s just guys in general hanging out with one another. I can only imagine how bad it gets in a locker room.

    But with guys, it all boils down to standing up for yourself. Recently, Brian Westbrook was on a local Philly radio show talking about hazing in the locker room. He told a story about Derrick Burgess’ rookie season. Some of the veterans – Corey Simon included – were harassing him, telling him he was going to take the whole team out to dinner and buy everyone’s dinners that night. Burgess stood up to them and said flat out I am not paying for a thing. They just walked away and didn’t bother him again about that sorta thing going forward.

    The point is – this guy obviously didn’t stand up for himself. He took it, and ultimately became the punching bag of the whole team. Right or wrong, that is guy behavior in general.

    I just don’t have a ton of sympathy for the guy because all he had to do was stand up for himself. Instead he decides to bring it to the public and ruin guys careers over it? What a wuss.

  33. The picture of Martin with the big sh!t eating grin on his face, with 2 strippers draped over him, tells me all I need to know about his tolerance for vulgarity, and how he values women.

    It has been a money grab from the beginning.

  34. This is what happens when you’re the only player in the Miami Dolphins locker room who doesn’t own a gun.

    At that point it just comes with the territory.

  35. Nothing to do with “liberal” society, this is classic spoiled Gen Y Millennial behavior. Parents of all political backgrounds have been raising a bunch of entitled little narcissists.

  36. I can only think that the “he-men” that criticize Martin for his attitude or behavior have never been bullied themselves or more likely are or have been bullies and enjoyed it.

  37. My boss and I went to HS school together back in the 70’s, went our separate ways after HS and now I work for/with him. We had a beef recently (which had been building up for several months) and 2 weeks ago I called him on it and asked him to tone down the insults a notch or 10. Guess what, he did and things are great now. If J Martin was so insulted by what was being said why didn’t he ask that it be stopped or at least toned down? If it was so bad why did he engage in and participate in it. What about the texts between he and Cogs, before he abandoned the team and after? What about the text stating that it wasn’t anybody on the team, it was him? Is Cogs a nut, absolutely, ask his teammates. But then ask his teammates who they would rather have on the team, it will unequivocally be Cogs, not Martin.

  38. Fascinating to read the comments. Something strange going on. I have no real horse in the race, but.
    1. Respect in the workplace. Got it or not. Ever since Ireland referenced Dez Bryant’s mother, I have an image of a very disrespectful organization. Nothing is changing.
    2. Man Up. There is something very odd about this theme. The American Way has a thing about vigilante versus due process approach. It is very complex (as a Canadian) with Stand Your Ground, and so forth. But. I think it is goofy to say that in the workplace you need to fight the perpetrators of this disrespectful behaviour. Why are the coaches not putting the culture in place. Do you think Belichek or Coughlin or the Steelers or Tom Landry or whatever would allow these goons to run the show?

  39. One thing is for certain; The comments on this story give absolute proof that bullying is alive and well everywhere.

    Just look at all the juvenile comments here on PFT.

    Most of the people making bold, manly statements are in fact wanna be’s, internet tough-guys, 12-year-olds and young men who have never embraced a challenge.
    Jonathan Martin is much more a man than all of you tough guys spewing venom at him. You have shown the world nothing but your mouths. You are not a pimple on Martin’s ass. You will never make as much of yourself in life as Martin.
    So, big bad internet tough guys; keep running your mouth like diarrhea while Mr. Martin continues to get his life straight while making more of himself in a day than you will do all year. So, you’re tough. Tough and $1.50 will get you a cup of coffee at Dennys.

  40. ranoversquarells says:
    Jan 29, 2014 10:35 AM
    To all you internet tough guys hiding behind a screanname, just remember this; Jonathan Martin is a 1000 times tougher that you will EVER BE.

    Furthermore, if you truly object to his actions, I kindly suggest that you share your thoughts directly in person with the same conviction you have in your postings here.

    Right, because this article leaves me feeling intimidated.

  41. grogseal – take off the rose colored glasses and look at the situation logically.

    90% of the people you work with are primarily in their 20’s. It’s ALL guys. You spend half your days working out with one another, paying football and the other half going to bars and picking up women with your teammates. You are a millionaire at 23 years old, and in many respects you could make the argument that the NFL is just an extension of the college lifestyle, but now you have money.

    They don’t have to worry about the fact that every other cubicle has a woman in it and they have to be PC with their comments…or more mature men and women whom they have to answer to (other than coaches who sometimes aren’t that much older than they are or grew up inside a locker room themselves).

    They simply don’t have the same work environment as the rest of us. You can hop on your high horse referring to all the “He-men” on here all you want, but the truth of the matter is its a workplace of all multimillionaire guys who just became men about 5 minutes ago. Their lifestlyle is all parties and women. WTF do you expect? A bunch of church choir boys?

  42. These comments are the perfect example of why people get bullied and don’t say anything. He speaks about what happened to him both racially and the sexual comments towards his family, and he is told to man up, stop whining. The people that say those things are an embarrassment to themselves. How would u like to get that everyday when u go to work? It’s a shame that as a society, we want to stop bullying, but then we chastise those that come forward!

  43. I’m truly in awe of how many seriously tough individuals frequent these forums. Like, wow. Mentally tough AND physically tough, I’m sure.

  44. Martin particpated in the same things he calling others out on for a day in court money grab scam. Don’t be fooled by this con as his Dungy interview is during super week and his accusation of “other players” comes with a no names mentioned scare tactic. Just the guy everyone already hates. So worried about his mothers name getting sullied…he’d be the 1st guy to throw her under a bus if he thought there was money in it.

  45. Why would Jonathon Martin interfere with Super Bowl week to suddenly speak? No one cares about him, he let the Dolphins down, on and off the field. What a complete looser, and a quitter too. Stay out of the NFL please, and go and do something with your Stanford education. Obviously you are too much of a “sissy’ to play football.

  46. For a guy that is so offended by the N word I really don’t understand why he follows @danieltosh on twitter . tosh pushes the limits sometimes. this guy to me just wants out of football and a lawsuite is his ticket out.

  47. Martin should just admit that he’s gay already. Then this all goes away and he becomes an instant hero. Done.

  48. WOW you toss a career out making millions for that?

    What a baby!!! What did he do when he showed up for road games? Stay on the bus?

    I felf bad for this guy at first, I did, but after reading everything that has come out I don’t feel an ounce of pitty.

    This guy is just soft as Play-Doh plain and simple. Seriously, join the military and see what the drill Sargent says. This dude would be ELS in like 2 days, maybe 2 hours.

    What a joke and a waste of ability. You don’t cut and run when people hate you rise above it.

  49. Martin is soft quitter and a Rat. Go find yourself another job more suited to your personality. Something like a spot on the view…..

    10-9-8 counting down the time until the I got my feelings hurt lawsuit is filed…..

  50. I simply can not respect Johnny Marshmallow, in this case. First, many of the pranks he complains about, he participated in, some he instigated.

    The strip clubs he has already been outted on as frequenting these places w/o cohersion from anyone else.

    Finally, I can’t imagine him being around Incognito and telling no Mama jokes. Now I have been in a locker room and some guys will say “I don’t do Mama jokes.” Usually someone else will come up with a joke in defense of that person and everyone moves on, but that happens only when the person speaks up.

    Richie, like it or not, did own up to his actions and tried to explain his state of mind, his intentions and/or his feelings. Jonathan Martin has yet to own to anything that he has done, any thing that he has participated in or anyone he has play a joke on or made joke of. He has only pointed a finger, defamed characters and hid behind half truths, all in effort to hide his ineptness as a football player. MARSHALLOW, PLEASE.

  51. So Mr. Martin complains of an environment that he has been a part of since high school where male bravado and racy language is commonly used. These men communicate with one another in a way that is common to their sport. He gladly joined reaping from the rewards and accolades but is now offended by the use of such language and the relationships these men have with each other.

    Here is the catch. To remain in that clubhouse, you have to be good and useful to your team. You have to produce and Mr. Martin saw the writing on the wall because he knew he was failing them. He was on his way out and a plan fell onto his lap to prevent his career from going down the drain.

    His advantage was having a family that may have instructed him in setting things in motion (saving emails, not using administrative policies to end harassment, etc.) for later use. And things got rolling when he walked out on the team. We know the rest.

    The problem here is that he himself participated in many of these “questionable” activities. His lawsuit (which is coming) will have to explain this. Which is why it was important for his people to have some sort of psychological documentation as proof that he was some sort of captive who had no choice but to participate in the club scenes, etc., thus a public perception of him as some sort of weak minded individual.

    Hopefully the legal process will see through all that but in the end, Mr. Martin might get some sort of compensation. Unfortunately for him, that will not save his career. The next locker room that gets him better beware they will be a legal liability as well especially when the time comes to cut him.

  52. This guy is about as soft as they come. IF he can’t take this kind of stuff, then the NFL isn’t for him. No shame in that. Some things just are not for some people. If he couldn’t take people talking about his mom or sister, he really wouldn’t make it in the military. The only reason was was constantly on the receiving end, is because he didn’t stand up and fight fire with fire or he showed that it was affecting him. When there’s blood in the water, sharks will attack.

    To a different aspect, this guy was supposed to be one of your teams enforcer or protector. If you are a GM do you really want to take a chance on this guy now? The o-line and d-line are supposed to be the biggest nastiest toughest guys on the team. If he can’t take a little bit of abuse from his teammates, how is he going to be able to take it from the other team? If I was a GM, there is no way shape or form, I would want this guy protecting my franchise QB.

  53. Seriously any one who plays a team sports from one day knows this stuff goes on … what is the problem?
    Bullying??? It’s not a big kid stealing someones lunch money … its just words OMG.

  54. He makes me sick i just listend to 3 min of his intercview. U know he costs cognito close to $600,000, I would kill him if he cost me that much money. SISSY

  55. I can’t get past the idea that Philbin is soft. He should know his locker room and if this crap is going on, he should be in charge. Instead he acts like Sargent Schultz … in his own locker room.

    He shuts down the goons like Incognito and/or handles Martin, maybe even cuts him if he can’t handle it and Philbin is OK with what is going on.

    I cannot believe the good coaches I have had, or those I admire, would put up with this nonsense. Everyone one would be ashamed to say they have no idea what was going on in their room.

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