Marshawn Lynch doesn’t believe reporters are a bridge to the fans


NFL players are required to speak to the media in part because the NFL views reporters as a bridge between the players and the paying customers, the fans. Marshawn Lynch doesn’t see it that way.

Lynch, the Seahawks running back who admitted this morning that the only reason he showed up to the mandatory media availability was to avoid getting fined, told reporters that he doesn’t think the fans care whether he talks to the media or not.

“I mean if y’all say y’all is our bridge from the players to the fans, and the fans really aren’t tripping, then what’s the point? What’s the purpose? They’ve got my back and I appreciate that, but I don’t get what’s the bridge then built for,” Lynch said.

Lynch said that the “12th Man,” as Seahawks fans are called, would support him even if he never talked to reporters.

“The 12s don’t have a problem with it. The people I play for on Sunday don’t have a problem with it. The media has a problem with it. It’s a problem if they choose to take something away from me for not doing it,” Lynch said.

So Lynch will continue to limit his conversations with the media to the bare minimum to avoid being fined.

52 responses to “Marshawn Lynch doesn’t believe reporters are a bridge to the fans

  1. He is correct – if he has something to say he can start a blog and cut out the middle man.

  2. He’s right. The only people whining about this and are getting frustrated are members of the media. Seahawks fans love Lynch because he plays his tail off and gives it his all on every carry. Get off his ass.

  3. His play is what bridges himself to the fans. The Media thinks they are all powerful, however even in their disdain for Lynch he still gets publicity. #BEASTMODE

  4. So [Richard Sherman] talks too much, [Marshawn Lynch] too little, [and Russell Wilson] just right…

    It’s the Goldilocks experience.

    Media always griping about something.

  5. I don’t disagree with him. With the way media is now there’s a lot of opportunity to get into trouble, and very little to come out on top. Thats why the guys who do alot of media now are just programmed to give the most boring soundbytes. Football players interviews are boooooring now by design.

  6. I could care less if any athlete speaks to the media. Their job is to play football, not answer ridiculous questions from arrogant journalists who think everyone should feel obligated to answer them.

    The media day “journalists” in particular. 85% of them are jokes anyways. Nothing he would have answered would have mattered one bit. If he gets fined…err when he gets fined…it’ll be a joke.

  7. He’s absolutely correct. The media’s self-serving whining about Marshawn is as see-through as saran wrap.

    Marshawn can never win with the media from this point anyway so why should he bother?

  8. Why would a player subject himself to media day or to any interview with reporters at any point when all reporters do is ask the same cliched questions over and over and over again? Why would a player even care about what some ugly overweight loser who couldn’t get a real journalism job says about them?

  9. TOTALLY AGREE! I hate the media and likes of Adam Shefter or whoever, always looking for BLOOD in the water, a scope or newsflash. Sole motivation to sell newspapers and tabloid trash. Different day today, now it’s to make a SPLASH on tweeter or another social media outlet. If they just stuck to actual team news that’s one thing, but it’s not that, it the continuous search for dirt and an attempt to bury anyone they can with it no matter what the price is to a person, person’s or their families. Dallas media has ALWAYS made me mad. I wanna knock out Randy Galloway and almost had my chance once

  10. As tcoscant noted, a player can start a blog if they really want to interact with fans. The media, while not completely useless, isn’t as necessary as it used to be.

    Which explains why some reporters are taking such exception to this right about now.

  11. I’m a Colts fan, but I really respect this guy’s style. If you want a soundbite, go grab one from the Russell Wilson or Richard Sherman. Lynch has been a consummate pro his entire career. Growing up, I watched guys like Marvin Harrison and Edgerrin James shy away from the limelight. Not everyone plays football for the Visa/Nike/Under Armor/Subway endorsements. Also, listening to him speak, he’s not exactly an Ivy League educated orator. He’s not dumb, he’s just not well-spoken enough to remain comfortable under the umbrella of scrutiny that an hour of no-hold’s-barred questioning that occurs during the Super Bowl media availability. Just look at the asinine questions asked of his teammates. Good on you Marshawn. As a football fan, I can’t wait to see these two teams go at it.

  12. “I mean if y’all say y’all is our bridge from the players to the fans…”

    I’m sure his professors at Cal cringe at language-butchering of this sort, but it’s kind of funny.

    And he’s not completely incorrect. There are all sorts of social media outlets that allow athletes to interact with fans. I’m sure traditional media outlets are not fond of that, but such is life in the digital age.

  13. I’m a fan of Marshawn. I think he really makes a great point. The NFL obviously likes getting a ton of media coverage but I would still be a fan without some idiot asking Demaryous Thomas if he has a lot of one night stands.

    This is more of a story of the media not reporting but manufacturing news to rationalize their existence.

    Honestly how much news do we really get anymore?

    Editors note: I read PFT 20x daily because I do feel it is a reliable source of unbiased information. And I really enjoy a lot of the sarcasm and video links to Seinfeld’s greatest moments.

    Except complaining now about a guy who hasn’t given interviews his entire career.

  14. He can take to Twitter and “bridge the gap” that way.

    ….oh wait, that hasn’t worked out to well for the NFL in recent years.

  15. Amazing how many people think someone isn’t intelligent because they speak or sound different than themselves.

    Surely that says something about your intelligence.

  16. Lynch is the smartest one of the whole damn bunch, including the idiots post BS here.

    He does want to answer dumb azz questions about one night stands, pubic hair, or if he wipes his azz after every crap.

    It’s idiots like you folks that want to hear that garbage.

  17. He won’t be fined. NFL said he fulfilled his obligation. That’s the end of it. No one else’s opinion matters. Not even the pious opinion of self-righteous members of the media. Go find a story amongst the 105 other players and 40 coaches on both teams. You’re journalists. It’s your job to find stories. You’ve got 150 other stories to explore. Get off Lynch’s back.

  18. Lynch makes Mongo from Blazing Saddles seem like a Rhodes Scholar.
    What drives me crazy is this guy is supposed to be a college graduate! What a farce.
    The term mental midget was coined for guys like Lynch.
    There are stereotypes for pro football players, as we all know. Well, sadly — Marshawn Lynch and Richard Sherman have gone out of their way to give those stereotypes creedence.
    If I were Pete Carroll, I’d put a muzzle on Lynch and pay the fines he gets before I’d let him prove how dumb he is.

  19. I’m gonna use this term loosely here…he’s retarded. He signs a contract, part of that contract is to talk with media. It’s a rule. Maybe he doesn’t speak very well? It’s either on purpose or he’s a legitimate moron. I’m sure there’s plenty of millionaire morons on the football fields in the NFL, but you still have a contract, don’t be ignorant Lynch.

  20. All you people slamming the media and defending Lynch are as ignorant as he is.
    At least the people in the media can put an intelligent sentence together. That’s more than this dope can do.

  21. This guy puts his body on the line week in and week out and these media clowns think THEY are owed something? Every week you hear this and that about how so and so should shut up, not talk so much, let their play do the talking…..Lynch comes along, does just that, and gets put on a spit for it. Media really is one of the least noble professions out there, a few exceptions notwithstanding

  22. He raises a good issue indirectly. Maybe the league and each team should look for better ways to interact and engage the fans. I have for a long time been hoping to see teams evolve and get creative with how they reach out to the fans and enhance the fan experience. Lynch is hopefully going to be helping others open their eyes and consider what can be done to make things better and more involved and more interesting for the fans that ultimately pay for everything.

  23. A man of few words. The words might’ve been mixed up a bit but he’s right. Let the performance speak and the audience answer. Cut out the middle man unless invited.

  24. Lynch is probably bitter at the negative publicity that came with his arrests while playing in Buffalo. Why is this so hard to figure out ? He is getting back at the media because of how he was portrayed.

  25. You’re a professional football play. Is it much to ask that you act like a professional?

  26. Lynch reminds me of Jim Brown. He pounds people, refuses to go down, scores TDs and returns slowly to the huddle. Just when you think he’s worn out he breaks it.

    Brown didn’t like the press either, sometimes he didn’t like anyone.

    Marshaw Lynch this year is the best in the game at what he gets paid to do and his game keeps most fans totally entertained. Anyone really need him to speak about it?

  27. He is one of quite a few camera-shy football players over the years – perhaps he has an anxiety issue. He could easily get a waiver from a doctor stating that this activity is bad for his mental health – problem solved.

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