Marshawn Lynch reluctantly meets with media Wednesday


Seahawks tailback Marshawn Lynch was present for Wednesday’s media session.

And in an interview clip shown by NFL Network this morning, Lynch was frank about why he was meeting with reporters.

“I’m just here so I won’t get fined, boss,” Lynch said. “That’s the only reason why I’m here.”

He was asked about a report that he didn’t enjoy talking to the media because he was misquoted.

“False,” Lynch said.

Lynch said he appreciated the support of fans who pledged to help pay a potential fine when he was sanctioned for violating media access rules earlier this season.

The fans, Lynch observed, aren’t “trippin'” about his reticence to talk to reporters.

“They got my back. I appreciate that,” Lynch said.

After the clip was over, the NFL Network’s Michael Irvin observed that it “made me feel uncomfortable watching him be uncomfortable.”

Irvin also observed that Lynch opened up in a short interview with NFL Network’s Deion Sanders at Media Day. Indeed, Lynch made it clear what the Super Bowl experience meant to him in that one-on-one talk.

The Seahawks have one more media session for players on Thursday.

38 responses to “Marshawn Lynch reluctantly meets with media Wednesday

  1. First Sherman and now Lynch. Who knew the world, let alone just Seattle, had so many intelligent, complicated, renaissance men. I mean that is, as long as you don’t pay attention to how they act in public.

  2. Neither a Broncos or Seahawks fan here. There’s a few players that rub me the wrong way from both teams, but honestly it’s hard not to like Marshawn. He is as real as it gets. I am cheering for him. As well as Demaryius Thomas. It’s going to be a fun game to watch.

  3. If he were a boxer it would be O.K.,but he is in the NFL, the No Fun League, and is required to talk like he is being arrested.Leave the man alone.His play on the field will do all the talking.

  4. I is absolutely amazing how John Clayton and the Pro Football Writers of America continue to bully Lynch to the point of pressing the NFL to fine him 100,000 dollars because they don’t like the answers or the amount of time he wants to spend answering questions. In the interview you can look at him and tell that he is clearly uncomfortable and upset that he is being forced by these group of A**holes to answer stupid questions like what he ate for dinner and if he likes skittles.

    They have proved themselves to be nothing better that paparazzi.

  5. I’m sure nobody cares what this guy has to say, but talking to the media is part of being an NFL player. If he doesn’t want to do it, I’m sure there are any number of amateur teams that would love to have him. For those of you defending his “I’m better than you” attitude, what would you think if every NFL player did the same thing?

  6. This rollercoaster is awesome. You slam a guy one day for talking to the media and then slam another guy the next for not talking to the media.

    Marshawn Lynch should be offended that his beliefs are being infringed upon by the media. He should sue the NFL for intentional infliction of emotional distress for making him speak to the media when, in the great United States of America, there is freedom of speech and the right to remain silent. God Bless America. I, for one, agree with Lynch’s position.

    Also, someone from the Seattle Chamber of Commerce should donate money for any potential fine coming Lynch’s way for every time he declines to speak. #OMAHA

  7. I’m not sure which I enjoyed more from today’s awkward media session: Beast calling out the media on their “bridge btw players and fans” paradigm and saying his fans have his back and are not trippin’ so what is the point of whole bridge building metaphor? Or, Michael Robinson swooping in to rescue him and MikeRob ending all of his responses with a playful “Boss”

  8. Lynch.. 5-11, 215 lbs..301 rushing attempts, 1257 yards, 4.2 yards per carry and 12 touchdowns…
    Knowshon Moreno… 5-11, 220lbs, 241 attempts, 1038 yards, 4.3 yards per carry, 10 touchdowns…. What’s “Beast Mode” got that Moreno doesn’t? Nasty dreads…

  9. Leave Beastmode alone. PLEASE! He’s going through a really hard time right now. Leave Beasmode alone right now, I mean it. LEAVE BEASTMODE ALONE!!!!!!

  10. Funny how most of you probably call Jonathan Martin a baby for not wanting to deal with that gorilla Incognito but somehow Marshawn is a hero for not wanting to deal with questions about Skittles. I don’t get it.

  11. What’s funny is they turned around and asked Jacoby Jones for his opinion and his butchering of the English language proved Lynch right. Not everyone should be allowed to speak.

    Good God man. I didn’t understand a word that came out of Jones’ mouth. Yet, the NFL Network put him on camera as a correspondent.

  12. So the fans hate us because our star CB will speak his mind when he still has the heat of battle flowing in his veins.

    And now the media hates us because our star RB doesn’t want to sit still for their BS dog-and-pony show.


    We all we got.

    We all we need,

    Go Seahawks!

  13. I think being required to talk to the media is stupid, some people like doing it, some people don’t.
    That being said, its part of your contractual agreement. You expect the to be paid and provided benefits per the contract you signed, guess what, you need to be a professional and keep up your end of the deal as well. If there’s something in a contract you feel strongly opposed to or are unwilling to do, dont sign the contract. We all have to do things in our daily jobs that we don’t like either, but we do it without acting like a spoiled teenager…well most of us. 🙂
    Great player, but not a very professional attitude at all.

  14. Making “The Beast” do media sessions is most likely pissing him off. With that being said, he’ll UNLEASH all that anger on the field this Sunday……book it.

    GO HAWKS!!

  15. This is America man, we got Freedom of Speech and freedom to remain silent. Umm, try reading the constitution. I’m pretty sure it’s got nothing to do with Super Bowl Media Day.

  16. Why does the media keep bothering this man? he doesn’t want to talk to them so they want to talk to him. Is it fun to sit and watch someone squirm because they are doig something that they have to be forced to do so they don’t lose $100K? As Irvin said, “made me feel uncomfortable watching him be uncomfortable.”

    Leave the guy alone. I swear, man there be more stories about the guy who doesn’t want to talk to the media? I don’t think we have talked about this situation enough.

  17. Perhaps he has a social anxiety disorder? Maybe all the people staring at him and asking questions terrifies him. He would not be the first.

    I don’t have a dog in this fight, but I wish a good game for Mr. Lynch.

  18. Tomorrow he has one more “mandatory” media event………..Hope he can get through it and refocus on the game…….. Maybe he should just miss it and take the fine?

  19. As a Dolphin fan, I didn’t care too much for Lynch(because he was a Bill). But I have a new found respect for him. Reminds me of Ricky Williams. Doesn’t like all the hype and attention he just WANTS to play.

  20. I am firmly in the Leave Beast Alone Camp. It’s obvious he suffers from extreme social phobia. What they are doing here to him is ignorant and cruel. But forget my touchy feely expertise all you tough types. What about unfair double standard?

    How is the way Marshawn is handling what amounts to Media Saturnalia that much different from how Bill Billichek has acted in press conferences for however many upteen years he’s been a headcoach for New England.

    Seahawks fans pay his fine and don’t do this to him again tomorrow.

  21. Irvin’s statement tells the truth of the matter. It also tells of the unyielding, inflexible policies of the NFL, that force players into positions that aren’t right for everybody. Lynch IS a beast when running, and anyone who watches him, has to know that there’s a good mind in there, directing that body on its circuitous routes through the D-lines. But that same good mind, has a reticence to speak in public. So why force him to? What is accomplished, that’s so positive for him, the league, the media, or the fans?

    Why do players, talented on the field, who entertain us with their playing skills, have to also be ChattyCathy?

  22. The NFL is on record as saying they are for helping players with personal problems. Lynch clearly has deep-seated anxiety about public speaking. I have seen it many, many times as a professor of communications.

    People’s comments about “it’s part of the contract” conveniently forget that it’s against common sense (and often against the law) to require people to do things that they clearly have difficulty doing. It’s like saying that a paraplegic must climb some steps to maintain his job. Can he do it? Sure. Does it bring him deep anxiety? You bet.

    The media thing is filled with ignorant “journalists,” many of whom have little or no training, asking often stupid questions.

    Imo, the NFL is setting itself up for a lawsuit. Personally, I think that a certain percentage of the first-string team needs to be present — but not all of them. LET THE MAN DO HIS TALKING ON THE FIELD.

    If I were him, I would do the whole thing in sign, and not say a word. If the NFL fined him, they would be a world of hurt, a lawsuit they would LOSE, especially since Derrick Coleman plays on the same team.

  23. Is there some way we as PFT commenters can send our support for Marshawn and our disgust with this outrage to someone in authority at the NFL before it gets any worse? He’s at the simplest level a vicim of organized bullying and it would be great if we could put a stop to it before tomorrow.

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