Michael Strahan: Warren Sapp’s a coward


Warren Sapp revived his long-simmering feud with Michael Strahan on Tuesday, saying once again that he didn’t believe Strahan was worthy of election to the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Sapp, who said Simeon Rice was more deserving of the honor last year, and Strahan have had their issues since Sapp criticized Strahan’s single-season sack record because Brett Favre eased himself to the turf like an old man into a nice, warm bath. On Tuesday, Sapp said Strahan “comes up short” of his standard for the Hall.

Strahan played his role in the proceedings later in the day by batting back Sapp’s comments. Strahan dismissed Sapp’s comments as the irrelevant bleating of a sheep before moving on to call Sapp a coward.

“I don’t understand what the problem is, to be honest with you,” Strahan said, via the New York Daily News. “If you have a problem with me, I’m the type of guy you come and talk to me. I’m not a coward to talk to somebody else when I have somebody’s number. I’m going to come to you and tell you if I have a problem. So I don’t understand what this whole thing is about.”

Sapp has no Hall of Fame vote and we’ll find out how much impact his campaign has when the guys that do reveal the newest members of the Hall on Saturday.

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  1. I don’t think it’s a cheap record at all. What about the other 21.5 sacks? What about when a QB scrambles out of bounds behind the LOS? That’s an even cheaper sack, but no one complains about those do they? The dollar menu wouldn’t exist it if weren’t for Warren Sapp. Thank you.

  2. Besides being irrelevant for some time, Sapp is wrong. Wrong is what he did, and wrong in his assessment.

    Why is this guy on TV?

  3. If Warren Sapp had a pound of excess weight for every time he said something stupid and unfair, Warren Sapp would look like … Warren Sapp.

  4. Sapp is nothing but a fat blow hard!

    Strahan deserves to be there, and as for the sack on Brett Favre — Sapp is too stupid to realize that Strahan still had to outplay a defender TO GET to the QB.

    Did he expect Favre to stiff arm Strahan in the face and scramble?

  5. Sapp is jealous of Strahan’s career, plain and simple. While Michael has a 30 year gig ahead of him on a strong daytime franchise, Warren is spiraling into irrelevancy on a 3rd rate niche network.

    Just look at what they let him do on NFL Network. He’s a clown. He gets on and acts like a clown. I saw a piece that he did with Michael Irvin on NFL Network that made me sick, it was like watching a racist parody show from the 50’s. I know he needs the money, but try and have some dignity. That skit was just wrong, and I’d have felt worse had my kids seen it.

    At least Tiki handles his disappointments like a petty old man. Maybe one day Sapp can get to that point.

  6. Sapp is an embarrassment to his profession and especially his race. Watching him on tv is like watching and old tyme vaudeville act, but not funny.

  7. Somehow Stahan’s description of Sapp as a cowardly sheep does not appear as if we are talking about the same guy. Cowardly sheep don’t say anything at all. They keep eating while the wolf is devouring them. So while I will bow out of discussing Strahan’s fitness for Hall of Fame honors, I will opine that his command of the king’s English leaves something to be desired.

  8. Anyone that has to make noise to be noticed, ie: Sapp, Sherman, TO, Ocho, Moss… don’t even deserve to be in the same room with Strahan.

  9. Sapp is the most annoying analyst on the NFL Network. He laughs hysterically after everything he says and rarely has any knowledgeable things to say. I don’t know how this guy has a job. Strahan is much better than him at everything in life.

  10. Here is some truth:

    1. Michael Strahan deserves to be in the hall of fame and I believe he will be elected in the coming weeks, along with Derrick Brooks and Walter Jones.

    2. Strahan missed the first ballot last year because he played against mostly right tackles and the media silently punished him for Brett Favre laying down and gifting the sack record to him. Nothing more, nothing less.

    3. Warren Sapp has been acting and speaking like a clown off the field for years now. Non-Buccanner fans might forget that both Sapp and Keyshawn Johnson were teammates, which makes anything Richard Sherman has done thus far seem like child’s play.

    4. While Sapp may be a clown off the field, on the field he was a monster and redefined the defensive tackle position. There is a reason why every stud defensive tackle prospect is compared to Sapp. It’s not fair to compare the numbers of the two men because ultimately they were asked to do different things and Sapp was often triple teamed. Most fans (even a fair share of Bucs fans) dislike Sapp for one or more reasons, but it’s a no brainer that the man is a first ballot hall of famer for his production and impact on the field.

    5. Simeon Rice is one of the most underrated defensive players of the last 15 years. Rice was a stud and if the fans didn’t get a share of the Super Bowl vote when the Bucs crushed the Raiders, Rice would have been named MVP. He’ll get in the hall someday, but I fear it’ll be many years from now. You can pick Strahan over Rice or vice versa but both players were very good for a very long time.

  11. There’s a difference between having a problem with someone and having an opinion about someone. What’s the conversation going to look like?

    Sapp: “Michael, I don’t think you deserve to be in the Hall of Fame.”

    Strahan: “I’m sorry you feel that way.”

  12. Funny, I just compared their stats, and most are identical as pointed out by PFT the other day, but the ones that are not identical favor Strahan. He had a better career than Sapp if you just go by the numbers.

    It is not Strahan’s fault that Favre went down like he did, but Sapp is not intelligent enough to blame the right person even if you think Favre went down too easily.

    When I just looked at the video of that play for the umpteenth time, Favre was not going to get away anyway…he ran right, designed or not, and Strahan was right there. Strahan had him dead to rights, and Favre went down to save himself from any potential injury.

  13. Sapp tries to build himself up by tearing others down. The pudgy bastard can’t stand the thought of a DE getting voted in.

  14. Both are deserving of HOF enshrinement. Only Michael Strahan deserves to be on TV. Warren Sapp is as bad as it gets.

  15. “I’m not a coward to talk to somebody else when I have somebody’s number. I’m going to come to you and tell you if I have a problem.”

    So then why don’t you call him instead of responding to the media thereby confronting him directly?

    Strahan does overrate himself…

  16. perhaps it would occur to one that Sapp is just trying to help set the table and get his boys Dungy & Lynch voted in (Brooks shouldn’t need the help) this round.

  17. Sapp needs to just pipe down. Pure, rotten jealousy of one of the greatest Defensive Ends ever.

    Has it ever occurred to Silly Sapp that many of his defensive accolades and numbers (and Rice’s) came on the backs of Tony Dungy Defense, Derrick Brooks, Rhonde Barber, John Lynch and on and on.

    Sapps constant crying has grown tiresome.

  18. Hall Schmall :

    One guy is a role model and one guy is not.

    Thank you Warren, for reminding us all that you can’t fix stupid.

  19. Warren is a great personality and was a great player but trying to be relevant by expressing controversial opinion makes him look like a Sapp.

  20. How is the single season sack record mythical? Because Favre didn’t want to get leveled by him? How is that Strahans fault?

    Strahan holds the single season sack record, Giants all time sack record, 4 pro bowls and 1 Super Bowl Ring.

    Sapp is an idiot. I do not watch NFL network anymore cause I do not want to listen to him scream, yell and mumble about nonsense.

    Sapp needs to shut his mouth.

  21. Sapp must have been coked up again..Cant stand him on NFL Network, his crazy eyes going all over the place..he and Irvin are the most animated ppl i’ve ever seen, it’s like they’re preaching up there, but then again they all do that when they talk

  22. Typical Punk attitude and nonsense by SAPP! Played low class, cheating, hitting defenseless players, cheap shot artist. How he can be on TV is an affront to anyone with a shred of decency.

  23. Whether or not Strahan belongs in the hall is one thing – Sapp should keep his Trapp shut and focus on why he can’t handle his finances. I had more money saved than him when I was a paper boy…

  24. I don’t know what Sapp is talking about Rice was great but he really only rushed the passer. Strahan was a edge rusher run stopper and would move inside often. I know first hand as a Skins fan that Strahan is worthy of the HOF he was a problem.

  25. Sapp is such an idiot. Look at how Strahans numbers compare to Simeon Rice, a guy sapp says deserves to be in the hall.

    Strahan – 15 Seasons – averaged 56 tackles and 9.5 sacks a season

    Rice – 12 Seasons – average 40 tackles and 10 sacks a season

    Looks to me like Strahan is at least as deserving as Rice.

  26. Sapp is only good at two things now;

    1) Yelling at the camera to prove a point (I’ve never actually heard a rational thought in months tho)

    2) Spending all of his money and ‘misplacing’ his championship rings

    The guy made over a 100Million and $50,000/month since and had to go bankrupt!

  27. Sapp is a moron, anyone that watches pre game show knows that. He is about worthless. You can tell he doesn’t even pay attentions, just opens his eyes wide and jerks his head back and forth as the parents discuss…

  28. Looking at the sack controversy game, the play look like it was designed for Strahan to break the sack record.. However Strahan did get 21.5 sacks without that sack, and what is Strahan suppose to do, run away and say that’s not what I wanted. Even if he did not break the sack record he should still be in the hall of fame.. To say he didn’t get double teamed is also a stupid statement, if your in week 6 and a guy has 8 sacks, teams don’t ignore that guy… The Eagles signed John Runyan a probowler specifically to deal with Strahan, and even Eagles fan knew that he was still a problem for them…For the longest time he was the only guy teams had to worry about on defense. Osi never emerged until 2005 and Tuck never emerged until 2007… Now Sapp had Ronde Barber, John Lynch, Derrick Brooks, and Simeon Rice… All these guys would make QB’s hold onto the ball longer.. Maybe we should question the amount of sacks Sapp’s has.

  29. Kinda funny coming from the Sappapotumus dont you think? Being that hes the “MOST UNDESERVING PLAYER” ever elected to pro footballs HOF, he must know what hes talking about eh? What an A$$!!!

  30. “kev86 says:
    Jan 29, 2014 7:25 AM

    Sapp has no class.”
    I’ll give you that, But he’s still right.

    Favre took a dive.

  31. Warren the Sap, is a pompous and uneducated man. He has never grown up and he’s overrated. He is the epidemy of a Hater. Don’t waste your time Strahan, you will get in the there and you are well deserved of the honor. Honestly they take Sap out and put you in his place for his ridiculous comments and behavior.

  32. Sapp is a Loser and a coward. He has a TV job cause he is the Loud, Obnoxious, Unprofessional former player who doesn’t mind making an ass out of himself.

  33. Sapp makes a point. It is all about statistics and not about the Probowl appearances. What really counts is what happens on game day. There are NFL players from the past that have done more who are being over looked. Also being in Subway commercials and starring on TV doesn’t make you better than other NFL players who have better records.

  34. Peyton Manning also dives when he’s about to be crushed with nowhere to throw the ball. It’s smart football = double digit years in the league.

  35. Sapps NFL career is overrated! Take away the Super Bowl team he was a part of and he’s just average. And I bleed orange and green!

  36. Warren Sapp is just a big time hater. Plain and simple.

    He loves guys who resemble his style of play, but hates on those who do things he couldn’t and are successful. He’s always dissing Suh. Suh relies on super human strength which Sapp did not have. Sapp was weak. No power and had to rely on quickness and developing pass rush moves. Which he did and is one of the greatest DT’s ever.

    I find it beyond ridiculous that he would hate on Strahan. Especially when you compare both guys career and stats.

    Sapp is totally stupid.

    Strahan without a doubt should be in the HOF some day. Also, his sack on Favre was totally legit. It was either lay down or get crunched. QB’s do that ALL the time. They’re even taught to do that.

    Sapp can be or think however he wants, but when it comes to his job, your supposed to be unbiased and professional. Which he is not. Which makes him very bad at his job.

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