Morten Andersen: “Time is right” for kicker or punter to make the Hall of Fame

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There will be one kicker and one punter eligible for election to the Pro Football Hall of Fame when voters meet to make their choices on Saturday and the kicker thinks that it is about time that a player from one of the positions makes it to Canton.

Morten Andersen is the NFL’s all-time leading scorer and has played in more games than any other player in league history, which are two of the reasons why he’s made on the list of 15 modern day finalists that will be up for election. Punter Ray Guy is one of the two senior nominees that will be considered and Andersen said he thought you could make a strong argument for Guy’s inclusion. He demurred when it came to his own case, but explained why he thinks now is the time to recognize kicking specialists.

“I think it’s due time for a kicker or punter to get into the Hall so Jan Stenerud has some company,” Andersen said, via “I think the time is right. I think kickers have been at the forefront for the last number of years, playing at a high level. More games than ever are being decided by three points or less. The position is relevant. And it’s being talked about. These guys are getting so good that we have to change the rules.”

Andersen was referring to discussion about eliminating the extra point, which he compared to messing with “apple pie and Chevrolet” while suggesting a longer extra point rather than abolishing it altogether. It’s not clear how many others see things the same way as Andersen, but we’ll find out soon enough.

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  1. yeah come next year the extra point is gone …kickers will only have two job and that is the kick into the end zone or a field goal. and i remember when dexter manley talk smack to morten and he miss the field goal .

    Dexter manley should be in the hall of fame —
    famous quote –“you will be sucking on some soup bones ” HAHAHAHA

  2. Punter? Are you kidding me?????

    You’re saying a Punter belongs alongside Lombardi, Butkus, Sweetness, Mean Joe, Montana, Emmitt, etc.

    No. No way. In the ’84 Raiders v. Bears game, Ray Guy refused to go into the game when called upon. All the Raider QBs got knocked out, and when Guy was the “emergency QB” and was called on – he REFUSED to play REAL football.

    What they “need” is a Punter’s Hall of Whatever, which will get about 13 visitors a year (all DNA-linked to the 2 or 3 “worthy.”

  3. Just because Ray Guy is the most recognizable name among NFL punters, that doesn’t mean Guy belongs in the Hall of Fame.
    This subject came up recently during a sports show debate in Pittsburgh. Former Steelers punter Josh Miller was a part of that show’s panel. He pointed that his own career stats are better than Guy’s, adding, “And I stunk.”
    If a no-name like Miller has career stats that are better than a potential HOFer, that should end any and all discussions.

  4. As long as only writers have secret voting privileges, then QB’s will only be qualified for MVP, & punters and kickers have no value to teams.

  5. Whether it’s glamorous or not, kickers and punters play a significant role in the game. Having an elite player at either position can be the difference between winning and losing games, and hence the best should be recognized.

  6. They really should figure out a way to include special team players. Maybe allow a vote for one guy every 5 years.

  7. Check out who is on the list for the 50 top scorers of all time, kickers. Only J. Rice and E. Smith did not kick. And punters like Guy did play a very significant role in the outcome of many games. So why not a kicker/punter in the HOF? Who would you rather see in the Hall, M. Andersen, R. Guy or some d-bag like W. Sapp? Nuff said!!!

  8. I have no problem with a kicker or punter getting in, but they need to be the best all-time at their position.

    For kickers, a case could be made for Adam Vinatieri when he’s eligible. He’s been consistently excellent in regular and post-season, in all types of weather and especially in the clutch, and he’s already in the top 5 all-time in scoring.

    For punters, I remember Ray Guy being great but his average is tied for 89th in NFL history. All the top guys all-time are from the past decade or so, which tends to water down everybody’s case. I can’t see anyone who deserves to go to the HoF at this point.

  9. Once Mr Goodell has his way, there won’t BE anymore kickers OR punters. There will just be a memorial to the extinct position in Canton. Thanks. -DrSportsJock

  10. Ray Guy should have been in the Hall. IMO Steve Tasker deserves to be in, too. Both were the greatest at what they did and both revolutionized the game of football. It is a shame these writers don’t realize that.

  11. Why should Morten be in the HOF because he played the longest? THats not criteria for a HOFer. Punters and kickers should only be elected in by senior committee.

  12. “Morten Andersen is the NFL’s all-time leading scorer and has played in more games than any other player in league history.”

    So, the NFL’s all-time leading scorer is not HoF material? You have got to be kidding me.

  13. no one was slamming 50 yarders like this guy during a span there. I saw a game where he had 3 50 yarders, was at the game, it was pretty great at the time. now it may not be as big of a deal

    I think Guy, Anderson(Gary and Mort) should all be in the HoF soon.

  14. wow, so people are holding his 24 year resume against him? what a joke, it shows how good he was over an almost 25 year span. how is that NOT HoF material? top of the game, for 24 years.

  15. The Hall of Fame should not exclude any player, regardless of what position they played.

    With that said, perhaps the NFL could add a 6th nominee (Special Teams) to the ballot going forward. And, lets say they do. They don’t have to put someone in every year. Maybe that spot could be for nominees who get a 90% or better in the voting process.

    Just a thought.

  16. Gary, Morten Anderson, Ray Guy, eventually Viniateri, should all get in. I understand keeping Jason Hanson out, but don’t keep out Mort, who has FOUR super bowl rings

  17. For those mentioning Guy’s stats as being 89th in history, you have to recall that he was punting in an age where hang time is what you were shooting for. Also, gotta remember the “coffin corners”. Those two factors alone hurt his career average.

  18. If Morten Anderson doesn’t get in, no kicker should. Ever. Except Vinatieri. He has more rings than any active player and his foot helped win a couple of them.

  19. There is already one too many kickers and one too many punters in the Pro football Hall of Fame.

    There are even some in the Hall of Fame who never played a down in the NFL.

    It is too easy to get into the Hall of Fame now.

  20. At least they could have used a picture of him in his Saints uniform, where he played most of his games and scored most of his points!

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