Peyton downplays idea that he’ll stay away from Sherman


Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning isn’t exactly in the business of giving away his game plan before the game. One thing Manning will say, however, is that he doesn’t believe in the idea that he needs to stay away from Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman.

Manning told reporters that the other team usually puts its best cornerback on the best receiver, and Manning never wants to avoid his best receiver.

“On the teams I played on, I’ve always had some real good receivers, and we felt like we had to try to get them the ball,” Manning said. “That was the best way for us to win. This team is no different. I think Seattle’s secondary – they’re excellent cover corner guys, and you have to know who is guarding your receiver on each play and what route that receiver is running. There are certain routes that are not quite as good against certain corners. They have three excellent cover corners – all three of them – [Byron] Maxwell, [Richard] Sherman and [Walter] Thurmond. Their safeties are excellent as well.”

The Seahawks’ secondary is strong everywhere, but Manning always looks for mismatches against every defense he plays. No matter what Manning says on Wednesday, on Sunday, those mismatches are much more likely to come against Maxwell or Thurmond than against Sherman.

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    A source close to Peyton Manning did confirm that “Manning’s playoff record is 10-11, and he has in fact lost football games before.”

    The PFW also issued a statement that “it was APPALLING that they could not ask Marshawn Lynch if he has one night stands.”

    I hate Media “week”.

  2. Earlier in the year I posed a question to my friends, I asked, who would you rather have? The Broncos skill position players or the seahawks secondary to build your team with. Funny how they’re both now in the superbowl.

  3. The Broncos have like 18 guys (sic) that had over 1000 receiving yards and 80 receptions – who do you want to shut down? Peyton doesn’t need all 4 of his receivers wide open to make a quick decision. One step, and the ball is out. Watch the rub routes, Cheathawks.

  4. Let me guess … the MeHawks are insulted. I can hardly wait for the next attention grabbing rant.

  5. The Seahawks don’t have the personnel to cover all of Denver’s receivers. Nobody does. That’s why PFM has close to 60 TD passes this year and broke about every NFL offensive record.
    Broncos 45 – Seahawks 17 in a game that won’t seem as close as that score indicates.

  6. Pats fan.

    I have nothing against Peyton, so I want to root for him. But I have to admit, right or wrong (probably not healthy) I would love to see Welker drop the game sealing catch only to see the Seahawks win.

    I like what the Seahawks have put together and generally like all their players. It’s too bad loud mouthed a-hole Sherman/Tate ruin it for such a good overall team.

    Hopefully we just get a good game to watch like SBs of late.

    Fun Fact: SEA and DEN lead the league in PED suspensions. Turn the other way NFL


    Sour Grapes

  7. The Seahawks most definitely have the personnel to cover all of Denver’s receivers. Maxwell has shown he is a lock down CB as well. Thurmond was starting but cannot get his job back from Maxwell. Thurmond’s size makes him the ideal guy to cover Welker in the slot. And then there are Earl Thomas and Kam Chancellor. Manning is going to be limited to throwing those wounded duck passes in front of the LB’s. This should be fun.

  8. TY still thinks Sherman is overrated. Matchups, Thomas is moved around across the formation so is Decker etc, etc, Peyton just takes what the D gives him.

  9. Beware of Seattle bump and run coverage. THey will offset the timing that manning is use too. Plus with the wind conditions forcasted I see advantage SEATTLE

  10. This isn’t that hard to figure out folks. The QBs job is to find the open receiver. It doesn’t matter who is covering him. If he’s open, he’s open.

    This isn’t a matter of “challenging” Sherman. If he had tight coverage on your guy, you’d be a fool to “challenge” him. If the guy is open, you’d be a fool not to try and hit him. The issue is Sherman will normally have his guy well covered, ergo, QBs don’t throw his way.

  11. I expect Peyton to carve up any secondary. He understands the game better than anyone else and is motivated to get his 2nd ring.

    The seahawks have been a nice little story but it will end badly for them soon enough. Wilson has NO CHANCE is the Broncos score in the 30ies.

  12. Peyton Manning isn’t Kaepernick. He isn’t going to throw to his first read or take off.

    Here’s a list of the QBs the Seahawks have played this year…

    Kaepernick (3)
    Kellen Clemens (2)
    Carson Palmer (2)
    Cam Newton
    Drew Brees (2) – Mr. Craps His Pants Outdoors
    Matt Schaub
    Andrew Luck
    Chad Henne
    Ryan Fitzpatrick
    Mike Glennon
    Matt Ryan
    Eli Manning
    Christian Ponder

    I think that’s all of them. Acting like that defense has been tested by anything near Peyton Manning’s skill level is laughable.

  13. Only 1 team beat both the Seahawks and Broncos this year… the Colts.

    The Colts won due in large part to the TY/Luck combo brutalizing Sherman for 140 yards and 2 TDs. Sherman opted to cover Hilton more than Wayne because TY was the deeper threat.

    If Luck/TY can do it… Manning/Welker/Thomas/Decker can. The Broncos have the threats to be able to space the Seahawks Defense and limit any one coverage back’s impact.

  14. “this one’s for John”……

    broncos should be sending the glass case that holds their 2 Lombardi’s out to have it doubled in size about now….I see 2 more coming in the very near future.

  15. It’s true that Peyton will get the ball out quicker and more accurately than any QB the Hawks have seen this year. It’s also true that the Hawk DBs, particularly Kam Chancellor, are going to hit the Bronco WRs like they’ve never been hit. Also, the fact that Peyton and his WRs live by the semi-legal pick play is going to prevent the refs from flagging the Hawks’ physical approach to said WRs. We’ll see how long Welker enjoys running those crossing routes in front of Kam and Earl. He’s quick and elusive, but when they get him, it’s not gonna feel good. This is gonna be fun.

  16. “If Luck/TY can do it… Manning/Welker/Thomas/Decker can. The Broncos have the threats to be able to space the Seahawks Defense and limit any one coverage back’s impact.”

    Don’t forget Julius Thomas….he can be a beast on his own.
    even if seattle shuts down the deep threat (which isn’t the Broncos strong suit anyway) they are gonna have a tough time with orange Julius and welker.
    not to mention Knowshon has more yards from scrimmage and a better ypc avg than Lynch.
    s Denver has all the weapons they need as long as the Broncos limit turnovers to 1 maybe 2,should be enough to get Manning his 2nd ring !

  17. I think the most interesting thing about the matchup between the Broncos offense against Seattle’s D is how the Broncos move around their receivers. Sherman almost never moves from his left corner position, so Denver is surely going to move their WRs around, namely Demaryius Thomas, to exploit this. Does Seattle move Sherman around and keep him on Thomas, or do they leave him at his spot?

  18. The QB isn’t going to make the difference if he can’t get guys open and have the time to hit them.

    There’s a reason Kapernick looked like a hero against most teams yet folded against Seattle.

  19. There will be great matchups all over the field in this one. This is what happens when number 1 meets number 1. It’s going to come down to execution. Who will step up, not crack under pressure and make the plays? This one is going to be fun, folks! This is the kind of matchup that could well be talked about for years to come when it’s all said and done. At least, I hope it is.

  20. “Manning has a career record of 8-11 playing outdoors with the temperature below 40 degrees, with 30 touchdowns and 23 interceptions. He’s 1-2 this season with losses to the New England Patriots and San Diego Chargers in night games and a win over the Titans in an afternoon contest.”

    And trust me, you don’t like the cold more as you get older.

    Sorry, that’s just cold, hard facts.

  21. Somebody wake up Seattle and let them know the game isn’t at home. They might stand a chance if it was. Might. It’s pretty simple really. Seattle will not outscore Denver. That’s it. No overanalyzing needed.

  22. Does ANYBODY really think that Manning is gonna fully disclose his personal strategy? Why don’t they just ask for his play book while they’re at it?

    For the record: Peyton ranks as probably the best QB, in my opinion, in my lifetime. To watch him orchestrate his offensive line the way he does is poetry. However, I believe the world will be in shock to see how poised and aggressive Seattle’s defense will be and Manning’s age will be his weakness against the youth of the Seahawks.

    Either way, this’ll be one for the ages and the kickoff can’t come soon enough!

  23. Peyton is going to annihilate the Seahawks. Sorry hawks fans, but it’s a lot harder to win when you’re not playing in a stadium that is artificially designed to amplify the sound of a middle-of-the-pack fan base so that opposing teams can’t call their plays properly.

  24. I think the Seattle D holds the Broncos offense to under 27 points. If the Hawks can score 23 points on the 3rd and 4th ranked defense, they can easily score over 24 points on the 22nd ranked overall defense. Russell Wilson has been in a slump but he has been playing with a suspect o-line, 3rd, 4th, and 5th WR, and he has faced the

    Week 13: #4th D Saints 7 vs Hawks 34
    Week 14: #3rd D 49ers 19 vs Hawks 17
    Week 15: #12th D Giants 0 vs Hawks 23
    Week 16: #6th D Cardinals 17 vs Hawks 10
    Week 17: #17th D Rams 9 vs Hawks 27
    Divisional Round: #4th D Saints 15 vs Hawks 23
    Conference Championship: #3rd D 49ers 17 vs Hawks 23

    As you can see when they face an Average D, like the Rams (even though their pass rush is really good) Russell Wilson and co. are able to put up points. Wilson has to come out of his slump at some point right? I think he will against the 22nd ranked overall defense (#28 in the pass)

    Wllson’s Best games of the season came against: (Pass Defense Rankings)

    #2 New Orleans (Week 13) HOME
    #7 Carolina AWAY
    #10 Tennessee HOME
    #16 Arizona (Week 7) AWAY
    #19 Jacksonville HOME
    #25 Atlanta AWAY
    #32 Vikings HOME

    As you can see out of the teams Russell Wilson had a good game against only one (Vikings) ranks worse in the pass then the Broncos (#28)

    Russell Wlson will come out of his slump and will be crowned Superbowl MVP.

    19-27 282 Yards 2 TD’s 0 INT’s 64 Rushing Yards 1 Rushing TD and the Hawks win it.

    Final Score:

    Denver Broncos 27 – 31 Seattle Seahawks

    It’s going to be one heck of a game. Check back after the game is over… Lets see how wrong or right I was. This should be fun.

  25. yeah, an average defense of the chargers could get 2 picks out of Peyton. I’d expect at least 2 picks from the hawks’ d in the superbowl.

    Peyton can throw anywhere he wants, but 2 picks at least, is the number.

  26. I’m sure Manning has watched extensively the film of Andrew Luck and TY Hilton absolutely torching Sherman for 140 yds and 2 TD’s. Manning will throw to the open man and if that happens to be Thomas or whoever Sherman is on, then so be. Let’s quit making Sherman out to be Rod Woodson or Deion Sanders. He can be beat, as TY Hilton and Andrew Luck showed.

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