PFT’s Super Bowl pick


MDS already has clinched the postseason contest, after winning the regular-season version fairly easily.

But there’s still one game left, and we agreed on the outcome.  With almost the exact same predicted score.So here it is, our respective takes and picks for the 48th Super Bowl, featuring the Broncos against the Seahawks.

MDS’s take: There are a lot of reasons to pick the Broncos. For starters, Peyton Manning is on the verge of completing the greatest year a football player has ever had. If Manning were to follow up his record-breaking regular season with a Super Bowl MVP, it would be not just his best year yet, but in my book the best year ever, for any NFL player. Sometimes you get a feeling that a player is just playing at a level that no one can touch.

There’s also the nagging feeling I have that Russell Wilson isn’t ready to have a huge game on a huge stage. Wilson is one of the brightest young players in the NFL, but he still has moments when he tries to do too much with his feet, and moments when he fails to make the throws the Seahawks need him to make. He hasn’t been great in the playoffs, and I’m not convinced he’s going to be great in the Super Bowl, either.

And yet I’m picking Seattle, basically for two reasons. The first is that if there’s ever been a defense that’s perfectly constructed to stop what Denver does on offense, it’s this Seattle defense. The Seahawks’ secondary is so good that even with Peyton Manning and all the Broncos’ weapons, I think Denver will struggle to sustain long drives. The second reason is that Seattle is a lot better than Denver on special teams. This feels like the kind of close game that could turn on a few big plays in the kicking game, and I expect Seattle to make those plays.

So in the end, I’m looking at a close, hard-fought game that the Seahawks find a way to win.

MDS’s pick: Seahawks 23, Broncos 20.

Florio’s take:  With all the focus on whether the Seahawks defense can stop Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning and whether Manning can find the weak spot before he runs out of time to do so, it’s easy to overlook the question of whether Denver can hold Seattle’s offense to fewer points.

It can’t.

Not with receiver Percy Harvin ready to give running back Marshawn Lynch and quarterback Russell Wilson the ultimate complement.

The Broncos were able to shut down the New England rushing attack, in part because the Patriots abandoned it too early.  The Seahawks won’t.  Lynch will keep pounding the ball until he gets his inevitable long run, likely for a touchdown.  And Wilson will be able to get outside the pocket, since the Broncos edge rushes are neither Aldon Smith nor Ahmad Brooks.  And Harvin will do just enough to force the Broncos to pay enough attention to him that they end up flat footed just enough times for Seattle’s purposes.

Yes, there’s a chance the Seahawks aren’t properly preparing to face Manning, with portions of the first-team defensive reps used not against a scout team but against the Seattle starting offense — and with defensive players not spending every waking moment in the days preceding the ultimate final exam cramming for it by trying to crack the code of Peyton’s pre-snap histrionics.

There’s an even better chance they’re already good enough to do enough to give the Seattle offense enough of a chance to outscore Peyton.

Ultimately, that’s the only stat that ever matters.  And in Super Bowl XLVIII, Seattle wins by scoring half that many points — 24 — and by holding Peyton and company to four fewer than that.

Florio’s pick:  Seahawks 24, Broncos 20.

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  1. The best sports handicappers in the world reside in the Hilton sports book in Vegas. They are saying Seattle wins by 2. But now The line is moving to Denver -2.5. That’s because of all the public money flowing in. The public is never right in sports betting. On Saturday , expect the east coast mob to dump millions on the Seahawks to win straight up. Winning 130 percent of the bet. They will stack big dough, the casinos still make millions on all those that bet on Denver. This happens every year. It’s normal. The public will lose. Seahawks will win.

  2. For the 49ers–Who’s got it better than we do?-Nobody!!….Give me a break..Harblahs act is wearing thin and his players will not buy in..Just ask Brandon Jacobs.

  3. I pick the Seattle Seahawks! They have been battle tested and battle proved, they have gone against better teams and beat them. There was better competition in the NFC this year, and they stood on top. Manning is going to get his stats no doubt, but this will go down to defense, and the Seahawks will dominate!!! I am a Saints fan and tell the truth by what I have seen.

  4. The anticipation will not be as good as the game and that’s saying a lot. Monday morning papers will have the headline: SEAHAWKS DENY PEYTON’S PLACE !!!


  5. Stop the Presses…. Florio just realized they play football in the Northwest! Now we’re done.

    Marshawn is the MVP – 147 yards + 2 TD’s as Denver is forced to gameplan for Percy.


  6. wow so basically your reasoning is Denver’s D cant stop Seattkes O because the other match up is a wash. well they shut down Philip Rivers and they Shut a down Tom Brady. Russel Wilson is nowhere near them. so sick of hearing about Seattle’s D. Manning is smarter than everyone else on the field combined. He’ll be ready and Seattle won’t know what hit them. you guys arent even being objective. it’ll be a shirt ride for you on Seattle’s bandwagon

  7. Not going to lie… Did not expect those predictions from PTF. One of your rare, unbias moments?

    For the record I agree, Seahawks up on the Broncos.

    But everything hinges on CAN Wilson keep up with Peyton? He’s been a rubbish 1st half QB all year long and there’s no time to have a bad 1st half in the Super Bowl.

  8. Can’t wait to read these comments. You guys know what’s up. Good call!
    Thumb me down if you think Broncos win.

  9. For Seattle to win, Wilson needs to outshoot Peyton Manning at the level he’s playing at right now….

    That means Wilson has to put up at least 4 TDs…

    no way that’s happening…. Denver by 6

  10. There is NO defense in the NFL at this time with Seattle’s size, speed and strength….in the DB’s!

    SEA has a back four who are ALL over 6’3/215. And they’re all good at what matters most today in the league: pass defense. This d-backfeild plays like THEY’RE the WRs going hard for the catch and sometimes running better routes than opposing offenses.

    Combined with an efficient, competent and occasionally explosive front 7 and and strong running offense Seattle has everything they need to play “quick-draw” with the Sheriff.

    Seattle wins with T.O.P. and 3+ INT’s

    Seahawks-31 Denver-24

  11. I don’t know who will win. I think it’ll be the Broncos. Could come down to special teams, but don’t sleep on the Broncos there or bet against their run D.
    It’s a pretty even matchup on paper, but I take experience for the edge.

  12. One analyst made the point today that precisely because the Broncos don’t have any great pass rushers, they will contain him inside the pocket and make him throw from inside the pocket. That was a smart take, I think–and certainly something any team playing Seattle would want to do. Chasing Wilson around is a fool’s errand and enables him to get outside and make plays; keep him inside and it is tougher for him. Also, Manning played–and beat–some very tough Ray Lewis-led Ravens defenses in the past, and that is why I think he will solve the seahawks sufficiently to win this game. Pick: Broncos.

  13. Finally, some logic being used to predict the Super Bowl Winner! Add to this something nobody seems to want to talk about, maybe because it’s so obvious . . .

    The Seahawk’s defense is way better than the Chargers. Sure San Diego was out of it offensively against Denver until the end, but defensively they gave their offense a chance all game long.

    Nobody in their right mind is going to pick the Bronco defense over the Seahawk offense.

    As for the other way around Manning has not faced this defense. Throw out all the regular season and post season statistics; this is a different challenge than anything he’s faced all year.

    Seahawks will win.

  14. Chargers- 17 Points
    Patriots- 16 Points

    Broncos, not playing in Seattle.

    Nuff said, Broncos 27-20

  15. So basically the broncos who put up historic stats on offense have 0 chance at winning because the hawks has the #1 defense? Both you are bias and you’re basing you predictions solely on the hawks defense and Percy harvin. The pats abandon the run just like every team who played the broncos did because Denver’s run defense shut them down. The broncos have been on their A game for 5 weeks and the defense as a whole stepped up big. Sometimes it can just take heart and soul to win it all no matter what, look at last year. The niners had a top 3 defense with an offense that can make big plays but it was the ravens heart and soul with the inspiration to win for ray that got them to play hard and win. Broncos players are gonna want to do it for manning, bailey, fox, elway and themselves, they didn’t make it this far to give up

  16. Everybody seems intent on letting DEN Offense against SEA defense determine the game.
    They are both great at what they do. If the game was played indoors (like at IND), it would be a wash. i think the weather gives the edge to SEA.
    However, SEA Offense is superior to Denver’s. Everyone seems to forget the broncos lost five starters on their Defense during the season. Gone are DT Vickerson, DE Wolfe, OLB Von Miller, S Moore, and CB Harris. That’s a tremendous shortage. the back-ups played well against the Chargers that sould not have been in the Playoffs, and a patriot team that was missing more players.
    The results
    just like in a Super Bowl where QB Elway was the only star on his team like Manning;
    Super Bowl # 21
    Giants 39 – Broncos 20

    Seahawks by 19

  17. Denver did something interesting in practice today that Seattle didn’t, they practiced outdoors.Don’t read to much or to little into this.Denver is leaving nothing to chance they want to see what type of footing the W.R’s will have during the game & P.M wants to throw as much as he can in the type of conditions that the game will be.

  18. Reasonable minds will disagree about the winner but a close game is most likely. Only the Pete Carroll cheerleaders in the northwest are dreaming of a Seattle blowout. Would anyone outside of the northwest be surprised if the broncos put up 30? Florio is sleeping on the broncos defense which is playing more consistently in the playoffs. They are peaking at the right time. Broncos 26-18

  19. I will go with Broncos on a neutral field over a very good Seattle team. As much as the Broncos haven’t faced a defense like this all season, the Seahawks haven’t faced a QB like Peyton all season.

    Broncos 31
    Seahawks 20

  20. ummmmm, I am the first one to start this ? Well I would be very happy if Seattle can pull this off, I know that most bets, and fans are picking Denver to win and 99.9% of that reason is just because Peyton Manning is playing for Denver . If on the other hand Peyton was playing for Seattle then all of those figures would swing in Seattle’s favor. There are still fans and sports personal that think that Peyton is so good and outstanding that he can never, never, ever be stopped in any game or at anytime. Stop and think, San Diego went into Denver and handed Denver its first lost, so that proves that it can be done and if I am correct Denver was handed more than just the lost to San Diego this season. So to everyone out there , never, never ever think that is any Q B out there that can not lose at any given time or in any given game, and so far it has never happen in the history of football no matter where it is H S, College or even the NFL, all Q B’s are still human and as long humans play the game there will ALWAYS be mistakes by Q B’s as well as any other player on the team. If and when and once they start using “Robots” to play QB and take the human factors out of the games then and only then will any Q B or player become less mistake free. As for my self, I watched Peyton ever since he played his first down at Tennessee on up until the last game he played in a couple of weeks back. To me Peyton is just an ordinary (but a well orchestrated Q B) with way to much PR. and especially when all of these sports people and fans tries to cram it down everyone else’s throat, about him being so wonderful and the best that has ever played the game. Wasn’t the same thing said about Joe Montana, Dan Marino and others in their day and time and when (they were the BIG man on the block) as the saying goes ? So right now and as I see it, this is Peyton’s year and who knows just who the ( Big Man on the Block is going to be next year or the year after),correct ? Just remember, players are just like the teams that they play on, “Nobody or no teams stays #1 for very long. Please do not take this wrong, I do not Dislike Peyton ,but at the same time I have never loved Peyton either. Nuff said, on with the game and may the best man or team win . PS I sure hope that who ever wins that these different sports people hold the PR BS down some, but I know that is asking way, way to much from any of them. Also, I will be willing to bet the farm that if Peyton and Denver do happen to win the SB ,they will get twice the PR , than if Seattle wins the S B., after the winner is announced see if I am right or wrong concerning the S B , BS and ETC. ?

  21. This will now be the third playoff week in a row where denver has been told they can’t stop the great rushing attacks of the opposing offense. Or stop the offense at all for that matter. Denver’s won games these playoffs scoring in the 20’s, and although seattle’s defense is much better than san diego or new england, I still see denver getting well into the 20’s. I know harvin is back but I think champ and drc can contain him. Like MDS said, wilson hasn’t been great of late, and it seems he needs improv to make plays. Don’t underestimate champ’s significance on defense, since he’s been back denver’s defense has been better than anyone imagined. And oh, denver has the best offense to ever have stepped on a football field. I like denver 27-21.

  22. The best year any QB ever had was Brady in 2007. Under the strain of the video tape violation hullabaloo, and an undefeated season (Manning and the Broncos lost 3 games and should have lost more), Brady did everything to finish the job. He carried an 18-0 record into the Super Bowl with the most productive offense ever. The pressure he operated under was unprecedented. It was not his fault Asante Samuel dropped a sure interception, David Tyree caught a ball on his head, and Ellis Hobbs bit on a fake and allowed Plexiglass to get behind him in the end zone with the ball on the 7 yd line. Whatever Manning does in the Super Bowl won’t change my opinion on that. It’s not that what Manning has accomplished is not impressive. I just don’t think it’s the best, particularly with three regular season losses and the absence of pressure.

  23. I don’t get how people think that Manning has anything to prove. The last time that I checked, football is a team sport and it takes a team to win or lose.

    Ben Roethlisberger has two Superbowl rings. His first Superbowl he netted one of the worst QB performances in Superbowl history, yet he still gets that ring.

    Manning has accomplished every accolade that a QB can accomplish. IMHO he has absolutely nothing to prove and if he loses this Sunday, in no way does that tarnish his legacy.

    That said, it is going to be a great game. GO HAWKS!

  24. Manning relies a great deal on timing routes, if the Hawks DB’s can disrupt the routes he may fall back into his usual post season fail mode. Marshawn needs to keep the chains moving and the clock running to keep Manning off the field-Harvin’s presence should help prevent Broncs from putting 8 in the box to stop the run Looking forward to a hard fought game that honestly could go either way.

  25. I get your picks & they are hard to argue against. However, I really think this is the year that Peyton Manning puts the stamp on his legacy as the greatest quarterback to step foot on a professional football field. As the game draws nearer, I am getting more & more confident about that pick. Top to bottom – especially with the return of Percy Harvin – the Seahawks are the better team. Lynch is an animal & has been running in the postseason like he rested all regular season; Russell Wilson has a cool & calmness about him that rivals Eli Manning; and the defense is the best we’ve seen since Tampa in ’03 & Baltimore in ’00. With that being said, a great QB can neutralize all of that & I think you are going to see a performance from Manning that rivals Phil Simms in ’86 vs. Denver & Steve Young vs. the Chargers. I think the game is going to come down to the final possession, with Manning dicing apart the Seahawks secondary, connecting with one of the Thomases for a game-winning, legacy-sealing, Super Bowl-winning TD with less than 30 seconds left, putting the final score at 27-24 Denver.

  26. After badly losing the regular season, and post season as well, Florio made MDS write his prediction down first. Oddly enough Mike F.’s turned out to be nearly identical, although he was noticed to be making some last minute adjustments.

  27. It doesn’t surprise me these two are picking the Hawks and it’s for this reason, not their stated reasoning.

    4 out of the last 5 number one defenses in the SB have defated the number one offenses

    I’ll take those odds anyday ! Hawks 24-14

  28. Packers fan here. I hope the Broncos win on a phantom touchdown that appeared to be the winning interception for Seattle. I think the Seahawks and their fans would approve. After all, they thought it was OK when such a call went in their favor, so they’d have no problem with it happening against them, right?

  29. Dang! I would have expected one of you to take the Broncos. I have a feeling this game could be 10+ points either way. If the Hawks get their run game going, along with their pass rush, (which could create turnovers giving Seattle short fields) it could be a long game for the Broncos. On the other hand If the Broncos stop Lynch, and keep Wilson in the pocket it could be a long day for the Hawks. I really don’t think this game will be as close as your predictions.

  30. The Denver Bronco’s are a ‘pretty’ team. They need things to be perfect so they can play eloquently.

    The Seahawks are not pretty. They’re sloppy, inconsistent at times and very physical.

    Hawks 30 Denver 21

  31. I’m tired of hearing that Seattle matches up perfectly with Denver. Here are the facts:

    1. Seattle has primarily played either single-high safety with Earl Thomas, or a 3 deep zone.

    2. When you play single high, you’re primarily playing man-to-man underneath. When you’re in 3-deep it’s usually a zone coverage and you’re relying on your pass rush to get to the QB before he finds an open zone.

    3. Richard Sherman was correct when he said his pass rush doesn’t get enough credit for what they do.

    And now here’s why it’s a bad matchup going against Peyton:

    Peyton Manning has four top-level options in Thomas, Decker, Welker, and Thomas (and Moreno/Ball aren’t slouches either). When you play man-to-man, somebody is still going to be open. I think Welker and Thomas can be huge this game, but Decker consistently beats man coverage as well. The Seahawks have been destroying lesser QBs when they play man-to-man, but they haven’t played a team with Denver’s talent at the WR position as well as a 1st ballot HOF under center. WRs who can create separation > Man-to-man coverage.

    Also, they’re in trouble if they play a zone scheme as well. Peyton is the best in the league at nullifying the pass rush by getting the ball out so quickly.

    So how DO you beat Peyton Manning? You need to get pressure up the middle in his face, not off the edge. Avril and Clemons are highly underrated players and fantastic edge rushers, but Mebane and co. aren’t known for getting that kind of pressure up the middle. THAT’s why this is a bad matchup for Seattle. Ask any Chargers or more recently Ravens fan how their team beat Peyton when it mattered.

    For these reasons, I think MDS and Florio aren’t giving Denver’s offense enough credit. I’m not saying Denver will win, but thinking that Seattle will hold them to 20 points is just not smart. Seattle’s defense, while great, is not the same away from the 12th man.

    My prediction: Denver 30, Seattle 27.

  32. Denver’s offense is too good. Cold or not you got 4 guys who can catch the ball. This might be a blowout.

  33. Unbiased fan here….

    I think we(the fans) are in for a great game.

    Here is my two cents. Seahawks win if they can get Lynch going strong. Broncos win if they can stop Lynch.

    Out of all of the great talent on the field I am hinging the game on the quiet RB that doesn’t like talking to the media…boss.

  34. My question with all of these picks by the media, the one thing that no one mentions much is the depth issue. I think across the board, Seattle has more depth (particularly on defense). But the BIG QUESTION is the unthinkable one: Which team is in a better position if the starting QB goes down? Seattle is backed up by Tavarious Jackson while Denver is backed up by Brock Oswiller. T-Jack has playing and play off expereince. Brock ??? Every body talks match-ups but I am not hearing much about the injury factor, of team depth…
    AS for the PFT picks: YEAH BABY GO HAWKS

  35. I sincerely hope that you gentlemen have got it right. One minor extra detail. Welker made a name for himself against his old team, and alerted Carroll and company, to his presence. It’ll be interesting to see if Thomas and Chancellor, are given any “special assignments” with Wes.

  36. Good points but something about Denver practicing outside…..I dunno…I think they are going to be the more physical team Sunday which I know seems odd. I’m a Denver fan so this pick will seem obvious but I legitimately think the Broncos take it. Either way, I am proud of my team and it should be a good one.

  37. I could care less who wins the Superbowl but I do hope Wes Welker gets jacked or taken out of the game with one of the dirtiest hits after dropping the winning catch.

  38. To PFT: This is a good call. The logic used in your selection makes sense. Just like last year with Jacoby Jones, someone from Seattle will make a huge play or plays like Harvin or Baldwin.

  39. I don’t like any team in history against a Peyton Manning that has had two weeks to watch film. Denver by two scores.

  40. 27-20 Denver I just think Manning is smart enough to be able to the ball against Seattle. Plus the Denver defense is playing well in the playoffs. Now cue the Seattle fans who wish PFT was picking the Broncos……

  41. Good comments, that is about how I see this game going down. What bothers me is we all talk like we know everything about these teams and we really know very little. If we knew as much as we thought we did we would be wealthy and wise.

  42. Its’ seems to be popular for everyone to be swayed toward Seattle. But no one wants to talk about Denver’s defense peaking at the right time going from 25 points allowed during regular season to 16 post season.

    Add to that giving Manning two weeks to prepare during a season he’s been on an almost unstoppable mission to win.

    Seattle might slow Denver down a little, but I don’t see it being too close.

    Denver, 28-17.

  43. I,disagree with both of you, I can see it going both ways but I see manning being more comfortable then Wilson, since he has already been to the superbowl. Whoever wins i hope for a good game.

  44. I agree with seattle. Defense seems to win in these games. I think peyton will see the toughest pass rush he has faced all year and that secondary is ridiculously good. He has thrown a few balls throughout the playoffs that were lucky to be completed. He will not be that Lucky Sunday. Peyton struggles and seattle wins 24 – 17.

  45. Fans like myself who watched Elway and the Broncos stomp all over the Seahawks back in the 90’s have been waiting for this game for a long time. Couldn’t have asked for a better matchup. Win or lose, both teams have done exceptional things this season. Sunday is going to be incredible.

  46. micheal david jim bob tom doohickikey, if THAT’s your REAL name. Stick to mudding your still and stop takinkin’ the liker off the top. You’ll go blinder.

  47. It’s all about turnovers. If the Seahhawks get at least two AND score at least 10 off those turnovers, that COULD get them the win. I think MD n Florio are underestimating Manning n the Bronco’s O in the limelight. Although D theoretically win championships, I believe it’s capitalizing on TOs that truly makes the biggest difference. 24-20: Broncos.

  48. Just call me Nostrildamous…

    Seattle 28 – Denver 17

    Lynch runs for 2 TD’s and Harvin, yes Harvin, throws a TD pass. Seattle’s defense picks Peytons pockets.

  49. Not a fan if either team but this game isn’t going to be close . Denver by a mile Seattle isn’t going to stop Manning with all is Omahas good luck Sherman you will need it.

  50. As the last commentator; whoever scores last will win the game. After seeing Alabama/Auburn and Baltimore/Minnesota games this year I would not even hazard a guess as to who that might be.

  51. I must admit it does scare me that the Seahawks will not change their defense schemes against someone like Manning because of his knatch of knowing what the D is doing, but I think in terms of athleticism they can keep up with Manning reads.

  52. I hate to admit it, but I think both writers are correct. My heart says Broncos, but my head says Seattle.

    I am reminded of Super Bowl XXVII, the first Dallas – Buffalo matchup. I remember all the analysts on the pregame show talking about how, THIS TIME, Buffalo was going to win the big one. Everyone picked Buffalo, except Mike Ditka, who proclaimed “Dallas will win because they are the better team.”

    That’s how I feel about this matchup.

  53. Mistakes will be what decides how this game goes. If Seattle gets down by a couple of scores, I don’t think they can keep up with Denver. Seattle has a young QB and a team that depends a lot on Defense to win games for them. Denver is wide open on Offense and are hard to stop.

    Denver wins 35-24.

  54. it’s very similar to picking the seattle san fran game from 2 weeks ago. you can go either way. i don’t really see one team being “favored” to win the game. it’s a toss up.

  55. You clowns that think the Hawks aren’t good on the road are crazy. They went 6-2 on the road beating Carolina and Arizona (12 and 10 win teams) — really? They aren’t good on the road? The Hawks are 9-4 in their last 13 road games.

  56. Sea 31 Den 17

    This is the softest defense Seattle has faced in a long time. If Denver commits to stopping Lynch and Seattle commits to the play action…it’s over. Seattle has beaten 2 of the best defenses the past 2 games. Denver ranks NOWHERE near that.

    In addition, Denver’s offense hasn’t had a particularly difficult schedule. Playing vs the AFC West defenses (KC was way overrated) and the cross conference matchup vs the NFC East doesn’t make it any tougher. Throw in games against Jax, Hou, Balt…there just wasn’t much defense on the other side of the ball for Denver to beat this year. Not 1 game vs a Top 6 team in PA. Seattle’s defense is the perfect solution to stop Denver’s main weapon.

    Sea Run vs Den Def – Adv Sea
    Sea Pass vs Den Def – Adv Sea
    Den Run vs Sea Def – Adv Sea
    Den Pass vs Sea Def – Even

  57. Tough pick for sure. These are both excellent teams that do not get blown out (look at the scores of their losses–neither lost by more than a TD this year). So, unless one of them goes ’93 Bills (Was it 10 turnovers v. Dallas in the SB? I lost count…), it’s probably going to be decided by less than a TD. Dare I say…we’re headed for the first OT in SB history???

  58. “Although D theoretically win championships, I believe it’s capitalizing on TOs that truly makes the biggest difference. 24-20: Broncos.”

    If you really feel that capitalizing on TO’s will decide the game, shouldn’t you be going with the Hawks?
    They did have the best ratio after all.

  59. A few facts that people haven’t noticed…
    Seattle will have its starters on the field for the FIRST time all season.
    Denver has lost a number of its Starters through the season.
    Some are (mistakenly) trying to paint the Seahawks as bad on the road.
    At 6 and 2 they are tied for the best road record in the league.
    Denver has a big advantage on their home field due to the “mile high” altitude. Lesser defenses get winded allowing Peyton to take advantage.
    Metlife stadium 3 ft.
    Seattle has the depth to continually run fresh players into the game.
    I do respect Denver and I do believe that this game can go either way.
    Still I am cheering the Seahawks on to victory!
    Go Hawks!

  60. Both of u idiots are wrong, the orange crush will prevail on Sunday. Both U idiots will have egg on your face, come monday, guaranteed, when Payton & company will be hoisting the lombardi trophy back to the Mile High. U guys are suppose to be the experts regarding this matter. It appears that both of U guys didn’t do your homework assignments for NBC, by doing some research, insteading pulling the seahawks out of a hat. what a joke. The Seahawks have NO OFFENSE, therefore, the Broncos defense is not afraid of Russell Wilson, all U have to do is STOP Lynch & ballgame over. The Broncos offense will be on the field so long scoring TD’s the Seahawks defense will be needing all the air they can get, ’cause Manning is going to have a fieldday. Peyton will be the MVP of Super Bowl 48, guaranteed. Mark my word. Broncos 27 Seahawks 21. Denver get ready for the Big Parade in downtown Denver on next Tuesday!!

  61. Based on all the comments and thumbs, everyone outside of the pacific northwest wants to see Manning win another super bowl. There will be a lot tears come monday morning. Except in the northwest!

  62. No “12th man” at MetLife stadium for the Seahawks who live on adrenaline. It’s like taking the juice away from the horse that uses it to race.

    Broncos-35 Seahawks-20

  63. Bet the House on Denver! If the Saints had a running game they would have beaten the Cryhawks, If Kap was throwing to the right team they would have beaten the Cryhawks, The officials in Super Bowl XL made the correct calls! Keep on crying Seattle

  64. I also agree w/MDS & Mike Florio!! Fans and pundits alike are picking the Broncos to win the SB for one reason….Peyton Manning. SB history shows that since 2000 the “better” QB has a record 0f 4 – 7 with two games in which the QBs were rated equal. Defense & Turnovers will be the determining factors. Seattle has a season Give/Takeaway = +20, Denver Broncos = 0. In the playoffs Seattle has 2 INTs and 4 Forced Fumbles. Denver = 0. Offense wins Games, Defense wins Championships. Seattle, 24, Denver 21.

  65. Denver has the offense; Seattle has the defense (#1 in pass defense) and special teams. Seattle has +20 in turnover ratio; Denver is a flat 0. Denver has to rely exclusively on defense. I won’t take those odds. Seattle by 3.

  66. Well done. Although i’m not so sure why this was even a bold prediction? Pitching trumps hitting, defense trumps offense. Funny to go back and read how many posters were SURE Denver would win. Obvious Broncos fans, football minds knew better.

  67. funny to see how wrong a lot of people were. Obviously they did not watch Seattle play this year and relied on stats and the over rated opinions of “experts” in the media. I thought Seattle would win by 10 at least. If Seattle got some turnovers I thought a 20 point win was possible. But I never dreamed it would be 43 to 8…35 point beat down. I watched Denver play a few times this year. Seattle was obviously faster and much more physical. Manning is a great QB, but football is a team game and Seattle is much better team than Denver. Denver has a better QB, everywhere else Seattle is better or equal to Denver. Plus Wilson outplayed Manning. Two Td’s and no Int’s….

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