PFWA “extremely disappointed” by Lynch’s conduct at Media Day


Media Day has come and gone.  But its impact will linger, for a bit at least

The Pro Football Writers of America have issued a statement regarding Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch’s conduct at Media Day, and regarding the NFL’s response to it.

Lynch left his designated area after only six minutes, hid off to the side, eventually spoke to Deion Sanders of NFL Network, and said “sh-t” during the live conversation.  In a statement emailed last night to PFT, league spokesman Brian McCarthy said, “Players are required to participate and he participated.  We will continue to monitor the situation.”

“The Pro Football Writers of America, the official voice of pro football writers fighting and promoting for access to NFL personnel to best serve the public, is extremely disappointed in the lack of meaningful access to Seattle running back Marshawn Lynch at the Super Bowl XLVIII media day on Tuesday,” the PFWA said in a statement issued by president D. Orlando Ledbetter.

“Several of our long-standing and high profile members were appalled by Mr. Lynch’s conduct and refusal to answer any questions.  We find the statement that by the league that ‘Players are required to participate and he participated’ to be an affront to our membership.  However, we are encouraged that the league will continue to closely monitor this situation.”

Lynch will be exposed to the media at least two more times for the rest of the week.  If he fails to comply with the NFL’s media policies, he faces up to $100,000 in fines.

The PFWA believes he already has violated league policies.  During last night’s edition of Pro Football Talk at the Super Bowl on NBCSN, both Tony Dungy and Rodney Harrison said that media access goes with the territory, and that Lynch should have fully complied with the expectation that he’ll be available for an hour.

Dungy pointed out that, when the Colts made it to the Super Bowl, even media-averse receiver Marvin Harrison made himself available for the full hour.  Over the years, plenty of other guys who surely preferred not to be there did the same thing.

If they all did it, Lynch should be expected to do the same.

168 responses to “PFWA “extremely disappointed” by Lynch’s conduct at Media Day

  1. The media is mad that no one walked out with a guarantee, controversy type quote to blow up until the Super Bowl, Sherman was good, and Lynch just being himself. Journalism is dead, these writers need to do something better.

  2. This is all just part of “the Spectacle “. Everything nowadays is magnified into oblivion. When did we become so pathetic as to freak out when a grown man doesnt want a hundred microphones shoved into his face? This is a non-story among non-stories.

  3. Just an act to get noticed. Is there anyone on the Seahawks who isn’t screaming for publicity? They should change their name to the MeHawks.

  4. Pro Football Writers of America really there is such a thing.

    Sick of the media and the self interests feeling entitled to everything.

    Did anyone even here some of the questions being asked? One guy as D. Thomas if he has a lot of one night stands?

    If the media wants Lynch to be a professional and make him self available the media should then have to be professional and ask professional questions.

    But it is 2014 the media only cares about the next hit they can generate on a web page anyway.

  5. Strong silent type, leave him alone.
    Some guys talk about it, some just do it.
    Let the guy do his job and have the media guys talk to the guys who love the microphone.

  6. Marwshawn’s idea of “class” is something you skip and have somebody give you an A+ credit for later. Really dude, you come off as a rebel without a clue.

  7. Get a grip, people. It isn’t the end of the world. It isn’t another pillar being pulled out from under civilization. The young man just doesn’t care to talk. End of story. Give it a rest.

  8. Oh get OVER yourselves, PFWA!

    You’re crying because now your editors are on your back, blaming you for not getting the interview that Deion Sanders managed!

    And why did Lynch talk to Sanders? Because Sanders didn’t ask inane questions in order to fill a pre-set amount of copy in today’s press.

    Wanna apportion blame? Look in the mirror!

  9. The majority questions they get asked aren’t even relevant to football or the Super Bowl? Are they upset didn’t get to ask him his favorite childhood memory? What are your thoughts on the show “Seinfeld”?

  10. “The Pro Football Writers of America, the official voice of pro football writers fighting and promoting for access to NFL personnel to best serve the public”

    Get over yourselves.

  11. Gonna go out on a limb and guess that most of these PFWA are also members of the Baseball Writers Association. They are old guys with not much connection to the actual sports they cover and are appalled every time someone disrespects them. Cry Babies.

  12. It’s a business. Comply with the boss or be fired. I know plenty will say leave him alone. Ok. How about there is no media coverage of the NFL? Start by closing this site, and lets only have NFL as live games at stadiums. No?

  13. This dude should be cut and out of the NFL.
    He doesn’t “deserve” the money and attention.

    Another ungrateful, self-serving, uneducated and cold hearted subhuman being.

  14. So it’s that important that grown men have a conversation with someone that doesn’t want to talk to them?? Just talk to the other 99 players that are there. Being in the media seems like such a lame job

  15. Sounds like a lot of crybabies in the media!!! Members of the sports media, keep this in mind, without the sports there is sports media not the other way around.
    I hope he takes the 100k fine!

  16. Why is this an issue? The only reason the media what’s to talk to him is so they can make a non-story a story. They love listening to one thing and taking it for another. Leave Beast mode alone, douchers

  17. The press mostly always takes a comment out of context and runs with it, They try to make a story out of nothing, I don’t blame the guy for not wanting to answer their sometimes stupid questions..Get over it, and let the man make his statements on the field Sunday!!!!

  18. Who cares about the PFWA. Doing a service to the public. Come on. You’ll are not firemen or policemen. We can live without hearing from Lynch.

  19. All of those people to talk to and they want to focus on the one person who doesn’t want to talk to them? Why? Who cares? Talk to one of the other nearly 150 people for you to talk to. Seriously. So what. He doesn’t want to be bothered, go bother someone else who invites it, I don’t see what the big deal is. I don’t care if Dungy, Harrison or anybody else is angry with him, he doesn’t like the media, and if you have to force him you are going to get answers dragged thru mud. Is that what you want? Move on. Players, coaches, heck Joe Montana is there. Go talk to him.

  20. The PFWA has brought this on themselves. Many of these people seize on every opportunity to mis-quote people, take things out of context and try to make a story out of nothing. On top of that many of them seem to have this feeling of entitlement where they believe they are somehow owed the “inside ” information. Many of them really have no idea what they are talking about and ask inane questions. The result of this is that players and coaches have to be ordered to provide access, so you wind up with two extremes, the people who provide as little exposure as possible and give cliche answers and the other extreme where egotists try to get as much exposure as possible and make controversial statements on purpose.

  21. The man is a football player. Who cares if he doesn’t want to talk? Write about that. “Marshawn Lynch is all about the action. He’s focused on the biggest game of his life, and he doesn’t think it would help his team win if he talked…..” Personally, I was amused by his interview. Comparing the Super Bowl to the Oakland city championship!

    Seriously, his approach is exactly the opposite of Richard Sherman’s. I respect him for that, and, for that reason, I think I will (gulp) root for the Seahawks this weekend.

  22. “Dungy pointed out that, when the Colts made it to the Super Bowl, even media-averse receiver Marvin Harrison made himself available for the full hour.”

    Then Harrison went home, and ran his neighborhood like a Mafia-Don.

  23. The Super Bowl is amazing. There are two weeks to hype everything up. So much gets hyped, that even when someone does not make “news” it becomes “news.”

    If Lynch had been up there the whole hour, someone would have misconstrued something he said and it would have made for lots of news.

    Lynch was barely up there and we have a million articles about it, and now people that are upset about it. Dude can’t win.

  24. Quit whining. So, instead of getting the same vanilla responses to the same questions being asked ad nauseum, they got some silence. Boo-hoo, we can’t ask meaningless questions! That’s not fair!

    Everyone needs to calm down with the outrage these days. He complied. He attended the event and stayed for the mandatory time. I’m sure if they actually did some work, they’d find some pretty interesting stories concerning the lesser known players, but that’s not sexy or flashy. Lynch’s story’s been told, why not go speak to a journeyman and look into his struggle to stay in the league?

  25. I’m extremely disappointed as well. I wanted to hear what Lynch had to say about what Richard Sherman said after the 49ers game. And what Lynch had to say about what Richard Sherman said later about what he said after the 49ers game. And if Lynch knew what Richard Sherman was doing that day or what he ate for breakfast. Those are very important questions that Lynch needed to answer.

  26. Can’t imagine why he wouldn’t want to talk, since everything gets scrutinized to death and ultimately, it doesn’t matter. He said a grown up word and it’s all anyone can talk about. How dumb is that?
    Plus, when players are repeatedly asked about the dumb stuff they’ve done in the past or how hard it was growing up, you could see how it could mess with a mindset. He plays hard. He’s a great running back. He likes Skittles. That’s all you need to know.
    And for the record, I’m a life-long Broncos fan. Can’t wait to watch an amazing, tough game.

  27. This is the problem with the nfl. Instead of spending a week forcing players to give interviews in their media circus. The players should be preparing for the game.

  28. It’s obvious Marshawn Lynch has social anxiety and is making excuses to cover it up. Shame on the PFWA for not having the sense to realize this and lay off him. They have 200 other willing people to interview to death this week. Leave the man be.

  29. I get it that the media is in business with pro sports leagues to promote their product. But if a player doesn’t want to answer your questions, why do you want to ask them? What do either of you have to gain? Players’ salaries are based largely on their contributions on the field and partly on their popularity and personality as portrayed by the media. Some players excel in one area more than the other. If Marshawn feels that the media part disatracts from his ability to contribute on the field, the area where he excels, why should he do something that would cause his earning power to suffer?

  30. In 6 minutes Lynch gave us the interview all of us wanted. Instead of crying because they didnt get to jump on some little comment and exploit a guy who obviously is not comfortable in the spotlight they should be happy a football player actually showed real emotion about being in the Superbowl.

    The interview with Deion Sanders showed a guy happy and overwhelmed by the experience. Also, frankly, who the **** cares about the goddamn PFWA anyway. How many damn tackles did they break to get to the Superbowl, oh, none? Screw Em.

  31. Media needs to chill and realize in the great scheme of things they are not that important. It’s football not WW 3. The guy is not comfortable speaking. Is an hour of one word answers really benefit anyone. Leave the poor guy alone.

  32. What an incredibly selfish, self centered take on Lynch’s conduct. Dude clearly has a major case of social anxiety. You could see it written on his face. He doesn’t blow off the press because of a bad attitude, he looks terrified of the crowds.

    I get why the NFL mandates media appearances; without the mandate, better than half of the players would chose to skip this bizarre circus. But surely I can’t be the only one who feels bad for a guy like Marshawn. As a die-hard Broncos fan, I have nothing but respect for Beast Mode and his approach of letting his play on Sunday do the talking for him.

  33. Am I the only one who finds it nice, almost refreshing, when some of these guys have little interest in getting in front of a microphone crowing all day about nonsense? I’ve got no problem with how Marshawn handled it.

  34. If the PFWA wanted Marshawn Lynch to answer their questions then they shouldn’t have let their esteemed members ask questions about strippers, Justin Bieber, and Beyonce.

  35. Based on some of the beyond the pale absurdity of some of the questions, Lynch actually looks like the genius for avoiding this embarrassment. The reporters are the ones who should be embarrassed.

  36. Sounding just a little bit whiny here buddy. So the media wants someone to put themselves out there so you can disect and twist their words? I say kudos to him for playing yall like yall play them most times.

  37. Lynch needs to understand that he is an NFL player. Being an NFL player means more than playing football. You are an entertainer and talking to the media is part of that. You get paid as an NFL player not as merely a football player.

  38. Look, it’s like this. If you only want to wear the required minimum of 15 pieces of flair, that’s your business. But look at Brian over there. He’s wearing 31 pieces of flair. Why can’t you be more like Brian?

  39. While nothing could bug me more than the diva routine a lot of these players have, I kind of side with Lynch on this one. The media has gotten so involved in this ridiculous micro-reporting, I can’t imagine most fans would’ve cared even if he had talked for a full hour. This story itself is just another example of stuff nobody really cares about; just junk to stuff the pages with leading up to the Super Bowl.

  40. The NFL, the world actually, needs more people of profile like Lynch. “Strong Silent Type” etc.

    Lynch is savvy to the fact that his past will likely be attacked and words will definitely be twisted by these hounds. He’s a football player, not a pop star.

  41. “The Pro Football Writers of America, the official voice of pro football writers fighting and promoting for access to NFL personnel to best serve the public, is extremely disappointed in the lack of meaningful access to Seattle running back Marshawn Lynch at the Super Bowl XLVIII media day on Tuesday,”

    I think I speak for the public when I say that none of us really care whether or not Marshawn Lynch chooses to speak to reporters. They like to frame it as if they’re doing something noble for the good of everyone when really they’re just trying to fill space in their columns. The public does not benefit at all from these guys spouting off clichés and PR statements. Find something else to write about.

  42. Beast Mode gave the best interview of the day. Dion did an outstanding job. I don’t see what the fuss is all about. I like what he said. Speaking of his Seattle teammates he said “we got some dawgs”. He said he likes to kick back and chill and stay in his own lane. Nothing wrong with that. Beast Mode is very comfortable in his own skin. It’s all the whining Media members that have the problem. I hope the Seattle “dawgs” kick the Denver “ponies” butts! Ha Ha. Geaux Saints!

  43. Really hard to find anything to cheer for on the Seahawks from a non fan for either team. Sherman and Lynch both can’t follow easy guidelines, they should suffer major fines. If you’re a pro athlete and accept the millions of dollars and fame that go with it you are owned. You do whatever the fans/media/owners want. Essentially a piece of meat in a cutthroat business. Otherwise go pick up garbage or sweep streets or something. Bet you’d be begging to talk to the media in that situation. The arrogance of these players is beyond ridiculous

  44. in a league full of loudmouths and divas its refreshing to watch a man who simply wants to bring it on the field. and as a rams fan he usually kills us on the field and i don’t really care to listen to an interview with him after he runs for 170 yards against my team!!

  45. So reporters are angry for him not being available to answer dumb questions on media day. With all the stupid reports and questions that came out yesterday I’m glad he didn’t stay to fuel the stupid press. The coverage that they bring on media day does not do any good or informative to us fans. Majority of the questions are dumb and the responses turn into stupid stories. I give props for Lynch for continuing on this hold out or brief interaction with media.

  46. Seriously? When did ‘participation’ mean ‘you must give us answers that we deem appropriate to every question we ask’? He was there, he didn’t give them anything to blow up, so they decided to blow up the fact that he didn’t give them anything.

  47. To quote “The Rock,” (Dwayne Johnson for those of you who don’t know him by his wrestling handle), “It doesn’t matter what you think….”

    It doesn’t matter that Lynch doesn’t like talking to the media.

    It doesn’t matter what you think about the PFWA not being happy with access to an NFL player that is part of the NFLPA and in the biggest game of the year for football.

    What does matter is that Lynch is contractually obligated to fulfill a requirement to participate and be active at media events. Period. End of discussion.

    If he doesn’t like it, he doesn’t have to play football. He could also go along with it for now and bring it up to his player rep to the union and perhaps convince enough player reps to get the NFLPA to bargain for a different agreement. Otherwise, do your job or get fined for not doing it.

    Part of the reason why these players get so much money is because they went from being just athletes to entertainment. The media is a huge part of that whether football players want to recognize that at all. Without anyone putting them out there, nobody would be watching, and no advertisers would be spending the millions and millions, and networks wouldn’t be spending millions either….thus no money.

    By the way, for all of those using “he just wants to do his talking on the field” as a shield…that isn’t what he is saying at all. He just doesn’t feel like talking to the media. He just doesn’t want to do it. Guess what? Too bad. Part of the job. Do it, pay the fine, or go work somewhere else where speaking to the media is not part of the job.

  48. In a couple years, he’ll be more than willing to talk to any reporter who will listen — but by then no one will care what he has to say… Smart players take advantage of their short time in the spotlight to build their brand.

  49. Seahawks are really screwing up before the super bowl publicly at least. They will also let that roll over to the field when peyton puts on a clinic to get his second Lombardi. Fact.

  50. For the life of me I can’t understand why these reporters are so upset. If he is forced to stay for the full hour what would the media really get out of it besides an uncomfortable guy with nothing to say. If he had stayed and then said nothing of note then they would have still complained. Apparently Mr. Lynch would rather do his talking on the field and so would we. Leave the man alone and let him play.

  51. I take pleasure in Lynch’s reticence to talk to the media.
    Whoever it was that said he is an entertainer and comes with the territory, not all entertainers care for the media etc…
    Just because they have one skill does not mean they have another.
    Go Marshawn Lynch!! Go Seahawks!!

  52. one thing i couldnt get over was one of the eagles beat writers complaining on twitter that the wifi wasnt working and nobody was in a rush to fix it.

  53. PFWA doesn’t like it that someone rained on their parade….Stop The Press!!! Someone doesn’t like really ignorant “reporters” asking really vapid questions? Dangme. Get OVER yourself…and find something REAL to report on. PFWA sounds like wanna be reporters who couldn’t work for any other outlet.

  54. Just remember knuckleheads- these so called “media hacks” are the ones giving you outlets like PFT to go gripe about your team or troll on another team. They are the ones feeding you info to help reach the promise land with your fantasy team. The ones giving you the inside scoop on who is signing where and who is on the trading block. For all of this griping about the media, you all rely on them more than you’d ever admit.

    Personally? I see no grey area here with Lynch. It’s part of the job description. It comes with the territory. Everybody has things about their job that they prefer not to do, but do it anyway because you know there’s consequences if you don’t. Do I like conference calls at my job? Not in the least. But it’s part of my job so I don’t blow it off. The NFL is not just football, it’s a media giant. Part of that media is the press. Do you realize how much of the cash flow of the NFL is dependent upon the media? It’s not something you just blow off. And from what I understand, it’s not that Lynch is shy or has fear of public speaking, it’s that he thinks the media is evil and going to try to portray him as a bad person (not that his run ins with the law over the years hasn’t done that already). What Lynch doesn’t understand is that by not speaking? He’s painted a picture of himself as a villain already. He comes off as selfish, not a team guy, ignorant of rules and regulations… and he did that to himself. And I know plenty will defend him saying it’s his choice but like I said- IT’S PART OF THE JOB DESCRIPTION. YOU DON’T PICK AND CHOOSE WHAT YOU WANT TO DO. MAN UP.

  55. Waaahhhh!!! Waaaahhhhh! After this “affront” to the dignity of football writers, I guess, if Lynch breaks Emmitt Smith’s yardage record, he will be snubbed for years by the voters for the Hall of Mediocrity ala Art Monk. Writers have shown repeatedly that access is more important than performance such as voting in Michael Irvin before Monk and voting in the unqualified, embarrassing cris carter.

  56. Lynch hasn’t really spoken to the media since coming to Seattle a few years ago.

    Every one of the local beat writers say the same thing. They ask Lynch if he wants to talk, he says no. He is always very polite and just says no thanks. There are plenty of other guys that are willing to talk to them. AND they say, why would you want to interview someone that doesnt want to be interviewed. Why can the national media not get this?

    Who does the PFWA write for? I believe it’s the public. I don’t hear any of the public claiming it’s an outrage, or demanding that Lynch or any other player that doesn’t want to talk be forced to answer ridiculous questions.

    What a joke.

  57. Pro Football Whiners of America should let the guy be. He seems to be a shy guy who talks his own way and is smart enough not to give the media fodder for gossips which nowadays pass for journalism or punditry. The guy said sh-t and they mull for punishments for that. Shielding the public from locker room language by exposing locker room talks. That must be their idea of public service.— that is another reason why BB is a genius. He is the master evader. Lynch should learn from BB how to feed the hungry media empty words. Unfortunately the NFL wants these players to be like pop celebrity promoters and they have to play along. It’s not enough that they just do their core jobs. The worst part is the players say something and the media twist it to sell something. Business. It is what it is.

  58. PFWA?????? Are these the same jokers who vote players in to the hall of fame? If so, talk about being dissapointed.

  59. Hunh? Wha? The journalists themselves are now newsworthy because they’re butthurt?

    Beast is not the most communicative or verbally agile person to begin with, and he feels he’s been misquoted and misrepresented in the past: his aversion to microphones is probably justified.

    I would not be surprised if most of the PFWA cadre want the full hour just in hopes that he’ll say less than scintillating or inappropriate, ’cause that would make the best grist for the press mill.

    Leave the man alone.

  60. heyguru1969 says:
    Jan 29, 2014 8:36 AM

    Marwshawn’s idea of “class” is something you skip and have somebody give you an A+ credit for later. Really dude, you come off as a rebel without a clue

    Wow! When’s your next stand up gig?

    Pure comedy gold here.

  61. If any of your teams have played the falcons, you’ve probably heard D Orlando Leadbetter on your local radio station prior to the game. If you have youd understand a.) the type of baby man yokel we are dealing with here and b.) why he does most of his communication through written words generated in his mothers basement on her hand me down Compaq Presario computer machine.

  62. Why haven’t the Broncos’ running backs had to speak. Over and Over we hear they are as good as Lynch.

    What’s that?

    Oh, no one wants to talk to them.

    Never mind.

  63. “The Pro Football Writers of America, the official voice of pro football writers fighting and promoting for access to NFL personnel to best serve the public….”

    Really? to best server the public? a little over valuing your true worth huh pfwa? i have a feeling the earth would still turn, the rivers would still flow, the grass would still grow and we would somehow still get the nfl news if you didn’t get your access to to NFL personnel.

  64. Marshawn apparently prefers to let his play on the field do the talking for him. Remember PFWA, “Actions speak louder then words”.

  65. This is really stupid. Lynch has some serious anxiety issues when it comes to this type of stuff, and they are treating him like he’s just being a jerk. If someone was mentally retarded, you wouldn’t get mad at them for not being able to do calculus. You wouldn’t get mad at someone who has PTSD for getting shaky in certain situations. While I cannot say his conditions is that bad, he has been adverse to the media his whole career, and you can tell he is extremely nervous by the way he fidgets.

    Lynch needs to go to a shrink, get diagnosed w/ whatever he has, and then give his diagnosis to the NFLPA so he can be excused from this type of stuff.

  66. “Several of our long-standing and high profile members were appalled by Mr. Lynch’s conduct and refusal to answer any questions. We find the statement that by the league that ‘Players are required to participate and he participated’ to be an affront to our membership.

    This paragraph really shows the arrogance of these clowns. Give me a friggin’ break. An ‘affront to our membership’. Oh you poor NFL writers. I feel sooooo
    bad for you….NOT

  67. Funny posters.

    I especially love the “I’m not a fan of either team and don’t follow them but let me tell you my keen insights and astute conclusions about the personalities and what’s in the hearts of specific players based on the 2 stories I’ve read…”

    Shouldn’t you be worried about why your players will be drinking beer and watching on TV Sunday like the rest of us?

    Other than Tom Brady who will be shopping for a new European Man Bag.

  68. Be disappointed at the reporters and their irrelevant questions. He said what he needed to say.
    Sherman talks too much media goes crazy
    Lynch talks too little media goes crazy
    *flips table*

  69. Let him do what he does best. Media is over rated and selfish. They need to get over themselves. I so wish the media could be fined for every outlandish article they throw out just to make a buck and sell a story.

  70. Koudoes has it right, if the media would stop making a mockery of the entire proceedings with stupid ass questions that have already been asked a million times, maybe players would give them the time of day.

  71. When the PFWA is banned from asking questions like “who has the smelliest farts in the locker room”, perhaps then they can complain about players not making themselves available in a way that doesn’t get their panties in a bunch. The arrogant, self-important PFWA only wants to get a fine out of Lynch, nothing more. Deion Sanders had no problem getting answers from Lynch because he was respectful, not just another jabbering a$$hole stuffing a mic in his face with their criminally stupid questions.

  72. The media always whines and takes it personal. The man doesn’t like to say much to anyone! If they need proof have them go on Youtube and search out “The Robb Report”.

  73. Boo hoo. Paparazzi can’t get their photos and ask stupid questions about things that don’t matter. Wah.

  74. We don’t need to hear from Marshawn Lynch. Any columnist can write on Sunday about his upcoming DUI trial, the 2009 misdemeanor gun charge, the 2008 incident of hitting a pedestrian with a car in Buffalo, the 2006 rape charge while he was still at Cal …

  75. Most of the positive comments supporting Lynch’s adolescent behavior are Seahawk fans. In fact 95% of the comments here are either Bronco or Seahawk fans because they are the only two teams left standing while the rest of us don’t care being its our off season. I get it Lynch is “your guy” and short of him being involved in a killing spree you will support him. That’s OK but is does make me root for Broncos who at least on the outside seem more professional.

  76. I don’t blame him. Everything they say gets twisted by the media, so why say anything at all. They have the big game on their mind, so save the questions for the team that hoists the Lombardi on Sunday. They will be so happy, you won’t be able to get them to stop talking.

  77. It will be really laughable if Marshawn Lynch winds up being MVP (it could happen) in the Super Bowl. That will be one of the funniest/awkward interviews in Super Bowl history. I’m thinking he’ll get Richard Sherman to be his designated speaker. I’m laughing already thinking about it.

  78. officialgame says:
    Jan 29, 2014 11:03 AM
    Most of the positive comments supporting Lynch’s adolescent behavior are Seahawk fans. In fact 95% of the comments here are either Bronco or Seahawk fans because they are the only two teams left standing while the rest of us don’t care being its our off season. I get it Lynch is “your guy” and short of him being involved in a killing spree you will support him. That’s OK but is does make me root for Broncos who at least on the outside seem more professional

    Because he was quiet. A killing spree analogy. Like the ones in Denver?
    Go ahead.

  79. What was even more disappointing was watching Dion Sanders act like he was someone important and Lynch would change by seeing sanders.

  80. The writers association for all sports is idiotic. Especially in baseball, where they decide who goes to the Hall of Fame, and with so many bitter whack jobs in that field, a lot of players get held out because of it. Waaahhhhh writers. I’m sure you’ll have to make layoffs because no one got the scoop on Beast Mode…

  81. whatnojets says: Jan 29, 2014 8:40 AM

    This dude should be cut and out of the NFL.
    He doesn’t “deserve” the money and attention.

    Another ungrateful, self-serving, uneducated and cold hearted subhuman being.


    What kind of awful, small, sad person do you have to be to call someone you’ve never met “subhuman” for not subjecting himself to these questions? I feel really sorry for you man. Try talking to someone, it may help.

  82. What’s the first thing a coach tells his players when they make it to the Super Bowl? Don’t get distracted by the media and focus on the game. Here’s a guy getting criticized for doing just that.

  83. I hate Seadderall with a passion, however.. Marshawn Lynch is there to play for a championship, not answer days of stupid media questions. WHO CARES!?!?!?!?!

    Not the fans, we just wanna watch the game.. we don’t care how every single player of each team answers the same stupid questions!

    The NFL uses the ‘media week’ to promote the game, but at this point.. everyone knows what the Super Bowl is, they need to cut it out and let these players focus on the biggest game of their careers.. not answering stupid questions for mediots.

  84. whatnojets says:
    Jan 29, 2014 8:40 AM

    This dude should be cut and out of the NFL.
    He doesn’t “deserve” the money and attention.

    Another ungrateful, self-serving, uneducated and cold hearted subhuman being.
    Are you that disappointed that he didn’t say anything? What captivating comments were you waiting for?

    I bet 90% of all questions asked yesterday were not football related, with many bordering on absurdity.

    Some people do not like to talk to the media. But, if they do grant interviews, it’s by their rules.

    Media and writers are only out there for the headlines, sensational stories, and to make people look bad.

    If I was in the NFL, I’d follow Lynch’s route.

  85. Poor media Marshawn only spoke for six minutes to bad he spoke that’s all he had to do get over it fans can care less about this . Also upset because nobody giving them anything the can run with to bad again.

  86. I think the guy is just an idiot who has nothing worthwhile to say. The interview with Sanders was ridiculous. Just a bunch of “you feel me” and “thats what time it is” and all that kind of crap, like he is some kind of rapper or something. Referring to himself in the 3rd person as beast mode was pretty lame too. We get it marshawn, you are really hard core. Hope Denver shuts him down

  87. These comments about lack of class make me laugh. Who cares if he doesn’t talk to media. You either talk too much, or you don’t talk enough. No way to please everybody….

  88. I think its his petulance on camera that turns a lot of people off. Barry Sanders said few words to the press, but came across much better than Lynch.

  89. So he could answer hard-hitting questions about Skittles and if this is really a “must win” game?

    Good for him. They aren’t worth his time.

  90. Give the people what they want and the pro football writers get paid.

    Call it what it is! The writers have a vested interest to report what Lynch says. And when he doesn’t say anything they have a vested interest to report that he hasn’t said anything. You guys (writers) love to pretend that you do this to “best serve the public”. What a load of garbage. This is all about money and the number of clicks and advertising dollars. If Lynch sat there for a full hour you’d have more clicks and you’d get more advertising revenue.

    You don’t want to serve the public. You want to line your pockets. And this attempt to strong arm the NFL into strong arming Lynch into talking to you guys for a whole hour is disgusting. Pathetic Football Wieners of America.

  91. Media has literally turned the reporters into the story, which is an affront to the entire journalistic process.

    It isn’t about the subject that they are there to cover. It is all about them.

    It is pathetic, really.

  92. The writers are angry.

    Big deal.

    Lynch, and other football players, lay it on the line.

    Writers cozy up with a laptop and talk about it.

    Who do you think is towing the heavier load here?

  93. Lynch was just being a punk. A lot of the players would rather not sit and answer questions–but they did it anyway because it is part of the Super Bowl program. It is called being a halfway intelligent, mature human being.

  94. My guess is none of those who commented have ever been a member of the media. If that’s the case, you haven’t the slightest bleeping clue what you’re talking about because you’ve never been there (and yes, before anybody tries to ask me the obvious question, I have, for 27+ years).

    If Lynch wanted little or attention from the media, he should have been a long snapper or a backup lineman. It’s part of the deal with being a pro athlete. I’m quite sure he didn’t shy away from talking to the media as a high school or college star. If’s he’s so bothered by it, all he had to do was listen to the questions, then use the infamous two-word responses: “no comment” or “next question.”

  95. Hey PFWA, you know the man does not like to speak with writers, so what did you do to accommodate him? You could submit a written list of questions to the team media department and gotten them to work with him.

    If you are going to complain you should at least offer a resolution, otherwise it’s just bitching and moaning.

  96. Not a fan of SeAdderall, but the actions of the PFWA is appalling in villifying Lynch. The media day is a complete circus and they’re just throwing a tantrum. Also, the PFWA is dying as blogs are taking over today’s media.

  97. After cringing while watching Marshawn squirm uncomfortably for a SECOND FREAKING DAY of being dragged in front of the media firing squad, I’m thinking that Lynch’s agent and professional advisors left him twisting in the wind on this. Clearly he has some kind of social anxiety and, if true and if diagnosed, his camp could have requested ADA accommodations for this work requirement. Such as one-on-one interviews in a quiet room away from the chaos with a handful of mutually agreed upon media members, perhaps with questions provided in advance for him prepare answers (and also to screen for useless Desperate Housewives and stripper questions). Quotes could be shared for other PFWA members to include in their work.

    Leave the Beast alone! I hope he uses this as motivation on Sunday and pictures the Denver defense as media members as he trucks them over on his Beast runs!

  98. Like he said he’s about that action everyone can talk but he would rather let his work speak for itself. Its just such bull leave the man alone!

  99. To quote Lynch ” Talking never won nobody, Nothing, I’ll talk with my play.”

    The Media needs to just deal with the fact some people are smart enough to realize the media is great at twisting words into creating a story that doesn’t even exist.

    Im Glad the NFL is having his back, They have enough current, former and future players that eat up the spotlight. Let them do it keep the guys who want out of it, out of it!

  100. You’re a bunch of hypocritical idiots. What if this site went black for the next 7 days because not a single person related to the NFL decided they wouldn’t talk? Oh, that’s OK with you all, right?!

    The NFL isn’t about football!!! It’s a business that is about public relations and the all mighty dollar!! You think the NFL is about what happens between the lines just 3 hours every Sunday?

  101. “Several of our long-standing and high profile members were appalled by Mr. Lynch’s conduct and refusal to answer any questions.

    Appalled? High profile members?

    Only high profile members would be appalled. I’m appalled by the bombing of kids for religion, I’m appalled by people living in poverty. Lynch won’t talk to us, it’s the end of the world.

  102. They are simply trying to get out in front of this thing before all players start to do this type of thing. While I could care less about Media Day, if all the athletes pulled something like this there would be no one there. The league should really set a minimum time.

  103. The media needs to stop asking players stupid questions. After SF loss in Conference Championship game, Jim Harbaugh was asked, “After this whole season you must be really down right now; how does this loss make you feel?”


  104. The only thing that could have been better of his six minute involvement is if he had used the S word in describing what Deon is full of.

  105. Media day has turned into the media covering the media. It is who can out do each other by seeing who can ask the most ridiculous question. It is not about football at all.

  106. The writers should just shut up and be thankful they have a job. Who really cares what Lynch has to say. The way he talks he needs to keep quiet because you can’t even understand what he says. I don’t need the press for pre-game talk. The only thing that matters is “The Game Itself”!! Forget the after game remarks. I know what l saw and that’s all that matters.

  107. A couple of my favorite questions that were asked of Seahawks players yesterday:

    “Who do you like better, Seattle women or New Jersey women?”
    Directed at fullback Michael Robinson, who replied, “I like my wife.”

    “Are you hoping to win this game?”

    Directed at cornerback Walter Thurmond.

    No wonder Lynch was there for only 6 minutes.

  108. He had to get away from the press for a few minutes because the drugs were kicking in.

  109. 2 issues for me:

    1. He DID talk to the media. Just because they didn’t dictate the length of time doesn’t negate that he was showed up, Boss.

    2. I thought rule #1 of the media is to never become the story. Yank their credentials for blowing that.

  110. This is to all of you who think this is not a big deal. Each and every coach and player on either team is supported by ticket sales and ad revenue which is supported by guess who? The consumers. They couldnt have a viable league without that revenue. It is the responsibility of these players to not only show up to Media Day but to any and all interviews or any other event set up by the team or their agent. These spoiled millionaires need to wake up and look at the past 35 or so years and realize that there will always be up and coming leagues and eventually someone will hit the magic formula to be a credible threat to the NFL. Their time as the premier league is only going to last as long as the good manners last and if Lynch is indicative of the kind of player that the league wants then 2 things: the league will go down eventually and its no wonder why they chased Tim Tebow out…..

  111. Media are a bunch of cry babies. Players didn’t say anything controversial this year to fill up the dead space in the old printed rags for the next 5 days. How better to handle that problem than writing about how the players didn’t give you anything to smear them with. It’s so brilliant only a three year old could come up with something like that!

    To those that say the players have meet with the media because the fans buy tickets, you can be confident that Hawks fans will still buy plenty of tickets next year and we don’t really care what Manning has to say about his “legacy”.

  112. The Man clearly suffers from Social Anxiety Issues and he is doing the best he can dealing with all this. He is trying his best to deal with something he is basically being FORCED to do. I have no issue with Lynch or his behavior, I totally understand it actually! The man just wants to play Football and help his team win. The man is doing absolutely nothing wrong, just because he doesn’t want to open up to a bunch of people he don’t know, some how that is a Bad Thing and that makes him a Bad Guy? We judge these Athletes too much (FANS AND MEDIA PEOPLE!) and just because they make Millions$ people actually feel as if they have every right to judge them and they should just deal with it and that is complete BS!

  113. I was going to suggest the same thing — it’s very possible that Marshawn has a legit medical condition. Why does the PFWA and the major media at large seem intent to force the guy into what he clearly finds hellish? Because they are the selfish hacks that they are.

    Hey, PFWA, the public is not crying out to hear what Marshawn has to say. We don’t need to hear you ask the same, inane questions over and over and over.

    WE are APPALLED by your self-righteous attitude and poor job performance. Go find a real story and quit trying to get the NFL to fine a player.

  114. not a seahawks fan but love lynch for this. He went to the Belichick school of media management .

  115. Here we go again…dude, you have a “job”. Your job is to be at these shindigs and play by the rules just like everyone else. get over yourself! Guess what, here in the real world I have to go to and sit through countless boring and more boring meetings every week, but guess what–that’s part of my job! How many guys are sitting at home right now wishing that they were in his place and someone wanted to ask them who their favorite SpongeBob character was. Spoiled rich dude.

  116. And again most of the people that are supporting Lynch just are failing to see the core of the issue.

    1) It doesn’t matter if Lynch doesn’t “like” talking to the media.

    2) It doesn’t matter if he “doesn’t have the skill to talk,” (which is preposterous because all you have to do is overhear him spouting out trash like, “yeah, I’ll see you tonight in the hood, B**TH!” on the field to know he is not afraid to talk to people).

    He is not some guy with social anxiety, at least if he is, he hasn’t been diagnosed with it as far as I know. He isn’t “uncomfortable” at all like some people are trying to make it as he is just doing it to be a jerk with his, “….boss,” answers to every question. That made it ABUNDANTLY clear what his real deal is. He just doesn’t want to do it.

    Guess what? That’s just tough. There is a section of that big, fat, contract you signed and EVERY football player signs that states in no uncertain terms that you MUST be available to the media. It doesn’t say that if you don’t like it you can just decide not to show up.

    The NFL needs to take a stand and quickly. Otherwise every player is just going to do with Lynch is doing and just blow it off and not care. Fine him. Do your job. You are one of the chosen few who has the ability to make millions of dollars doing what few people can. You wouldn’t be making nearly that much money if it weren’t for the fans, the tv networks, and YES, the MEDIA for making football the most popular sport. You could be the best player on the field and you wouldn’t get paid jack if nobody was watching…and that is the honest truth of it all.

    You don’t like it Lynch? Take your Skittles home with you and don’t play. It is part of your job. I am sure there are tons of people out there that don’t like at least one aspect of their jobs, but they do them anyway because that is what they get paid for. They don’t just get to pick and choose and if they do, they get fired.

  117. Ed Bandell, you’re not talented enough to dictate what u can and can’t do at your job.

    Fact of the matter is he did show up, who cares if he only showed up for the absolute minimum time he had to. Half the people who are saying “in the real world we have to do things we don’t want to” probably do just enough at their jobs to not get canned meanwhile this guy brings it everytime he hits the field

    Get over yourself people, if the NFL found no issue with his participation then it’s a non issue

    Screw the PWFA

  118. FYI – I am a Patriots’ fan and an old fart, being 70 years old.

    I have a friend who used to work for the Giants about 50 years ago, and he has told me more than once that if a reporter (in those days) wanted to get to talk with a player he had to EARN it.

    These days a player is fined if he refuses to talk to the media.

    Question – which produces better journalists?


    For Sherman’s rant at the end of the SF-Seattle game he was fined $7875.

    If he had just ignored the skirt who asked him that question and headed for the locker room he would have been fined $25,000.


    1) How much sense does that make?

    She said “walk me through that last play.”

    2) How many believe that she thought that phrase up?

    3) How many believe it was suggested to her by a guy?

  119. Basically a star giving reporters the one-finger salute and these guys then bitching about having to work harder to write their stories. I loved it.

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