Rams make quick hire, bring Gregg Williams back


That didn’t take long.

Within minutes of reports that the Rams were firing defensive coordinator Tim Walton, they have his replacement already.

According to Chris Mortensen of ESPN, the Rams are expected to hire Gregg Williams as their new defensive coordinator.

Williams was going to have the job two years ago before his NFL suspension, but came back and served his penance for a year with the Titans as a consultant.

Williams’s track record as an assistant (at least as it is confined to the play on the field) is a good one, and he added some credibility and edge to the Titans last year.

62 responses to “Rams make quick hire, bring Gregg Williams back

  1. Jeff Fisher must now be feeling the heat. He’d see more quicker success picking up a QB in the draft, rather than hiring Gregg “kill the head” Williams.

  2. Rams shock me. They constantly have early picks, in multiple rounds but continue to suck year in and year out. Seriously, finishing last in division every year. They already announced they are sticking with Bradford coming off a knee surgery. Maybe it’s time for a new front office.
    Best of luck rams fans

  3. More proof that nobody in the football business gave a damn about bounty gate. He’s an awesome DC and his players would step in front of a bullet for him.

  4. Williams’ bountygate background not only didn’t deter Jeff Fisher from hiring him, it actually improved his chances of getting the job.

  5. Greg “Kill the Head” Williams thinks that his new eyeglasses and goatee make people forget bountygate.. Just another retread hiring another retread.

  6. You have to understand, during his long career, Jeff Fisher (who’s a defensive brainiac himself) has only had two defensive coordinators he completely trusted … this man and Jim Schwartz. No question, one of the two were bound to end up in St. Louis this season.

    -Titans Fan

  7. I like it…especially since ol’ Gregg has captured that latter-day Walter White look. Tread lighty y’all!

  8. Gregg Williams did wonders for the Titans defense last yr. Even though we got Ray Horton as DC I was still a lil disappointed to see him go. With the Rams having some really good players on defense already there, the Rams D will b nasty next yr.

  9. Say what you want about him as a person but look at what he did with the Titan’s last year. The Ram’s are far more talented on defense then they were IMO. Now if the Ram’s can just get it together on offense this division has the potential to be a 4 horse race.

  10. Good hire if he can get the vets in the locker room to follow him. If Long and Laurinairis support him it will improve the Rams immensely. Now they must get an olb and a safety.

  11. Well at least we know Greg is sorry and he learned his lesson.


  12. Guys on here seem to think Gregg is a great hire as a DC….don’t know about that but I do know he was an abject failure as a HC when he was here in Buffalo….nobody would play for him….good luck Rams……

  13. Good for them……..NFC West keeps it interesting and challenging for all……..Surprised that they made the move when the Ram’s D was solid. However, I am sure the deal was made when he was initially fired/suspended indefinitely by the NFL…………

    Welcome and lets get it on!

  14. I still find it absolutely fascinating that the included picture is of the same Gregg Williams that coached in NO. Dude looks like he had an entire head replacement.

  15. Doesn’t even look like the same person. I guess I would try to change my appearance after what he did. The 09 Taints should try and do the same!

  16. That’s a talented defense in STL and thanks to Washington they can continue to add to it. Surprising they didn’t just make Dave McGinnis DCoordinator.

  17. Gregg Williams is a very good DC. The bounty gate BS is/was blown way out of proportion. It was what every team USED to do, extra pay for big hits and big plays. Of course, that’s all ended now….

  18. Is this the same Gregg Williams that ratted out and threw his defensive players in front of the bus in New Orleans?

    Is this the same Gregg Williams that cut a deal with Goodell to turn state’s evidence in return for another chance to be in the NFL?

    Is this same Gregg Williams that most NFL players see him as a “liar-liar” pants on fire?

    Guys will play for the RAMS, but not for him.

    The coaching fraternity is totally bias…they take of their own….I wouldn’t be surprised if Shanahan ends up on some team staff as a “consultant” of something. Same thing for the former Ohio Buckeyes coach that dummied up about Terrell Pryor and the tattoo scandal….This crap wouldn’t happen in the real world….where ever that is!

    Who Dat Nation hates GW….

  19. Due to the stupidity of the R-Words, the Rams are gonna get good. Fisher is a solid coach. As a Hawks fan, these guys are gonna be solid in a couple years. Thank God the Hawks are the 4th youngest team in the NFL – NFC West = best division in football.

  20. If their smart they’ll now use that 2nd pick on a real franchise QB. Bradford is good enough to get you to 8-8, but that ain’t gonna cut it in a division with the Niners and Hawks.

  21. Bounty list for 2014 season:

    ‘Kill the Head’
    1. Russel Wilson $15k
    2. Colin Kapernick $1499k
    3. Carson Palmer $10k
    4. Sam Bradford -Trip to the Super Bowl

  22. This really stinks. I hate it when genuinely evil people keep getting break after break after break.

    Good luck, 49ers, Seahawks and Cards fans. Make sure to have the visitor’s locker room bugged so you can get him saying “kill the head” of your QB on tape.

  23. Great. If he can turn Saints into sinners, what’s he gonna do with this inherited crew of cheapshot artists?

  24. A couple of points:

    — Well, Williams’ new look is definitely an improvement. Last go around he looked like he was taking estrogen so he could develop man-boobs prior to his gender reassignment surgery.

    — Williams will screw up this very good defense. They can already bring heat with four guys. Williams will, as always, go blitz-crazy. And they don’t have the DB’s to do that.

    — To all those who wrote something about Fisher being such a good coach: You must be kidding. Over a very lengthy career he’s a .500 coach. Better than many, but nothing special.

    Same old sorry-a$$ Rams.

  25. The Rams are in the best division in football. They need this guy! He’s really good. Oh and by the way don’t let them get Clowney with the 2nd pick!!

  26. The other QBs in that division better be careful…they’re all gonna get hurt now.

    This guy does not deserve to be an NFL coach, ever again. He sucks. He’s a scumbag.

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