Ravens move Steve Spagnuolo to secondary coach


The Ravens continue to adjust their coaching staff, and have given a former NFL head coach new job description.

The team announced the hiring of tight ends coach Brian Pariani, and that Steve Spagnuolo had been moved from senior defensive assistant to secondary coach.

Spagnuolo was in the consultant role last year after getting washed out in New Orleans, where the defense he coordinated set a league record for yards allowed. The former Rams head coach was already familiar with the Ravens personnel, making it an easy switch to replace Teryl Austin (who left to become Jim Caldwell’s defensive coordinator in Detroit).

“How fortunate are we to have a former NFL head coach, former defensive coordinator and secondary coach become the Ravens’ coach for our defensive backs?” head coach John Harbaugh said in the team’s release. “Steve is one of the outstanding teachers in the NFL, and he already worked with our defensive staff and players last season as a senior assistant. Our players respect him, and a number of our veteran defensive backs recently said to me that they wanted Steve to coach them.”

Pariani replaces Wade Harman, who had been with the team since 1999, as part of the offensive shakeup. He had coached tight ends alongside new offensive coordinator Gary Kubiak in Houston and Denver.


23 responses to “Ravens move Steve Spagnuolo to secondary coach

  1. We should confirm this report. Not sure if Harbs got Steve’s “OK” to make this coaching change.

  2. I think what Harbaugh really means is:

    “How fortunate was Steve to have that D-Line he had w/ the Giants in 2007? Those guys earned him a lot of money. Now he’s back where he belongs in the NFL, as a position coach.”

  3. Ravens make coaching changes and its “adjustments”. But the cowboys make coaching changes and its a “shake up” a “lack of consistency” a “fire the GM” a “dysfunction”. Unbelievable

  4. BTW coachjohnharbaugh your team is reigning not defending. your team is home with 30 others.

    Please don’t confuse coach anymore with all the moves going on his head is spinning faster his mommas spin cycle. And coach your reign is ending on Sunday so yuk it up while can.

  5. By the end of the season, Biscotti will be down on the sidelines gametime, watching over JH.

  6. Lots of Steeler trolls today. They doth protest too much. Maybe they are just worried what Kirby told the Ravens when interviewing.

  7. this move guarantees i win yet another super bowl 1 year from now


    So what position did you play to be able to say another Super Bowl. I mean outside of your dreams you know like in real life.

  8. our PR guy revealed to all of you steelers fans on our team website that kirby wilson had spent 6 hours interviewing with my DEFENSIVE coaches breaking down pittsburgh’s power run game…LOL

  9. What is hilarious is all the troll Steeler fans comments. Spags got the NY job because of the job he did in Philly. He is responsible for Coughlin not getting fired once the defense came together. N.O. was a train wreck. Comes under the heading of stuff happens.

    Guy runs an attacking aggressive defense and I for one am glad he is available to replace Teryl Austin.

    As for the Cowgirl fans comment. The difference is that we didn’t add 30 cooks to the same stew. We replaced people who left for job upgrades. Let’s see in the NFL and CF there are no less than 8 head coaches that come from the Raven tree.

    Tell me, how many Cowboy coaches go to upgrades. And don’t count Zimmer. Your idiot owner fired him.

    So to Crown and FooleyDrooley – we’ll see you next year for resumption of the best rivalry in football. That is unless Ben breaks down again or Tomlin tries to tackle a KR.

  10. Saints had the worst defense ever under Spags. Rob Ryan shaped those same players into a top 5 defense.

  11. I’m glad all the jealous little Steelers trolls are so obsessed with the Ravens. Maybe they want us to be impressed that they traded an 8-8 running backs coach for one that went 5-10-1? Unfortunately, we just think it’s really sad.

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