Report: Broncos don’t expect to re-sign Knowshon Moreno

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Running back Knowshon Moreno has one game left with the Broncos this season, after which attention will shift to whether or not it is his last game with the Broncos overall.

Moreno is headed for free agency in March after his best professional season and that could lead to interest from several teams if he hits the open market. Ian Rapoport of NFL Network reports that it looks like that’s where Moreno is headed. Per Rapoport, the Broncos don’t expect to be able to re-sign Moreno. The running back wasn’t interested in discussing his future this week.

“My future is right now. I don’t live in the future; I live in the present,” Moreno said at Monday’s media availability. “Right now, this is what I’m thinking about. I’m thinking about today getting better, throughout the week getting better and on Sunday doing what we can to get the win.”

Moreno, who turns 27 in July, ran for 1,038 yards and scored 13 overall touchdowns for the Broncos in 2013 after two years that saw him hurt or out of favor with the coaching staff for much of the time. The Broncos drafted Montee Ball in the second round last year with the intention of giving him a big role in the offense at some point, which might help them decide to let Moreno walk and devote their money to other free agents and/or new deals for players like wide receiver Demaryius Thomas.

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  1. I am really sure the Broncos are discussing this today with Ian Rapoport. I mean they don’t have any big games coming up do they?

    Oh wait…………………DUH

  2. At that age that makes it tougher to get long term contracts…….If he is S.B. MVP he gets a good 2 year contract from someone. If not, he gets a one year deal for about minimum with a team who is lacking any RB.

  3. The title is misleading. The Broncos said they don’t think they’ll be ABLE to re-sign Moreno, not that they don’t want to resign him. You left out the word “ABLE” — it’s not for lack of trying, it’s that they think someone is going to throw a ton of $$$ at him.

    Regardless, he’ll be playing his butt off this game.

  4. The reality is, unless a back is truly special (Peterson, Lynch, McCoy, etc.), a fourth-round draft pick will likely be able to create the same kind of production for 20-33% of the cost.

  5. He is a good back and proved his worth the last year and half, he fell out of graces with the coaching staff because he got a DUI in his car with a license plate that read SAUCED. Knowshon has matured and turned in some great performances since. unfortunately RB lives are shorter in the NFL now and this will be his only chance at a big contract, and it is unlikely that the Broncos will want to give him the money with a back like Montee Ball ready to go. I will miss Knowshon, more because of who he became and how he handled the adversity, than him as a player.

    Oh and yeah 4 days before a chance to get a ring, I am sure he does not care about a contract talk right now. He knows all he needs to do is focus on the next game. His stock will only go up with a RING.

  6. I don’t know why anyone would throw big money at RBs anymore unless they’re in the elite class. You can draft a back, pay him next to nothing in his rookie deal and have him put up pretty comparable numbers, especially these days when teams have a committee of backs in the backfield. I’m sure someone will back the truck up for him, but it just doesn’t make sense to do

  7. Running Backs are a dime a dozen. Qb’s and Offensive Lines Make Them Look Good or Make Them Look Bad. Don’t Waste Your 1st Round Pick on a RB. You Can Most Likely Get the Same Return in the 4th or 5th.

  8. Why Rapoport would think this is a good time, or there is anything to be gained, by “breaking this news” the week of the Super Bowl is beyond me. He’s obviously more concerned about being the first to report it and create so-called controversy than being a real journalist and finding something more intriguing to report.

    This isn’t even breaking news – we’ve known all along in Denver that the odds of Knowshon being re-signed were not great. Hell, he was nearly on the outs just 5 months ago. I love Knowshon and he’s had a tremendous year but based on his injury history and his previous four years in the league, he’s not really earned a big money contract. Someone will pay him but I’d be surprised to see anywhere near the same production he’s had this year in this offense. Bottom line is the Broncos need to pay DRC and Decker (another player who might get lured from the Broncos with #1 WR money even though he’s played well but is not a #1) this year and DT next.

  9. I doubt he sees more money than Reggie Bush got last season…

    He’s only good in an offense like Denver is running. No breakaway speed, he’s basically Pierre Thomas.

    I think he would be a decent fit in the offense the Browns ran last season, but with all the changes there, I assume the game plan will change in CLE.

    If he cares about playing time and winning, I think he would stay with Peyton in a time share with Ball again next year. Otherwise he’ll play more but lose with a team like the Jets or Tennessee (assuming they end up moving Chris Johnson)

  10. Knowshon’s first name is a portmanteau of his father’s nickname, Knowledge, and his mother’s name, Varashon

  11. BOOOOooooooo!!!!, This kid has a super inspirational story. Him just being in the league is incredible in its self if you look at what he had to come from. Single handedly is a huge reason the Broncs have been so successful in keeping manning clean this year. Always productive in the running game and runs with attitude, definatly the broncos BEAST MODE! If you would of asked me 3 years ago I never thought I would be saying that he will be sorrily missed if my broncs can’t resign him up. Thankfuly they drafted a beauty in Ball and he’s had a whole year to learn from a great role model in Moreno.

  12. Denver should make every effort and even ‘over-pay’ his market value – more than Mike Tolbert type deal. He’s a perfect fit in Denver, 3 down back who can catch and pass block and is reliable and in his prime and not passed it..

    It might have taken him until last season to make the most of his opportunities, but he was a 1st round pick with low tread wear who you can keep in a RBC with M. Ball who’ll be under rookie contract for another few years…

    You need 2 starting rb’s in today’s NFL, Denver has made the most of that.. especially dudes who can pass block for Peyton.

    Not a Cowboy’s fan, but he’d be a great fit there if not Denver..

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