Sapp fires back at Strahan

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As the Seahawks prepare to take on the Broncos, a couple of retired defensive players continue to square off via the media.

Hall of Fame defensive tackle Warren Sapp got it rolling earlier this week, reiterating his belief that former Giants defensive end Michael Strahan doesn’t belong in the Hall of Fame.  Strahan replied, calling Sapp a coward for not addressing the situation directly with Strahan.

Now, Sapp has chimed in, again.

“I can’t make a man respect me, but I will stop him from disrespecting me — I tell you that,” Sapp told Newsday on Wednesday evening. “It was about his resume; I wasn’t talking about the man. . . . I don’t understand.  He still can’t rush that right end.  Three years, 12 sacks!”

Sapp reiterated his position that he didn’t make it personal about Straham in comments to Jim Rome.  By of course making it personal.

“He took it to a level that it didn’t need to be,” Sapp told Rome. “I was just talking about his resume.  I didn’t say anything about his gap tooth or his ‘S’ words or his ‘F’ words that I don’t understand.  What the hell he is saying?  So if he wants to go personal we can go personal, but I was just stacking his resume against the class.”

Sapp also took offense with the notion that he’s a coward.

“Pick the spot and I’ll come see you and you can have a dose of it,” Sapp said. “If you think that’s what it is, pick the spot and I’ll come see you.”

Others have given Sapp a dose of it.  Former Giants and current Falcons defensive end Osi Umenyiora called Sapp an “idiot.” Retired NFL quarterback and current broadcaster Boomer Esiason called Sapp an “embarrassment.”

In the end, Sapp remains a Jekyll-and-Hyde personality who can turn on the charm and then, often without warning, turn on a dime and become a bully.

36 responses to “Sapp fires back at Strahan

  1. I thought Strahan was referring to the cheap shot that Sapp the Hall of Famer put on Chad Clifton, when he used the term coward??

  2. Sapp was one of the best defensive tackles ever.
    Dude was a monster. But i think he’s wrong here. Strahan was a great defensive end. He deserves to be in the hall. He did his job and did it better then most.
    The hall shouldn’ t be for just left tackles and the guys that rush against them. If you played right tackle and your the best ever shouldn’ t you be a hall of famer?

    But i also think Steve Tasker should be in the hall.

  3. Warren Sapp needs to keep quiet insulting Strahan. He has had some problems along the way, and would be better keeping his big mouth shut.

  4. Not at all a Giants fan but in their prime, give me Strahan all day. Yes, Sapp he has a right to his opinion but this appears to be a “Come On Man”!!!!

  5. As a long time Bucs fan (I was in the Big Sombrero for the first home win), I think there were 4 HOFs on that defense – Sapp, Brooks, Lynch & Barber. I also see Strahan is a HOF’er using the same criteria of greatness (which frankly has become somewhat watered down in the past decade or so). I also think this feud is pretty dang funny.

  6. Career Stats:
    Warren Sapp 198 games
    96.5 Sacks, 19 Forced Fumbles, 438 tackles, 135 assists
    Henry Thomas 213 games
    93.5 Sacks, 19 Forced Fumbles, 868 TACKLES, 140 assists
    Steve McMichael 171 games started
    95 Sacks, 13 Forced Fumbles, 838 tackles
    Hall of Famer Warren Sapp is BS!

  7. Sapp is envious because Strahan has an appeal to the public that Sapp doesn’t have. Sapp has always been full of hot air and now is no different. Here’s something to ponder, Warren; If Richard “freakin’ Dent can get into the Hall of Fame , Michael Strahan ABSOLUTELY belongs!!!!!

  8. He is an idiot. He just needs to shut the hell up. He is the biggest idiot in the media today. Stay classy Sapp, oh wait a minute you can’t. Strahan is a far better player and teammate.

  9. Marshall Faulk and the greatest show on turf tore Sapp a new one on more than one occasion. We liked the dose we were given by that sack of puss. I think the linebackers and secondary were responsible for Sapps “coverage sack”. They were beastly.

  10. Again the question of immaturity/idiocy regarding adults and media in our culture arises on the heels of the Richard Sherman lunacy:

    Why are people in media so scared to call someone out for who and what they are, when they show it?

    You’ll probably find yet again a million and one excuses why Sapp should remain in media.

    Look for the phony-protective words from NFL Network like “passion” and “controversial”, and phrases like, “one’s competitive nature that made one great sometimes causes…” , or, “he just keeps real if you agree or not and that’s what makes him great”..etc.


    It is so just.. weak. And quite frankly bizarre.

  11. This just shows his true colors. His former teammates and coach are in the running. Clearly he comes across as using his media pull to try and influence votes and that’s about as low as it gets. It’s just as disrespectful to Lynch, Brooks and Dungy as it is to Strahan. If you were just trying to discuss facts and statistics then your delivery was poor and you’re simply just not fit to be in the media.


  13. Couple things this whole thing started bcuz sapp was trying to lobby for Simeon Rice (aka Demarcus ware) for the hof. Rice was a very quiet guy on a stacked defense, but his arrival extended that defenses elite half life another 5-6 yrs. Yes, I believe he was that good. That said straham was no chop liver himself but certainly not the world beater 1st ballot hall of famer that came from being on the New York giants as well as his record season, but a hall of famer non the less mostly for longevity, locale, the record.

    Sapp prbly has other issues with Straham too, him being ugly n straham being fairly normal looking dude prbly has a lot to do with the vitriol.

    That said warren sapp best interior lineman I’ve ever seen play. At his best he virtually impossible to contain. Like a moss brady peak, manning this yr peak …. Lt peak ……Ray Lewis peak .. But more dominant considering he played in phone booth. Dominating 300 pounders. Even great players on occasion could be stone walled, but sapp was nearly superhuman. Check out any game for a 3-5 yr stretch and jus witness the beautiful ugly havoc he evoked.

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