Seeing Peyton in NY creates “what might have been” for Jets

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It’s easy to make fun of the Jets constant inability to find an answer at quarterback.

Trust us, it’s easy.

But with Manning working out at the Jets facility, it’s worth remembering that he could have been theirs, with the first pick in the 1997 NFL Draft, if he hadn’t decided to stay another year at Tennessee.

“I kind of laugh when people say I should’ve talked him into it,” Parcells told Rich Cimini of “I wasn’t capable of doing that.”

The league frowned on teams suggesting to underclassmen that they might somehow be welcome, while the floodgates have been thrown open now, with more than 100 early entrants in the draft.

Asked why he didn’t try to back-channel recruit Archie Manning, Parcells replied: “I think they have a pretty good idea of what would’ve happened if they came out.”

“Obviously, we had an interest in a quarterback, so, had he been available, I’m certain he would’ve been very, very strongly in the mix,” Parcells said. “There are times when good fortune strikes, and there are times when it doesn’t.”

The Jets ended up trading out of the top spot that year, and continuing on with Vinny Testaverde instead, and never quite settling it the way they could have.

11 responses to “Seeing Peyton in NY creates “what might have been” for Jets

  1. Obviously, Peyton would have been a great fit for the Jets — but they were within one game of the Super Bowl the following season (1998), losing the AFCCG to the eventual Super Bowl Champion Broncos.

  2. Damn that cold… Omaha Omaha

    You almost wish he had been to avoid all that tal about him choking in the cold. Pretty sure he’d have as much success if not more in NYC.

    Maybe they would have built a dome though.. ahh hindsight. lol

  3. I bet they did back channel Archie Manning and the answer was we don’t want Peyton with the lowly NYJ outside in the cold with Parcells who would not and will not be manipulated by the likes of a guy like Archie Manning. After seeing what Archie did with the Eli situation you know he was pulling the strings with Peyton. Peyton especially early in his career needed the dome and or warm weather and Archie knew it. Peytons situation was perfect for him ultimately but for Parcells to say he didn’t put hid feelers out on Manning is a complete lie.

  4. would be interesting to see where his career would be today if he was drafted by the Jets. not so much for the cold weather, but the wind at the old Giant Stadium might have caused issues for him.

  5. How about messing up the draft we’re talking about?

    Orlando Pace would have been nice. Lucky for Orlando, otherwise he wouldn’t have a ring and would be living on Long Island hoping for a cable show…

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