Tony McDaniel: Peyton Manning can get happy feet


Finding even mild criticism of Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning from the Seahawks this week has been harder than finding a cab in Midtown Manhattan during rush hour.

One member of the Seahawks defense did reveal something he’s picked up on film about Manning that he’d like to use to his team’s advantage on Sunday, however. Speaking at Tuesday’s Media Day, Seahawks defensive tackle Tony McDaniel said that he’s noticed a little hitch in Manning’s game although the observation doesn’t quite rise to the level of a rebuke of Manning’s considerable talent.

“He has happy feet, when he is making a read,” McDaniel said. “If he doesn’t see those guys open, he will get anxious and throw the ball.”

That’s something that can be said of most quarterbacks, which is the reason why teams love to find pass rushers that can force quarterbacks to make quicker decisions.

The problem for opposing defenses this season has been that Manning usually sees someone open when he is making his reads and that even throws tinged with anxiety have regularly found their way to their targets. Speeding up those reads would presumably lead to even happier feet, but Manning has only been sacked 18 times this season so it’s difficult to predict that the Seahawks will be able to wreak more havoc in the pocket than previous Broncos opponents.

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  1. Hit him early, hit him often. Let Michael Bennett crunch him hard one time and the whole narrative of the game will change.

  2. I watched Manning play his first game at Tennessee when he relieved Todd Helton against Mississippi State in 1994.

    He always had “happy feet.” It’s more a habit than anything else.

  3. “He has happy feet, when he is making a read,” McDaniel said. “If he doesn’t see those guys open, he will get anxious and throw the ball.”

    Okay, if this is a criticism then what is he supposed to do instead when no one is open? Have a ham sandwich and a smoke??

    Thats the nature of the QB position. You have to find an open guy quickly. If they’re not in open you either hold on to the ball and take a sack (bad), or throw the ball away (good). He’s obviously not going to out run anyone so I’m not sure what he thinks Peyton should be doing differently in the situation he described??

  4. Of course he’s got happy feet — he probably likes what he sees and is about to throw another touchdown. A pre-touchdown touchdown dance if you will.

  5. If I were the Broncos OL coach Id have the entire OL hold on every offensive play like the Seahawks DBs on defense. This is the SB, and the officials will not call a holding penalty on every play,,,,

  6. McDaniel is correct. Having watched Peyton every game for two years, you can see when he has “happy feet” and when he doesn’t. Last year, especially, you could see when he was pressing and not in rhythm. This year, he’s been calmer and I’ve only seen it a couple of times and for only a series or two instead of most or all of a game (hence setting all those records).

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