Welker says Patriots ran same play Belichick’s mad about

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Broncos wide receiver Wes Welker became the object of scorn from his former coach Bill Belichick, for a playoff hit that took out cornerback Aqib Talib.

But Welker said Belichick shouldn’t be upset — primarily because the same play was in the Patriots playbook.

We ran the same play,” Welker said, via Jeff Howe of the Boston Herald.

“It’s a rub play that everybody runs,” he said. “It’s one of those deals where you try to get a rub on that guy, and really, if you can get him to go over the top of you, the more separation the other receiver will have. That’s what I tried to do to get Demaryius [Thomas] a little more open, and unfortunately, we collided.”

Welker was also asked if Belichick hated him, since the Patriots coach coolly referred to his former player as “the receiver” when discussing the play.

“I don’t know if he does,” Welker said. “That’s a question for him.”

So is whether Belichick in fact had the same idea with Welker when he was one of his.

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  1. He wasn’t upset over the play that was called.

    I mean, I’m sure plenty of defenses called the play which Detroit called when Suh stomped Sitton.

    He was questioning the cheapness of your hit.

  2. I’ve been saying this since that game. NE is the king of the rub play. Why do you think the Golden Boy has open receivers all the time?

    Belicheater is a ninny!

  3. really wish BB just left this alone. its pretty clear that one of the worst kept secrets over the last few years has been that he hates welker. ever since welker decided to sign the franchise tag instead of taking a team friendly multi year deal. can’t blame welker for that, he’s gotta take whatever guaranteed money he can get. with that being said, i hope welker pulls a jackie smith in the 4th quarter on sunday

  4. And while playing for the Patriots, running that same play…just how many players did Welker “take out”??? If Welker was not wrong in that play, why is it still being debated today and why is Welker still having to defend himself??

  5. The problem with the play isn’t that it was a pick route. Everyone does that. But everyone does not throw a cross-body block to take out the defender. (I don’t believe the injury was intended. So that is not what I meant by take out. He took him out his coverage.) Most of the time that is a penalty. It was a very poorly executed “rub” and that is undeniable.

  6. Yes he hates him, Welker wouldn’t take less money and fall in line so how is Bill going to get other vets to consider taking less money to play for the pats. Other vets have taken less money in the past and did not win a ring so in the end it was dumb to not max out their earnings and Welker was not a good soldier.

  7. Belicheat just likes to make noise whenever things don’t work out for him, dude is like a spoiled child who doesn’t get their way.

  8. Belichick is smart. the only reason he called out Welker is because Aquib Talib is a Free Agent and the Patriots need to resign him. their defense depends on him. Belichick was trying to buy some goodwill with Talib by calling out Welker. Make him feel part of the family in hopes he gives the Pats a discount. Talib more likely to do so if he feels the coach has his back. no better way to do that then lampoon Welker. Maybe Talib thought it was on purpose and complained to Belichick about it. Belichik knows Welker wasn’t trying to hurt him but was willing to say it to strengthen the relationship between him and Talib.

  9. There is a reason U.S. Immigration at Ellis Island inserted ‘CHICK’ into bill belichick’s family name upon their arrival in the United States.

  10. If you don’t think Welkers intent wasn’t to injure Talib your sorrily mistaken. When Edleman went after DRC’s sore shoulder with a high block in the seriers prior, Welker either on his own accord or told, to target Talibs ribs. You could tell Talib was bangged up because on the 1st series of the game when Decker caught a crossing route turned up feild, lined up Talib, and ran him over, Talib took quite a while to get up from that blow. Welker finnished the job with a well disguised knock out shot, that probably broke some ribs. I’m a bronco fan, I played football, The Hit and the injury was totally intentional. Lessoned learned for talib, keep your head on a swivel, expecially after your WR’s are taking liberties on the other teams DB’s

  11. This is old news people, the Pats got beat by the better team that day! Move on haters, the Pats will be back again next year and win the east!

  12. Football fans are so stupid.

    It is obvious why BB did what he did. It had little to do about the actual play or Welker in general.

    Come Sunday the eyes of the nation will be on the lookout for rub routes, from the fat guy pouring booze down his gullet, to the adolescent teen on twitter, to the referees in Metlife Stadium. It will now be a point of emphasis. Everyone is aware of it and will be on the lookout for it.

    BB sacrificed some of his namesake to make sure this story got national attention and give whatever advantage to the Seahawks he can. And right now it looks like it’s worked. You are still talking about this. ESPN is still devoting a lot of air time to it. It is amazing how well BB can play a media that hates him so much.

  13. As time goes by the Patriots and their fans will miss this motor mouth less and less. His comments are a sure sign his eggs are truly scrambled. Wonder were he ends up next year after the Broncos cut him.

  14. hey BuffaloBills716, how are those 4 super bowl….errrr….AFC championship rings treatin ya? maybe Marv should have cheated just like the belicheat did

  15. Wes is full of it. He’d like you to believe he just “happened” to run into Talib. But the fact is, it wasn’t a “pick”, it was a block on a DB who had no expectation of being blocked. THAT is what was dirty about the play.

    Pick plays happen on almost every pass, that’s not the issue. But its one thing to “get in a DB’s way” and another to chop him down with a full on block before a reception is made.

    What’s so hypocritical about this is while league is going overboard to protect WR’s, even AFTER they have caught the ball; if what Welker did was legal (as the NFL suggests), then DB’s can simply be taken out by crossing receivers anytime after the ball is snapped. Hard to cover your man when you have to keep your head o n a swivel watching for WR’s who can cross block you at any time.

  16. The Patriots are 10 year old hasbeens at this point, why are we still talking about them?

    Your dynasty was a decade ago, it’s time to let your sour grapes go.

  17. It’s not a penalty when he hits him at the same time the ball hits the WR hands. Get over it Pats fans. Brady can’t win a SB without a top 5 defense. Proof is in the pudding.

  18. Why!? Why do you fuel the fire for the Pats haters? Why? We lost to the better team this year. No one is crying, Belichick hasn’t said anything about this play since right after the game. Patriots need to re-tool in the off-season with some legitimate weapons and will be right back in the mix next year. It’s always national news when the Patriots lose because it happens so rarely.

  19. Welker was a great player when he was with the Patriots. But let’s not forget it was Belichick who recognized his potential in the Patriot’s system and made the trade with Miami for him.
    As far as this year goes, he was not missed that much if at all due to the emergence of Julian Edelman who in fact had evry bit as good a year as Welker usually did.

  20. Was I watching the same game? Didn’t the Pats sideline a Denver CB with the same type of play (I believe it was Rogers-Cromartie like a few plays before)?

  21. If Talib hadn’t got hurt, we wouldn’t even be talking about that play. These plays happen all the time.

    Patriots fans,
    Move on with your lives.


  22. “So is whether Belichick in fact had the same idea with Welker when he was one of his.”

    What school of journalism did this come from?

  23. “unfortunately, we collided.”

    Give me a break Welker. The Pats run the rub play all the time. That’s no secret. They even ran it that game and got flagged for it. Welker put his head down and ran full speed at Talib… on the other side of the field from where the ball was.

    You know what you did you choke artist rat.

  24. Prediction – Wes Welker is a future NFL coach. He has learned from the very best and is not afraid to stand up to anyone. He is one of the very few that Belichick could not control and his departure to the Broncos still irritates BB and Brady.
    Bill’s effort to highlight the incident was a form of retribution. For the coach who clearly hates communicating anything at press conferences, the Welker smear was unnecessary. It actually belittled Belichick.

    Scoreboard: Welker (1) – Belichick (0)

  25. meatcarroll says:
    Let’s see that midget try that bush league play against those giant Seahawks DBs.


    You do know Talib is 6’2″ 202lbs right?

  26. Belichicks obviously a great coach….that being said the more I’ve observed of him over the years whether it be in the media, on the sidelines, or w things like the Welker situation and spygate, the more I despise him. Hes a vindictive, cheating, petulant, poor sport.

    the sad part is if he wanted to come coach the Bills I’d be all for it.

  27. @ez4u2sa
    Dude you are Crazy Welker was the best player on NE team for years. He made Brady what he was back then. You NE fans worship Welker and now he moved on you are going to talk like that. Show how intelligent you and NE fans are.

  28. For everyone comparing it to the hit on DRC, did you watch the play?

    The receiver had already caught the ball and was moving downfield. Edelman put a clean BLOCK on DRC who ate it. He came back in the game and played great after that.

    Welker was on the other side of the field from a ball in the air. He locked onto Talib and ran straight into him, never once even looking back towards Manning.

    The play may well be perfectly legal, and the Broncos were absolutely the better team that day and deserved the win. But Welker (the same guy who the whole league cheered on to come back from a career threatening ACL injury) knows he was trying to injure Talib.

  29. Remember when Betachick sat WW to open a Jet game for talkin bout Rex foot fetish. He’s not a Kool-Aid drinker and “the coach” knows it.

  30. Ok if welker was the best player on the pats and made Brady look good why was he almost invisible on the dolphins? A slot receiver is as good as the qb makes him.

    As far as the rub play. Welkers own words define the issue. The plus is called a rub play, meaning rub the receiver and throw him off with a slight rub, not lower your shoulder and deliver a hit. That’s called a pick which is illegal.

  31. The 185 lb WR with a special helmet is out there to injure a guy. After that let’s have Peyton QB sneak it and lower his surgically repaired neck into the pile 3 straight plays. Instead of interviewing Belichick and Brady after a loss, let’s just think of the whiniest, most bitter response, and assume that is what they are thinking!!

  32. “BB sacrificed some of his namesake to make sure this story got national attention and give whatever advantage to the Seahawks he can. And right now it looks like it’s worked. You are still talking about this. ESPN is still devoting a lot of air time to it. It is amazing how well BB can play a media that hates him so much”

    Dont know about you, but watching ESPN for more than 10 mins unless its a live show is like peeling my eyeballs out, i imagine it will be very painful. They just fill the air with mindless drivel, shouting matches, and ego maniacs.

  33. hey, you guys don’t think the guy who walked out on the guy who gave him a job (parcells), cheated on his wife, cheated against the league, wouldn’t shake tony dungy’s hand when he beat him fair and square and looks at the ground and mumbles one word answers after a loss would be a sore loser, wouldya?

  34. They run those plays but with better timing, so that the WR does not throw a block BEFORE the pass arrives to the receiver.

    You can block after a catch attempt and simultaneous with a catch attempt. It was clear that Welker blocked early. The replays and still photos confirmed it.

    Thus the NFL, in saying that it was not a penalty, made up a new standard, saying the contact was OK since it was “near simultaneous” with a catch attempt.

    I guess “near simultaneous” means too early, but just a little bit too early (!), so it was an excusable reffing mistake, so much so that we’ll just call it “not a reffing mistake at all”

    I think it was not a dirty play, but it should have been offensive pass interference.

  35. sure everybody runs that play but how many run that play with the receiver going with his head down at the defensive back? don’t remember the pats or anyone having that as part of the play. I hope the seahawks run it that way and take out one of the broncos starting defensive backs and see if the broncos are OK with it.

  36. People need to read Welkers comment carefully. He says his rub play was designed to force Talib to go over the top of him. That is, divert his path to Welkers left as Welker runs underneath him Talib understood what Welker was trying to do, but refused to give ground and tried to run underneath Welker – causing both to collide aiming for the same space.

  37. The Broncos cheated both years they won the SB and were fined and lost draft picks. The are also the only organization to be fined for taping other teams practices. Just saying. The Pats have done neither.

  38. 1. Welker took less money to go to Denver. He was mad that the Patriots did not offer him Larry Fitz money. His agent oversold him on what him market was and painted the Patriots as the bad guys. When he was a free agent The Patriots, Broncos, and Titans were interested. There was not a big demand for him
    2. He went right at Talib, you can tell they way he coiled his body to get ready for the hit. He had no intention to just “rub” Talib

  39. Running the “rub” play is one thing; but taking a guy out at the knees is another.

    Look at the replay; Welker went low at the guys knees. There is no excuse for that. Just “rub” him so the WR can get free.

    Welker is dirty turd. And I’m not a fan of either team. I just look at the replay and made my decision.

  40. FYI – I am a Patriots’ fan.

    When Belichik says “s..t” the players ALL say “where when and what color?”. This includes Tom Brady.

    Those who DON’T say that sooner or later wind up somewhere else. This includes Wes Welker.

    BB can be incredibly petty, but he is a great coach. And were it not for two poorly thrown passes by TB in the AFC championship game they might very well be playing this Sunday.

    Please take note that I waited 10 days after the event to point out the above, the reason being that the ‘sour grapes’ designation expires after 10 days. Also please remember that Brady acknowledged that those critical passes were poorly thrown.

    Patriots’ haters – and I know you are legion out there in cyberland – if you want to be taken seriously when you speak, you should at least have the guts to declare what if any team you support.

    13 straight winning seasons, 5 Super Bowl appearances, 3 Super Bowl victories, the 2nd longest winning streak in NFL history, yada yada yada – I can see how this might get under your skin.


    Teams have been stealing signals from each other since the beginning of dirt – if they didn’t they should have been.

    Hockey, football, baseball, basketball – all of them.

  41. Let’s see, the League said there was no penalty there and no fine for Welker. But go ahead and whine away because whining does change ‘everything’ doesn’t it? And Welker was only answering questions that were asked of him, he’s not ‘obsessed’ with the Pats. Did you see that Orange suit he wore off the plane? Please, he’s obsessed with playing a good game.

  42. It’s not the play. It’s what he did on the play that was in question, and it’s why it is still talked about. That play is run every Sunday. It was the timing and the style of the hit that is in question, as what Welker was doing prior to the hit.

    As for the Patriots running the same play that DRC got hurt on, I’ve said it before. Watch the replay. The receiver catches the ball and turns to run up field. DRC and Edleman are both still outside the hash marks facing each other. It’s got to be more than 10 yards. They can see each other. Edelman moves in to Block. For some inexplicable reason DRC seems to think he can just get around Edelman and makes ZERO preparation for contact that he knows is coming. He seems momentarily confused. “Should I go left? Should I go right? ” So he remains in the middle. Edelman lays a shoulder into his chest. It was text book. DRC got blown up. Nothing more to say. People are holding on to that play as if it were the same thing and it was FAR from the same thing. Just because you keep repeating it doesn’t make it true.

    As for Welker leaving New England, he made a miscalculation. He over estimated his market value. The Patriots made him several generous offers to compensate him for his production and keep him in New England. They paid him 9.4 million dollars for one season as a franchise player because he would not sign a longer term deal. He got greedy, so they had to go in a different direction. They were still offering him two million more for the first year and potentially 4 million more than Denver for two seasons, assuming he played like he always does (the incentives). They were still willing to go higher than that but Welker’s agents were asking for the MOON.

    Welker has acted like an idiot on more than one occasion, and I do not believe he was able to separate his emotions in this game, especially after his debacle in New England earlier this year that cost Denver the game. The unfortunate result was an innocent player got hurt unecessarily. For this I will always look at Welker, with disrespect. If this were his first questionable incident it would be different but he’s got a Napoleon complex and when it comes to keeping it under wraps, he keeps coming up short.

  43. Every team runs similar plays– that was never the question. The question was intent to injure.

    Just the fact that Welker is playing the “the Pats ran the same play” card makes me think Belichick is right.

  44. wlker was smart to jump ship. bb shouod have paid him. i think bb still mad about the drops by recievers in superbowl against new york, blames welker for the loss.

  45. he’s right that everyone runs that play. It looked like a simple mesh concept you see in college football air raid offenses these days.

  46. And the Welker/Belicheat relationship just got a little more entertaining. These two would would make for a great celebrity death match.

  47. If the play benefits your team its ok. If it is detrimental to your team its a bad play. Does that sort of size it up?

  48. Welker needs to shut his mouth and move on. People are talking like Belichick is the one who’s bitter and whining, but Welker is the one who keeps on talking. BB made one little rant on the subject and then refused to talk about it any further. Perhaps Welker should take a cue from his ex-coach and do the same.

  49. Sorry Wes, I watched virtually every game you played in a Patriots uniform, loved you as a player, thought you were a great down-field blocker, but you never came across the middle of the field and took out a cornerback like you did to Talib. I guess my recollection is open to review, PFT, are there any Welker hits over the middle of the field where Welker (in the words of Jim Leonard, was on a suicide mission) to take out the corner?

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  51. Let’s see, the League said there was no penalty there and no fine for Welker. But go ahead and whine away because whining does change ‘everything’ doesn’t it? And Welker was only answering questions that were asked of him, he’s not ‘obsessed’ with the Pats. Did you see that Orange suit he wore off the plane? Please, he’s obsessed with playing a good game.

  52. It’s football! Contact sport! My 10 year old is about the same size as Welker. It’s not like they lined up Von Miller at slot to seek out and ear hole the guy. Pretty sure you wouldn’t send out a star receiver with concussion issues as a hitman!

  53. He probably hates Welker because he dropped a wide open TD pass that most likely won the SuperBowl had he caught it.

    You people must have short memories.

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