Antonio Cromartie won’t have hip surgery

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There were two big question marks over Jets cornerback Antonio Cromartie’s head when the regular season came to an end, but one of them already seems to have resolved itself.

Cromartie said Thursday at Jets House, which the team set up for Super Bowl week to host fans and appearances by players, that he does not need to have surgery on the hip that troubled him for most of the season and said that he feels as close to 100 percent as he’s felt since the preseason. He’s still rehabbing and thinks he’ll be fully recovered in another month.

That leaves the question of his contract with the Jets. Cromartie is due to count $14.98 million against the cap and told Pro Football Talk on NBCSN that he expects to be a cap casualty, although he added that he’d like to remain with the Jets if they can agree on a friendlier deal. On Thursday, Cromartie said that he was concentrating on his health regardless of where he winds up.

“I want to be back. At the end of the day it’s a business, and that’s how I treat it,” Cromartie said, via “My business is to make sure my body is as healthy as possible, because I got to make sure that if anything goes wrong, that if it goes the opposite way [and] I’m not here, I’m healthy for the next team.”

Cromartie said there haven’t been any talks with the Jets about his contract yet, but any action will likely happen sooner rather than later as the Jets get their cap in order ahead of free agency.

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    The Pats continue to cheat at home games, carding their 6th perfect home record in their 13th season with BB. The statistical chance of this is 1/7000. 9-0 at home this year and 4-5 on the road with losses to teams they should of won against.

    The real question is why would Bill Belichick risk being caught for filming signals at a road game against a HC that knew about the illigal filming and actually set up a sting operation to catch him doing it? Because he misinterpreted the rules? YA, OK BILL! It’s because it is so benifitial to his success that he had to take the chance of getting caught to cement the #1 seed in the AFC ensuring teams would have to go through Foxboro almost garanteeing a ticket to the SB every year. With QB’s like Peyton Manning putting up 13-3 seasons every year, they had to go atleast 5-3 on the road to ensure things went as planned.

    Everyone who’s ever had their team come to foxboro knows about the mysterous helmet communications malfunctions at key times in games. Even like this year, play clock malfunctions while Den was on offense, hmmmm. When will ignorant pats fans open their eyes and see what us other NFL fans have seen for the past 10 years?

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