Broncos trying to get a handle on Percy Harvin


For most of the players on the Seahawks roster, the Broncos have a vast trove of video from the season to study as they prepare for Super Bowl XLVIII.

Wide receiver Percy Harvin is a notable exception. Harvin has played just 38 snaps in two games for Seattle this season because of preseason hip surgery and a postseason concussion, leaving cornerback Quentin Jammer and the rest of the defense to a bit of guesswork about what the Seahawks will do with Harvin on Sunday.

“We don’t really have a lot of film on him,” Jammer said on Wednesday. “We do know that he can line up in multiple positions. He can hurt teams from all of those positions so I think we’ll start to prepare for him on kickoff and punt return because that’s usually the first place he makes his mark, is on kickoff. So we’ve got to make sure we get him stopped on kickoff, but as a receiver, he’s just an explosive guy.”

It’s probably a good bet that Harvin will spend a fair amount of his time on offense operating out of the slot, which would mean a lot of work for cornerback Champ Bailey if the Broncos deploy their defensive backs the same way they did in the AFC Championship Game. Bailey isn’t sure if that will be the case, but does know that Denver has to be ready for Harvin.

“Not sure what to expect. One thing I do know is they will use him,” Bailey said on Tuesday. “He’s too good of a player for them not to, so we’ll be prepared for whatever they throw at us.”

The Seahawks made it to the Super Bowl with Harvin playing little more than a cameo role, so the Broncos can’t let his presence occupy too much of their focus. As Jammer and Bailey pointed out, though, the mere fact that he’s on the field demands attention and that will make life more difficult on the Broncos defense in a few days.