Cam Newton jokes that Colin Kaepernick “hurt my feelings”


While Colin Kaepernick is still pretty salty about the way his season ended, at least Cam Newton can laugh about Kaepernick ending his.

After Kaepernick stole Newton’s “Superman” touchdown celebration in the divisional round win over the Panthers, Newton jokingly vowed vengeance.

He hurt my feelings, and I think so highly of Mr. Kaepernick,” Newton said on the NFL Network, via the Charlotte Observer.

He added that he planned to respond at some point, but didn’t drop any clues.

But unlike Kaepernick, who trashed Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman today, Newton was nothing but gracious to the other young quarterbacks having success.

“I don’t have no hate in my blood for nobody,” Newton said, though he admitted being “envious” of Russell Wilson playing this weekend.

32 responses to “Cam Newton jokes that Colin Kaepernick “hurt my feelings”

  1. If you don’t see Kaep as a top 10-15 QB in the league, you’re blind. It’s really that simple. And other than Luck I see more potential in him than any other young QB. “Crapernick choked he sucks like harbaugh blah blah blahhh”. Anybody remember Manning choke(s)? Does he suck? Lol people make me laugh. Kaep will get his rings. PS I am not even a niners fan.

  2. You know you messed up when you’re in a situation where Cam Newton took the high road.

  3. Gotta love a good triple negative sentence. It’s harder to do then you think, try it when speaking, it’s not easy.

  4. Just this simple sign of his growing maturity lets us know he is going to be more and more dangerous.

    This is also a sign of a Winner instead of what Kaepernick does which is a sign of a whiner and loser.

  5. Cam’s grammar reveals the truth about the NCAA’s ridiculous “student-athlete” farce. It’s sad that athletes can complete a college degree today and be as ignorant of standard English as Charlotte’s own self-proclaimed “Superman.”

  6. When Cam can grow up and actually be the leader he says he wants to be and throw away the cape and the drama he will be in the league of Wilson.

  7. I like Cam. He has the potential to be great in time. Between him, Kaepernick, Wilson, Luck, etc…the league is set up for some awesome rivalries to take over for the Bradys, Mannings, Brees’, etc in a few years. No matter how much we all complain about rules and refs, we’ll all keep watching because there’s nothing better than professional football.

  8. Technically when you say a triple negative in a sentence, everything comes back full circle in time. So the grammar is okay.

  9. Kaep and Newton are talked about as 2 of the best young qb’s in the league. Although no doubt they are talented they rub a lot of people the wrong way for the idiotic things they do and say. Then you have Russell Wilson…quiet, goes about his job, and doesn’t run his mouth or show off. Oh, and he’s in the Super Bowl. Let that sink in for a minute boys and girls.

  10. I guess when you’ve proved to everyone that you’re a good THROWING quarterback that can RUN opposed to a RUNNING quarterback, the last level of hate will be one’s grammar.

    Kaepernick has one ball, a fastball. Cam can make every throw and they all don’t have to be a Randy Johnson fastball. What kind of quarterback can’t display touch? Seriously. Also, the read option he runs condenses the field so he can make his one read. Kaep couldn’t even thrive in Denver’s offense with all those weapons. “Why?” One may ponder. Well when you can’t read what good are the weapons if you can’t get them the ball. I know how hypothetical this is, but if Cam and Kaep switched teams, Kaep would be such an afterthought with no where near the success Cam is experiencing and conversely Cam would be every bit as relevant, if not more, than he is now. Hypothetical FACT!

    If Cam has grammar issues then I guess it’s better than being illiterate.

  11. Cam Cheating is a joke. He’s had maybe 10 games where he has played QB like a QB should. The rest of his games he’s pouted, had his head up his keister, or both at the same time. I don’t think he has any room to make any statements. If Cam Cheating is so good perhaps he should coach up the Redskins version of him (with even less talent).

  12. Anyone want to know what its like to hate on someone not because of their actual skill or talent? Example: people (the recent “football fan”) are still talking about cam cheating/laptops stolen blah blah blah. I don’t hear anyone bringing up reggie/pete carrol anymore. I literally love to come here to read these peoples hatred for a man that has broken many a record in only 3 seasons. Keep hating my friends. When you actually start talking about his play (yes he has errant throws every now and then), then you can feel good about your negative comments lol. He actually took the high road here and people still bring up not what he accomplished this year, but his college and first two years. The man has grown…point blank. Have fun!

  13. Firstly to all morons who complain about Cams towel over his head…..well, hope you don’t like Jordan doing it or you’re a hypocrite…as for his response, THAT shows maturity. As for his grammar, that needs work.

  14. nfloracle says:
    Jan 30, 2014 3:05 PM
    Cam’s grammar reveals the truth about the NCAA’s ridiculous “student-athlete” farce. It’s sad that athletes can complete a college degree today and be as ignorant of standard English as Charlotte’s own self-proclaimed “Superman.”
    Not necessarily. If you grow up in an environment where lazy grammar and excessive use of slang are all you hear, it takes more than a 4-year degree to overcome it. I had a college roommate who was an English major, and highly intelligent, but when another roommate got home one day, the English major said, “hey, man, where you went at?” Of course we all poked fun at him, but that was a product of the environment he grew up in. Considering Cam grew up in a house led by a stealing scumbag “preacher,” we should all be amazed that Cam didn’t get into any more trouble than he did, and that the worst thing about him now is his grammar.

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