Chris Johnson wanted Delanie Walker to name names


In a series of tweets from his verified Twitter account on Thursday night, Titans running back Chris Johnson seemed to take issue with teammate Delanie Walker contending the club had players who were “cancer” without identifying the players by name.

In order, here were Johnson’s tweets:

“I usually dont do this but if you feel certain people was cancer to the team call them out and say names. It’s to late to mention it once season is over,” Johnson first wrote.

Then, the Titans’ tailback added: “Call the cancer out during the year so we can get things fixed instead of waitin and letting the team slip away #JUSTSAYING.”

Johnson would then write this: “Me and @delaniewalker82 talk all the time no shots fired we on same page but when people outside of the locker room try in say who the cancers r its crazy.”

Not long thereafter, Walker would chime in on his own verified Twitter account, writing: “Just know me and @chrisjohnsontwo8 is on the same page!!!!!!”

Johnson re-tweeted Walker’s message, but with this message: “They just want drama no need to feed into it see u n LA.”

In the end, it’s understandable why both Walker and Johnson responded they way did. And Johnson has a point: by not naming names, it fans the flames of speculation.

Via Twitter, Johnson said what he needed to say. And in a series of five tweets, it appears the air was cleared a little bit.

Score one for Twitter — and for frank discussion of these issues.

34 responses to “Chris Johnson wanted Delanie Walker to name names

  1. Yes please lets get it all figured out. Lets have a great draft. Let this new blood coaching change sweep revitalize us. Lets make the playoffs every year and become serious contenders. And perhaps make up for that 1 yard we came up short against the 99 rams.

  2. Umm, you suppose they might be referring to that one guy, umm #18? Nahhh, not Kenny Britt. He cares! Always tries. Randy Moss’s buddy, no he isn’t the obvious cancer. Cj has contract problems but he doesn’t take plays off. Never misses a snap and wants the ball more! I commend him for that, he just ain’t a 25 carry back. Wish he was though.

  3. Maybe Walker is concerned about hippa medical privacy laws. This prohibits public exposure of a medical condition such as cancer.

  4. If Johnson wants to know who Walker is talking about perhaps he should just look in the mirror.

  5. Apparently, Chris Johnson was troubled by the fact that 99 percent of us Titans fans immediately assumed he was the primary cancer Delanie was talking about.

  6. A couple of 12 year old girls on Twitter, but then again if they tried to talk to each other instead of Tweeting, they couldn’t understand a word either of them even said.

  7. Kenny Britt….ur time is up in a Titans uniform!!! I’m sure he was the main problem, and started to influence other players. But the main reason why Walker didn’t say anything during the season was because he felt it was his first yr there and that he wanted to gain respect first. And I can understand that. But him and other veteran players need to b calling other players out that r bringing the team down. Every player needs to b on the same page. Hopefully the Titans resign Pollard, and him and Walker will b the voices of the team next yr!

  8. It’s not like he’s calling players out by name, he’s not a snitch but the team needs that. What he’s saying needs to b said and myself and other titans fans can understand and respect that. He’s becoming one of my favorite titans now. I’m sure next ur he will b more vocal during the season because he will have a yr under his belt as a Titan.

  9. Don’t know if this is acceptable on here. But its the giant elephant among Titans’ fans and needs to be addressed. CJ is a giant cancer among Titans’ fans of a certain pigment. Let’s be real, who’s the ones crying almost daily on the radio and net about CJ? Look at his numbers. He had 15 less scrimmage yards than AP this season. He had more scrimmage yards than Frank Gore this year. Both were voted to the Pro Bowl. And he only had .2 yards per touch less than both. Deangelo Williams makes about 2M a year less than CJ and hasn’t had a 1000yd season since 2009. So what’s the real issue with the guy? My guess id its very similar to the problems Tians’ fans had with VY. It amazes me that as pathetic Jake Locker has been since he got here, he’s beloved. But VY, who was 30-17 while he was here is hated. Dress it up all you want. But its very ironic that people that look like VY and CJ are hated around here and have been far better than those who are beloved. Very similar to the way you hear certain people who say Neil O’Donnell would have won the Super Bowl had he been the starter. SMDH

  10. Is Chris Johnson really that stupid? He is the biggest cancer on the team, he shouldn’t need Delanie Walker to know this. CJ is only worried about his stats. Titans lose and theirs CJ on the sidelines showin that dumbass grille of his! I gots my yards. Figure it out dummy, the TEAM wins, the more they can afford your too highly paid ass! I’m tired of watching CJ falling down as soon as somebody touches him, then strutting back to the huddle doing that ridiculous turrets syndrome tick thing where he shakes his head like a stallion. he’s no stallion, he’s a selfish punk, underachieving, overpaid puss. I can’t wait until I hear that he has been cut. Go play for Fisher, he’s the one who thought you were great in the first place. You suck!

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