Colin Kaepernick unloads on Richard Sherman

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Normally reserved 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick had plenty to say today, sending some pointed words at Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman.

The last we saw Kaepernick, he was throwing a game-ending interception in the NFC Championship Game, which was followed by Richard Sherman making the choke sign in his direction and then starting the post-game interview rant heard ’round the world.

“Did that make you feel better about yourself? Then go ahead. Because I’m not worried about you,” Kaepernick said, via Bart Hubbuch of the New York Post.

Kaepernick had several other choice words for Sherman, including:

— “He’s afraid of our receivers, and that’s something I’m looking forward to [exploiting] next year.”

— “If I throw that ball one foot farther, it’s a TD and now you’re the goat, Richard Sherman.”

— “His comments were ridiculous. If you have to tell people how good you are, then how good are you really?”

Those words stand in such sharp contrast because Kaepernick usually has little to say. Unfortunately, they come after the Seahawks final player media availability of the week, meaning it will be after the Super Bowl — and before every upcoming 49ers-Seahawks game — before we can get a reaction.

273 responses to “Colin Kaepernick unloads on Richard Sherman

  1. But but Richard Sherman thinks he is the best since sliced bread, TY respectfully disagree’s.

  2. if I do this ,If I did that. Bottom line is you didn’t and that’s why your watching not playing

  3. … And then Colin Kaepernick sat on his couch, ordered a pizza and is waiting to watch Richard Sherman play in the Super Bowl. Just like the rest of us.

  4. Oh Kaepernick…you should have just commented on Sherman the way Tom Brady did. If you lost, swallow the tough pill and get after it next year. Right now isn’t the best time to say he’s afraid of your receivers. C’mon man.

  5. He’s right! U never hear none of the greats from the past being all loud with their self praises

  6. I can do nothing but agree.
    I am sick and tired of the way these players gloat when they do their job.

  7. This shows you that Kaepernick is not a leader of a team, and never will be because he simply is not capable. Kaepernick will never be great.

  8. Kaepernick, you are a turn-over machine against Seattle, so shut up. If I were you, I’d apologize to the Niner fans for turning the ball over 3 times to lose the NFC Championship.

  9. Maybe he should practice throwing that extra foot instead of crying in public. What a tool.

  10. Isn’t Kap the same dude who acts as though he is kissing his arm every time he scores. Whatever!

  11. Richard Sherman proved to me after the win that he has no class. I don’t care where he went to school, how smart he is whatever. Act like you been somewhere okay? Enjoy the win and move on.
    I like the Seahawks but I don’t like their gums flappin.

  12. Haha! Truer words never spoken. Richard Sherman is another T.O. No wonder Seattle’s fan base is the most hated in the NFL. #Hypocrites

  13. This guy really is nuts.He locks on to his hot read and runs when he is covered.He doesn’t have much else to his game.He has a long way to go before he will be a true pocket passer.

  14. What I think is funny is that Sherman didn’t even make the interception. He made a great play on the ball, but the other guy made the game winning play by intercepting it. Otherwise it’s just an incomplete pass and the Niners still have the ball. I saw the game and I don’t know the name of the guy who made the interception, but I know the name of the guy that is constantly yapping about deflecting a pass.

  15. If he wouldn’t have tried the same play he tried in the Super Bowl last year maybe he would be back in it. I can’t wait until the niners have to battle the salary cap and krapernick then has to prove he can carry the team without all that talent around him.

  16. coming from a guy who taunted Panthers fans by copying Cam’s endzone celebration. His comments hold no weight.

  17. Not sure why Sherman went after Crabtree in the first place. Kap made the throw, which was off, should have gone after him. But whatever. NFL players will always jaw, whether it’s on the field or through the media.

  18. Well, you didn’t throw the ball one foot further, Kaep.

    What if you threw for 500 yards and 7 TDs too? You would have won the game.

    But you didn’t.

  19. Kaepernick says Sherman is scared of his receivers yet there were a total of two passes Sherman’s way all game. The second one was the game ending int.

    3 turnovers on Kap’s final 3 drives tell a story of fear. Crabtree 3 and short in the 4th quarter and gets alligator arms because Kam Chancellor says fear.

    Enjoy the Super Bowl this weekend like the rest of us.

  20. Kaep,

    You have a lot of ‘if’s in your comments.

    IF you didn’t have 3 turn overs, S.F. may have won.

    IF you’d play better against Seattle (1-3) you may have won.

  21. I don’t know about scared, I would like to see the matchups without the need to grab the jersey all the time. Reality is Sherman made a great play no matter his post game antics….. But Kap makes a fair point. The play was rushed, and the ball was underthrown. As much as Sherman made a great play if the ball were placed right its a td and the biggest slice of humble pie of Sherman’s life. Kaepernick killed his team in the 4th qtr but he accounted for over 90% of their offense. He was the only reason the niners were even in the game. Which is much different than his first two trips up there when he was the worst player om the field. The kid has special talent but too much was expected out of a lot of these guys too soon. I don’t think anyone would argue against Luck being the better qb, but when it comes to postseason, Kaepernick has clearly been a better player and that has led to higher expectations

  22. Colin KrapsHisPants is totally responsible for the 49ers crushing 4 the quarter fold in the NFC title game. Amazing how he is fine with his “superman” mocking gesture against Carolina but not Sherman’s. What a tool. If anyone is “scared” is KrapsHisPants. Of his 11 int’s last season, 6 came against Seattle.

  23. “The Man” is actually a bicep kissing, Cam Newton mocking hypocrite – who now finds another athlete’s self-promotion to be distasteful…

  24. This is going to be a yearly trend. “If I had thrown a better ball…” ~ Colin Kaperdingus

    For your health.

  25. His comments were ridiculous. If you have to tell people how good you are, then how good are you really?”

    you mean like being in a commercial with the song i’m the man? hey pot i’m kettle. you’re black!

  26. Kaepernick is a horrible QB. I don’t know why people want to insist that he is great or going to be great. He is actually getting worse at the position. Wait til he has to throw the ball as his primary function. He is Mike Vick, only worse.

  27. Apparently, geometry is not his strong point. One foot farther has very little affect on the height of the pass. If anything, Sherman would have tipped it to himself instead.

  28. Deion Sanders always told us how great he was, same with Irvin, that dude who played for the Redskins, cant think of his name but the point is NFL players have been telling us how great they are for years, we can now just hear it a million times on a million different platforms, not to mention we get to talk about it more.

  29. If he is so scared of your receivers, why did you only throw at Sherman twice the whole game?

  30. Kaepernick wants to let us know that Sherman doesn’t get under his skin, and then shows us that Sherman gets under his skin with a bunch of childish comments. Moron.

  31. Because of that tasteless rant, Sherman has been defined as a punk for eternity.

    This really seems to bother Seahawks fans.

  32. “If I throw that ball one foot farther, it’s a TD and now you’re the goat, Richard Sherman.”

    That might be the stupidest thing a quarterback could say. That’s like a pitcher saying, “if I threw that pitch one inch lower, he would’ve struck out swinging instead of hitting the game-winning home run.” Well, you threw it the way you threw it, and what happened happened. COME ON, MAN

  33. — “If I throw that ball one foot farther, it’s a TD and now you’re the goat, Richard Sherman.”



    How about you work on not being a one read pony and working the field for the final minute of the game with timeouts?

    I have a vision of CK eating Cheetos and putting 80 points up on the Seahawks on his XBOX this weekend.

    I’m beginning to think more and more that CK doesn’t have the brain to make that next step. SF could certainly win a championship with him, but it won’t win a championship because of him.

    Bottom line is Richard Sherman is fully in CK’s head.

  34. You had 2 weeks to think about this and your comment is this? Grow up!!! You should have ran over to Sherman and told him this when he tipped your ball. That would have been an interesting conversation to hear. You are be a bigger knucklehead than I thought.

  35. No Colin, if you’d have thrown a back shoulder throw THEN we’d be in the super bowl. But to hesitated and were lost. He’s got to make a big leap in terms of playing from the pocket next year otherwise the script is going to be the same. Kid needs to have a loooooooooooong tallk with Steve Young.

  36. Basically Kaepernick is saying that Crabtree is better than Sherman and that it was HIS fault that Sherman made that play and not his WRs.

    I agree with him. Crabtree will dust Sherman. Crabtree has great quickness and change of direction. Sherman doesn’t have the feet to check Crabtree man on man if the the right routes are called. As opposed to a healthy Revis who can match a receives every move.

  37. Kap is a true 49-whiner,no wonder Montana threw is ass under the bus.Kap is making out with his arm.And looks like a fool doing it.

  38. I’m now a big fan of CK since Sherman had that coming! Sherman is supposed to be smart but he is only creating distractions right before the biggest game of the year! The Broncos are laughing at the Sea-chickens right now.

  39. Here’s what I don’t understand about Sherman’s whole narrative about being the best. In order to be the best, you have to beat the best. If Crabtree really is a sorry and mediocre receiver (which he’s not), than that would make Sherman’s pass deflection quite unremarkable. We all know it’s not true though. Crabtree is great and so is Sherman. That’s what made the play so meaningful.

    But you know who actually should get credit for the play? The unnamed linebacker who was there to catch the deflection. Otherwise, the pass would have been dead, the niners had 3 more downs and 2 more timeouts. Plenty of time to close the deal.

  40. Whatever. Means nothing coming from the real goat in that game. And btw – if the scrubs from GB and Carolina wouldn’t have dropped the gift wrapped pick sixes you threw them – we would have been talking about Cap the goat a lot sooner. You shouldn’t have even been playing in the NFC title game.

  41. Three years from now, the phrase most heard will be “whatever happened to Colin Kaepernick?” This team had an open championship window, and they choked three years in row. They are now going to find out what the salary cap can do to a team that has had sustained success for a few years.

  42. Not a fan of either player or their team. But, Sherman is in the Super Bowl and Kaepernick will be watching the game from his couch, just like me. Advantage Richard Sherman. I’d say one foot doesn’t matter now because you didn’t win. Maybe if he’d had less turnovers the difference between winning and losing would not have come down to one foot.

  43. As a Niner fan part of me says Colin could have cut a couple of those comments out until training camp. Mainly because Sherman can just say scoreboard. However if I am an NFL player, part of the brethren, I would be tired of Sherman’s antics too. Look at last year how he went after Revis for no reason, telling Skip Bayless at 24 he accomplished more than he ever had and then acting like a complete idiot after the game. You play a game for a living and still have a lot to learn to be a MAN Richard. I love his background, he has every reason to be a true American darling, however no one is letting him know that he is ruining the good he does but being so desirous of selfishly promoting himself. Kap is right if you are the best you don’t have to bloviate about it. Barry Sanders, Joe Montana, Walter Payton, Ronnie Lott I can go on…todays players Manning, Megatron, Jamal Charles…again I can go on don’t feel the need to do this…shoot the real stud of that D Earl Thomas says nothing and we know he is great. If the only way you feel good about yourself is at the detriment of others, or insulting other you are hiding. People need to be more concerned about him as a man and not be happy to watch the show. I hope Sherman learns from this and starts to be more concerned about being a true model of what you can be and not more concerned about being a sideshow that eventually loses its luster. Also I hope Kap learns to not care and just get better so this rivalry blossoms!

  44. Well statistically and based on wins and also game winning plays in crunchtime he’s been really really good – like All Pro good. Even if he said nothing I think people would still be talking about Sherman making the play to send his team to the superbowl and having the most interceptions since he came in the league. Kaep you just so great it don’t even matter yo you can ball out on anyone yo – you should had your dolphins helmet on bro and you’d have been fine. keep going to your homeboy Crabtree when the game is on the line, nevermind you have Anquan Boldin and Vernon Davis. Hey go after Ed Reed shading and Jimmy Smith who is 6’2 on three consecutive fade routes to the same receiver in the super bowl.

  45. It’s okay…. The kid is young but he’ll mellow out a little bit over time and then maybe in about 5 or 6 years he’ll be as poised and mature as Russell Wilson is now! GO HAWKS!

  46. — “If I throw that ball one foot farther, it’s a TD and now you’re the goat, Richard Sherman.”

    Does that make you feel better about yourself?” Then go ahead.” Kaepernick is allowed to dream on just like many other struggling players who came up short.Richard Sherman was on Crabtree the WHOLE time. Sherman was Crabtree’s shadow! If Kaepernick threw it one foot further, Sherman woulda gone one foot further too to deflect the ball. Sherman is bigger, stronger, and has longer arms than Crabtree. It was a battle loss for Kaepernick when he decided to challenge Sherman. Suck it up and accept the suck, Dude. Shoulda, coulda, woulda–didn’t! Enjoy watching the Superbowl on Sunday.

  47. Well while we are on the topic of If’s, If Mica Hyde hangs on to that pick, you guys are out in the first round. If Alex Smith doesn’t get a concussion, you’re still holding a clip board, and no one gives a rat’s ass who you are. No beats commercials, no whiny interviews during Super Bowl week, where you are spectating.

  48. Kaepernick totally talking out of his rear-end. Sherman was covering Crabtree like a blanket, how early did Sherman have his head turned around. It was perfect coverage, Kaepernick DID choke deciding to throw that ball. He had no business making that throw. I dont care if you threw it two feet further, Sherman was all over Crabtree.

  49. In his postgame press conference, Kaep also said he saw Kam Chancellor and thought he could float the ball over him too.

    That makes 2 critical times in one game that he needed to throw the ball at least 1 foot higher.

    So basically, Kaep is just admitting he has terrible accuracy as a QB.

  50. Collin, you tried to play Sherman against Crabtree. Had Crabtree caught the ball, it would be a play for you and Crabtree. Unfortunately, Sherman did a wonderful job, and you choke on the pass.
    Please save yourself from being an A$$, and shut up already!!

    ps. Enjoy watching the Seahawks win the S48! The 12th Man will be there next year to root for the Seahawks beat the 49ers(or Whiners) again and again.
    12th Man

  51. Panthers mocked Kaepernick’s bicep kiss when they played in the regular season, so he was basically just responding to them in the playoff game.

    Don’t know if that makes a difference, but just informing those of you who didn’t know.

    That being said, I hate both Kaepernick AND Cam’s TD celebration. They’re both stupid.

  52. “If I throw that ball one foot farther, it’s a TD” but you didn’t, and he made a play. Close doesn’t count, he got the best of you and your receivers… so not sure why he would be afraid. Shave that eyebrow like you promised because you sure don’t back your words with action.

  53. Nobody in the NFL is scared of the 9ers WR. And without that defensive line Sherman would be exposed for what he is. Earl Thomas makes that secondary what it is, bottom line.

  54. The 49ers and their coach are sore losers just like after the Super Bowl last year. Another thing is they sure have a lot of bandwagon fans when they are winning. I saw people wearing 9ers gear here in Texas. Have not seen that in 20 years. Of course they all went back into woodwork after Seattle beat them cause I have not seen anyone wearing 9er gear since.

  55. Kaep-Kaep! Such sparkling repartee! And it only took someone a week and half to ink your answers on your forearm for you…did you spend the rest of the time buying hats and skips?

    And in 20 years, you’re going to be working for Russell Wilson.

  56. As the leader of the offense and teammate of Crabtree I would have said the same things. But you always have to be carefull of whose fire you throw gas on.

    Will Crabtree light up Sherman next year? Physically no, but he could burn him on a double move easily.

    Will Sherman get Kaep back? Again physically not likely but I bet if he gets an INT it gets hand delivered back to Kaep with a not suitable for TV message included.

    Kinda gets old but it’s kinda fun too.

  57. He should stick up for his receiver. Personally I like him showing some confidence cause at this point the numbers show that he struggles with Seattle. Last year sea spent the offseason working on beating SF. This year I expect sf to do the same. Despite what the dummy’s on both sides say, these teams will be near the top and competing for years

  58. The real tragedy of this story is that Marshawn Lynch gets grief because he “all about that action, boss.”

    I’d much rather listen to Beastmode all day than Kaep or Sherman.

  59. Last I checked:

    Colin Kaepernick–3rd year in the league?, 0 Super Bowl victories

    Richard Sherman–0 Super Bowl victories and probably won’t get one this Sunday

    I’m really sick of this new breed of player that mouths off every time they make a play. Act like you’ve been there, as they say.


  60. Looks like Captain Happy Feet is picking up some of Admiral Whiney’s habits from the sideline.

    (in my best Scottish burr)

    Aye! And if my grandmother had wheels she’d be a wagon!

    – Montgomery Scott

  61. While I’m not proud of Sherman’s postgame outburst, I get it. He has a (two-way) beef with Crabtree, who had pushed his face mask into his face a couple minutes before the interview with Erin Andrews.

    RS will make an estimated $5M in endorsements this year, so his rant was lucrative off the field.

    Crab & Kaep are so consumed by RS that they will go after him hard next season, so his rant was lucrative on the field (3 picks minimum coming).

    But enough about those guys; we’ve got the Broncos to deal with first.

  62. I don’t care for either player and do not approve of Sherman’s actions but Kaep-however-it’s-spelled shouldn’t really be talking especially about an opponent who just beat him and his team and are now about to play in the SB. This just makes him look sour. But what do I know, I make millions less than these guys and have no easy access to PR agencies and publicists.

  63. A fool trash talks before the game. A jerk/coward trash talks after the game. Show your talents during the game. Between games the slate is clean because your next game is coming up.

  64. Michael Crabtree tried to start a fight at a charity event… So lets stop pretending like something a CB said after making a huge play that sent his team to the Super Bowl is a big deal.

  65. Agree with everything Kap said. Especially the point about calling yourself the best.

    I’ve never heard anyone who said that who actually was.

  66. Wait – what about mocking Cam Newton’s Superman move – was that classy?

    Look, Sherman isn’t afraid of your receivers; look at the results.

    And as for if’s and buts…

    If San Fran would have kept Alex Smith they’d already have won a SB under Harbaugh.

  67. Bottom line is Sherman made the play..however all the point above are valid. Good for him for firing back

  68. Right or wrong. This is two off season’s in a row where Kap is whining. I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s a third, fourth, etc….

    maybe he should think about some of that next season when he’s kissing his bicep or making hush motions.

  69. If you have to resort to a classless, disrespectful touchdown celebration on some other team’s home field, how good are you, really? Please, Kaepernick takes after his tool of a head coach. Don’t cry when the better team plays your game.

  70. Colin Kaepernick is the second coming of Donovan McNabb. He profits from the immense amount of talent around him, the media builds him up because he’s a minority quarterback and lionizes him for what would for anyone else be considered average play, and then at the end of the day he can’t get it done when it counts. Sorry Colin, Richard Sherman is an elite player. You aren’t even close.

  71. Colin has to shut up he blew the game all by himself. 3 to in the 4th all on you. You lost sf chance for superbowl all by yourself. CHOKE CHOKE

  72. And did mocking Cam’s superman celebration make you feel like a bigger man?

    Bottom line, Kaep is sitting at home, Sherman is playing for a ring. Do your talking on the field next time.

  73. Now that the season is over, what hat was he wearing today? Dolphin blue is more of a summer color.

    Maybe a black Bears’ hat for the formal occasion of watching the team he turned the ball over to 3 times in one quarter, play in the SB?

  74. This coming from a guy who has to kiss his bicep and show up Cam Newton with a Superman impression. Yeah, he’s classy. What an ass.

  75. if that throw had been a foot farther, you would not look ridiculous.
    And Joe Montana would not look so prescient..

  76. Kaep sticking up for his receivers. Good for him. He took credit for his bad performance and put the blame squarely on his own shoulders for the loss.

    Can’t wait for the next match up. This rivalry is just getting started.

  77. What a whining loser. And this, from the guy who kisses his biceps and mocked his opponent (Cam Newton) just the week before?

    Instant karma sucks, doesn’t it? Now we know the Seahawks are in your head. Not a good image for a supposed leader.

  78. OK, let’s get a few things straight.
    1) The only reason the 49ers were in the game at all in the 4th quarter is because of the *monster* 1st half by Kaepernick and the jump-throw for TD to Boldin in 3rd qtr.
    2) Kaepernick took full responsibility for his mistakes after the game: “I didn’t play good enough to win … I cost us this game.”
    3) Kaepernick has already won 3 away playoff games in his career. A little more on 1 throw (granted he’s not a great at throwing deep) and he’d have 4.
    4) Kaepernick has less than 2 full years as a starter (23 games).

    He made great plays in the NFC Championship Game, and he made some big mistakes. Sherman made a great play on the ball but without his teammate (Smith) following on the play, it’s an incomplete pass and Kaepernick gets 2 or 3 more shots. Seattle might still have won, but then again…

    See you next year, Seattle.

  79. KaeperPick: You blew it. 3 consecutive 4th quarter turnovers in the NFC Championship game.

    First turnover, the only person in the stadium that didn’t see you were about to get strip sacked was you.

    Second turnover, that first pick was hilarious. Solid read solid throw. F.

    Third you go after a guy you avoided all day, and he makes an awesome play and you go home.

    BTW that look on Harbaughs face at the end of the game said: I wish I kept Alex Smith.

  80. Its one thing for people to think you are too dumb to read defenses and another thing to prove beyond all doubt you are dumb.

    I am not a 49er or Seahawk fan, but the real bottom line is: you DID NOT throw your pass one foot higher and Sherman prevented you from winning. Those are the facts.

    Being a crybaby and living in a fantasy world is bad for NFL Football. Sherman won, so he gets to run his mouth off. You lost, so no bellyaching. Be a man!!!

  81. It’s hard on Colin… Maybe if the 49ers had a little run game to depend on the game would be different, but no. The ball game was 100 percent on him. Put some of the load on the run game the 49ers didn’t have.

  82. And if you threw a ball one foot shorter in the super bowl maybe you beat the ravens last year. But. You. Didn’t.

  83. Kiss your bicep? Do the superman pose? Really Kaep?? Stop Crying and take it like a man. Is it ok for you to do crap like that and then when another player does it back after you lose, its not? Come on

  84. Not a big fan of Kapernick. Too arrogant for someone who can’t get the job done. He could learn a lot from the 2 humble QB’s that are playing this weekend.

  85. Colin Tebow, anybody who needs motivation by using Twitter is pathetic.

    Please go get another Tattoo, it exposes you even more as a fake. Try practicing what is on your arm, instead of worshipping yourself.

    Sherman made a great play and you should show grace, which you don’t.

    You and your team players are the most arrogant in all of the NFL.

    You have ruined, what was once the class of the NFL under Walsh and Montana and Rice.

    You gave the 49ers their first blemish, and still won’t admit you were beaten in the Super Bowl, you blame others.

    It is a great joy to see the Seahawks give you a taste of your own medicine, and the sad part is, you don’t enjoy it do you?

  86. Okay Colin. And your mockery and showing-up of Cam Newton in his own stadium was super classy.

    Stay above reproach, bro.

  87. This season isn’t even over and next years’ games already have a great deal of intrigue brought on them by these comments. I absolutely love watching these two teams do battle when they face off. Arguably the best rivalry in football right now.

  88. Enough already with the insanity about how Alex Smith would have a Super Bowl ring by now if he were still on the 49ers. Say what you will about Kaepernick, but there is no way Alex Smith would have won games in Green Bay and Atlanta last year to get to the Super Bowl. Colin was outstanding in those games.

  89. I’m not a big fan of Kaepernick’s persona, but from a football standpoint, I think he has great potential. People are forgetting that he is still very young and obviously immature, but he is much further along at this stage than many hall of famers were, in particular John Elway and Terry Bradshaw. People should reserve judgment on him. He needs to improve in the Red Zone, no question about it, but between the 20 yard lines, he is outstanding and will only get better.

  90. This IS the same guy that made a Superman pose to mock Cam Newton is it not? Quit your crying and grow a pair Kaep. Maybe IF Kaeperpick didn’t find a way to melt down in Seattle everytime he played there the Niners could actually win a game in the Clink. OK, probably not.

  91. A couple things:

    Kap needs to shut up. He looks like a sore loser. He’s 1-3 vs the Hawks and he threw 6 picks to them this year (2 to Sherman). He had 3 TOs on his last 3 possessions. The only person who has anything to prove is Kap…who needs to prove he can play well against the Hawks.

    Second, all this hate on Sherman for announcing he is the best…while the way he said it made him sound conceded, I guess we all need to ask ourselves if he is he correct?

    Since entering the league:
    1st in INTs (20) [for a reference – Revis has 21 CAREER INTs]
    1st in passes defensed (61)
    1st in opponents QB rating when throwing against him (39.4)
    We could also go into the fact that in 2013 he picked off over 10% of the passes thrown to the WR he is covering

    So put up or shut up. He can talk all he wants if he’s the best.

  92. LOLOL! “He is afraid of our recievers”. That has got to be satire. No way that was real. Hmm.. Let’s see, the last 4 times Crabtree has played Seattle, both home and away he has averaged 4-47 with no TD’s. In those attempts to Crabtree, Kaep has been picked off 3 times. 16 completions to Crabs in comparison to 3 picks? OUCH!! Sherman really IS the best!! HAHAHAHA!

  93. If? If, for crying out loud? “If” Mycah Hyde had held onto a certain INT, SF would not have advanced out of Green Bay. If. Come on already.

  94. Alex Smith is a good QB, but anyone who thinks he is better than Kaepernick is kidding himself. He may be a better, more humble human being (granted, this isn’t saying much), but he is not a better QB. How many playoff games did Smith win with SF? What has he done with KC? They scored 44 points against Indy? The Patriots with a past-his-prime Tom Brady scored 42. Alex Smith is the one who isn’t that good.

  95. I respect the two players but you can’t fully agree with what these guys say about each other and their teammates.

    In the end Sherman made the play, let him taunt.
    Kaep made the td in Carolina, let him taunt.
    Just keep it on the field.
    Stop getting butt hurt and show em up the next time (if you can)

  96. Don’t like Richard Sherman? Talk to Washington’s Trent Williams. He knows how to shut him up.

  97. Being a Packers fan I can relate to what the ‘niners fans are feeling having watched Favre throw more than a couple game ending picks. The difference is that Kaepernick is a one trick pony. First read then run. Lets see how he does 3 or 4 years from now when he loses a step and some 20-something DB or LB wrecks him. He better smarten up and learn how to read through his progressions or he’ll be a footnote in ‘ninets history.

  98. If If If.

    If “IF’s & BUTs were CHIPs & NUTs we’d have a party.

    If the Tuck rule were fumble…

    Kaep is a Mediocre QB.

    The Niners are the Hawks bitch.

    “Who’s got it better than us?” Hawks do!

  99. People are letting their personal feelings against Kaepernick and Harbaugh, for that matter, get in the way of their better judgment. The two are not likeable, that’s for sure. They are both arrogant and disrespectful of opponents, that’s for sure. But let’s face it, Harbaugh and Kaepernick have helped to make the 49ers relevant for the first time since the Clinton Administration. Case closed.

  100. We ALL know that when someone uses the word “IF”, it is usually followed by an excuse or something that is totally out of the scope or reality or what actually happened in REAL life. But I guess it is the same with everyone, it really makes one feel good and masks, albeit for one moment, failures and mistakes.

    “IF” I were a 9er fan, I’d be worried if the next time I hear Colin this time next year, he’s still commenting on SB teams and players and using the word “IF.”

  101. First let me say that I agree Kap is young and he does do his share of smack talking. I would also agree that Sherman made a great play and Kap missed the pass. Congrats on going to the superbowl.

    But to compare Kap’s Superman pose to Sherman’s roid induced tirade is ridiculous.

    In the neighborhood growing up there was always one kid that fought with every other kid on the block. That kid always claimed that everyone else had a problem and he was innocent. Sorry but Sherman has a problem and wants to fight everyone. He is the one common in those fights and it is he that is the problem. Stop defending a punk Seattle fans. Soon he’ll blow it just like Browner and you’ll turn on him as well.

  102. Honestly though…people SLAMMED Richard Sherman for his post game rant, which was mere moments after he helped win the game and send his team to the super bowl..

    …if THAT was ‘classless’ and ‘in poor taste,’ etc…then I’d love to know what people then consider Kaepernick coming out after they LOST that game many days later and basically retroactively talking smack and making ridiculous claims and ‘IF’ statements.

    It’s times like these you see if fans are consistent in their thought processes and opinions or if they just let their hatred of a player (Sherman) lead them.

  103. The Truth is Kaepernick may never see the Championship game or the Super Bowl again. 3 years in a row is a lot. You never know when a team will get back there. He may have blown his only two chances. Look what happened to Marino for example. Got to the Super Bowl early and then never again despite sustained greatness.

  104. Tell Kaepernick Stop crying His 156 yards that game went no were near richard sherman the one that did was a turn over. The fact he responded proves he is butt hurt Sherman backed up his talk and you went home get over it

  105. Kap certainly not the sharpest tool in the shed. You keep your mouth shut and back it up. Kap was the one taunting Cam in Carolina a few weeks back. Bottom line is that Kap with the benefit is possibly one of the best rosters in the NFL, hasn’t improved that team much from where Alex Smith took them. He has the best offensive line in Football; a Pro Bowl running back; Tight End; Boldin, Crabtree, etc. Seattle isn’t losing sleep over this guy; not yet. If the GB DBack catches the ball, this guy would have been one and done. Kap is a great physical talent but you need a little more than that. We’ll give him more time to see how it all works out. Until then, he should shut up and let the body of work speak for itself.

  106. If Sherman a Lions DB. He leads NFL with 60 PI. Only guy who can hit J Graham before ball even in the tv screen and “great D” wish we could do that. Lol

  107. “Did that make you feel better about yourself?” is the question Kaepernick should’ve asked himself when he mocked Cam in Cam’s house after scoring that TD in Carolina the week before.

    Karma baby.

  108. Well, lets see…Colin is due the $$$$per contract that will require Santa Clara to cut players…Baalke has drafted 2 starters in the last three drafts despite all the extra picks…good luck scaring any teams next year…

  109. Crabtree’s career stats against the Seahawks:

    2009: 6/60/0TDs
    2010: 2/12/0TDs, 1/1/0TDs
    2011: 1/4/0TDs, 5/85/0TDs
    2012: 4/31/0TDs, 4/65/0TDs
    2013: 4/40/0TDs, 4/52/0TDs

    Where is this phantom 100 yard game where he “owned” Sherman? Oh, and where are the TDs for that matter?

  110. Wow, tough talk. Surprising because there’s no evidence he’s going to do anything but be made to look a fool next time they play. I admit he’s a decent QB but the Seahawks defense has basically owned him. I guarantee at least 2 turnovers the next time they play. If history repeats itself Sherman will be one of them. Just dumb and guaranteed to be rubbed in his face next year.,

  111. Wow, let’s see if I have all of this right. Two of the best teams in the league bitterly despise each other and have coaches that have a feud running back to their college days. You have the Cardinals with a vastly improved defense and special teams, led by two former LSU superstars in Tyrann Mathieu and Patrick Peterson. Not to be outdone, the Rams have named Gregg Williams as their Defensive coordinator.

    I’m a Saints fan first and foremost but I’ll definitely be watching a lot more NFC West football in 2014. Every game in this division is gonna be must see TV.

  112. For those who say Kaepernick may have blown his only two chances to win a Super Bowl, I think not. The 49ers have a solid team very capable of getting back to the Big Game. I don’t put this loss squarely on Kaepernick’s shoulders. The Niners led 10-0 and 17-10 and couldn’t hold the lead. Furthermore, he has only been starting 2 years! Though full of himself and arrogant, he is a hard-working young man and will improve some more, and at least he owns up to his less-than-stellar play as opposed to making excuses and pointing fingers. It’s not as though some of the legendary great QB’s weren’t arrogant or self-centered, by the way.

  113. Lastly, the Seahawks have made a lot of good Super-Bowl winning quarterbacks look bad this season (Drew Brees, Eli Manning, for example) so Kaepernick is part of a pretty good club.

  114. All these people so upset that Kaepernick mocked “Cam” in “Cam’s house”. Why does Cam Newton get so much respect? How many playoff wins does he have? Kaepernick’s NFL playoff resume is much better.

  115. I really want to agree with Kapernick here, and he makes some good points, but… it’s hard to take hiim seriously about this stuff after his taunt of Cam Newton a week prior to the game against Seattle.

    Practice what you preach, dude.

  116. San Francisco’s window closed with Bowman’s injury. They have too many guys to pay, and you can’t keep cores together for more than 3-4 years nowadays. This was the 4th year for their core on both sides of the ball. They have tons of picks in upcoming drafts, but they won’t be more than a 9-win team next year, since they don’t get to feast on the AFC South next year.

  117. Why not just wait until training camp to comment on this like a tough guy. Really two weeks after the fact makes it look like someone said yo kaep how about saying something to defend your boy. This should have been organic and delivered right after the game. Now he just looks like douche that didn’t have his teammate’s back. And he cannot read a defense. Ugh.

  118. Richard Sherman needs to prove himself over many seasons in order to mouth off the way he does. I will say, however, that he does deserve credit, given the era he is playing in, when defenders get penalized if they fart in a wide receiver’s face, for playing as well as he does.

  119. “If you have to tell people how good you are, then how good are you really?”

    Gotta agree with that.
    The true greats don’t have to toot their own horn.

  120. All you niner haters should know kap isn’t going to sit around. Steel sharpens steel, he’s practicing, sharpening up. We have ten more years of kap vs who ever seaderal patches up with after mighty mouse wilson goes down. Its only the second chapter of. the story, cant wait to see how it plays out.

  121. The NFL is a game of inches and here Kap is talking about 1 foot. Perhaps its the foot in his mouth he is referring, cause 1 foot is like a mile in the NFL.

  122. If Sherman’s scared; throw every pass at him & back this interview up. If you & Crabtree beat him; you’re right and silence him.

  123. ok mrs wright. lol

    sherman- zero superbowl rings/ 1 nfc west title/ 1nfc championship appearance in 3 years starting as an nfl player

    kapernick zero superbowl rings/ 2 nfc west titles/ 2 nfc championship appearances in 2 years starting as an nfl player

    say what you want. ADVANTAGE KAPERNICK

  124. The real story is that Peyton Manning ( World’s Greatest QB anyone has ever seen ) is going to devour that overrated defense.

    My point?

    2006 Baltimore Ravens: #1 defense in passing, #5 in rushing. Peyton Manning in the Divisional game threw for over 300+ yards, 1 int, 1 TD and exposed the #1 RANKED PASSING DEFENSE and went on to win the SUPER BOWL That year.

  125. “If I throw that ball one foot farther, it’s a TD

    If Colins “if’s” were spliffs, he’d be Bob Marley.

    I like Colin, im a hawks fan and I like him. I even consider him to be as good or better than Russell on some days. The game has been decided though, and it was essentially because of Colin’s turnovers. (or because of the Hawks d, whichever way you look at it). One of them happened to be Sherman making the biggest INT of all. The game is over with. The trash talking is a day late and a dollar short. Just get yourself together for next year.

  126. Everyone sniping at Kap for mimicking Cam Newton is missing the point. Kap is being consistent with his distaste for all of these “LOOK AT ME” antics by other players. If Newton shows class and leaves that garbage at home, then Kap most likely scores a TD and heads to the sideline. Same with Sherman.

  127. Kaepernick is the most dominating force in football. He almost took Seattle himself offensively, great start to career only going to get better. Stud

  128. This is just CK truly being a child and trying to get himself some airtime and become part of the Superbowl story line. Just remember that this is the guy who loves to kiss his arm after he scores and then decided to mock an opposing quarterback. Like my grandma always told me stop worrying about what someone else is doing until you can look in the mirror and truly know you are without fault.

    I am sure if his own teammate had said the same thing he would be defending to the end so……CK go work on your your own selfish image and stop worrying about others

  129. Weren’t you the 1 who threw the interception? Then I’m sure you don’t like the guy. If you have to Kiss your own arm…how strong can you REALLY Be?lol

  130. “The 49ers have a solid team very capable of getting back to the Big Game.”

    Get back with us AFTER they have signed their free agents and contract extensions.

    And yeah, Seattle will be facing the same issue soon.

  131. Hey Seattle….. Even with his 3 turnovers…. SF should have won that game… they outplayed the hawks, still had plenty of time to score without question…. Sherman made a nice play, but 2 inches in any direction and Mr. Peabody’s boy… AKA Sherman is the goat…. and people would say Crabtree beat him on the play… For 49er fans they wish they had Peabody’s Wayback machine but they’ll have to just swallow it and move on…

  132. puscifer222 says:Feb 1, 2014 2:41 PM

    Hey Seattle….. Even with his 3 turnovers…. SF should have won that game… they outplayed the hawks, still had plenty of time to score without question…. Sherman made a nice play, but 2 inches in any direction and Mr. Peabody’s boy… AKA Sherman is the goat…. and people would say Crabtree beat him on the play… For 49er fans they wish they had Peabody’s Wayback machine but they’ll have to just swallow it and move on…

    Which team is playing in the Superbowl tomorrow?

  133. What makes the forty whiner fans so arrogant?

    They are not the best team (Seahawks are) nor the greatest team ever. The Steelers have won more Superbowls, the Packers have the equivalent of 14 NFL championships/Superbowls. During the Montana years, the 9ers were known for their chop blocking (ruining more player’s knees) and their leg whipping. Their owner, Debartolo was accused of rape twice and was finally forced out of football for his gambling. The current 9ers are the 60’s Raiders, a dirty team with all the cheap shots they administer on the field and off the field. The 9er fans are some of the most violent at their home games (Utube it). The forty whiners are the criminal element of the NFL

  134. Everything Richard Sherman said is right about Crabtree. Kaepernick is making a habit of crying the blues after his unsuccessful pass…..two years in a row. The dumb ass should have run the ball against the Ravens last year on the last play. Now this year he’s crying again. The Jim Harbaugh play pen is full of cry babies.

  135. I’m not a fan of either team, but the ref’s gave that game between the Seahawks and the Niners. to the Seahawks. Worst officiated game I’ve every seen during the playoffs.

  136. Young Mr. Kap:
    You will never, ever see another SB…You are over-rated, and you believe your own BS…You haven’t proved anything, and if you remember back to last year, you made the same throw that cost you a SB win…It was never meant to be…
    Sherman is the best CB in football, and he proved it on the field against you. You lost.
    Live with it…

  137. jaunderer says: Feb 4, 2014 9:07 PM

    I’m not a fan of either team, but the ref’s gave that game between the Seahawks and the Niners. to the Seahawks. Worst officiated game I’ve every seen during the playoffs.

    Really? Sherman “holding” on 3rd down, when SF was set to punt? They score a touchdown instead. SF held blatantly all game. Only one call. You single out the Bowman play and say “worst officiated” game?

    You may not be a fan of either, but you are hating on Seattle, though.

  138. I didn’t see these comments until today. As a Niner fan I would like for Kaep to shut his trap. If you threw the ball 1 foot further it would have been a TD. And if I was 1 foot taller I’d be in the NBA. That’s one, of a few, of his problems. He has no throwing accuracy, can’t see passed his 1st receiving option, makes terrible throws under pressure. In a matter of fact, the things Kaep is terrible at, Russell Wilson is great at.

    First time I watched Russell Wilson his play reminded me of Steve Young. Kaep needs to take some lessons and get back to practice. While he’s out there posing nude, taking any commercial deal that comes his way. Wilson is out there practicing and getting better.

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