Doug Baldwin: It’s “ridiculous” that NFL forces Lynch to talk

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Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch does his best to avoid reporters, but during Super Bowl week that’s not easy: The NFL requires all players to meed with the media throughout the week, and although Lynch hasn’t had much to say, he has grudgingly attended.

Doug Baldwin thinks that’s dumb.

Baldwin, the Seahawks receiver and friend of Lynch’s, says that if Lynch would like to keep to himself and let his play do the talking for him, the league should let him be.

“What is there to get? He doesn’t like talking to the media,” Baldwin said. “That’s not what he’s about. I think it’s ridiculous that the NFL forces him to do that. They’ve threatened fines; they’ve threatened suspensions that if he didn’t talk to the media they were going to come down with harsh punishment. I don’t get it. You get fined for talking too much, you get fined for not talking at all. I don’t think he’s misunderstood; that’s just who he is. There’s nothing to misunderstand. He’s the most up-front and blunt person about who he is, so I don’t think there’s much to misunderstand.”

Baldwin says Lynch is well-liked by the people who know him.

“He’s a very caring person,” Baldwin said. “He’s compassionate about his teammates. He’s always looking out for his teammates, and it doesn’t matter what it is. He’s a big, caring guy. He’s not fake. He’s very blunt and honest about who he is. He doesn’t hesitate to voice his opinion about something to his teammates. A lot of respect is given to him because he’s that way.”

That’s a side of Lynch that reporters don’t see.

39 responses to “Doug Baldwin: It’s “ridiculous” that NFL forces Lynch to talk

  1. Many people have phobias of public speaking and tend to be really private. Why should he be paraded in front of bunch of media types? Some players love the media, others do not. I think the NFL strong-arming him is out-of-bounds.

  2. I agree with Baldwin. There are plenty of other players to get sound bites from. That being said, should he attend with the rest of his teammates? Yes, but he shouldn’t have to talk to anyone if he doesn’t want to.
    Besides, there are no real reporters on Media Day anyway. He would only be interviewed by some dude in a$$less chaps or a freaking bee costume.

  3. If he doesn’t want to talk, he shouldn’t have to. When he does talk, its a terrible interview, so what do you get by forcing him to do it anyway? There’s 52 other guys & a coach that love to talk. Talk to them.

  4. Right on, Baldwin. Actually, our freedom of speech also includes freedom of silence. It is only the distorting inclined media who want to force answers or comments. There is no way that rule of the NFL would last a minute before any educated judge.

  5. It’s in their contracts, it’s part of the job. NFL is entertainment and the players are the entertainers. It’s ridiculous that anyone thinks otherwise or acts like any player is above the game and the rules.

  6. This is his employer and what he signed up for, it comes with the gig. If this is such an issue, he should find another job where he doesn’t have to talk.

  7. The man doesn’t want to talk to anyone, I have no problem with it, why should he be forced to
    participate in something he doesn’t want to be part of. I have a lot of respect for him.

  8. Few would talk to the media given the choice. Coaches and QBs mostly hate the weekly routine too. The reason they have to do it is because it’s not a sport played for fun. They get paid millions of dollars and that money comes from the fans. The league ensures the players have to do things that sustain the league as part of their salary.

    If every player was quiet and just self marketed directly to the fans with Twitter it wouldn’t be a very interesting league.

  9. Why does he have such a problem with talking? I just don’t get the big deal with answering a few questions. But if he doesn’t want to, why not just be like Belichick and always talk while saying the same thing, absolutely nothing.

  10. He can’t spend a few minutes answering some dumh questions during Superbowl week? Why is his time more valuable than everyone else’s?

    Sounds petty and immature to me.

  11. If you don’t like what comes with the job of us paying you millions of dollars to run a ball then quit.

  12. the NFL is clearly bullying him…Goodell should appoint an independent investigator to look into this oh nevermind…

  13. It’s a job. Stupid rule but it is one that is in place. If a guy prefers to potentially lose out on marketing opportunities and just ball, that’s on him.

    But again, don’t apply for a job if you don’t agree with the rules.

  14. The NFL says players must be available for reporters questions. But, it does not say how the players must answer them.

    Players who don’t like to answer reporters questions would do well to follow the Belichick model. A reporter will ask BB a question and his answer will have nothing to do with the question. He’ll grab the ‘agenda’ and speak about what he wants.

    If it were me, I’d take it a step further and answer questions with my own banter.

    Reporter: “How are you getting ready for the Super Bowl? What are you doing that’s different?”

    Me: “Did you see those clouds today? Beautiful, man! They keep me in the moment.”

    Reporter:” What are your chances in the Super Bowl?”

    Me; My family and I are going out for a great meal afteward.”

    Reporter: “Your stats say you don’t do well in cold weather. How’s the weather going to effect you?”

    Me: “I like sunning myself in California better than in Florida.”

    The League tells the players and coaches they have to be available for the reporter’s questions. But, the players and coaches get to choose how they are going to answer.

    The NFL does not say the players and coaches have to make sense? If it were me, the media would get nothing but my own agenda.

  15. I don’t care if he doesn’t talk but take a page from Belichick’s book and just give politically correct answers if you don’t want to say anything. You’re professionals and part of your contract stipulates you talk to the media. Just don’t give them anything to write about.

  16. It would be refreshing if some super star would advise his agent that he will sign no contract with wording that he is forced to appear before the media. That way, media would be forced to EARN their time with players. Media claims to be the conduit between players and fans; at this moment, they are not a very worth conduit. IMO

  17. The newsies talk to forty players and they get the well rehearsed sound bytes that each of them has been prepped to say. Then they talk to a player who doesn’t allow himself to be coached on his “dialogue”, and they’re all upset.

    I can tell you what most Seahawks players would say during media day interviews, because I’ve been hearing them do pressers and field interviews all season. But not Marshawn. Because he doesn’t do interviews. So what is he going to say that would impress me anyway? I don’t watch Hawks games to hear them speak, but to play football. They want to talk after the game, fine. They don’t want to talk after the game, fine.

  18. If players don’t want to talk to media then don’t play professional sports. They make big bucks and it’s not too much to ask for 20 minutes or so after the game and pre-Super Bowl press conferences.

  19. I agree with Baldwin.. It is ridiculous for the NFL to force any player to talk to the press.. The NFL makes enough dough on the outcomes of the games that really arent that well officiated… its not like they need all of these interviews to make a profit… It’s basically a page taken from the Professional Wrestling hand book on how to increase ratings.. I quit watching that Pro Wrestling cause of all the BS in the smack talking.
    Just a matter of time til some of the NFL players are caught hanging out together after fueling the drama fire with cheap talk to get ratings..
    So now the name of the game will be “hey, don’t play in the NFL if your ego cant take the smack talk”.. It’s TALK people.. We already know how some people will say or do anything to get attn.. Personally, I’d rather just watch the game and see the player’s actions ON THE field speak for themselves..

  20. Q. If you met Bigfoot, what would you tell him?

    That’s an actual question from media day. Do we ever learn anything new from this type of nonsense? Good for Marshawn in not putting up with this type of idiocy.

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