Johnny Football won’t start the Broadway Joe act yet


For a guy who became known in college for finding the spotlight and staying in it, Johnny Manziel is laying low this week.

According to Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network, Manziel is staying in San Diego to prepare for the Scouting Combine, rather than coming to New York to make the loop of promotional appearances.

Manziel’s been working out with quarterback tutor George Whitfield, who helped polish Cam Newton into the top pick in the 2011 NFL Draft.

Manziel’s agent Erik Burkhardt said the Texas A&M quarterback turned down  “several lucrative marketing offers,” adding that “His focus remains 100% on football.”

If he’s taken first in the draft, there will be plenty of opportunities to market himself later. And by staying off the radar this week, he’s attempting to prove to teams his off-field action isn’t going to distract him.

11 responses to “Johnny Football won’t start the Broadway Joe act yet

  1. Damn, Houston will regret not picking him #1. I pray they take him, that is their major need. Please keep him in Texas. If not I hope Cleveland gets him if the Texans don’t. This kid is magical and will light up the NFL. Too big a dream for him to become a Dallas Cowboy. Can you imagine the headlines?

  2. If I’m Jacksonville at #3, Im jumping for joy if Manziel goes #1, since we know St Louis at #2 wont be picking a QB.

    Also, if I’m any other team in the AFC South, I’m jumping for joy if Manziel goes to Houston at #1 overall.

  3. Are Cleveland fans just delusioned from having been bad for so long that QB’s in the draft to them are like an oasis of water in the dessert to a thirsty man?

    This guys is the next Tim Tebow top to bottom, with one difference- he’s smaller! He is going to be awful.

  4. This guy is a smaller, slower more braggadocio RGIII.

    And he got away with a slap on the wrist for breaking NCAA rules. Imagine if he was black? Dez Bryant got a 1 year suspension for talking to Deon, holy…

    Now I think the NCAA rules are stoopid, but dude has shown his character is lacking. Is that they type of guy you want leading a franchise?

    Take him 2nd round.

  5. All the Johnny haters just can’t face the facts.

    * Johnny Manziel played in two non-BCS bowl games. Both times the viewership for those games was second only to the NCAA national championship game.
    * He will stay in the spotlight for at least 2 years regardless of how quickly he gets to play in the NFL.
    * He may very likely get the trademark rights to the “Johnny Football” name. Any team that drafts him will get licensing rights to use the name.
    * The Texas A&M fan base in Houston is huge.
    * Texas A&M University is about an hour and a half from Reliant stadium.

    What does all this mean to the Houston Texans?

    BIG MONEY!!!

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