Julian Edelman: Hopefully it works out with Patriots


Wide receiver Julian Edelman was a free agent last offseason, but wound up back with the Patriots on a one-year deal that paid him $1.15 million.

Edelman was coming off a foot injury when he hit the market last year, which may have contributed to the tepid interest in his services. This time around, he’s coming off a 105-catch season that saw him split his time between playing outside and in the slot. During an interview with 98.5 The Sports Hub Thursday, Edelman said that he hopes that things work out for him to stay in New England while also pointing out that you only have so many chances to cash in during the course of an NFL career.

“Playing for New England is a dream, but like you said, there’s a short window in this sport. I don’t know yet,” Edelman said, via MassLive.com. “There’s a lot of things that can happen going forward that could sway that one way or another. Hopefully it all works out in favor for both.”

Edelman said he and his agents have yet to sit down and formulate a plan for free agency. The crop of free agent receivers is led by Eric Decker, but Edelman and company can probably plan for a more robust reception this time around with some other top choices are coming off injury (Jeremy Maclin) or unproductive seasons (Hakeem Nicks).

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  1. Someone is going to overpay Decker big time.

    Is he a good player? Yes.
    Is he going to get paid like he’s a great player? Yes.

    Manning makes Decker look much more dynamic then he really is.

    That said, I hope he goes out with a bang this Sunday!

  2. It WILL work out for the patriots with Gronk Wilfork, Kelly, Mayo back in the lineup. Hopefully they keep Edleman around. Pats SB 2015. See you there. Watch us there vikings.

  3. Edelman just IS a Patriot. He hung around at the bottom of the depth chart and never complained about it. Made the most of any opportunity they gave him no matter what it was, and blew up when it was his time. IMO, you want guys like this around.

  4. 2013 was the best year of edelmens life! Someone will pay him enough to live out his life in his comfort based on his 2013 production…
    pats will be priced out…

  5. Brady/Belichick Era:
    3 Super Bowl Wins
    5 Super Bowl Appearances
    8 AFCC Appearances
    5 Straight AFC East Titles
    Cowher and Jimmy Johnson admit that EVERY team was stealing signals.

    What’s your team’s excuse?


  6. Edelman is not a star that can carry a team but he is a very good football player. He does everything well and as well as whatever is asked such as playing DB when they were shorthanded a few years ago, return punts etc.

    A team wins with guys like him and unlike other big name players, he steps up in big games. I think they need to keep him and honestly he is more valuable to the Patriots than he would be for another team.

    John Heisman

  7. if pats give him a decent deal he stays…. if a team overpays big time he leaves. This guy would be a fool to leave Brady and not end up with a top tier QB.

  8. It usually doesn’t

    The Patriots don’t care to pay their WRs they grow in house. They don’t seem to mind paying others like Welker out of Miami, or Moss,

    Or even inquiring Fitzgerald.

  9. I think everybody wants him around next year, but there are cap issues at receiver.

    Amendola had better impress next year, or else the money is tied up on the wrong guy.

    The Welker thing is done, get over it.

  10. We hope so too, Julian!

    This guy works too hard, and has too many skills and positive attributes, to not resign him. Brady doesn’t need another of his key weapons to walk or, more importantly, be allowed to walk.

  11. Edelman should and will get other offers–he could help a lot of teams. That means the pats, who don’t like overpaying, will have to give him a significant pay raise that is close to whatever best offer he gets. The pats are already very thin at receiver–they can’t afford to lose this guy (but I hope they do!).

  12. I agree that our Patriots need to to tweak things a little to get over the AFC championship game slump we have been in for the last few years. However, BB and company know what they are doing and will continue to build and build and build. I believe Elds should be given his money, but also understand that we need to add debt and that costs money too.

    All and all we will be back, hopefully a lot healthier and hungrier than ever.

  13. Pay Edleman & cut Amendola.

    Find a bigger WR for outside the #’s.

    Not sure how the financials work out to make that happen.

  14. Billicheck: have you murdered anyone?
    Edelmam: no
    Billicheck: do you get injuried a lot?
    Edelman: no
    bellicheck: its not looking too good so far julie. Will you cheat?
    edelman: sure
    beiilcheck: ill think about it

  15. Edelman is bradys only viable target but they wont pay him….

    I drafted him in all leagues knowing this

  16. Brady/Belichick Era:
    3 Super Bowl Wins, 0 since being stripped of a first round draft choice for cheating
    5 Super Bowl Appearances, 2 losses to Eli Manning and the New York Giants
    8 AFCC Appearances and still the only team stripped of a high draft choice for cheating.
    5 Straight AFC East Titles in a division where the other three teams had a combined five seasons total of competent QB play.
    Cowher and Jimmy Johnson admit that EVERY team was stealing signals. Because Cowher and Jimmy Johnson speak for the entire NFL.


  17. Pay the guy his fair share. As somebody else said, he’s more valuable to the pats than anyone else. Arguably the most important/reliable player on the team other than Brady this year on an overachieving team.

  18. Edelman is a more complete player than Welker or Amendola. Get a late round draft pick for Amendola and cut your losses early; he was a reaction acquisition that they overpaid for just to keep the Welker-loyalists from revolting. Edelman is never going to be the face of the franchise, he’s just going to keep doing his job game in and game out.

  19. To give him 1.15 million after a pretty good last 2 years was a cheapskate joke and to give Arrington 4 mil s year is another joke

  20. If I’m New England, I say goodbye to Amendola, I do almost whatever it takes to get Edelman back and I over pay for Decker. I try and take whatever I can from Denver’s main 4 receivers. I also consider Moreno. Just saying. Of course, I’m not New England, so what do i know.

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