Kaepernick thinks Peyton can pick apart Seattle’s nickel defense


When the Seahawks are in their nickel defense on Sunday, Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning is going to find mismatches he can exploit.

That’s the word from 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick, who told Bart Hubbuch of the New York Post that the Seahawks’ nickel defense is weak and can be beaten by Manning in the Super Bowl.

“Playmakers Denver has on offense are better than some of the guys in [Seattle’s] nickel defense. Opportunity for a lot of big plays,” Kaepernick said. “If the Broncos can get [the Seahawks’] nickel defense out there, they’ll have some great matchups.”

Kaepernick’s way of thinking makes a lot of sense. Manning finds mismatches in opposing defenses better than any quarterback in the NFL, and he has four good receivers to choose from in Demaryius Thomas, Wes Welker, Eric Decker and Julius Thomas. The Seahawks may struggle containing all of Manning’s weapons.

216 responses to “Kaepernick thinks Peyton can pick apart Seattle’s nickel defense

  1. And here come the Hawks fans using witty lines like “Forty Whiners” and “hater” and saying that Denver hasn’t faced a D like this and that every Seattle player on defense is better than every Broncos offensive player…

  2. Just like Kap did, right?

    Enough of this fellow’s ranting. He should have been included in conversations right after they lost or even earlier this week. Now; after the team’s media access is over, he jumps in with comments………Not much class shown here. I actually was very supportive of Kap’s responses to his own issues after Seattle beat them, but now…….not so much.

  3. No chance. Look at Denver in the second half of the season. They’ve been figured out and Seattle has the best secondary in the game at the moment. Kaepernick just hates Seattle.

  4. Blah, blah, blah…just sour grapes because he couldn’t beat the Hawks D. Guess we’ll see Sunday how the nickel performs against MegaHead.

  5. Wow, he is the most butthurt guy i have ever heard. Dude, you lost, you have lost 3/4 vs Seattle and practically start crying when not in SF (only win, by two and you looked horrible). Man, if i was an SF fan, i would hate to have this tool as my QB.

  6. Sure seems to be a lot of talk coming from Kaepernick about the Seahawks today, most of which is negative. If it is so easy to beat Seattles “weak” nickel defense, why couldn’t he exploit it? Is he saying he doesn’t have the playmakers Denver has? Is he saying that he himself is encapable of picking apart a defense? Or, is he just trying to draw attention to himself at the expense of sounding stupid most of the day? Whatever it is Kap, you sound like a poor loser. Enjoy watching Seattles weak defense in the Super Bowl. Last I checked, they seem to have your number.
    Go Hawks!!!

  7. Said the fly about the spider

    Dude has no reading ability or class.

    Give him the moon 49ers, so you can trend down for the next 4 years.

  8. That’s if the Denver LG & LT don’t get Manning killed. Virgil Green or even the swing tackle will see a lot of playing time if Denver is going to win, imho.

    Bring on the snow!!!!

  9. He’s absolutely right. Who is Seattle’s 3rd CB anyway? That dude versus Welker? LOL. Look at what the Niners and Saints did in Seattle against the nickel defense and you will see why Manning must be licking his chops. Can’t wait to see all of these seagull fans silenced. It will be another loss to add to their misery.

  10. “Kaepernick thinks” Stopped reading there, that’s an oxymoron. The only thing this joke QB does is kiss his bicep like a tool and blow the game with his 4th quarter meltdowns.

  11. You Seahawks fans truly are a predictable bore with your posts. Ever thought of addressing the content of what the guy said, rather than attack him.
    Hey, maybe you’re on PED’s too.

  12. I’m the man, I’m the man, I’m the maaaan. Someone forgot to tell him he was supposed to “wear” Beats, not “get” beat.

  13. While I do think it’s sour grapes from CK, he’s right. Peyton will exploit seattle’s third corner who’ll be matched up against welker. And no team in the nfl has a linebacker or 3rd corner who can cover Wes one on one. Now will that be enough to win? Who knows but it’s going to happen.

  14. Where were all you Seattle fans two years ago? Or say even last year. You guys are by far the most annoying and thats quite a feat. Kap has some growing to do but you aren’t facing Kap. You are facing Peyton. Manning 35 Seattle 13

  15. Pretty obvious what’s going on with SF #7. All of a sudden he’s everywhere preaching against the Hawks. Because, should the Hawks prevail on Sunday, it will (in his egotistical mind) make us look better than he and the Niners, who lost last year to the Ravens. It could be too, that he’s afraid of losing TV commercials to Hawks players. SB winners always do better with ads, over non-winners. Whatever his motives, this rash of outbursts from him is most curious.

    Haven’t seen a peep out of Jay Cutler.

  16. he’s just saying you don’t want to try and run a “simple”D against arguably the smartest QB to ever play the game….he will figure you out and shred you !

    and that is likely at this point.

  17. I had respect for Kaepernick after he told Russell Wilson to “go get that ring” but after these past few days of him make hater comments, I lost it all again.

    Kaepernick just sounds super butt-hurt and a sore loser. Sherman sounded like a sore winner, but at least he apologized for it.

    Both guys have some maturity issues, but one guy has beaten the other more consistently.

    Go home Kaepernick.

  18. If the old adage is true about football defense winning championships then the ‘Hawks have a chance.
    This is a SB for the ages.
    Buckle up and enjoy!

  19. Not a fan of either team but it’s tough for me to decide on which one to root for or who I think will win.
    One the one side you have Manning who is 1-1 in SBs so he has the experience of being there before.
    On the other, you have Wilson whose only other big game was a Rose Bowl which he lost. Yet he is backed up by the #1 defense.
    I just hope that this one is as exciting that the ‘Hawks/40Whiners playoff game was.

  20. Sounds like Kap has a butt hurt worse than a night out on the town in the Castro District. He wasn’t very likable to begin with but all this bitching after his team had 3 turnovers in the 4th Qtr is not becoming at all. You lost buddy, your team is staying home this year so get used to it.

  21. I agree. The game plan for Denver has been to protect Manning at all costs. Short passes over the middle so he can unload the ball quickly has worked all year. If Seattle can figure out how to defend against it they have a chance but I don’t see it.
    I think the big mistake is rushing Manning. I think you drop the linebackers in coverage and make him sqeeze the ball between defenders.
    For me its Denver. If they get up by 14 call it a game.

  22. Wow you Seattle fans are sooo touchy about anything said about the team – I guess 37 / 38 years of futility will do that to you.

    Read what he said, it’s not butthurt, he just thinks that is where the best matchup is – duh….

  23. Since Krapperknickers lost to the ‘Hawks anything he says on how to beat them is meaningless.

  24. Harblahs is an idiot for trading away Alex Smith for this loser.Anyone who makes out with him self needs to see a shrink.Way to go 49-whiners you have a real leader.

  25. I don’t know what everyone is getting bent about. He makes a good point. Spread them out and let Manning find the soft spot. Thurmond, Lane and Maxwell are question marks (Maxwell been playing great though). I’d bet on Thomas, Decker, Welker or Thomas one on one with those guys. Even more so they got Manning throwing to them. Kaep ain’t stupid. He knows their O in a class of its own. He couldn’t do it, but Peyton sure can

  26. Man, does this guy ever shut up?

    Said by many posters regarding Seattle players when they were interviewed

  27. As a big Seattle fan, I will say that over the years, Wes Welker has killed the ‘Hawks. I hope it doesn’t happen again, but if anyone on Denver can do it, he’s the one.


  28. SMH.

    It’s like some of you only read what you want to read. He clearly says that Denver’s receivers are better than some of the Seattle’s Nickel defenders. In other words he’s analyzing the two teams in the SB which he was asked to do by the interviewer. He’s also right. Jeremy Lane against Wes Welker or whoever he has to cover in the Nickel is a mismatch and one that can be exploited by the Bronco’s.

  29. Hey Colin, where did you get that turtleneck you were wearing today? The toilet store? Seriously, this guy is pathetic. Just can’t accept a loss so he has to make little sarcastic remarks about Seattle. You wouldn’t hear this from a true class like Russell Wilson.

    Hawks win 28-20

  30. Mr. Nelson De La Rose – You should shut your mouth and prepare for your super bowl party. Makes it ever worse that you know exactly how to beat the Hawks and still couldn’t do it. Every time you open your mouth after losing, it seems weak. Go about your own business and try to get better for next year. The Hawks trounced you at home the last 2 years and also beat you when it mattered.

    Do yourself a favor, focus on the playbook.

  31. Walter Thurmond has allowed around 50 yards all season to slot recievers in 13 games this year. Jeremy lane is their 4th cb and has been solid also I don’t think they will shut down welker but they are more solid than you would think. Nobody would shut down the broncos offense because it is impossible but it just comes down to the yards after the catch and minimizing the big plays. Will be a good game between the two teams and I am really looking forward to it. GO HAWKS!!

  32. Kaep’s problem is that he hasn’t had enough time yet to come to grips with the fact that the best he could do was 14 of 24 for a 153 yards and 1 TD…oh and two picks and a fumble lost against the Seahawks in (what was) the most important game of the year for his team.

    Once he realizes that the Seattle defense is not going to go away he will realize that like his defense, Seattle’s is pretty damn good.

    And then it will dawn on him that the Broncos offense is light years ahead of his. And win, lose or draw this Sunday, the Broncos and the Seahawks will be playing, while he is sitting on his couch deciding which commercial is his favorite.

  33. the Broncos scored more points than any team in history of course peyton is capable taking apart a defense that has been proven but what’s also been proven during the course of the season is that the Broncos are beatable and can stumble. Seattle’s defense may not stop in every time but they are capable of stopping the Broncos 2 or 3 times and perhaps in the key situation causing a turnover. I think just as interesting is weather Denver’s defense is capable of stopping Seattle’s offense as many times. Denver’s defense isn’t very good I’m not sure they’re going to be able to get after and pressure Russell Wilson and if they can’t this team could be really interesting.

  34. Sure, that is the key.

    And sure, Kaepernick is also saying Manning is a much, much better NFL QB than he is. Manning is a much better NFL QB than Wilson as well.

    There is no question that Manning and Brady are the best NFL QBs still playing. Manning proved that with his production all season long against both good and bad defenses. Brady proved that by carrying his team of no names into winning the AFC East and into the the AFC Title game where Denver exposed the Patriots for not having enough football talent to compete with Denver.

    Rogers, Brees, and Roethlisberger could not carry their teams into the playoffs as Brady did nor do any of them have the receiving talent Denver has.

    Manning only needs to have a good day against the Seahawks to win. Wilson needs to have a great day against the Broncos to win.

  35. Walter Thurmond is a starting caliber CB, it’ll be a good competition with Welker. Per Pro Football Outsiders, Seahawks DB’s rank in the top 3 against teams 3rd WR’s, TE’s and RB’s

  36. I can write off Sherman’s ridiculous post game words to the heat of the moment. I can’t use the same excuse about Kaepernick’s ridiculous words two weeks later. His rant is a much deeper level of immaturity than Sherman’s.

  37. Kap is no pocket passer I think he would admit that. I think what he’s saying is a pocket passer like Peyton or Brady would be able to exploit those mismatches.

  38. Typical Kaepernick. Can’t stop obsessing over what happened in the past. And then by doing so, he fans the fire and sets the table for similar squawking from all of his mindless fans.

    In this case, he’s still trying to take shots at a Seattle defense that has consistently gotten the best of him, not just last game. We’re probably going to be hearing from him all off-season long, especially if the Seahawks win the Super Bowl.

    Remember earlier in the year when Clay Matthews hit him a few inches out of bounds? How long did we have to listen to that? He needs to do a better job of accepting that not everything is going to go his way in life, and he should be looking forward, not always driving with one eye on the rear-view mirror.

  39. you know for a guy who is 2-5 vs. Seattle and just lost the NFC Championship to Seattle has a lot to say about how to beat them haha this guys is a joke. Also what a hypocrite at the end of the game he told Russell Wilson to go get yourself a win now he bashes them. Next win a game before you talk all this trash.

  40. “Playmakers Denver has on offense are better than some of the guys in [Seattle’s] nickel defense. Opportunity for a lot of big plays,” Kaepernick said.

    WHAT HE JUST SAID WAS “Here in San Francisco, our play makers are not better than some of the guys in [Seattle’s] nickel defense. If they were, we would have made a lot of big plays.

    Wow. This from a guy that admits he under threw the potential game winner. If I am Vernon Davis, Michael Crabtree, or Anquan Boldin, I’m going WTF????

  41. Kaepernick is no Manning (yet). But, he’s right. Manning will make the Seahawks look foolish.

  42. GOOOOO kappp…..hey seattle fans the tide is turning kapp threw for over 200 yards on ur so called best d……he ran for over 100 yards….u guys barely beat the niners at home with a bye!!! cant wait till next yr….gooooo 49ers…

  43. Ha ha!!! A good offense will pick apart the weak Seattle nickel defense. What does that say about the Whiners offense!!!! Classic stuff Kap. Feeling alittle jilted buddy? Try making a play when it counts buddy!!

  44. Cant really get behind Kap’s comments, sounds as stupid as the garbage that continually leaks out of meatcarrolls spunk dumpster.

  45. I think what CK7 is saying is being taken out of context by the hawks fans here. He’s simply stating that there isn’t enough cb’s on the hawks D to cover all the good receivers denver has. It’s true. CK7 couldn’t exploit them because for one he’s not Peyton Manning and two he doesn’t have the kind of weapons Manning has. Seattle has the best D in the league, we’ll see if it can stop the scientist (Manning). IMO, i think Denver wins, they’re too deep on offense. If they lose, it’s likely because of an outstanding seahawk pass rush, which is very possible since the weakness of the Denver offense is its O line. Just think about it…

  46. For those who don’t know, Seattle’s third corner is Walter Thurmond III, who beat out Antoine Winfield for the position in the preseason and has improved in that position over the course of the season against both the run and the pass.

  47. “Manning finds mismatches in opposing defenses better than any quarterback in the NFL, and he has four good receivers to choose from in Demaryius Thomas, Wes Welker, Eric Decker and Julius Thomas. The Seahawks may struggle containing all of Manning’s weapons.”

    That’s real insight there. And way to go out on a limb too.

  48. Is Kaepernick in the Super Bowl? I think not…so why is this guy in the discussions?

  49. Those of you that think Manning will “Make the Seahawks look foolish” will it be like Drew Brees who had 30 yards in a half, and averaged 160 YPG against them?

  50. What does it matter? Dudes just coming across bitter and if Seattle’s d line gets good pressure on Denver’s o line that negates any formation

  51. Its just about time someone shuts Kaep up. Is he really this stupid or this all some sort of classless underhanded ploy to get into the seahawks heads before the big game? Either way, anyone taking qb advice from this guy needs to get the tumor removed before it causes permanent damage, cuz no one with a healthy brain would listen to him.

  52. Id be worried about that Denver offense. That Ram team that dropped 500+ points in the early 2000’s was amazing. Denver put up 600.

    Everyones acting like Kap talks out his arse all the time like Sherman. Thats the most press Kap has done in three years today. As the leader and face of the franchise he should speak up and should have done it earlier. The closer the game gets the more I think its gonna be 0 for 2 for Seattle.

  53. And if kap is right and the defense gets picked apart the suicide rate in seattle, which by the way is already high due to the crap weather will double. Cant wait for the courthouse hangings after sunday. GO DENVER

  54. Classless qb mocking panthers qb when he won crying now that he lost. then team players to sour grapes to show up for probowl after their fans wasted their time voting them in and they could not all claim injuries. now crapernick talking smack. classless team they have become.

  55. kap may not be in the superbowl, but at least in his first half year as a starter he took his team to the superbowl and in his second year his team to the championship and was 3 inches away on a better throw to going back. Unlike 31 other teams, the niners went 3 years in a row to the championship game. Whose done that in the last decade?Love the hawk fans talk smack. Theyve won nothing yet. Win the sb and continue winning the division year after year and another few superbowls. As far as im concerned youll be the tennessee titans of the nfl after sunday. Nice story but thats about it.

  56. Well Kap should know since he really “lit the Hawks up”….oh wait….Tell you what Kap, get your popcorn ready, sit your ass on the couch, and see how real men play football…your coach too.

  57. Captain Obvious.

    Tomorrow he will say “if Denver scores more points than Seattle then Denver will likely win the Superbowl.”

  58. It is just his opinion! not sure why you seahawks react like this. “We are the 12th man, we are the best fans in the world just because our stadium was built to be noisy” haha… if you are so annoying with a bunch of crappy teams I cannot imagine if your teams had actually won something… geez

  59. I don’t care what he thinks. Kaeparnick couldn’t pick apart a scab on his nose. He is by far one of the most overrated players in the NFL. He’s one-dimensional & if you take away his ability to run, he becomes a below average QB. He should just shut up & work on his throwing. His turnovers against that “weak” Seattle defense were the sole reason why the 49ers aren’t playing this week.

  60. Awww is someone not getting enough attention during Super Bowl week?

    He better throw a tantrum.

    Grow up kiddo!

  61. Didn’t care before…Now I’m kind of hoping Seattle wins, just to see what he has to say about that. Way to provide bulletin board material for a game you’ll be watching on TV.

  62. He is like that kid who tries to sound intelligent but as soon as he opens his yap you realize. Oh snap that’s our QB? ….Would Alex Smith have picked apart that Nickel defense? No but he would have a MODERN day Super Bowl from last year.

    49er fans …all we have ever said was lets play the game. One team is still playing, the other team is financially upside down and its over! Going, going….Kaplunerknick!

  63. Two words for Kaepernick:

    Sour Grapes.

    If you look at the stats, you’ll see that the Seahawks destroy immobile QB’s forcing them to move. This defense runs down Kaepernick and Drew Brees. Imagine what’s going to happen to Peyton.

  64. Hopefully there is a plan in place to quickly remove all sharp objects from the vicinity should Seattle win the game. Based on these jealous rants, Colin might just hurt himself.

  65. I’m a niner fan and I love Russell Wilson’s game. That being said. If this becomes a shootout. No way in hell Wilson wins this game for Seattle. His defense single handedly bailed him out of losses against Houston, Tampa Bay, and the Rams. The way to beat Peyton, control time of possession…if Seattle does this, they have a chance. If not, this game is Denver’s to lose.

  66. Colin Tebow, read a scripture of your arm.

    Stop pouting on the sidelines, stop being a jealous little snot.

    Realize your a flash in the plan and look up the name Kerry Collins.

    Realize your lame pass or Sherman’s great play cost you the Super Bowl.

    You and your abrasive- whiny Pee Wee Style Football coach are an embarrassment.

  67. I maybe 1 of the Hawks fans that’s a Kaep fan, but these cements are painting him as some kind of sore loser. Did you really need to motivate Seattle or antagonize the 12th man anymore? Good luck at the Clink next year…you’re gonna need it.

  68. Asking Kaepernick to comment on the Seahawks is like hiring a fat person as your dietitian, it’s just pointless. Obviously he has nothing positive to say about the team, just asked him to get him to give an answer like this. The thing I like least about the SB is the media coverage leading up to it because they run out of material within the first few days after the championship games and then just have to make stories out of anything.

  69. Hey Krapperdink, enjoy the payday. Hope you buy another room full of sneakers so you have somewhere to cry in private. The butt hurt is so strong right now but you’ll feel better after some alone time with your turtle Papaki.

    It kills this guy to admit that we own him and his team and their window is closing.

  70. In other news, Kaepernick also thought he could throw over Kam Chancellor and beat Richard Sherman on a fade route.

  71. Kaep was doing a good joup until he choked the game away. Its not about big gains or individual 1 on 1 match ups in this game. I expect Denver to move recievers around and switch up formations. Expect to see Julius Thomas lined up wide (which creates a mismatch and forces the D to adjust freeing up a lb from the middle of the field in which case peyton hands off to Knowshon. or put a safety or corner on him and that could open it up elsewhere. Decker and Welker> Maxwell and Thomas and should be able to win that match up. People say that Denver hasnt faced a defense like this, but on the flip side seattle hasnt played an offense like Denvers. Also keep in mind that Seattle rotates personell based on situations. I think Peyton takes advantage of thier run heavy/pass rush heavy formations accordingly. I can see the nerves getting to the seahawks and them making some mistakes early, maybe Peyton hits them with some double moves and takes a shot early. As for Seattles offense, its non existant without beast mode. Seattle doesnt have the weapons to win a shoot out. Also Denvers D has been playin better than the Seahawks d thru the playoffs shutting down the chargers and the pats. If they can hold Lynch to 70-80 and can get a 7-10 point lead i think Denver will dominate this game. But Seattles scrappy and hungry, they could make a game of it once they settle down.

  72. Peyton will use the short pass game like a running game, get first downs and wear them out with a mix of pass and Montee Ball and Knowshon. People forget that Ball had 500 yards a 5 td and knowshown had 1,100 yards and 10 td rushing. This offense will make them play the whole field and all that man coverage will get tiring. Specially having to dodge traffic and be physical with a wr corp that is the same size if not bigger

  73. Philly West fans are so confident they will win but I think they need to realize Denver just held a better Pats offense to 16 points and Seahwaks let 49ers defense score 17. Denver should score more than 17 points and can hold Seattle to less than 16 points. Kap’s absolutely correct Peyton is a better QB then he is and Denver has better receivers top to bottom. There 3rd WR is Wes Welker not rookie a who missed most of the season Quinton Patton. D Thomas is better than Crabtree and J Thomas can rival Davis. Decker had 8 TDs with Tebow. So lets all say Kap’s stupid since he stated what everyone already knows.

  74. oh and dont forget while Davis and Julius Thomas might be even with an edge to Vernon. Crabtree and Boldin are not in the same class as Demaryius and Eric Decker. Add Welker and Bubba Caldwell as well as jaccob Tamme thats alot of area for mismatch

  75. Look America Peyton Manning is not going to get a free ride by throwing the ball! He is not mobile! Just face it if he has to run he is one and done! Just pray he dose not get hurt! 30 whiner QB could not run away from that 4 man and sometimes three man front! So do you think Paton can get away! Really! Come on man!

  76. Yeah but the ball garglin’Sherman will shut down one of ’em. that’s fer sure. The rest will go all Corbain and and eat lead…. or eat ewwwww Court…that other….

  77. If Manning does succeed in leading the Broncos to Super Bowl victory over the evil Seahawks, Kaepernick has promised to kiss HIS biceps after the game.

    (He’s my man, he’s my man, he’s my man…)

  78. If they’re handing out the Delta-Bravo of the Year award at the NFL Honors Saturday night, it’ll be a tight contest between Kap, his coach, and the 12th man.

  79. Kap talks about our nickel corner… I would bet if Thurmond was on SF, he would be the no.2, maybe even the no. 1 cb on the team.

  80. kaepernick assumes the seatt secondary will be left on an island without help however that is wrong. there will be help in the form of (1) shutting down moreno and denv running gm and (2) getting to manning with the pass rush.

    manning will be under a lot of pressure and not have the time to find open guys and make throws. he will not have a good day which will enable seatt to win. at the end of the day, seatt’s front 7 wins this gm. that and lynch being sufficiently effective for seatt to move the ball and put some pts on the board. if sf defense couldn’t stop lynch in nfc champ gm, there is no way denv can. book it.

  81. The 49ers rarely spread the field with 3 receiver sets so they don’t often see the Seahawks nickel defense. There are absolutely areas for exploitation that Manning will find without a shadow of a doubt.

  82. Gawd I’m going to enjoy watching what the Seahawks do to the “best offense of all time” on Sunday. It’s going to be epic.

  83. How dare Seattle fans thinking they have a chance!!!!!

    That’s arrogant.

    Denver fans though should continue telling us Manning is going to put up 400 and 4TDs.

    That’s confidence.

  84. Why do they keep interviewing this fool? Nobody from the Seahawks care about what you say or even Denver for that fact. Relax what the game just like the rest of us and stop talking so much. Did we hear anyone running down you last year in the SB, someone “turn the lights out” so he can come back better!

  85. Man Kaep just can’t shut up. He sounds like the scorned school girl who was dumped right before or at prom. Grow up and quit crying. Just like you picked them apart. Really????

  86. Good to c that even know Colin isn’t capable of raising his level of play to stay in the Superbowl tournament…….. That his mouth can run enough to try and keep him reinvent for two more weeks after he choked once AGAIN. GO KAP, keep running ur mouth in hopes ur arm catches up to all the checks ur arm can’t cash¡!¿?

  87. To answer your question about why Kaep couldnt pick them apart.. 2 easy reasons:
    1- he is not Payton manning.. You are a fool if you think that Kaep can be compared to PM.
    2- he has 3 good WR .. denver has 4-5 top notcch

  88. I think it is more of a statement of the level of Peyton Manning and his weapons more than a knock of Seattle. Denver has been a mismatch for a lot of teams out there.

    Why couldn’t he do it? Is he the same level of Qb Manning is? Manning, who has been in the game for much, much longer than Colin. Manning who essentially is an offensive coordinator on the field at the QB position?

    SF has been in the superbowl and the playoffs twice in a row with Colin. I think there is good reason to believe that once he gets a few more years in the league he will get better. If you take a look at all of the great QB’s of the recent past, I am sure you will find that almost every single one of them was pretty bad in their first couple of seasons.

  89. Not sure how he knows how to do this. He’s played against Seattle, as a starter, four times.

    His three worst passing games of his career are against Seattle.

    Kaep, if you have this vast knowledge on how to beat Seattle, why haven’t you informed your coaches and teammates?

    And why haven’t you performed better?

    You sound a bit bitter.

  90. I bet the Seahags play Peyton like the Colts did. The Broncos have the footage from the Seahag losses to see the vulnerabilities.

    Given film study and preparation for weaknesses in opponents, no one is better than Manning at exploiting them.

    Then there is the officiating – Seahags seem to benefit from a bias that does exist. We all know last year that they got really beneficial outcomes and even in the San Fran game they received more than they were screwed.

    I wonder if Peyton sent Sherman a cam where he can make a video diary during the game? Sherman is such a tool. And knowing Manning, he will likely treat Sherman like a hardware store and pretend it is inclement weather and wipe him out.

  91. As a player he has the right to analyze what he thinks one team may be able to do against the other. The part that bothers me is it seems that this was not so much of him analyzing as much as it was about him pouting. It reminds me of back when I was a kid and you would hear someone start complaining about losing and then boasting that his brother could beat you though. this is just CK truly being a child and trying to get himself some airtime and become part of the Superbowl story line. The way I have always thought was if you lose to a team in the playoffs of course it is going to hurt but you should also be hoping that the team that beat you goes on to win so you know you lost to a team because they were the best not because your team couldn’t cut it.

  92. I think it is a reasonable statement by Kaeperknick. San Fran couldn’t get Seattle into a nickle defense because the 49ers don’t have the personnel to do.

    I am going to say Seattle can’t defend in the nickle but they haven’t played an offense like Denver. They beat the Saints but that was in Seattle. No home field in this game

  93. I dont know Walter Thurmond and Jeremy lane play the nickel most of the time with safeties like Kam Chancellor that back them up…. Seems to me that these guys have pretty good all season long and Kam being All pro doesnt hurt either… Sounds like more of Kaepernicks “what could have been” rhetoric coming out.

  94. Sounds like the little kid on the school yard. My big brother’s going to beat you up. Can’t believe SF traded away Smith to keep this guy.

  95. Denver hasnt played a secondary this good all season… since the preseason. Denver is awesome, but 4-5 great wr’s? Nah D Thomas is a total stud. Welker is hella good. From there the wr’s are anything but legendary. Decker and J Thomas are good, but be real with yourselves, its not like Seattle cant handle them or Manning to earthly numbers.

  96. That won’t be too hard. Peyton’s no huddle offense will force Seattle into playing without substitution on defense. The no huddle offense does not work in Seattle because of the deafening crowd noise, but it can work in MetLife Stadium because the crowd for Super Bowl is much quieter since most of the fans in attendance are from neither team.

  97. Peyton Manning just keep piling up points with his offense. There are two ways to stop him: ball control, as New Orleans did a few years back, or matching Manning on offense, as Andrew Luck did this season. Seattle cannot do either. They have one running back, and no short passing game. It won’t be a close game. Broncos will win decisively, even if the scoreboard may not show it.

  98. Funny…I don’t remember Russell Wilson giving tips to the 49ers opponents last year, even though the Kappy routinely turns into a pile of stinking doo-doo ever time he plays the Hawks. Sour grapes much Kappy?

  99. Kaepernick is right, technically. Manning is an excellent HOF QB with some good to great receivers. But the key is, CAN he do it for the entire game?

    Can he do it in the fourth quarter after his third or fourth sack, and a dozen hits or hurries? Can he put enough zip on the ball to get it from point A to point B before the DB’s react and adjust?

    With Bennet and Avril screaming around the end heading for his back, will he rush that pass just a little? Will that duck float in the air just a little too long?

    Will he be playing from behind after a scrambling Russell Wilson and the “pedestrian” receiving corp have lit up the battered Bronco’s secondary for three TD’s? After the Beast has ripped them for 130 yards rushing and another TD? After Percy Harvin and Golden Tate have consistently given the Seahawks excellent field position to start their drives?

    This is also a very real possibility.

    Go Hawks. Just go 1 and 0 on Sunday.

  100. first and foremost. He was in an interview, he didn’t go out of his way o say this….secondly he didn’t pick apart seattles nickel d because it wasn’t on the field when he played them..the niners don’t have the passing attack Denver has..that is common knowledge. He isn’t saying anything negative about seattle, he is stating a well known fact…if you can get seattle to come out of the cover 3 and switch into a nickel you have them beat…. kaepernick and the niners weren’t able to do that, just because kaepernick isn’t the quarterback that peyton manning is, and he certainly doesn’t have near the talent level of weapons.

  101. Really? You people act like Kap is as good a QB as Peyton. Kap never said he could do it personally. He said Peyton could. Peyton is a MUCH better QB than Kap. Kap was just stating the obvious. I’m not saying Peyton will put up 400 yards on the Seahawks, but he will be able to have success against them. People said the same thing when Denver played Kansas City, Houston, and New England. What happened then?

  102. Unlike Kap was able to do, I guess. Kapernick’s biggest flaw, is his inability to handle criticism and losing. Until he matures, if he does and is able to shut out what the pundits, or even his opponents say about, or to him, he will not reach his full potential. Watching him yesterday, it was evident that as the day went on and he gave more interviews, his increased anger and being unable to deal with being the losing team in the conference championship, was revealed. He also displays being a big hypocrite, as it’s alright for him to mimick Cam Newton, but when it happens to him, he can’t handle it mentally. He was also mad at Clay Matthews in the first game of the season, for saying something that was approprtiate to say, “that the defense would hit him whenever they had the chance”. Well, the 49er’s defense would say the same thing, but Kapernick seems to internalize things. He is coming across as a “spoiled brat”, not the leader of a team. It is possible to be too emotional and it can be counterproductive. That is where I see Kapernick, right now and also the Seahawks, who will likely have their emotions be turned against them against a veteran QB and a more experienced team. You can’t learn how to win, until you learn how to lose and to handle that adversity the right way.

  103. I agree with Kaepernick only if the Broncos offensive line can protect Manning. If they don’t it could be a long day for Manning’s health & the Broncos.

  104. “He mimcs Cam but can’t handle it when it happens to him” -Wrong. The Panthers were “kaepernicking” on the field at Candlestick when the teams met in the regular. Kap said nothing. Conversely, Cam didn’t have a problem with his “superman”. It’s just for fun.

    Clay Matthews did say he was going to hit Kaepernick before the game. And he did hit Kaepernick illegally out of bounds in the game. Kap liked it because it led to a touchdown. When asked about Mattkews after the game Kap said, “it’s football, you’re going to get hit”.

    And can’t handle losing? Well he shook Wilson’s hand afterward and wished him well. He didn’t pout like a baby. He certainly didn’t scream like a moron into the camera and berate his opponent at an embarrassing level. Kap and the 49ers handled the whole thing with class.

    As far as being a leader, of course he still has much to learn as any QB with less than 2 full seasons under his belt would. But ask anyone in the locker room (hint: the people he actually leads, not some random fan) about his hard work and leadership and I bet not one would question it.

    in less than 2 full seasons Kap’s record is 22-8 including 4 post season wins (3 on the road). You don’t do that unless you’re pretty darn good. But go ahead and hate all you want, chances are he’ll undress your team soon enough. He’s only getting better!

  105. Poor Kaep. he throws a lame pass to his bro-manse and it ends it all, for the second time…will he ever get it straight? Crabtree is not a reliable receiver, as
    it was pointed out a year ago, mybad, 6 years and running…..

  106. “Those of you that think Manning will “Make the Seahawks look foolish” will it be like Drew Brees who had 30 yards in a half, and averaged 160 YPG against them?”

    The Saints offense was horrible on the road against everyone this year, only averaging a pathetic 18 ppg, so shutting them down was not impressive. Denver is astronomically better and will be much more challenging for Seattle to stop. I don’t think Seattle will look foolish, but that’s a bad comparison.

  107. With as much smack as the Seahawks and their fans talk they better win the Super Bowl. If not, get ready for an epic fall.

    The Seahawks have 18 of their 22 starters up for free agency in the next 2 years. And with this Super Bowl exposure the pillaging of their roster will soon begin. This is where Sherman’s gigantic ego becomes your enemy when he demands to be the highest paid defensive player in the NFL. Earl Thomas will demand huge money too. Then next year Wilson. It’s going to get ugly in Seattle real soon.

    Conversely the 49ers already have room to sign Kap and Aldon and have young players in place to replace veterans. Their cap is looking good going forward and they have 12 picks in this year’s draft. The Seahawks had their moment in the sun, but it will soon be over. The 49ers will take back the division once the 2014 season is done.

  108. Its alot easier to say it as a spectator than going out on the field and actually doing it…Peyton Manning is going to be a 1st ballot hall of famer.Manning would shred the 85 Bears like a hot knife going through butter…so anymore predictions Colin Einstein Kapernick

  109. All you Guys talking trash about what Kap said sound like a bunch of whiners. Anything negative and here come the whiners… Kinda like how they call forty niner fans whiners. Congrats the 12th man are now the 12th whiners. Seattle seawhiners. Seattle has a great team but the fans annoy me to death!!! Rant over 🙂 g night.

  110. Wonder if he was paid by his sponsor (Massengill douch) to say this. What a loser! Hey Kapernose you now just changed your jersey number from 7 to X. Congrats buddy! Oh and btw…….real impressive superman pose in Carolina! Yet whine when you get owned. Have a nice offseason….PS…since you’ll have time go get a nose reduction good god!

  111. Some valid points but brings the hate on himself…..One question I have you say he’s only getting better???? How is passing for under 200 yards a game most of the season getting better….he runs constantly and is very inaccurate passing the rock.

    “He mimcs Cam but can’t handle it when it happens to him” -Wrong. The Panthers were “kaepernicking” on the field at Candlestick when the teams met in the regular. Kap said nothing. Conversely, Cam didn’t have a problem with his “superman”. It’s just for fun.

    Clay Matthews did say he was going to hit Kaepernick before the game. And he did hit Kaepernick illegally out of bounds in the game. Kap liked it because it led to a touchdown. When asked about Mattkews after the game Kap said, “it’s football, you’re going to get hit”.

    And can’t handle losing? Well he shook Wilson’s hand afterward and wished him well. He didn’t pout like a baby. He certainly didn’t scream like a moron into the camera and berate his opponent at an embarrassing level. Kap and the 49ers handled the whole thing with class.

    As far as being a leader, of course he still has much to learn as any QB with less than 2 full seasons under his belt would. But ask anyone in the locker room (hint: the people he actually leads, not some random fan) about his hard work and leadership and I bet not one would question it.

    in less than 2 full seasons Kap’s record is 22-8 including 4 post season wins (3 on the road). You don’t do that unless you’re pretty darn good. But go ahead and hate all you want, chances are he’ll undress your team soon enough. He’s only getting better!

  112. I guess Colin does know where not to throw them against the hawks seeing how 1/2 of his interceptions are had by the Hawks in just two games.

  113. Kap is jealous, he always wants to be in the spotlight because he thinks he is so great! You have a rude awakening coming. I’ve heard sports broadcasters say ” Kap has a long way to go.” So, settle down, watch the game and WISH you were in the spotlight.

  114. KAP can eat his words. EVERY time he opens his mouth krap flows out. Shut it KAP! You’re a loser, you lost, it’s over. SEAHAWKS 2014 Superbowl Champions!!!

  115. The Superbowl proved how good Kaepernick really is. Not only has he had to play this team three times this year, but also Car/Arz (x2)/Stl (x2). And still was one throw away from upsetting the Hawks IN CLINK.

    Hate on haters. We should have had home field, if it wasn’t for the Brooks flag and we Should be holding the Championship.

    I am overcome with glee that Baby Wilson will NOT hoist the MVP trophy……it is only a matter of time before King Kapernick will!!!


  116. Ok, 40-whiner fans can shut up now – not only did we win, we BLEW IT OUT! And Peyton did not pick apart anything, but GOT PICKED plenty! If you guys thought Seattle fans were insufferable before… You better go get some Valium!

  117. Kapernickel is a punk and represents exactly what the forty whiners are, a dirty team that always takes cheap shots on and off the field.

  118. I usually don’t come back to read/write on these older blogs. But, this one just begs for another read. I hope that someone will ask Kaepernick to give his two cents on the Seahawk’s five cent defense now.

    In the meantime; see you next season SF. Can’t wait for our two(three?) matches this next season.

    Go Hawks!

  119. Kaep may have indulged in a little wishful thinking with regards to Manning’s ability to pick apart the Seahawks D.

    If it’s any consolation to him and the 49er’s faithful, they gave us a lot tougher game than Denver.

    I’m already looking forward to next season. And the same outcome, of course.


  120. I just love that not one of the ‘chosen’ SF Pro Bowl players came to Hawaii as they were all so beaten down by the Seahawks.

    Kap, you’ve got two choices.
    #1) Become a FA and get away from the NFC West
    #2) Continue to deal with the best team and the best division in the NFL for the next 6 years.


  121. Great call there Kap; must hurt to know that without your 4th quarter brain cramps in the NFCCG, you would probably have won the SB. You lost, and now you have to wait another year to make up for it – deal with it.

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