Knighton researches Unger’s personal life for trash talk material


Broncos defensive tackle Terrance Knighton will go head to head with Seahawks center Max Unger in the Super Bowl. Knighton also plans to have his mouth in Unger’s ear.

Knighton told reporters today that he’s been watching a lot of tape of Unger to see how other defensive tackles do against him.

“I’m going against Max Unger this week,” Knighton said. “He’s a good player. He’s real crafty. He knows a lot of tricks of the trade of trying to influence you to do certain things. I’ve just been watching him over and over, and trying to figure out what he’s thinking about, and how other guys in the league have been successful. Arizona played them pretty well, their defensive front. I’ve just been watching a lot of guys, watching as much as I can.”

That’s not all the research Knighton is doing: Knighton also said part of his preparation for facing off with Unger is finding out things about Unger’s personal life, which he can use for trash talk during the game.

“Today I’ll start Googling him and doing all types of stuff to guide out his personal life,” Knighton said. “I want to know everything about him. Just everything, from his favorite food to his favorite color, where he grew up at, how many siblings he has. I want to know everything about him, and I’ll probably talk a little smack Sunday. I have a lot of respect for him. He’s the middle of their offense, and I take pride in being the middle of our defense. So it’s going to come down to that matchup really with a team that likes to run the ball. I’m pretty sure he’s studying me right now, and I’ll be studying him as soon as I leave here. May the best man win.”

Knighton may be a nice guy off the field (the photo accompanying this post shows him at an event giving winter coats to underprivileged children in New Jersey, which he attended during some brief time off this week), but when it comes to facing Unger in the Super Bowl, he’ll do anything for an edge.