Larry Fitzgerald “absolutely” willing to restructure

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We got a reminder of the $18 million cap figure that Cardinals wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald carries for the 2014 season when a report surfaced about the Patriots sending out feelers about a trade for the wideout before the 2013 season.

Nothing came of it, obviously, but the Cardinals do have some thinking to do about Fitzgerald this offseason. Fitzgerald, who turns 31 in August, is set to make $12.75 million in 2014 and more than that over the final four years of the deal. After the season, Kent Somers of the Arizona Republic reported that Fitzgerald was unwilling to take a pay cut although the receiver said Thursday that he’s open to restructuring.

“Absolutely. If that’s what needs to be done, that’s what needs to be done,” Fitzgerald said in an interview with Mike Jurecki of FOX Sports 910.

Getting the cap number down is certainly something that would help the Cardinals, but a restructure would just push the cap hit deeper into the contract. His cap number is already $21.5 million for the 2015 season, which doesn’t make that option a particularly attractive one for Arizona.

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  1. Dang, that’s elite QB money. I would trade him for a 1st and 3rd and use that money on other needs, and build through the draft. I know he is good, but that is way too much jack.

  2. Obligatory reminder that restructures are always, always, always GOOD for the player. It gives them more money up front as a bonus instead of waiting years to earn it.

    Rephrase his statement as “I’m willing to get paid now instead of maybe not being paid later when I’m older”

  3. Why is it the organizations write such terrible contracts killing them & cap space then ask for the players for a ‘home town discount’? If you’re GM in the league and can’t figure out how to write a win win contract for both the player and team then you need to be fired.

    If I was Fitz, no way I’d give up my salary for an organization that has produce like 3 winning years over 50 seasons.

  4. How magnanimous. When players restructure their contract – to use an exaggerated example – it’s like instead of getting $1 million a year for a hundred years, they pay you $100 million right now.

  5. The team signed him to this deal. So many times NFL players are cut for not living up to the deal or simply because the team doesn’t want to pay it though a players production hasn’t fallen off. The NFL is the only major sport where they don’t have guaranteed contracts – average hockey players make more than Tom Brady! If I were him I wouldn’t take a pay cut. NFL screws players every single season. Played under a franchise tag and suffered a torn ACL – cut. No mercy, so none should be shown.

  6. There is no way the cardinals would receive a first and second for Larry Fitzgerald. Honestly I can’t even see them getting a first round for him. He is 31 which typically when wide recievers start going on a decline. I could see maybe a 2nd and fourth or maybe a 2nd and 3rd but I highly doubt a first. I think they’d be smart to trade him seeing as Michael Floyd has been a rising star, they don’t need Fitzgerald with Floyd playing how he’s playing and also Andre Roberts makes a solid receiver like a Jason avant role. Saves money and they can get in young talent such as a wide receiver to approve on last years results.

  7. His age and contract put him at a point where it seems like he has two choices:

    1. Hold the Cardinals to the current contract, which will cause them to probably release him within a year or two because no one can afford to have a $21 million plus cap hit on a receiver. If he pursues this choice he’ll need to negotiate a new contract at age 32 or 33, and no smart team will give him a long term deal at that age.

    2. Renegotiate now for more years, more guaranteed but with lower cap hits each year. This could either mean staying in Arizona or a sign and trade type deal.

    Even if they wanted to, there’s no way the Cardinals will be able to trade him for value on his current contract, except possible to Dan Snyder or Jerrah.

  8. Just another sad reminder of how bad Rod Graves and Ken Whisenhunt were in Arizona…. I am sure Kevin Kolb is still on the salary cap hit list

  9. That is crazy money. Reconstruction does help the player in need, you get more money and the guarantee money is up front si1m said…. but it hurts the organization. Cardinals need to be willing to make that reconstruction process begin. Cardinals might just let his contract run out and give him what they owe. The draft if coming up and they most likely wait to see who’s available in the draft before they make any decisions on Fitz. He’s 31yrs old, that is too much money for someone at that stage in his career. If a trade proposal shows up on the table, don’t be surprise if Cardinals start talking offers.

  10. It was the Cards front office Rod Graves who financially raped the Cardinals and burned their future by setting up these horrible contracts like the one Fitz has.

    For example, Graves AND Whisenhunt thought the unproven Kevin Kolb (how had one year left on his existing contract) was such a sure bet as a future superstar NFL QB that they forced a new humongous contract on Kolb without Kolb asking for one or even asking for a raise.

    Graves has been proven to be totally incompetent and the Cards will suffer for years to come from his mismanagement.

  11. The guy has been the best offensive player for quite a while in Zona.

    He is happy to restructure. He goes about his business the right way.

    Unlike some other players in that division.

    I’d like to see him get another chance at a SB run.

  12. Can anyone see the Patriots giving the Cards 2 second round picks for Fitz and his contract?

    Would Fitz take less money for the chance to catch balls from Brady as well as the annual trip to the playoffs and possibly the Super Bowl?

    Really tough to see the Cards edge out the Seahawks and the whining 49ers in the NFC west under the current format.

  13. Anyone who says the Cards need to trade Larry Fitzgerald probably don’t remember that a big part of the team falling off after the Super Bowl run was when they traded Anquan Boldin. Fitz is still an elite player and the Cards are still reeling from letting Boldin go a few years ago. Unfortunately, it came back to bite them in the tail when Boldin lit them up for 9 catches and 149 yards in the season finale. If the Cards traded Fitz it would be bad, bad PR for the Cards.

  14. LOL…

    Who told you guys restructuring would give him money now instead of waiting to earn it years later?

    He is talking a restructure, not a renegotiation…
    It will not change the amount of money he gets this year or any other year. All it will do is change when the money he will get this year counts against the salary cap.

    If you look at his actual contract… It’s a good contract. His cap number in 2015 may be over 21 million, but 16 million is not guarenteed (8 million base salary and 8 million roster bonus). They can cut him after 2014 and that 2015 cap number drops to 5 million (already paid signing bonus). Which is likely what will happen.

  15. The ‘restructuring’ should be taking a leave to New England, if he ever wants to sniff the playoffs again in his career. I don’t care how well people think bruce arians did this year, he didn’t do as well as belichick, and they will never be able to win the division.

  16. the restructure is good for both sides normally from my understanding. the team can save in cap space now by structuring as a bonus. push that cap number down the line and then later either deal the player to a team wanting an expiring contract or cut the player and allow them to get a new deal. it is good for the player in the short run because of the big chunk bonus money and good for the team for the cap hit, then less damaging to both sides later because the player has already gotten big chunks of money and the club will likely not have to eat that monster cap hit.

  17. Since the Raiders have said they are going after e Receiver in the first round, and that they also need an experienced receiver, they can get two birds with one stone, trade the Cardinals their first round to obtain Fritz, and pay home his 18 million $$$$. He wouldn’t have to take a pay cut and can make the offense legit from the start. There are plenty of QBs that can be had if they trade their pick to the Cardinals, Mark Sanchez etc..plenty of second stringers that would be first string, with legitimate threat in receiving corps. Then concentrate on complete rebuilding Defense ! By the way, resign Jennings. Then show time.

  18. BY THE WAY with the vertical passing game Arians has every WR is in play as it showed this year.. MF is on the brink of stardom as is Ellington.. Take a #1 if you can get it and move on

  19. If he’s willing to restructure and the price isn’t too steep, I really hope the Patriots make a run at Fitz again. He’d easily be #1 or #1A next to Moss in terms of the most talented WRs Brady has ever thrown to, and the one spot the Patriots have been lacking is the offensive playmaker on the outside

  20. He said he is willing to restructure, but he didn’t say it would be with the Cardinals. He basically just took off his wedding ring and held it up high for all the drooling teams to start hitting on him.

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