Marino has advice for Russell Wilson

Getty Images

Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson has sought advice from Super Bowl-winning quarterbacks.  But Wilson also could benefit from some advice from Super Bowl-losing quarterbacks.

One of the best examples comes from Hall of Famer Dan Marino.  He made it to the Super Bowl in his second season with the Dolphins, he lost, he assumed he’d be back several more times, and he never was.

For Wilson, there’s no guarantee he’ll be back, or that he’ll be back and win.  Indeed, the quarterback to whom Wilson often is compared — Hall of Famer Fran Tarkenton — played in three Super Bowls and won none of them.

Marino talked about all sorts of other things, including whether he thinks he could throw for 6,000 yards under today’s rules and why his Pitt Panthers felt compelled to flee to the ACC in order to get away from an annual game against my West Virginia Mountaineers.