Lynch’s Thursday media session seems to go a little better


A little late-January thawing can’t help but make for a better Super Bowl.

And we’re not taking about the weather.

In his final NFL-required interview session of the week Thursday, Seahawks tailback Marshawn Lynch seemed a little more comfortable. Fullback Michael Robinson sat to Lynch’s left throughout the interview, which may have helped.

In the interview, which aired on NFL Network, Lynch smiled and laughed a few times, and he seemed particularly delighted when Robinson was asked a question.

One of the more interesting moments came when Lynch was asked what stood out about Denver’s defense on tape.

“What’s his name? Pot Roast?” Lynch said, referring to 335-pound defensive tackle Terrance Knighton.

“Pot Roast, big boy,” Robinson said.

“They get to the ball. They rally to the ball,” Lynch said of the Broncos. “They’re a good defense. That’s what I see.”

Lynch was also asked to talk about his stiff-arm, one of the NFL’s most wicked.

“I mean, everything I do on the field is instinct, a reaction,” Lynch said.

The session’s most quotable moment — wrongly or rightly — came when Lynch shared his initial impressions of Seahawks offensive line coach Tom Cable.

“Being from Oakland, all I knew about him was he punched people,” Lynch said, slightly shrugging his shoulders and not smiling as reporters and Robinson laughed. “That’s my type of person.”

When his obligation to speak had been fulfilled, Lynch got up from the table.

“Thank you. I appreciate it,” he said to the media as he left.

13 responses to “Lynch’s Thursday media session seems to go a little better

  1. Better than running his mouth about what he’s gonna do, what he did, how great or better than his opponent he is. I appreciate Lynch. He hasn’t been rude or disrespectful. He was clear that he had respect for what reporters do but didn’t want to dive too deeply into it.

  2. This guy reminds me of a young Joe Frazier.He will destroy the Broncos for 130-plus yrds.Time of possession 39.00 Seattle Denver 19.00

  3. What does the NFWA have to say about Lynch now? Are they going to throw another tantrum that he didn’t kowtow to them?

  4. This is either the most overblown story in the NFL at the moment or the best reverse psychology ever.

    If Lynch really and truly doesn’t like talking to the media, which bringing up his fullback to help block for him points directly to, then is it really that big a deal? Is anyone knocking down the door to find out about the media availablilty of Clint Gresham or Lemuel Jeanpierre?

    On the other hand, if Lynch is actually dying for the limelight and doesn’t want to look like a diva getting it… Well played, young man.

  5. Thank you for this article. Other writers have been self-righteous claiming this is a disservice to the fans because he doesn’t talk to the media.

    Fans have been behind Beast Mode, even non-Seahawk fans and players love the guy because of his play on the field – nothing more. Mike Robinson is such a great teammate and his leadership has been huge since he’s come to Seattle.

  6. I didn’t realize that Lynch was such a douche bag. The Seahag team seems to be filled with a bunch of immature guys who impersonate men. They are so full of themselves when they’ve done nothing as a team and organization.

    I really hope that Manning administers a blowout Super Bowl against this team. Talk about a collection of jerks who need their butts whooped….

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