Report: Stan Kroenke buys 60 acres of land near Hollywood Park


Three days before the Super Bowl comes a published report that will surely increase chatter about the future of the Rams in St. Louis and the potential return of the NFL to Los Angeles.

According to Sam Farmer of the Los Angeles Times, Rams owner Stan Kroenke has purchased a parking lot 60 acres in size between Hollywood Park and the Los Angeles Forum, and the Times writes that the site “potentially could be used for an NFL stadium.”

The Rams’ lease for the Edward Jones Dome in St. Louis ends after the 2014 season.

According to the Times, Kroenke purchased the land last month.

The Times suggests that 60 acres might not be quite enough land for a stadium site, and the report also indicates that Kroenke owns other land in Southern California. It should be noted that Hollywood Park is out of the horse racing business and slated to be redeveloped, so owning a parcel of land in that area wouldn’t be the worst investment even if a stadium wasn’t planned for the area.

Nevertheless, this news pushes the topic of the NFL in Los Angeles onto the front burner less than 24 hours before commissioner Roger Goodell holds his annual Super Bowl press conference.

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  1. so the Vikings are not going to LA… wouldn’t have guessed after all the informed posters here.

    might as well put a team in every city in America and Europe commish

  2. The smog isn’t enough Now we might possibly pollute LA further by sending the Rams there too?

  3. If the Rams relocated, I wonder how long it would be before there was talk of another team moving to St. Louis?

  4. yea Kroenke’s moving to la, then the jag’s are moving to St Louis, then tampa’s moving to Jacksonville so that they can move to London.

  5. Rams fans, you may not like us Seahawks fans, but know that the majority of us will be hoping your team stays in St. Louis.Losing the Sonics was rough and the average Seattle sports fan would not wish that pain on anybody! Sorry L.A., but you have enough NFL teams in your state. Choose one of them to cheer for. Leave St. Louis alone!

  6. A giant slide like at the jersey shore 40 years ago is the big attraction CMON MAN !

  7. 60 acres hmmm!! is that maybe enough for a stadium but not enough counting parking? or is it too small even for a stadium?? this could be stan trying to light a fire under the st louis folks who knows or just a huge coincidence.

  8. Los Angeles is more useful to the NFL as sucker bait to scare cities into pushing through publicly-funded stadiums for their current teams than it is as a football team/city.

  9. If the NFL had its wish, I’m sure it would be either the Rams or the Raiders that move to LA. And if I were the owner of a team that had intentions on moving my team to LA, I would hire someone like Jeff Fisher, a California guy and coach who has gone through the process before… not saying that this will happen with the Rams but would not be shocked if it did either.

  10. Does anyone else remember when rodger goodell warned owners that the NFL has the final word on who moves to LA,and it doesn’t matter if they bought land to build on.well we finally know who he was talking about.

  11. The only bandwagon fan bigger than a Seahawks fan is a Rams fan. St. Louis or San Diego will one day play in LA. Sadly, Jacksonville’s not going anywhere, unless it’s London.

  12. This guy owns three pro teams in Denver as well. And he married an heiress to the Wal Mart fortune.

  13. I can not wait for this Ram stadium saga to end. It’s a high stakes game of chicken between the rich where the real losers will be the fan base in either St. Louis or LA that supports this team.

  14. Yes! As a youngster would go to Ram games. This is obvious Wonderful news. Stlouis stadium commision rejected teams demands for “up to par” stadium, opening possible move. So this a great day as i cant wait til the Los Angeles Rams are back. especially at a time the team is showing improvment as a young team and our #2 pick ammunition. A aggresive DC in G.Willliams. Things looking bright.

  15. Now this is interesting. Been skeptical of the other stadium projects because those parties don’t own a team. I can tell you as a resident, the one team most of us want to come home is the Rams. Not interested in stealing someone else’s team. Just as the Raiders rightfully returned to Oakland, our Rams have history here… going back to the 1940’s.

  16. 10 minutes from LAX. Quick get away for visiting teams. Rams being in the NFC West belong on the coast anyway.

  17. I know that St. Louis will flame me for this and hate the suggestion but if ANY team belongs in Los Angeles, it’s the Rams.

    That’s the only team that I’d want to see there, that’s where they belong.

    Go home Rams, go home!

  18. Dateline L.A.
    This just in the lateset in the NFL coming to L.A. saga. The interest is in the wait in Irwindale…no reports are now DT LA…no wait Chavez Ravine…no wait it’s Hollywood Park yes that’s it Hollywood Park near the old Forum where interest was at peak levels in the 90s

    Enough already with all this NFL moving to L.A. monkey business. Show us the stadium already.

    This land purchase is cheap insurance to make sure the Ed Jones Stadium feels the threat of a move to keep the property maintained.

  19. To Goodell,
    Find a way to do an expansion team…don’t steal another team from St. Louis. That would give you an opportunity to add teams in Europe, Mexico, and Canada too since you are wanting to change NFL to WFL.

  20. when the NFL reached 32 teams, it was the apex of what Rozelle envisioned; 4 divisions of 4 teams in 2 conference….perfect balance.

    Why the insistence of bringing us back to this lopsided number again?

  21. LA will only work as a new thing. Not an old new thing… Sorry Rams that’s boring. Move the Jags and rebrand them. Or retire the Rams history and rebrand that team in LA.

  22. Der Kommissar will insist upon the NFL being directly involved with any NFL stadium in LA.

    The league wants two teams in LA playing in the stadium (in hope one of them catches on and can survive once the new team smell wears off).

    If Kroenke plans to build without NFL involvement, a relocation would never be approved.

    If the NFL gave their backdoor approval then Goodell may find himself having to address a topic he does not want two days before the Super Bowl.

  23. The primary value of L.A. to the league is that they have a credible threat for getting other cities to make the capital improvements that the league wants. So it’s both a carrot (upgrade your stadium and maybe host a Super Bowl!) and a stick (upgrade your stadium or we’ll move the franchise to L.A.! We mean it!)

  24. I’ll believe a team might move to LA when they break ground on an NFL approved stadium in an NFL approved location with an NFL approved deal. Until then this is ALL speculation.

  25. This guys act is getting old. Worst owner of St Louis sports team reclusive uncooperative. I stopped buying season tickets when he started his extortion moves 2 years ago. At this point I’m ready for him to go on and do what he wants to do and move it.

  26. This is for the headquarters of the new LA Rams team. They will have a training facility there as well. The stadium will be built somewhere else.

  27. I’ve always said the best choice was moving the Rams back to L.A. then moving the Jaguars from Jacksonville to St. Louis.

    If the Rams have money problems getting the stadium off the ground with taxpayer money, get the Chargers involved too (because they have their own stadium issues) and try to get both teams to invest and share a stadium like New York does.

  28. st. louis already lost anheuser-busch to the Belgians.

    Next… st. louis loses the rams to Los Angeles.

  29. Mark Davis would be wise to give Kroenke a call and send him a nice fruit basket with the hopes Kroenke would be willing to share that new stadium.The NFL gets two teams in its 2nd largest media market as well as a Super Bowl location for years to come.

  30. “a parking lot 60 acres in size between Hollywood Park and the Los Angeles Forum”

    Ah yes. The area that us locals call “the battle zone.” Don’t be out there after 6:00PM.

  31. so the rams were hated for leaving la for anahiem and now when they return to they go to inglewood?!

    rams in la makes the nfc west fun, 3 of the 4 teams being on the coast. just no LA Jags!!! i hate the afc south!!!

  32. My comment about WFL (World Football League) was sarcasm. I really think they need to stop tinkering with the game. The locations are fine. The reason why they have lost ticket sales is because the average fan can buy a 60″ TV cheaper than attending 1 game with a friend/family member.

    Do something to entice fans to come back to the game. That would be much smarter than simply moving the problem to a new city.

  33. 60 acres= 1616 ft by 1616 ft or 0.3 miles by 0.3 miles.
    For reference….the square Giants stadium sits in plus football parking is 0.5 miles by 0.6 miles. The entire Meadowlands complex is 1 square mile

  34. Not one cent of taxpayer money should go to a stadium there.

    I can’t decide which location is worse: downtown LA (very very crowded and dense), City of Industry (booooooring and the freeways are already bad enough), or Hollywood Park (scary area and the 405 is already the worst in the country). Downtown makes the most sense as it has very good public transportation and the bars/ restaurants are top notch.

  35. Shouldn’t Cleveland fans be upset about this? LA stole the Rams from them (straight off an NFL Championship, no less) back in 1945. Seeing how bad the Browns are, the slogan for a Rams move to Ohio could be “Bring Professional Football Back to Cleveland!”

  36. I’ve been a Rams fan my whole life. I wish the Rams never left Los Angeles. St. Louis Rams has never sounded right. Even though i continue to support my team. If they leave St. Louis, I’d like to aee them back in their Los Angeles throwback colors. Royal blue and yellow gold. The best looking uniforms in NFL history. The San Diego Chargers powder blue uniforms are second best. Worst uniform is that hideous San Francisco 49ers red and gold. And their logo sucks too!

  37. I think the NFL is looking at 2020 as the latest to get a team in Los Angeles. I’m sure they’ll get St. Louis to pony up especially putting a winning team on the field to get the Rams the renovations they want.

    I still think it’ll be the Chargers or Raiders that move back to Los Angeles. But I’m sure the NFL is going to exhaust every option to get all there current teams new stadiums.

    I think Roger Goodell with his dumbass moves and trying to make the game what it isn’t now. He’ll get all the teams the stadiums they need by extortion then to grow the pie even more, expand by 2 teams in Los Angeles and 2 teams in London.

    Oh… Roger. Smh

  38. The Jaguars aren’t moving anywhere. The Jags have the best owner in the NFL in Shad Khan. Khan has hired a dynamic GM in Dave Caldwell and the best young HC in the NFL in Gus Bradley. Khan has invested in the franchise and the city of Jacksonville and is not moving the Jags anywhere!

  39. People say L.A. doesn’t deserve a team because it “bandwagons”???

    Look at St. Louis.

    They only cared during the “Greatest Show on Turf” and didn’t care enough for two previous teams to stay.

    The Browns and Cardinals left.

    Why should the Rams stay when no one goes there.

    Also, everyone bandwagons, but St. Louis is only meant for baseball. The Rams should go back to L.A.

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