Russell Wilson wants to change the game


Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson doesn’t just want to be a great player. He wants to be a game-changing player.

Wilson told reporters today that he wants to be remembered as a player who changed the way the quarterback position is played and paved the way for a new generation of quarterbacks.

“I want to change the game because, if you think about it, there’s a difference between being good and being great and changing the game,” Wilson said. “I think guys like Peyton Manning have changed the game in terms of the way he thinks, in terms of the way he processes things. You see that about him. Tom Brady is the same way. He’s so clutch, people fear him when he steps on the field. Drew Brees is a guy like that. And one day I want to evolve to that. It’s a daily process. You respect the journey, you respect the process. I’m just growing one day at a time and to be here in the second year is a good thing. I just have to keep going.”

Just two seasons into his NFL career, Wilson is a long way from being a game-changing player. But he can take a big step on Sunday.

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  1. I love Russell Wilson. My parents wouldnt let me play football because I was too small, so i admire players who break the stereotype there has to be a size to be a successful asset to a team (IE: Woodhead, Welker, Holliday, Edelman). Quarterbacks have to 6-2 to 6-6 right? What’s Wilson? 5-10? 5-11. That’s what I thought. I hope seattle wins.

  2. Russell Wilson has said this ever since a rookie. Most wins of any QB in history in his first two years. For those that give credit to the defense, Wilson also has the most TD passes in history of any QB in same period.

    I have heard the term game manager because of his down streak. People forget the stretch where Seattle dropped 50 points – 3 games in a row in his rookie year or the playoffs where Wilson threw for 400 yards. If Wilson is lights out in the Super Bowl most people will be surprised but the fans who follow his career will know he has been more than capable.

  3. Delusional thinking. He’s not in their league, not close. If he’s trying to change the perception of short QB’s…oops, Brees already has done that too.

    Throwing 160 yards a game isn’t that impressive lil’ Russell.

  4. He’s already had an influence. You don’t see too many people talking about Johnny Football as being “too short to play QB” or “too short to go in the first round”, do you?

  5. No dual threat quarterback has ever won a Super Bowl by relying heavily on his feet. Dangerously mobile QBs like Joe Theismann, Steve Young and John Elway relied almost exclusively on the pass in their Super Bowl wins. Steve McNair, who owns the Super Bowl QB rushing record, came the closest–within one yard of taking the Rams to overtime.

    Will Russell Wilson be the first?

  6. He will not change the game. He is getting way too much praise playing on a team with great defense. Lets see him play for Dallas or Minn. He would be just average!

  7. He’s not as far away from his goal as some might think. His combination of strength, agility and intelligence are not commonplace. Lot’s of guys have 1 or 2 of those things, not many have all 3.

  8. Dude probably has the best attitude of anyone in the NFL. Not many people have his work ethic, respectable personality, and talent.

    I hope he wins a SuperBowl, just not this one.

  9. Manning’s comeback story, playing so well after neck surgery, is a fantastic story.

    But I’m still pulling for Wilson to have a big game and help lead his team to a Super Bowl win.

  10. Wow……no mention of Erin Rodgers……hmmmm.

    Guess it’s the self-proclaimed “dynasty” packer fans that place Erin in that upper elite status.

    Ponder was mentioned as many times as Erin, and that, is frightening!

  11. QB’ s with 40 yards rushing and 190 passing a game – oh the excitement. He is a game manager just waiting for his first knee injury. Just the truth.

  12. For those who keep referencing Russell Wilson’s stats for the past month, or so. Please check the defensive rankings/stats of the Saints/Cardinals/49ers. Those made up 5 of the last 7 games he played.
    I’m guessing that if Peyton Manning finished his season against those teams (or even played each of them at any time this year), he would have fallen short of both the yardage & TD records

  13. Anyone who thinks Wilson relies primarily on his feet show they haven’t followed him.

    Wilson uses his feet to keep plays alive, and he’ll sometimes take yardage if available, but he’s not a running QB.

    Denver is going to have a painful lesson about how frustrating it can be to try to contain him.

    He’s not going to stand in one place and wait for the rush like the past two QBs they faced.

  14. I feel like he’s already changed the game. The fact that some teams can’t figure out what has changed or how to benefit from a guy like Russell Wilson doesn’t mean the game hasn’t already changed. Most teams are ignorant and oblivious as to things that they should be on top of, and they aren’t, and the game is passing them by while they stand idle.

  15. I like the guy but he needs to slow his roll. Right now he’s a pretty good QB on a really good team but this a team that focuses on running the football. Same thing is true for Kaepernick. They’re both excellent athletes who can run BUT they’re not good enough to win games from the pocket which EVERY single great QB who has ever played needs to do.

    Andrew Luck is well on his way & Wilson is not in Andrew Luck’s class let alone Peyton or Brady or Rodgers or Brees or Big Ben who CARRY their teams week in & week out.

  16. I respect the guy, but instead of him changing the game, he’s probably going to have to change his game. His habit of running straight backwards when pressured with the hopes of pulling something insane off (which to his credit, he does quite a bit) probably isn’t going to last. John Fox has a lot of experience hemming in mobile QBs from his time facing Vick in his prime in Carolina. Wilson seems like a great guy, but he’s just a decent QB surrounded by a great team.

  17. Those whining about his low passing states forget that the only stat that counts is the final score – I rest my case!

  18. this guy is average at best, he’s never going to be in the same class as brady and manning, he’s got a nice demeanor, but he’s not that talented…

  19. I love how people think that if the Seahawks win the SB then they must have a great QB. It’s a team game & the best team doesn’t always win. It’s the team that plays best THAT day.

    There are a number of teams through the years that didn’t have GREAT QB’s & still won SB’s. There’s actually teams that won w/o QB’s who were even considered ‘good’ like Trent Dilfer or Jeff Hostetler.

  20. Definition of “game manager”: What a fantasy football nut calls a QB who wins lots of games but doesn’t appeal to FF owners because his stats aren’t padded by his offensive system.

  21. Wow the many of you out there that call him a run first QB really don’t know how this guy plays. If you go watch him play he waits to throw the ball first and uses his legs when there is no other option. Wilson has the right mindset he wants to be great why wouldn’t you want to hear that from your QB.

  22. If only Sherman/Tate weren’t so darn unlikable. Thank goodness for people like Russell Wilson, very likeable guy.

    Not sure who I want to win this thing. I like Manning, nothing against him. Secretly I hope Welker drops the game winning touchdown as time expires.

    And no…I’m not over it, lol.


    Sour Grapes

  23. Let’s get this out of the way, Russell is a good person and a good QB. I just never did understand the way people talk of QB’s with wins, like they do with pitchers in baseball. Many good QB’s have played on really bad teams, example: Archie Manning in New Orleans years ago…

  24. 2000: Michael Vick will be the Michael Jordan of the NFL and change the game.

    2006: Vince Young will be the Michael Jordan of the NFL and change the game.

    2011: Cam Newton will change the game.

    2012 (post season): Colin Kaepernick will change the game.

    Russell Wilson not only has the most TD passes and wins in his first two years, he’s the only starting QB to have a PASSER rating of 100 or above his first two seasons.

    And there’s no denying it, he also relies in a major way on his feet … No. 3 rushing QB in the league this season.

    Wilson’s not the “sexy” pick to be the NFL’s Michael Jordan, but then again, neither was Michael Jordan. (Remember, Ralph Sampson not only won the NCAA MVP over Jordan, Sampson was more highly touted entering the pros.)

    Ralph Sampson = Vince Young
    Michael Jordan = Russell Wilson ???

    -Titans Fan

  25. My question is how would he? It’s rare to find a guy who changed the game. Usually it’s because his athleticism made him a different unique threat or he’s a coach who created a scheme. Wilson’s a great QB, but we’ve seen guys who can run and pass for 40 years or more.

    I wouldn’t mind to see him do it, but I just can’t see him changing the game.

  26. How can anyone honestly say he’s gonna change the game after how we all saw how he played against the 49ers???? Mediocre thrower, took 5 sacks and should have had 2 more international groundings than the 1 he threw.

    Remember, his only TD pass came on a 4TH down play in no mans territory. He does not impress me.

    If it wasn’t for his D and Having the best running back in Lynch, he would be sub par. He’s in the perfect situation for a young QB

  27. Small people have big dreams too. Perhaps if the NFL thing doesn’t work out he can help Dorothy find Oz.

  28. RW greater than Kap, Cam, and other duel threat QB’s. Do you want to know why? He is not an arse like the rest of them. He respects those QB’s that he mentioned. He is one his way. I am a Saint fan who otherwise hates the Seahags.

  29. What if changing the game means you don’t have to go 4-12 for 10 years before you can get a franchise QB? What if his style of play is enough or more than enough to put a team over the top. What if you can find an upper middle tier guy like this and build a good offense paired with a great defense and not rely on ONE GUY to carry your team?

    I think maybe his change the game means you don’t have to have this 6’4″ QB or a once in a generation guy to have a competitive football team.

    Lastly, when you come in and become a true on field, off field, focus on championships, and help guide your teammates type leader, you have changed this game.

    This is a (non-violent) Ray Lewis type leader here and his ability to move his team with his words has made him the envy of most fans and, thus has already changed this game.

  30. You go for it young man, you’re one hell of a good QB and if you can get half as many rings as my all time favorite Joe Montana, you will have achieved your own legacy !

    Love your approach to the game, keep up the hard work and dedication !

  31. I like this kids attitude and professionalism. He should be respected for his approach to the game. However his on-field play is mediocre at best and his team benefits from his running back, crowd and defense. He’s a mobile trent dilfer unfortunately he’ll lose in his first superbowl.

  32. It’s amazing how many people need to find something negative to say about a talented, articulate, classy guy with lofty aspirations. He didn’t brag, boast, bash opponents or make outlandish declarations. He simply stated goals that may not be entirely realistic. Why does that invite so much animosity?

  33. It’s really too bad he is on the same team as his polar opposite in terms of character. Would love to pull for this kid, but Motor Mouth and Cheatin’ Pete are the faces of the franchise.

  34. Most on the East coast have never seen him play. They will get their chance this weekend. Watch Wilson will win the Super Bowl MVP award on Sunday.

  35. Game managers don’t have 52 TD passes their first 2 years. Marino and Manning was the only other other ones who did it. He is doing this with a guy who was a second round bust until Wilson showed up (Tate) and a bunch of undrafted free agents. That said he has aways to go but there hasn’t been many who have equaled the start Russell has produced.

  36. Russell Wilson will decide this Super Bowl. Not melon head Manning. Manning will throw 3 picks and Wilson will make Denver pay. Can’t wait!

  37. Regarding this concept that winning a SB with a mediocre QB and a great defense would “change the game,” sorry but that’s been done several times. If you want to win a SB, you can throw Rob Johnson out there along with one of the top-3 defenses in NFL history. That can get you a Lombardi, no doubt. And then you go back in the toilet because you can’t keep that many players together year after year. If you want to build a team that will win multiple SBs, and be in contention year in and year out for 10 or 12 seasons, you better have someone steal some DNA from one of the Big 4 QBs and start cloning. Because THAT’S what football is in this era. The facts don’t lie.

  38. He’s the closest thing to Fran Tarkenton the league has seen in a long time. Scrambling well with a big arm is one of the most effective QB styles there is. Very hard to stop it, but I’m not sure it will create a long career, because if he slows down much he’ll be done.

  39. For a fan to think he’s changed anything to this point is delusional. Maybe for someone who knows absolutely no NFL history. See Fran Tarkenton. Wilson is a great fit for a great running team with a great defense.

  40. A lot of haters on this comment board. Ironic how Wilson has made every team that he plays on better? No one called the 2011 7-9 Seahawks with basically the same core players as this team minus Wilson, Wagner and Irvin. So the whole game manager label doesn’t apply.

    You can’t be a playmaker and a game manager. He is top 5 in yards per attempt and in yards per attempt minus YAC. No dinking and dunking here. You don’t throw 52 TDs to 19 INTs in your first two years as a game manager. Who else threw 52 TDs but twice as many INTs while playing with a future HOF receiver and Edgrin James?

  41. Great Kid and a class act !
    my advice Russell ?

    watch how Manning wins this week and try to replicate his actions when he retires !
    it’s just that easy

  42. For the dude that says Wilson isn’t Andrew Luck; you are correct sir. Nor is he Stafford.

    Those guys throw for a lot more yards but count the interceptions. How many did Luck throw in the 2 playoff games this year, 6?

    It maybe more exciting to throw 3 TDs and 300 yards a game but if you also throw 3 INTs it’s a bad way to get to the Superbowl.

    Russell will do just fine and will throw as much as the O needs him to throw.

    As for the guy that says he throws a lot of pick-6. Can anyone remember when he has done this?

  43. All you people staying RW broke the record for most Passing TD’s in his first 2 years are wrong! He actually tied the record he has an impressive 52 of them bad boys, but Peyton also had 52 in his first 2 years, PM also didn’t have an amazing running back and offensive line, or one of the best D’s of all time, the 2013 Seahawks D ranks 10th best of all time, that gives him a lot of good field position. A lot of RW’s TD’s are solely because he gets to hit WIDE open WRs off of play-action, because other D’s have to load the box with 8 men to try and stop Beast Mode.

    I’m a life long Broncos fan, but I actually root for Seattle in the NFC, RW is a class act and good young QB, he’s not a game manager, he makes plays, but all of you bias Seahawks fans are delusional and don’t know football if you’re actually throwing him in the same class as Manning, Rodgers, Brees, or Brady. Andrew Luck is a better QB than Russell is, that’s not saying that Russell can’t ever pass him or get to be as good as the greats, but he would greatly have to improve all of his QB skills.

    RW does not pick you apart, all of the QBs mentioned above (including Luck) do.

    BTW, this is going to be one of the best Super Bowl’s of all time. The 2 best teams are in it. Best Offense EVER, against the #10 best Defense EVER.

    Go Broncos! United In Orange

  44. As a colt fan I have no dog in this fight but a lot of commenters seem to have very poor reading comprehension skills. RW simply stated that he would like to be remembered as someone who changed the QB position. He didn’t say he would change the position nor did he compare himself to Manning,Brady,Brees or Rodgers. His reference to those QBs sounded to me like a compliment.

  45. Breath a sigh of relief. Wilson is talking about changing the game in a good, constructive way.

    This is, however, directly contradictory to the way the.. (ahem) commissioner wants to change it.

  46. It’s sad that QBs like Wilson and Kap get this much attention. They both play with great running backs and top 5 defenses. Put either of these guys on the Jags and they’re just another QB.

  47. @1broncos247 says: …but Peyton also had 52 in his first 2 years, PM also didn’t have an amazing running back

    Guess you never heard of Marshall Faulk and Edgerrin James.

    E. James was the running back in Manning’s second year. He put up 1553 rushing yards, about 200 more yards than Lynch submitted this year. Faulk put up about 1300 yards rushing in Manning’s rookie year, but added almost another 1000 as a receiver.

    And James was a pretty good receiver out of the backfield, as well.

    Manning has been surrounded by top-tier offensive talent his entire career.

  48. How do pro scouts miss this guy and Kaepernick as first round picks? Also Rodger Goodell you are trying to change waaay too many rules. IT AINT BROKE

  49. Change the game by throwing one touchdown throughout the playoffs and making it to the Super Bowl? Overrated and carried by the dominance of his defense.

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