Wes Welker won’t retire any time soon

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Broncos receiver Wes Welker will turn 33 this offseason and is coming off a year in which he suffered two concussions, but he says he’s a long way from retiring.

Asked today if he would like to earn his first Super Bowl ring on Sunday and then ride off into the sunset, Welker said that’s not an option he’s considering.

“Of course it would be a good way to end it, but I am still having fun,” Welker said. “I am still enjoying the game. I feel good, and as long as I am out there having fun, I will continue to play.”

Welker said he believes the NFL is taking the appropriate steps to protect players who suffer concussions, and he’s satisfied that he’s going to be OK whenever he does hang up the cleats.

“It has been great to see that they are trying to take the steps forward to take care of the players, especially since you are not getting those concussions back-to-back. The closer together you have them, the worse it is,” Welker said. “They are scary deals and I have friends that I have played with that tell me they have issues with it now. It is one of those things that you have to deal with and try to make the best decision for yourself.”

Welker believes the best decision for himself is to keep playing.

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  1. Welker has taken alot of heat off of Julius and the WO’s. Been really good in the red zone and on 3rd downs. Been great at blocking on the run and screen plays. I’m not sure how long we signed him up for but its was an excellent pick up and directly contibuted to the Broncs having 55 TD passes this year. If champ retires that should free up alot of Cap room to sign up some guys like Decker and Thomas.

  2. I never really liked Welker much other than having respect for his game until Bill Belichick went off the crybaby deep end on this guy for what he’d tell every other patriot to “do their job”.

    Welker did his job, and he did it so good he makes Belichick look like a fool both for sour grapes and for not resigning this guy and watching him go off to break your qb’s record with his help, and also make it to the Superbowl.

    Wes Welker is a little man who plays 10 feet tall, nothing but respect for him.

    Time for Bill to stop undercutting players who out-perform their contracts and relying on broken down safeties in the post season

  3. the real mvp of megaheads only championship season was Dominic Rhodes….but the “hicks” wasn’t having any of that!

  4. Welker signed 12 million for two years with Denver, only 4 mill was guaranteed, Welker is due 8 million next year-lets see if he has the broncos uniform next year.

    8 mill is a lot of coin for someone to stupid to realize he is one head shot away from la la land. He may have had 2-3 concussions with the broncos, he had a few more with new England.

  5. Wes Welker won’t be going to MSG again anytime soon after the way the Knicks fans trolled him for his super drop.

  6. How many times did he mention the Patriots and Belichick in this interview? Kid needs to get over it.

  7. The Dan LeBatard show in Miami a few days ago was playing sound clips of interviews with Wes Welker as a Dolphin in 2006 and the playing interviews with Welker on Media day this year.

    Their contention was that it is pretty clear that Wes talks like a different person today- slurred speech, a different delivery, and just different altogether. They compared it to similar changes they noted in interviews with boxers over their careers.

    I don’t know if they are right or not, but if so, Wes needs to thin about whether it is worth it or not. Junior Seau thought it was worth it, but most would agree that he was wrong.

  8. Really, Belichick look like a fool? The man Bill Cowhler not only called the best coach in the NFL but said would go down as the greatest coach in NFL history is a fool. Any mirrors in your house?

  9. Peyton Manning 2013 season
    68% Comp 55TD 10 Int’s 115.1 Qb Rating

    Tom Brady 2013 season
    60% Comp 25 TD’s 11 Ints 87.3 QB Rating

    Matt Cassel 2008 rookie season he now is a backup QB
    63% Comp 21TD’s 11 Int’s 89.4 QB Rating

    Alex Smith 2013 another great game manager
    60% Comp 23TD’s 7 Int’s 89.1 QB Rating

    Tom Brady stats against the Colts in Foxboro (handed the ball off 44 times)
    52% Comp 198 Yds 0 TD’s 0 Int’s 78.4 QB Rating

    Tom Brady’s Stat Line before garbage time at Mile High
    60% Comp 208 Yds 0 TD’s 0 Int’s

    Tom Brady is the most Over rated QB of all time!

    You can keep your Tom Brady, I’ll take my Peyton Manning Thanks!

  10. Good luck to him, but I had a dollar for every time I heard a football player thinking they won’t have to retire for a long time, I’D be able to retire.

  11. 6 thumbs up and 9 Thumbs down? Why do pats fans troll broncos articles talking smack when their actions obviosly show that they have a secret love afair for both Wes and Peyton.

  12. Oh you mean the same Bill Cowher that works for the media and ESPN who says and does what he’s told? You think Dungy truthfully speaks his mind about football with Harrison on Monday Night Football? Neither does Harrison btw. If you do, then you don’t know much about the man, or about football. Why you believe everything you see and hear on T.V.? Cause Bill Cowher tells BB in an interview he thinks he’ll go down as the best coach in histrory? Good reasoning, Guess what, Tonnes of Coach’s and players say that Manning is the best QB of all time? Does this make it true? Even though he is, It doesn’;t make it true because someone said it on T.V.

  13. BB will go down as the greatest cheater of all time, the one who came up with the most elaborate and genious sytematic cheating system of perfessional sports. Maybe it was Earnie Adams, but we will never know now will we. The world isn’t filled with as many sheep as you might think. We all don’t do what were told, follow the path most traveled, and drinking the kool aid fed to us by the media and it’s propoganda machine.

  14. i hope he does stick around but I dont know how much longer he can last.. i mean the concussions are obviously having an effect on him like that one time where started the game going all out and being the star of the game but then he inexplicitly took a 40 minute shower at halftime and missed the 2nd half of the game.

  15. The NFL is a great game with a bunch of hard working and talented guys, playing and coaching. Why fans (I guess they are not really fans) get caught up hating coaches, players and teams is beyond my comprehension. To live that pathology day in and day out, on virtually every thread that those coaches, players and teams are mentioned, must eat at one’s soul.

  16. BB will go down as the greatest cheater of all time

    The results have been good for a dozen or so years, regardless of method.

    Glad you agree.

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