49ers guard Daniel Kilgore arrested for public intoxication

A 49ers offensive lineman went home and drowned his sorrows, but ended up with more problems.

According to Nick Shepherd of the Kingsport Times-News, 49ers guard Daniel Kilgore was arrested for public intoxication last weekend near his Tennessee home.

The incident happened in the early morning hours of Jan. 26. According to the police report, two males were staggering down the sidewalk, with red eyes and dilated pupils. After checking their IDs, they were arrested “for their safety and the welfare of the public.”

Kilgore was a fifth-round pick in 2011 from Appalachian State, and has developed into a valuable reserve. He played each game the last two seasons, but hasn’t started an NFL game yet.

53 responses to “49ers guard Daniel Kilgore arrested for public intoxication

  1. Arrested “for their safety and the welfare of the public.”

    What? If this was really a safety thing, the officer could have had them call a cab. Or go above and beyond his duty like some officers do and offer them a ride home.

    I mean really…they weren’t driving…they were walking on the sidewalk.

  2. Who cares. Just a player on one of the other 30 teams watching the Superbowl from home. Sober up fella. Kaep is going to throw one foot farther next season…quit kissing his bicep…own up to his own mistakes…close his Twitter account…be a real leader for his team and…and…and…ah, who am I kidding! Drink up, buddy!

  3. This is crazy……the two men, one of them Kilgore, were walking down the sidewalk and the cop determined they needed to be arrested. He wasn’t doing anything illegal other than being drunk and walking in public. This doesn’t promote the concept where we want folks to walk and not drive under the influence.

    Wish he hadn’t arrested, but advised them they needed to catch a cab or friend to get them home.

  4. The 49ers will also have an excuse for this…..
    “If only his glass wasn’t so full of beer, he wouldn’t have gotten so drunk”
    “If only the bartender would have stopped serving him drinks, this wouldn’t have happened”
    “If only that pass was a few inches higher…” Oh wait, that’s a different incident with a different excuse.

  5. It’s one thing if they’re being disorderly but you’ve got to be kidding me. they were WALKING on a sidewalk. Ridiculous.

  6. He wasn’t drinking and driving. Not a big deal. I doubt the Commish will even do anything.

  7. All the Niners players have been on a 2 week binge. Kaep has posted a pic of himself doing the super man on his Facebook. Lol
    Broncos players gonna ask you guys to pass the bottle soon enough

  8. Kap did take ownership. You know the part where he said he cost the team the game. Twitter and kissing biceps is window dressing and irrelevant. Glad to see Kilgore trying to grab the starting center job by the horns.

  9. You Seahawks fans are a funny bunch. I didn’t read that he was pissing on the side of a building or driving his car and he didn’t use the excuse that someone tampered with the collection cup or I wasn’t employed by them at the time so it shouldn’t count. He was arrested for walking home drunk. Like no one here hasn’t done that before. So what he was drinking his pain away from the lose. The Seahawks have been doing that for years!

  10. I didn’t even know this was still illegal in some states and I’m a retired cop.

    Arrest the bartender then for aiding and abetting?

    Beyond stupid.

    Me: “Two men in the car, Central (dispatcher). Both in need of assistance En route to 1313 Mockingbird Lane. Will advise when out and 98.”

    Central “Time in 1302”

    Me: “10-4”


  11. Big deal, but I still can’t help but wonder how much an NFL O-lineman actually has to drink to be hammered enough to get busted for public intoxication.

  12. “Who’s got it better than us??” hahahaha.

    all of you people defending him because he wasnt driving, is the same as saying he wasnt murdering anyone. Those werent the charges. Drunk in public was. He broke the law, and got arrested. Man up and take it.

    I heard he was quoted as saying “I bet I can throw a football over that mountain. If coach woulda put me in in the 4th quarter, we coulda won state” HAHA suckas!

  13. Man the pain and butthurt must be deep for the whiners to still be drinking to the point of not being able to walk, and this is after almost two weeks!

    Along with Colon Kraperdick crying and throwing a tantrum like a little snot-nosed brat, just like his loser coach!

    LOL! Love it!

  14. This law is probably intended to keep drunk people out of public…but it probably just makes it more likely that they will drive next time.

  15. SO many seahawk fans posting – people – your team is in the SUPER BOWL… why don’t you lay off and enjoy the moment?

    – Niner fan

  16. He was probably at a Bar and people were toasting for Denver to Beat Seattle.. Hell I’ll drink to that more than once myself.

  17. Behavior like this by policemen who should be trusted and respected have instead earned them the nickname ‘pigs’ throughout history.

  18. You Seattle fans act like you’ve won something? I understand that you want show your worth beating successful teams like the 9ers but being jerks and not having won anything yet is pretty silly. Be careful not to go down the road the Raider Fans went and Loved being the Nasty Jerks of the league loving being the Bad Guy … Then complain when people hate them when that’s what they wanted in the first place! Sherman is a guy that can get you to that place fast, no different than “TO” who was a good WR but we had to get rid of him. Its not just about Crabtree, its any WR that matches up with him. Remember the Atlanta WR (white?) that beat him for a TD in the playoffs? What did Sherman do? He clapped like he was praising him but in fact disrespecting him. When Sherman falls from grace, and he will, fans will remember is antics and rants, then cheer. That will add to the breakdown of his play. If you don’t win Sunday the Only thing will be remember about Seattle is Sherman’s rants and that you can’t win the Big One.

  19. Hawk fans coming in here to make any sort of deal out of probably the most innocuous off season offense from an NFL player in recent memory two days before the biggest game in their self-important franchise’s history is pretty funny. And can anyone tell me if there’s an fan base more in love with itself than Seattle?

  20. I have to admit that I was pretty relieved when I clicked on the link (from PFT’s tweet, which didn’t say the name) and saw it was just Daniel Kilgore walking while drunk (how dare he), and NOT Alex Boone.

  21. I suppose we all had a snoot full sometime in our lives, so it’s certainly a relatable situation. I am very relieved that they had enough sense to be “staggering” rather than driving.

  22. Those Titans fans are a mean-spirited bunch. Cop better hope the Niners don’t play them anytime soon.

  23. Arrested for being drunk and walking on the sidewalk? Really?
    Every team in the NFL would be thrilled to have their players walk home after drinking too much.

    Virtually every player in the NFL drinks too much at one point or another. Some off the Azzhats drive and get arrested or kill someone in a car accident.

    Kilgore drank too much but had the good sense to walk instead of drive.


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