Bill Belichick: Beating Peyton Manning is “the ultimate challenge”

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Patriots coach Bill Belichick has prepared quite a few game plans in an attempt to stop Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning over the years, which makes him a good person to talk to a couple of days before Super Bowl XLVIII.

Mike Lupica of the New York Daily News did that and got Belichick to repeat some of the praise he threw Manning’s way after the Patriots lost to the Broncos in the AFC Championship Game. Belichick said that he looks approaches beating Manning the same way he used to look at beating Joe Montana, explaining that he wants him on the sideline as much as possible to increase the pressure on him to make a play when he does get back into the game.

That’s easier said than done, however.

“In so many ways, because of his talent and because of how good he is at the strategy and the execution of his offense, it is the ultimate challenge,” Belichick said.

Belichick wasn’t without tips for the Seahawks, however. He said he didn’t feel the Seahawks defense needed to change much of what they’ve been doing to deal with Manning and that Seattle would be well served by getting an early lead. While he doesn’t think Manning will panic, Belichick said, “in a complimentary way,” that the Broncos are a front running team and pointed out their regular season loss to the Chargers as an example of what he meant.

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  1. “So Seattle, in other words, don’t wait until the 3rd quarter to start scoring….like we did…….

  2. Anyone else find it interesting that when Jonathan Martin leaked texts we had a post on it in seconds and racism was on every post.

    Now that Incognito released texts the last couple days showing Martin to be giving as well as he took…..silence.

    Wonder why…..

  3. Here are some indisputable, hardly-discussed facts for Sunday’s game:

    –Marshawn Lynch had less total yards (1,573) than Knowshon Moreno (1,586) this season, despite Lynch having 36 more touches than Moreno.

    –Marshawn Lynch averaged less yards per carry (301 carries, 4.2 ypc) than Knowshon Moreno (241 carries, 4.3 ypc) this season.

    –In the playoffs, the Broncos’ defense played the #5 offense (San Diego) and #7 offense (New England), allowing 17 and 16 points, respectively. Seattle’s offense ranked #17 this season.

    –The rush defenses of Seattle’s playoff opponents, San Francisco and New Orleans, were ranked #5 and #19 this season. The Broncos’ rush defense finished at #7, tied with the Seahawks.

    Enjoy the game.

  4. Manning is considered the ultimate challenge because he plays football to win ON THE FIELD.

    Can’t label the Patriots this because they haven’t won anything since it was discovered they couldn’t win without a cheating edge.

    All the Boston folks love to deny the fact their greatest history is a Dynasty of Cheating.

    Nobody denies that Belichick and Brady are two of the best all time. But people who remember their football history know that Brady became a champion because of the Patriots defense, not the Patriots offense. 2 Superbowl victories through field goals, and another through defensive turnovers.

    Since Tom Brady has become the focal point of the Patriots – zero rings.

  5. “Can’t label the Patriots this because they haven’t won anything since it was discovered they couldn’t win without a cheating edge.”

    What are you saying, guy?? It’s people like you who have nothing to say about the Patriots besides the same ole thing. FYI, EVERY TEAM in the NFL was doing, in the words of Bill Cowher himself – “every team was spying on others. The Patriots were just too arrogant to stop”. Since “spygate” the Pats went undefeated one season, 2 Super Bowl trips and have yet to have a losing season. Oh, and they were a game away from maybe one of the most triumphant Super Bowl runs by any team (this season). Respect greatness and how an nfl organization should be ran and played.

  6. Side note: by survey of all the nfl players, they voted Brady as the guy they’d want with the ball in his hands in the clutch. You give Brady at least one of Mannings targets other than Welker, it’ll be the Pats vs hawks in the Super Bowl. I respect the hell out of manning, but it’s just the truth.

  7. That’s the exact approach that Sean Payton had at beating Manning in SB44… Kept on the sidelines after a successful on-side kick, Manning felt pressure to make a play when he finally got on the field and Tracy Porter did the rest..

  8. –Marshawn Lynch had less total yards (1,573) than Knowshon Moreno (1,586) this season, despite Lynch having 36 more touches than Moreno.

    –Marshawn Lynch averaged less yards per carry (301 carries, 4.2 ypc) than Knowshon Moreno (241 carries, 4.3 ypc) this season.

    Reaching to make yourself feel better about the game?
    No show also was in a pass first O that no one stacked the box against. Myself and the rest of the sane world will give Lynch the advantage.

    The question you should be asking yourself is how a, middle of the road, San Diego Defense held the #1 Offense to 24 and 27 points in their last two meetings.

  9. (BB) He is so tuff to beat when I’m not tapped into his helmet communications! I actually have to call defense based on the personnel package instead of actually knowing the play. THEN HE AUDIBLES….sheeeesh…..I wish my QB could run an offense like this. On second thought, no I don’t. This way atleast we can under pay him because we know he won’t go anywhere because if he did, he’d be revealed as a fraud.


  10. Here’s some food for thought Pats fans. Pre spygate NE playoff record was 12-2, 7-0 at home, 5-2 on the road, almost unstoppable. Since being exposed for filming offensive and defensive signals by Eric Mangini the Jets HC and former pats DC, a person fully aware of the system of cheating the Pats utilized, the Pats playoff record has been 6-6, 6-3 at home, 0-3 on the road. Why such a drop off?

    The Pats continue to cheat at home games, carding their 6th perfect home record in their 13th season with BB. The statistical chance of this is 1/7000. 9-0 at home this year and 4-5 on the road with losses to teams they should of won against.

    The real question is why would Bill Belichick risk being caught for filming signals at a road game against a HC that knew about the illigal filming and actually set up a sting operation to catch him doing it? Because he misinterpreted the rules? YA, OK BILL! It’s because it is so benifitial to his success that he had to take the chance of getting caught to cement the #1 seed in the AFC ensuring teams would have to go through Foxboro almost garanteeing a ticket to the SB every year. With QB’s like Peyton Manning putting up 13-3 seasons every year, they had to go atleast 5-3 on the road to ensure things went as planned.

    Everyone who’s ever had their team come to foxboro knows about the mysterous helmet communications malfunctions at key times in games. Even like this year, play clock malfunctions while Den was on offense, hmmmm. When will ignorant pats fans open their eyes and see what us other NFL fans have seen for the past 10 years?

  11. Peyton Manning 2013 season
    68% Comp 55TD 10 Int’s 115.1 Qb Rating

    Tom Brady 2013 season
    60% Comp 25 TD’s 11 Ints 87.3 QB Rating

    Matt Cassel 2008 1st season as a starter, now he’s a backup
    63% Comp 21TD’s 11 Int’s 89.4 QB Rating

    Alex Smith 2013 another great game manager
    60% Comp 23TD’s 7 Int’s 89.1 QB Rating

    Tom Brady stats against the Colts in Foxboro (handed the ball off 44 times)
    52% Comp 198 Yds 0 TD’s 0 Int’s 78.4 QB Rating

    Tom Brady’s Stat Line before garbage time at Mile High
    60% Comp 208 Yds 0 TD’s 0 Int’s

    Tom Brady is the most Over rated QB of all time!

    You can keep your Tom Brady, I’ll take my Peyton Manning Thanks!

  12. Bostonian, IF a frog had wings it wouldn’t bump its Bostonian when it hopped. Let it go, your team lost. Better luck next year. Buh bye.

  13. It will come down to keeping Manning under 21 points. To do that, they will have to get 2 picks and run for 140 yards.
    As the 9rs saw, being 10 points behind at the half is not behind to this Seattle team. The Broncos seem to have issues in second halfs, the Seahawks seem to kick ass in second halfs.

    Love both these teams, hope the officials call the rules as they are written and let the best team win, it will be a great game if the officials do their jobs.

  14. The Broncos haven’t won anything since they were caught cheating in the 90s, when they were secretly paying tens of millions of dollars to players under the table (salary cap gate).

    If Goodell were in charge back then, instead of Paul Tagliabue, the owners like Al Davis who were furious and wanted the Broncos stripped of their two Super Bowl rings and wanted ownership of the Broncos to be taken away would have gotten their wishes.

    It’s a shame that Denver and San Francisco pulled this off, winning multiple titles by cheating, fielding rosters that they could not have had legally under the salary cap rules.

    It is even more of a shame that their shenanigans have been largely forgotten only because they were an irrelevant team by the time they were caught.

  15. Isn’t there any way we can twist this article to say something bad about Belichick, like you always do?

    FORSBERGLER is a 32 year old video game d-bag Bronco fan living in his Mom’s basement in Halifax Nova Scotia. He trolls boards all over the Internet, and has even been kicked off Bronco fan boards for being a horses behind. No grown man with a normal social life and a job, has that kind of time to invest in taunting people from behind a keyboard. His proximity to New England has exposed him to non stop exposure to their success, and it kills him. Like a child throwing a temper tantrum, he is to be ignored.

  16. As a lifelong Chargers fan, I will be rooting for Seattle for two reasons; 1) I can’t stand the Donkeys 2) I can’t stand Mannings (Peyton for playing for the donkeys) and Eli/Archie for being draft dicks. The Chargers were two plays from beating the donkeys in the playoffs. Novak slips (and still almost makes the FG) and that 3rd and long with a couple of minutes left. But, folks are right, we should have played better sooner.

  17. Even Belichick knows Manning is the best QB of all time. Brady is my guy, and I love him, but it takes him, a top 5 coach, and a decent team to beat one guy. Seriously, Peyton is just one dude, and will beat you almost every time.

  18. Yeah “NEWSFLASH” if you want to keep Manning from scoring….keep him on the bench.
    Geez…Nobody else thought of that yet

    Brilliant !

    I heard Jaws say “whoever wins the redzone battle will win the game”
    I wish it didn’t take year of actual work to make what these guys make in 5 minutes.

    p.s. Manning will win

  19. you call it taunting, I like to call it speaking the truth Ian. Ian is a fat pig who lives in ottawa who started watching football in 2001 and pretends he knows something about football because he plays Madden video games. He can’t take someone talking about his beloved Pats and an article like this talking about Manning hurts his feelings. LMAO

  20. This game is not going to come down to how well Manning plays, but how well Wilson and the Hawk’s offense plays.

    Manning will have his yards and TDs, but I do believe Seattle’s defense will stop the Bronco’s offense more than anyone all year – but they won’t shut it down 100%. Therefore, how Seattle’s offense plays is going to determine this game.

  21. Despite not wanting to see Sherman get a ring, I am cheering for Seattle on Sunday.

    Not because I have anything against the Broncos or Manning, but everyone outside of Pittsburgh knows the Seahawks got royally screwed in Super Bowl 40 and I think it will be nice to see the football gods settle their 8 year old debt with the Seahawks organization and their fans.

  22. The Broncos have trouble in the second half?


    Virtually every game they played this year, it was close at half time. Then they blew their opponents the hell out.

    The only problems Denver had this year was garbage time, which gave the illusion that the game was closer than it really was. They tended to coast. The lacked the killer instinct. I seriously doubt they’ll let up on the throttle against the Seahawks.

    It’s amazing how many posters on PFT rattle on about teams or games that they clearly never watched.

  23. I can not understand why some of these people keep bringing up this dead horse stuff about N E and the supposedly “cheating thing” ? I t has been hashed out, planted, dug up, planted, dug up, and planted so many different times that to the average person and to most people it is a dead horse that has been so thoughly beaten and worn out and planted and then dug up so many different times. Why can’t some people just let the poor old dead horse R.I.P. and move on to something else that has happened. Just remember that there is not one single N F L team that has not committed some type of crime and broken some type of rules at some time or other during their time in the NFL. Shoot, if you really went all the back to when the PRO’S (NF C) first started and just did a little digging, I would be willing to bet that you would fine that there was a lot of dirty stuff going on even then. So please do not try and make things seem like it was only ONE team and ONE coach that ever did anything wrong during the existence of the game of football. It is just like some coaches have all ready stated “every team and every coach ” has done the same thing and sometimes even worse and they should know better than anyone else what goes on or takes place behind closed doors, wouldn’t you agree? So for the sake of the game if nothing else, please just let the “poor old dead horse” that has been beaten to death so many different times just R.I.P. Thank you .

  24. Hahaha Forsbergler exposed. What a complete tool. Not surprising though, you can tell he’s got way yo much time on his hands. You writes 1500 words on a comment section of a football blog?? Even your fellow bronco fans can’t stand your tired act. Have fun never getting laid.

  25. The question might be “DID the Chargers hold Denver or was it just an off night for the Broncos?” It really doesn’t matter. Seahawks and Broncos are two good teams and this game may be a classic.

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