Cardinals president not happy with next Super Bowl host city

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After the confetti comes to rest on Sunday night, the Super Bowl focus will shift to Arizona, where the 49th edition of the game will be played in early 2015.

In the opinion of Cardinals president Michael Bidwill, it’s getting late for the folks in Glendale, Arizona to get their act together.

Visiting Radio Row on Thursday, Bidwill complained about host city, including the inability of Glendale officials to lock in guaranteed prices for the hotels around University of Phoenix Stadium.

I think they’re acting very selfishly,” Bidwill said, via “I think that you look at specifically the hotels out there, they’re just worried about their bottom line and that’s not the way great cities act.  That’s not the way great leaders act. If people want to be big time and big cities, they’ve got to come together.”

Glendale’s reluctance to fully embrace the event could cause activities related to the Super Bowl to go elsewhere, with the NFL Experience likely landing in Phoenix.

“If there’s a city like Glendale that doesn’t want to participate, they’re going to lose out and all the activities will be going to the other cities that are participating,” Bidwill said. “In this instance, it’s going to be Phoenix and Scottsdale for the most part, and they’re great partners.

“The problem with Glendale all comes down to leadership and shortsightedeness, and it’s really disappointing but they think they’ve got it figured out and they really don’t. I think it’s selfish and they’ve done a poor job of planning and financially planning. They made a lot of really bad decisions and been proud about those decisions. Let them consider all those things.”

With more cold-weather cities having open-air stadiums emboldened by the likelihood of mild temperatures on Sunday, it could become even harder for reluctant cities like Glendale to get their act together when the times comes to submit competitive bids to host the Super Bowl in the future.

Or maybe the folks in Glendale are ahead of the curve, realizing that the privilege of hosting a Super Bowl is actually becoming a burden that, at the end of the day, doesn’t do much to help the bottom line.

22 responses to “Cardinals president not happy with next Super Bowl host city

  1. “I think that you look at specifically the hotels out there, they’re just worried about their bottom line and that’s not the way great cities act.”

    I had to stop right there, a Bidwell complaining about someone else being cheap, wow.

  2. Mr. Bidwill, you absolutely correct, the city of Glendale officials need to get their act together and quit being stupid. They nearly allowed the Coyotes to leave. They don’t see the big picture, the benefits to the city of Glendale and it’s community. I am truly sorry to say I live in Glendale and actually vote for some of these people. They need to wake up and smell the coffee!! I hope some of them read this and start thinking, instead of being selfish!

  3. It’s constant with Glendale, ask the NHL. The leaders are these insane ultra party line politicians who tow the line regardless of profit for the city or benefit for the business owners in their cities. It’s actually sad.

  4. ““I think they’re acting very selfishly,” Bidwill said, via “I think that you look at specifically the hotels out there, they’re just worried about their bottom line…”

    Meanwhile, the NFL charges $150 for cars to part at SB48, charges $51 for cattle car busses to take people to the stadium beciase thay are not allowed to take taxis, limos or to even walk there. SB tickets are upwards of $1500, beers are $20+, etc.

    So yeah, as long as the NFL is bending people over, why can’t the businesses operating at the host site do the same?

  5. This is all Bidwills fault anyway. If they would have built the stadium in SCOTTSDALE, the richest city in AZ, they would not have this problem. But they went the cheap route and now they complain. Talk about not planning for the future.

  6. Ha! An NFL owner publicly lamenting about others greed. Bidwell no less!

    The NFL is one of the biggest recipients of public welfare, and he comes across like an AIG, GM, or BoA exec having just taken TARP funds and throwing a hissy fit about how mean people are about it.

  7. “How DARE somebody else take advantage of my fans? That’s MY job!” – an NFL executive complaining about a hotel company or municipality raising rates to take advantage of higher demand

  8. Cities need to wake up to the fact that having an NFL team is a burden. Los Angles had the right idea when it said there would be ZERO tax dollars going into any football related infrastructure. Billionaires sucking at the teat of the taxpayer. The stuper bowl is a crown of thorns for any city to wear. I think these businesses should wring every penny they can out of it, at least the taxes will get a small bit of it too.

  9. Bidwell had to swim two extra laps in his swimming pool full of money to lift himself out of his depression. Pity he poor billionaire.

  10. I’ll Say It Again…. EVERY city with publicly funded NFL stadium should get a Super Bowl.

  11. This has nothing to do with Bidwill…. It’s the COG that should have their reality sh*t show… Build an arena, builds a new baseball park for the Dodgers gave up rights to the Cards for their stadium… Honesty to Christ I am not sure I have ever lived in a more dysfunctional state or part of the world….

  12. Glendale blew all their money to keep a hockey team in the desert. The NHL has taken Glendale for a ride. Glendale keeps pouring in good money after bad. The team has yet to make money and never will. The only people who go to hockey games in the desert are transplants and retirees from back east.

  13. Glendale has nearly been bankrupted by its accommodation of two pro teams, the Cardinals and the Coyotes.

    They were furnished all sorts of projections of revenue streams that simply haven’t been fulfilled. Not even close. After yet another shortfall, the city was promised make-up revenue via $10 parking for events. Yet, everyone seems stunned that people have simply found other places to park.

    One poster here is right. If facilities had been built in Scottsdale, where people didn’t have to commute for 45 minutes to get to a game, and there were already world-class hotels, resorts and restaurants, the story would be much different.

    Instead Glendale was chosen, and Scottsdale instead turned its available land into state-of-the-art spring baseball facilities at Talking Stick. That area is flourishing. Glendale is hemorrhaging.
    Bad moves all around.

  14. Glendale stands to lose a lot more than just chances at SBs. There are a ton of bids out right now for national games, etc.

    Glendale has shown time and again that they don’t have a vision for things of this scale.

    Millions of people will party for a week in phx and Scottsdale and go to Glendale for gameday only.

    The stadium should have never been built there.

  15. Lots of hate for NFL owners.

    1) Michael Bidwill IS NOT Bill Bidwill. The paradigm has shifted within the franchise so stay up on current events.

    2) Owners are rich and we are not. Don’t buy their product if you’re so disgusted with it.

  16. Glendale is crappy little city .What does Bidwell expect he knew this before he moved the Cardinals there.

  17. I’ve been to many games in Glendale. The stadium is great, but I stay in Scottsdale because it’s geared towards tourist. Their are places to eat and things to do in Scottsdale and their a bit more hospitable. Glendale is not in Scottsdale’s league and it appears they have/will stop trying.

  18. Scottsdale could not even build an arena for the Coyotes! Who remembers Los Arcos? Then remember Scottsdale, Tempe and Phoenix did not have a location for the stadium.

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