Dowell Loggains expected to be Browns quarterbacks coach

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On Thursday, we learned that former Titans offensive coordinator Dowell Loggains would be joining the Browns’ coaching staff as either quarterbacks coach or offensive coordinator.

According to Nate Ulrich of the Akron Beacon Journal, it is “very likely” that Loggains will be the quarterbacks coach. Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer has a similar report, adding that Loggains could still wind up as the offensive coordinator. The Browns have interviewed Kyle Shanahan and Raiders quarterbacks coach John DeFilippo for that post, although Cabot adds that no hire is imminent and the search could continue into next week.

Hiring a quarterbacks coach before an offensive coordinator isn’t something you see very often, especially when that position coach is also seen as a possible coordinator, but the Browns have certainly beat to their own drum throughout the hiring process at all levels of their coaching staff.

Should Loggains wind up as quarterbacks coach, he’ll have plenty to do this offseason. The Browns will either draft or acquire at least one quarterback and they have Brian Hoyer returning from a knee injury to go with the installation of a new offense whose creator remains unknown.

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  1. The problem in finding coaches is that Dumbturdi and Bummer are searching for people with less football knowledge than they have. And its hard to find someone that stupid!

  2. I am not excited or happy with these names on the coaching staff. I also don’t care for Banner and his ego. I will say when HC bring in their own staff it is because they all believe in the same ideals. Therefore they all think the same way and if their one soultion does not work they cannot think outside the box. I like the idea of differing views or ways of thinking. This also seperates each coaching position and makes each coach responsible. Therefore if the Browns fire an OC or QB coach it does not affect the other. So if an OC comes in and stinks but Dowell does well as the QB coach. Bye bye OC either Dowell will get it or a new one will be hired. And as far as Petine goes. He could careless because he did not make te hires. In all honesty it puts all the pressure on Banner. He may be canned in a two years.

  3. Whether it’s this year, or two years from now, you can count on Dowell becoming the offensive coordinator. Dude’s a brilliant diamond in the rough. Wish he was still on our staff.

    -Titans Fan

  4. Cleveland is actually putting together a nice coaching staff. Many of you probably don’t know much about some of these coaches, but Loggains is a brilliant coach. I guarantee that much of the media will be putting their foot in their mouth next year.

  5. Ballboy knows what’s up!! Just because they didn’t coach for pitt or dallas and u don’t know their name doesn’t mean they aren’t good. Many coaches work out this way and the job comes with less pressure since they are a (nobody)

  6. So several people on here are asking me to believe that Dowell Loggains is a no-brainer upgrade from Norv Turner, who is widely considered to be one of the most well respected offensive coordinators in NFL history (albeit a mediocre head coach).

    And you know this because of? Is there a specific accomplishment you can point to, because I look at the production the Titans got from the QB position and I’m not seeing it.

    The Browns, despite starting I believe 4 different QBs, finished 11th in passing offense. The Titans, who came into the year with an established starter and a backup who had been a starter, finished 21st.

    So again, if you’ve got a fact or two to back up your argument, I would love to hear it.

  7. This is like trying to make a beautiful jacket out of thrown together old beat up patches. I would not be surprised if Johnny Football comes out and says he won’t play for Cleveland (ala Elway and Eli). I wouldn’t blame him at all. I wouldn’t and I live here.
    They are a grease fire.

  8. Being a fan of Dowell Loggains like me is one thing (I think he’ll someday be widely regarded as an “offensive genius”), but to say he’s an upgrade over Norv Turner is just plain nuts. Turner is not only an offensive genius, he’s probably the best offensive coordinator in the NFL.

    -Titans Fan

  9. How did he do working with QB Locker?

    If Kyle Shanahan is hired as OC, wouldn’t he want to choose his own QB coach?

    Is this all from Knuckles & Dumbardi, or does new coach Putin have any say?

  10. Well, it’s definately ‘putting the cart before the horse’ to put a QB coach in place before you have an OC, unless he is going to be the OC?
    If not, this could be a serious mistake by the Browns organization, who at least seem to have gotten it right lately…maybe in spite of themselves…by hiring Mike Pettine.
    It could be another misstep if Loggains is the QB’s coach, and a new coordinator is hired who doesn’t see eye-to-eye (not a comment on Loggains height, of lack therof), and feels like a coach that should be a subordinate might have more pull than he does? That would seem to be an ass-backwards way of doing things…

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