Finley expects to be cleared soon


Packers tight end Jermichael Finley suffered a serious neck injury during the 2013 season.  His season ended with surgery — and inevitable questions regarding whether he’ll play again.

Finley consistently has said he’ll indeed play again.  Moments ago at Radio Row, Finley told PFT that his doctor expects to give Finley clearance for contact within the next three or four weeks.  Finley pegged his doctor’s confidence at 99.9 percent.

The looming free agent already is cleared to run routes and catch passes, and if he’s cleared for contact in the next month he could become a hot commodity in free agency.

We’ll be posting the full video soon, during which Finley said plenty of other interesting things.  None more interesting than the fact that he’ll soon be cleared to return to the NFL.

38 responses to “Finley expects to be cleared soon

  1. Does anybody want a 1 legged tight end who’s good for 2-5 games in a 16 game season?

  2. With the hip bone connected
    to the back bone,
    and the back bone connected
    to the neck bone,
    and the neck bone connected
    to the wallet bone,
    Oh mercy how they scare!

  3. Finley will go down as one of the best TE’s of all time, playing for one of the best teams of all time. The Packers are the model franchise every other team models themselves after, and unfortuneatly, if he doesn’t return to the Pack how can he expect to have continued success?

  4. After what happened to Nick Collins it’s good to see Finley will be able to continue playing. Just imagining all the defense problems having #36 would solve for the Pack hurts… Also hoping they don’t let Finley go (esp w/ Jones departure immanent). He’s grew on me the past couple seasons…

  5. I fully expect him not located on the cheesebay roster.
    Moving on…when do we here ShAaron’s big announcement?
    (to which, I support his life choices)

  6. This is good news for a guy who I believe has been trying his best to adapt to being a consistent, mature force in the NFL. I also firmly believe that he has reached the end of the road with the Packers. For proof, just look to the Nick Collins situation.

    Wish him all the best but I think Pettigrew or a rookie draft pick have a better chance of suiting up in green and gold next year than Finley does.

  7. Best of luck to Jermichael. Battling back from an injury like that is impressive. Just goes to show you what can happen when you’re a #warrior.

  8. GB 7-1-1 in last three years vs. the mighty Norsemen. And they didn’t need much from Finley to do it.

  9. GB is #1 franchise in sports. They can beat the Vikes with one hand tied behind their backs. Everyone else is just envious. If Rodgers can stay healthy they will repeat as SB victors for many years to come. Finley>Gronkoski.

  10. Just take a look at how Ted Thompson handled situations like this previously and you already have your answer.

    First, it doesn’t matter what Finley’s doctor says, it only matters what the Packer’s doctor says and they take a very conservative approach.

    Second, Finley thinks he is worth a lot more than he is so there are just a handful of teams that misjudge talent vs. real value so his market is very limited.

    Lastly, no use firing back at the Viking trolls. Finley has already stated that he wants to play for a championship thereby ruling out the Vikings.

  11. Ted Thompson will never re-sign Finley with a neck injury. most of the Packers top FA’s will sign elsewhere and they will be replaced . The Packers will not over pay for talent in the NFL’s smallest market. Raji is a goner , so is James Jones and probably Sam Shields if he asks for too much money. All of these players are replaceable through the draft . Because the Packers do not sign big money FA’s it may take them until the 2015 season to rebuild and make a bonafide SB run using the next 2 college drafts and some luck avoiding injuries. There is nothing to panic about in Title town as long as Rodgers can stay healthy and the offensive line blocks for him.

  12. Dont be too quick in saying Thompson will not bring him back because of the injury. Richardson had neck surgery as well and was brought back to play. Collins injury was more serious as evidenced by him stepping away from the game as well as no interest.

  13. Guys a freak athlete. lots of injury concerns… If he choose to do a reasonable contract for both sides I am sure GB would like to have him.

    If he wants anything close to what he was making last season he can take that show else where.

    At least if he does go to a team like the Giants, he won’t regret leaving nearly as much as Greg Jennings did.

  14. Finley will be great next to Gronkowski in New England catching passes from a future hall of famer. Best fans outside of Green Bay. Packers and Patriots are the best organizations in the NFL.

  15. deltaoracle says:
    Jan 31, 2014 4:18 PM
    GB 7-1-1 in last three years vs. the mighty Norsemen. And they didn’t need much from Finley to do it.

    The tie was a win. The Bears held the in-common opponent tiebreaker. The 16-point comeback tie won the division….with a 4th string street agent.

  16. They’re still going to have to figure out if he gets paid for dropping most of his passes as a TE or as a WR.

  17. Finley is done in Green Bay. Truth is a b**** and this is how it rolls. Firstly, I would want him back to play in GB. However, no one has ever came back to play for the Packers after injuries of this nature. FACT.

  18. I wish him the best of luck, but being someone who has had this surgery it’s unrealistic. I had anterior cervical discectomy and spinal fusion which I believe he had and I’m in pain day in day out. I’m not football player but a union ironworker which is a pretty tough job. And guess what I can’t do that anymore. So he should maybe think twice. No Green Bay fan at all but good luck and consider your family first.

  19. I feel sorry for the sucker team that signs this bag of damaged goods. I hope the Vikings give him some big money. He should be a happy camper dropping passes from Christian Ponder.

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