Finley wants to stay with Packers, but he’s eyeballing Seattle

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Packers tight end Jermichael Finley had plenty to say during a visit with PFT Live from Radio Row on Friday.

For starters, Finley said he’ll soon be cleared for contact, after a neck injury that required fusion surgery last year.

Finley will be a free agent on March 11. He wants to stay with the Packers. But he’s willing to leave, if need be.

“I said it once before, I want to be a Packer for life,” Finley said. “But we all know this is a business and the Packers are going to take it as a business but at the same time, I was playing at a high level when I got injured.  But at the end of the day, I can go give any team what they need and take them to the promised land, I can guarantee you that.”

Finley said he’s eyeballing a team that already is on the verge of getting to the promised land.

“I mean there’s a couple of teams I would love and would be on the first flight out to play with but like I said the Packers are going to come at me with something and I’m going to go to them first and see what they’ve got and if it’s not I would love to be on the first flight out to good old Seattle,” Finley said.

Whether the Seahawks land Finley or not, the notion that the Seahawks have become a magnet for free agents is very good news for a team that could remain a contender for years to come.

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138 responses to “Finley wants to stay with Packers, but he’s eyeballing Seattle

  1. Playing at a “high level” is pretty subjective. He was playing at a high level when comparing him to the other second tier tight ends around the league.

    Wasn’t this the guy who thought Aaron Rodgers wouldn’t throw him the ball because he thought he didn’t like him personally or something?

  2. He should strongly consider leaving if he wants to win a title. Seattle is a much better place to do that and Ted Thompson has done as much as he can with the Packers. If anything they will start to crumble and fall apart, he just has them stalled and at the peak of what he can do for them.

  3. Just like I told you free agents want to play in Seattle; best team in the NFL, best coach in the NFL, best city in the USA, and now you see I’m right.

    Seattle wins the SB 31-21.

  4. I fear Finley is in for a rude shock. The Packers have been looking to trade him the past couple of years already and now with the injury, it is easy to decide he isn’t worth the cost of keeping him. And Seattle straight up doesn’t need him.

    If he does manage to find a job, it will be on some team that had fewer wins this year than QBs on their rosters.

  5. Have fun with that.

    He has talent, but Seahawk fans will get tired of seeing his first down dance after dropping 3-5 balls that hit him right in the hands.

    He has great talent… but so does Percy Harvin.

  6. This guy still thinks more of himself than anyone else does. When exactly has he “played at a high level” for more than a single game here and there?

  7. I hope we sign you to a nice year contract and see if you can have comeback year with Luke Willson getting another year of seasoning under his belt.

    But I think you will have to get in line, your desire to be a FA in Seattle will not be an original one.


  8. Addition by subtraction. It’ll take him 5 years to build “chemisty” with Russell Wilson too. Not denying the talent, nor am i denying he’s mr “potential.” Never quite could live up to the billing. Then he runs his mouth when he drops 12 balls about chemistry.

  9. If you can get a clean bill of health I hope you do go to the best team in football right now in Seattle

    Richest owner, best fans, best defense in football, great coach and GM who take care of their players and an up and coming young QB who has a strong enough arm to get you the football, Finley !

    Sounds good enough for ya, Finley ?

  10. Considering the severity of his injury, the team thing is secondary. Just good to know that he’s made it and will be good to go. Like his comments about Aaron.

  11. Seattle won’t be a contender for long once all their loud mouth players on rookie deals start holding out and they eventually run into cap problems!

  12. Too bad. The Packers helped Finley grow up.
    I have no doubt Seattle will win a SuperBowl with this crew, this year or future. But it’s unfortunate Seattle fans could not have won with more players they could be proud of. When Pete Carroll calls his team 10 years from now for their SuperBowl reunion, 1/3 will be bankrupt or in jail. Hope Finley does not fall into that influence.

  13. Yes, the attitude in Seattle is going to be very attractive to a lot of free agents.
    Music during practice etc…
    concentration on the job…

  14. He wants to play for Seattle and doesn’t want to anger Green Bay at the same time.

    You can’t have your cake and eat it too.

    Why would you get cake if you couldn’t eat it? Never understood that one. Guess I just made a fool of myself. I’m a Browns fan, it’s been a habit for a couple decades.

  15. Players will be lining up to come to Seattle in the off season. I think we continue to draft quality and develop them.

  16. I doubt we have room for you Finely. Well need to release several injury prone players soon, and that’s just to keep Bennet around.

  17. sweet offer on the table Vikings….
    Seahawks will give you a second and a sixth round pick for Patterson. Let’s do the trade, and Vikings fans will scream fleece. 5-10-1

  18. I’m not sure how strong the market will be for a tight end who’s always been good but not great, but I do know that Finley just lowered any bargaining power he might have had with Seattle, if he wants to play there that badly surely he won’t mind taking less money to do so.

  19. After Packers-Seahawks game:

    Reporter: Did you push off?
    Golden Tate: I don’t know what you’re talking about.

    C’mon, Jermichael. Don’t associate yourself with those clowns.

  20. If they can get Finnley as well as a healthy Harvin and beast it would almost be unfair to the feast of the NFL. But that would cost money and they don’t need to be over paying for two broken wide receivers. He’d have to want to play there more then he wants a ton of money.

  21. True, Seattle will be a hot spot for free agents, but they’ll need to realize that the Hawks will be spending a lot of money to keep Earl Thomas, Russell Wilson, Richard Sherman and others to stay in Seattle. Paul Allen’s wallet will be wide open for the next few years.

  22. Glad other’s see Seahawks as potential landing spot. Getting to the SB with a very young team and coach that allows everyone to be themselves helps…….

  23. Packer fan here, I hope they draft a young, talented tight end. Love ya Fin, but over paying you to talk isn’t going to get us to the promise land, again. You are a part, but it wasn’t all on you. You haven’t done much since. You weren’t playing at a “high level”. You were playing, but hardly at as high level like ya had.

    The problem is, some of these guys are so good but for only a short time. They want a big deal, but so many red flags. I don’t see GB giving you a fat contract. I see them letting someone else over pay. Steven Jackson is a great example. I am certainly not the only one who thought Atlanta was fooling themselves for thinking Jackson would solve their issues at RB, it only amplified it. His signing all but assured them they’d have to rely on back ups. I knew from the word go, he’d be out hurt, quick. And, well look what happened. Over paid veteran who can’t stay healthy. There’s a lot of them, sadly Arian Foster is quickly going down that path. Once a guy starts missing more games than playing due to injuries it’s hard to bounce back.

    MJD is in the same boat, wants a big new contract, but his old team is looking at their draft board instead of where to cut cap space. MJD will have to settle for #2 RB money on a team with a proven RB at #1. I could see him in NE, getting in there occasionally like Woodhead did for them.

    Love ya Fin, but take a home team discount, or enjoy playing for Seattle. If you play in all games next year I’d be very surprised. For any team.

  24. It’ll be the “The Museum of Horrific Inbred Accidents,” and the “14 Toed, Three-Headed Offspring Theatre,” that keeps Finley around.

    Seattle can’t compete with that kind of rich culture.

  25. He can sign with the vikings-bears-lions in consecutive seasons and I’d have no problem with it.

    I’m just glad the dude can walk – let alone play.

    Good luck Finley and stay healthy.

  26. Regardless of what you think about Pete Carroll; it’s indisputable the combination of Pete, John Schneider, and Paul Allen has made Seattle an absolute “beast” for recruiting professional talent. If they keep developing young, cheap draft picks they will be able to recruit whomever they want in free agency. It has been a long time waiting for Seattle to be a hot-bed for free agency.

  27. Finley I don’t think Seattle will bring you in because they have enough receivers already. So Finley you fishing in the wrong pond, you might get lucky your injury are holding you out of Green Bay.

  28. Come on Finley. Patrick Willis, Navorro Bowman and Ahmad Brooks would love to hit you twice a year….

  29. he’s out there pushing his damaged goods(neck) very hard…who is he trying to convince ? himself….cash in your reported 10M insurance policy and play with your kids…you were talented yet inconsistent all 6 years in GB…injury prone too….probably not even a top 10 TE……

  30. Kaeperneck was thinking the same thing! Cant beat’em might as well join’em! Payton agree’s! Guys..Denver has no chance. We played the best teams all season. 49ers 3 times, N.O. twice, Carolina and even AZ would woop the Bronc’s. I had PM as my fantasy qb, I followed him all season. Play by play. He hasn’t face the real NFC.

    He is still the best ever, Montana 2nd. NO DOUBT. But wait till you get a load of the NFC BEST! If Hawks loose I am ok with it too. 9ers was the biggest match up of the season. GO HAWKS!

  31. Wait a minute. Deosn’t Seattle already have a guy from the NFC North who is made of glass? #Viking&PackerFansUnited

  32. And Pete Carroll was voted by the players as the coach they would most want to play for . And won that by a large margin when it was taken back in Nov.

    Pete brings out the best in players and puts them in situations they can “Only ” succeed . Also the fun , youth , college environment stadium and talent of the team is why Seattle is the second youngest Super Bowl participant ever and are young in key areas . Seattle will lose some players but keep their core and we’ve seen these “backups ” Seattle has come in and never miss a step .

    They groom talent and have hungry guys waiting in the wings . This is also why them ,Denver , Indy , SD , Jax , Buff , NYG , jets ,redskins and others who have the same amount of players popped for peds this year . Seahawks players are competing in practice and some broke the rules but their is only one player on the the who was suspended for peds no one else is left .

  33. The Seattle Seahawks are a very attractive place to play for a variety of reasons including the fan base, stadium & practice facility, generous owner, lack of state income tax, player friendly approach and coaching staff, and a young team that will have perennial post season opportunities. Bennett and Avril have no regrets about taking less to come there after getting snubbed for mega deals.

  34. So the first question: why is Finley in New York?
    Answer: reps from all the teams are there. It’s called job prospecting.

    The Packers are teetering on salary cap hell and with the neck, I strongly suspect they won’t put big money his way, though they really don’t have a #2 tight end. Some other team will take a chance on his talent and cross their fingers his neck won’t happen again.

    He can be ‘excitable’. On some teams that’s not a big deal. In Green Bay it was. He also has a tendency to develop hands of stone at times. His blocking is so-so.
    But if the stars align, you have a receiver that can get open and is tough to cover.

  35. Finley is a great route runner and above average blocker but there’s no denying that several of his dropped balls have been costly. Frankly, it would be surprising if the Packers resigned him given his injury, money and other factors.

    He knows the desperate dummies in minnysoda are a sure bet to sign him at a ridiculous amount over his real value especially given Carlson’s situation.

  36. Finley’s biggest problem with the Packers over the years is his inability to keep his mouth shut.

    So it makes perfect sense that after watching Richard Sherman talk trash, that Seattle might be a preferred destination. And he would fit right in, no class, poor sportsmanship, an immaturity just seems to ooze thru the entire organization.

  37. I think the Packers will pay James Jones and Shields before Finley. The Packers wont fork over the money Finlwy wants. Wherever Finley goes I hope he stays healthy for the sake of his family. Neck injuries are always scary.

  38. Putting all bias aside, after this season, the Seahawks are going to have some difficulty signing their own core players, especially if they decide to extend Wilson.

    They are a very talented team and ::gag:: well coached, but Finley will have to give them some kind of a discount if he wants to play there and he wants to keep them in a position to enjoy as much success as he’s had in Green Bay.

  39. Just as you said, I love the fact that the ‘Hawks are now a place that free agents want to come. With Seattle already so young, the ability to sprinkle in a few select free agents here and there makes the town a contender for a long, long time.

  40. The Seahawks will be facing what all top teams face — they will have to sign their own players to much bigger contracts. Their QB alone will demand a lot of money. So I doubt if they’ll be willing to offer Finley a huge contract.
    As a Packer fan, my opinion of Finley is this. He talks a much better game than he delivers. Yes, he can be incredible at times. But more often than not, he is just average. And he’s a lousy blocker. In short — he has been an under-achiever in GB.
    The one area Finley would fit in with the Seahawks just fine is he likes to run his mouth.
    Given this very serious injury he’s coming back from, I think any team will have to be very careful about giving him a huge contract, including the Packers.

  41. As part owner I’d love to have J-Mic back in the fold but it will have to be a fair contract on both ends, so that both get equal protection with his injury.
    5yrs 28m, 12G

  42. “the notion that the Seahawks have become a magnet for free agents is very good news for a team that could remain a contender for years to come…”
    Every team in the SB is going to be “a contender for years to come”.
    Last year Baltimore and SF were the “contender for years to come”. The year before the Giant and the Pats were the “contender for years to come”.
    Next year it will be a couple of new “contender for years to come”.
    Finley know that he’s done in GB and he’s trying to sell himself.
    Dude can’t catch anyway.

  43. Considering his injuries on top of everything else , I think the Seahawks are fine with Miller at tight end. He actually blocks and is reliable in the passing game when called upon.

  44. Disappointed in you, Mike. Thought for sure you’d find a way to weave a tampering charge in there somehow.

  45. This is what scares people…

    Many of Seattle’s best players were later picks. Certainly cap considerations will mean Seattle can’t keep everyone, but our backups are better than many starters on other teams, and I suspect some players will take less $$ to play for Seattle, best job in the NFL.

  46. SF IS a contender. Losing on the road in the NFC Championship isn’t exactly out of contention.

    Everyone knew Baltimore was going to regress. They lost their defensive heart to retirement.

    Seattle is the second youngest team EVER in the SB. Not a lot of retirements coming up.

  47. Love how the self described “classy” fans on here throw their own players under the bus yet are shocked when players or other fans do likewise to the competition.

  48. I’ve always loved Fin’s potential, as well as frustrated with his lack of production.

    Don’t see any team breaking the bank much over the league minimum considering his injury history.

    Anyway, word is Green Bay is looking for a large body TE to help bolster our emerging running game. And judging the way the Packers deal with prospective spine and neck injured players, I’m sure they will pass on Jermichael.

    Whichever team he ends up playing for, expect a love affair with his talent and a whole lot of frustration and rejection.

    Just really pleased he has rebounded from his serious injury and wish him the best in life.

  49. Finely has always had the physical gifts, and in the last few years he’s finally had the right attitude. I’d love to see what he could do now if he could stay healthy for a full year now, but I don’t think Ted Thompson is going to pay him what another team would. I hope he has a great year where ever he ends up (as long as it’s out of the NFC North!), and I hope he stays healthy.

  50. If his ability to produce were as large as his ego, he might be something. He’s not.

  51. It is one thing for Finley to get cleared by his own doctors, but quite another for any team’s doctors to clear a player who has a fusion at the C3-C4 vertebrae level. There is simply too much risk to the health of the player and the finances of the team for any sort of free agent deal, let alone the max-type contract that Finley thinks he’s worth. The Packers will move on from Finley and look elsewhere for TE talent in the draft. My guess is that the rest of the NFL will do likewise and pass on signing Finley.

  52. Seriously, Finley? You have had one dominant season out of 6, and here you are already talking about throwing your current team under the bus if you don’t get what you want?

    What kind of team player are you? You need to hire an agent that speaks for you, so you don’t look like an A $ $ during interviews. You are lucky to even talk about possibly playing again, and now you are putting your team in a bit of a no win situation with these remarks.

    If I was making decisions for GB, I would point at your last full season and say we will pay you commensurate with that (667 yards and 2 TD’s), and put in incentive escalators based on performance and # of games played. And if you didn’t like it, I would open the door and tell you don’t let it hit you in the neck on the way out.

  53. Seattle is gonna have to start paying all that young talent in a minute. All those DB’s and Wilson etc…. They will be going through the same issues the Packers have in 3 years. There IS a salary cap and you can’t keep everyone.

  54. Who care about FInley right now its super bowl time baby! Finley is a bust anyways wherever he goes he will drop the ball and get hurt!

  55. Seattle will run into the same problems most teams do. Salary cap. If wilson continues to play at this level he will demand huge money, ala Aaron Rodgers. The reason the Hawks can have such an elite defense right now is the fact they have a Super Bowl caliber Qb making rookie wages. It’ll even out soon. Then free agents won’t be as likely to sign with the hawks. Also The Hawks are gaining the rep of throwing huge contracts at players and then out right cutting them. Not the kind of place to place if you’re looking for career stability. I know, I know you Hawks fans are going to say the same thing Packer fans said when Rodgers contract was due. ” He’s not in it for the money, no really he just loves being in Wisconsin so much he’ll practically work for free.” We saw how that turned out.

  56. Finley can keep Percy company while they’re on injured reserve.

    Finley has/had immense talent but his hands have been suspect his career. Packers paid him 8 million last year and if he wants anywhere near that he’s going to have to go somewhere else.

  57. says/ thevikesarebest says: Jan 31, 2014 10:25 PM

    Trying to leave that pathetic franchise for a franchise even more pathetic.#stonesforhandsSKOL!

    OMG, hahahahahahahahah
    A queen fan calling other franchise’s pathetic !!!!

  58. Seattle absolutely does not have the cap space to add another TE, which they don’t need. Zach Miller and Luke Willson are great in Seattle’s scheme.

  59. ariani1985 says:
    Feb 1, 2014 1:49 PM

    In turd we still trust? Green Bay wonders why they have lost their last 5 home playoff games!

    Funny how NO ONE wonders why the Queens have lost all 4 of their Superbowls.

  60. Finley is well past his prime and I don’t think GB will offer him the amount of money that some other team is willing to give him if they are desparate for a “Me me me” kind of player.

    And Seattle? Like they are going to be in a position to pay a bunch of guys over the next couple of years and have room under the cap to sign more over priced players. Teams like Seattle and SF night have it good today, but when the cap starts getting in the way, they will be back to reality pretty quick.

  61. Hey finley. Come to
    Detroit, here our quarterback isn’t soft and won’t sit out half the season with a shoulder sprain. Plus we own you the past 5 games.

  62. The guy should seriously consider retirement. They fused C5 / C6. He’s fortunate he’s not partially paralyzed. GB will not sign him as he is an injury risk, same as Nick Collins when he had his spinal injury. By no means is this sour grapes or meant to disrespect Jermichael. That was a very serious injury.

  63. The Packers won’t over pay for Finley.. he is injury prone and will want too much money. The Packers have too many other holes to fill and other people they’ll need to re-sign before him. Just like Jennings before him it’s not that he can’t play at a high level or that he can’t help another team.. it’s just not smart to sign an injury prone tight end to a huge contract in todays NFL.

  64. …and also remember that Nick Collins was going to come back from his neck injury too and the Packers refused to re-sign HIM because of concerns about his injury. Nick said he’d play for someone else and never played another down in the league. Neck and spine injuries are not taken lightly by any team in the league and what the player says he’s planning on doing and what the teams in the league say about the player are obviously 2 different things ( Collins was at the time one of the best safties in the league and coming off a Super Bowl season and didn’t get a sniff from anyone)

  65. Finley can leave Green Bay with a Superbowl ring and memories he can cherish for a lifetime.

    If he had played for the hapless and tasteless Vikings, he’d perhaps leave with a DUI or domestic abuse charge, but nothing of substance.

  66. antoniosanmiguel87 says:
    Jan 31, 2014 11:01 PM

    as a packer fan..I wouldn’t be sad to see Finley go. He was not playing at a high level before he got hurt.

    No, but he always seemed to show flashes of insane potential.

    That’s part of the frustration this season. That Cleveland game he had a catch for a TD and broke 3 or 4 tackles. A game which he also had a few drops.

    1 Quarter later people weren’t sure if he’d see a football field ever again.

  67. ariani1985 says:
    Feb 1, 2014 1:49 PM

    In turd we still trust? Green Bay wonders why they have lost their last 5 home playoff games!
    I don’t recall them losing to the Vikings last year, while hosting them in the Wild Card round.

    but Hey trolls have no problem making it up as they go along though.

  68. Never says anything that isn’t stupid. He’s “eyeballing” Seattle? Like they may be worthy of my talents or what? Mr. Finely, let me explain to you how it works. A team has to show interest in you, not the other way around. Your rules may work for a superstar, but I hate to break it to you. You are not a superstar.

    The Packers had to cut the playbook down to only those plays you are comfortable running. Mike McCarthy and his coaching staff drew the play up on a sticky note while waiting in line at the Arby’s across from Lambeau.

  69. I can’t blame him for wanting to leave Green Bay. Many of our players want to seek the warmth and safety of another place. I want to leave, too, but they won’t let me. With our cold weather, and other hazards, it’s dangerous here in Wisconsin.

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