For Julius Thomas, it might be a straight-to-voicemail weekend

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At Thursday’s press meeting with Broncos tight end Julius Thomas, a most 21st-century subject was discussed — the matter of when Thomas would shut off his phone before Super Bowl XLVIII.

“That’s a really real situation,” Thomas told reporters, according to an interview transcript furnished by the NFL. “Normally I shut my phone off around Saturday evening. That’s when I stop looking at it.

“There’s a lot of texts that come in, mostly just well wishes, but I just want to get away from it and focus. Depending on how crazy it gets, it might be moved up to Friday night, depending on all the things that are happening.”

When the scribes crowded around Joe Namath at the pool before Super Bowl III, this subject probably didn’t come up.

13 responses to “For Julius Thomas, it might be a straight-to-voicemail weekend

  1. I think his friends/family should know better than to call/text the guy before the biggest game of his life.

  2. “Around the pool…” It a shame that these 2 teams didn’t get that perk… This cold weather Championship Game is going to be a disaster.. Don’t know about you, but I want to see the best football possible when legacies and rings are on the line. That is impossible in 25 degree weather.. All to appease New Yorkers and their “new stadium” .. Ridiculous

  3. Anyone thinking Denver is going to march up and down the field on Seattle’s defense has been drinking the Manning Kool-Aid. I’m so tired of the NFL and media hype of the Manning family. Can’t wait for that D-line of Seattle, which goes 7-8 deep to put MegaHead on his back all game long.

    Best Defense since the ’85 Bears. Which is saying something when league offenses and points have been trending up for years. It only makes sense that teams would start breaking offensive records in this climate of offensive permissiveness. But Seattle’s stingy defense in this age of scoring is far more impressive.

  4. I agree, the Broncos won’t just run all over Seattle’s defense. BUT we WILL be able to outscore them Sunday. Seattle is a different team away from home when they don’t have sound being pumped through the stadium. Weather won’t be a factor for either team, but good luck covering all of our weapons. Can’t wait for my boys to get that trophy on my birthday! This is going to be a fantastic game between these two teams. Don’t forget who has been number one in all of the power rankings though-Denver Broncos

  5. Seahawks are 6-2 on the road this year…two plays from 8-0 on the road. They didn’t need “crowd noise” for that did they? Keep sleeping on the Seattle D, I love it. Hawks D will surrender fewer points than Denver’s porous unit.

  6. Manning can easily pick apart Seattle’s D-it’s what he does! And he has so many weapons to go to they will be struggling to figure out who to cover. It won’t be an easy game to win; it’s going to be a battle, but the best team in the NFL, my Denver Broncos, will prevail. You keep drinking the Kool-Aid you keep talking about though, you’re going to need it Sunday night.

  7. All these people talking so much trash. Lets leave all that between rivals like the seahawks and 49ers. This game comes down to who will step up the most on BOTH sides of the ball and plays a complete game through out 4 quarters. Respect to the Bronco’s

    Seahawks fan

  8. Have great game Julias !

    after working through that injury and keeping your head in the game,doing all you did to help the Broncos get here….you do whatever you need to…….oh and please catch 2 TD’s sunday.

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