Goodell blames NFL’s mistakes for sluggish playoff ticket sales


In the days leading up to wild card weekend, the NFL found itself in an awkward position: Three of the four playoff games were in danger of failing to sell out, and therefore getting blacked out on local television. As it turned out, all of the games did sell out. But good teams struggling to fill their stadiums reflected badly on the league.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell acknowledged at his State of the League address that he was concerned about the sluggish ticket sales. Goodell, however, said that the NFL’s own mistakes — and not dwindling fan interest — were to blame for problems selling tickets.

“I don’t take the challenges that we had on Wild Card Weekend as any reflection of our fans’ passion,” Goodell said. “Those were mistakes that were made by us, the NFL, and our clubs. What we have to do is recognize that technology has changed and that we have to use technology more efficiently and more intelligently to make sure we don’t put our fans in that kind of position. Green Bay, as an example, sold close to 50,000 tickets over a five-day period, including New Year’s Day. We shouldn’t be in that position, and that’s on us, and we have to fix it, and we will. But that is not an indication in any way of the fans’ passion.”

Goodell didn’t say exactly what those mistakes were, but he seemed to be suggesting that the league needs to do a better job of making it simpler for fans to order playoff tickets in advance.

For the league, a larger issue than those three games is that many fans think it’s more fun to watch from the comfort of home than from the stadium. Goodell acknowledged that, but he also said the stadium experience remains the best way to see a game.

“With the experiences at home through our broadcast partners and all the other media alternatives that we have, it’s an incredible experience and it will continue to get better as technology advances,” Goodell said. “What we have to do is say, ‘That’s a great experience, but let’s make the most important experience and the best experience, which is our stadium experience, better.’ Technology into the stadiums is a big part of it. Making people feel safe when they’re in our facilities is a critical component. But there is nothing like being in the stadium for an NFL game. I was up in Seattle for the NFC Championship Game, and, if you want to feel energy, you go up to Seattle. That’s around our league in various stadiums, and we will continue to make this a major focus and make sure that experience is a great one.”

The stadium experience can be great, but the experience of watching football at home, on your own TV, sitting on your own couch, is great too — and it’s free. Perhaps the biggest mistake teams have made is pricing tickets at a level that many fans can’t afford.

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  1. As a season ticket holder of a playoff team, they wanted me to buy both the first playoff game, and the AFC championship game, and cough up the cash within 7 days of receiving the notice.
    (and right before Christmas).
    Think again.

  2. And I blame you mr commish for diminishing the great sorry of football. Stop diluting the sport with additional penalties for player safety. Only to lobby for more playoff games. Leave it alone

  3. In exchange for Goodell’s resignation, I’d be glad to buy some season tickets. The League’s most glaring mistake was to put this clown in charge.

  4. Ticket prices are insane. The idea of an NFL game being a family outing is virtually a non-starter. If LA ever gets a team … tickets to games will probably start over $100 and prime seats will probably cost upwards of $350.

    But – except for the tax exemptions the NFL gets it’s a free market economy. Fans will vote with their wallets.

  5. I was lucky enough to watch Eli win his second ring in Indianapolis at the house that Peyton built. The game day experience is great but I will say that a lot was lacking. Two Super Bowl records were made and I didn’t know about it until the next day. When they went to TV breaks they played the same top ten plays of the year. I’m not looking for two tv announcers yammering on and on when I am at a live game but I am looking for important informant that pertains to the game. I’m overjoyed that the Giants won but aside for the game and a few replays on the big screen I’m lost to what else was included in this experience.

  6. Yes, it starts with a product which has been so ridiculously overpriced that average fans no longer want to give up several days pay to watch multi-millionaires play a game and billionaires rake in more money. Perhaps the owners need to expect more rational profits and the players need to accept that their salaries are not going to escalate every year.

  7. The truth is Roger that the people who made the NFL what it is..the middle class hard working stiffs simply can’t afford to go to your games anymore. Ticket prices alone are out of reach for most of us and then you add in the cost of the concessions, simply put it is cheaper for me to sit at home and watch the game.

  8. The TAILGATING experience can’t be beaten. The GAME experience is easily beaten by my living room couch, large HDTV, full refrigerator, and fuller wallet.
    The NFL has priced itself out of the market.

  9. This whole blackout thing seems weird to me. It’s like they’re holding the games hostage for a few more dollars. Sure, I suppose they have the right to do that, but it sends a pretty crappy message. Makes it hard to believe it when Goodell says that the league gives a rip about anything except for delicious, delicious money. Now. Money now. Gimme.

  10. Goodell should use the Detroit Lions as a template to fix this problem.

    Their fans received their playoff tickets the day after the Lions were eliminated from playoff contention.

  11. I’m also a season ticket holder. My solution won’t be popular, but it’s got some value.

    In many stadiums, the seats are often filled with families. Maybe it’s because tickets are priced so high only they can afford it, I’m not sure. While I love having families get to spend time together and enjoy the game, they also detract from the environment if they overwhelm the “energy” bringing fans. Nobody wants to be the only nut in the 5th row standing up and cheering (bringing energy into the stadium) when he is surrounded by families with young children sitting, eating popcorn, and starting awkwardly at him.

    Somehow the fans need to be partitioned in the stadium so everyone is watching in an environment they enjoy.

    Big colleges, for example, seat the students in one area and the alumni in another for this exact reason. Let the crazies be crazy and the families sit back and relax. It absolutely creates an amazing game experience. FAR beyond the typical NFL stadium.

    I’m talking to you Zygi Wilf! Partition the seating so we crazies feel comfortable bringing energy to the games!

  12. Goodell is nothing more than an overpaid water carrier for already rich team owners who want to stuff more and more money in their pockets, any way they can. Is that harsh–or true?

  13. on your own TV, sitting on your own couch, is great too — and it’s free.

    You haven’t seen my cable bill apparently. This “free” argument is ridiculous. We pay through the nose and have to watch countless hours of commercials on top of it.

    Nothing is FREE.

  14. I can’t see investing too much of my time or money where some lame officiating call or non-call or non reviewable obvious infraction or impossible to interpret/apply rule is going to determine the outcome of a hard fought game. Fans have hit a threshold & the league better wake up or suffer the financial consequences….

  15. You spend a fortune on tickets (what, $100 a person?) and that’s just for starters. That doesn’t include parking, $5 for a single slice of pizza, $8 beer and other overpriced refreshments.

    On the other hand, watch the game at home (and get a better view) more comfortable seat, with popcorn readily available, 12 pack of beer and can order a whole pizza at better value. In addition, don’t have to fight 65,000+ people for the bathroom.

    Hmmm….such a tough choice.

  16. “I was up in Seattle for the NFC Championship Game, and, if you want to feel energy, you go up to Seattle.”


    Imagine the energy a Super Bowl would bring.

  17. Years ago I would never miss a game, live or on TV. My kids were the same. I have watched as their passion has been drying up as they find other things to do and watch. I to find myself doing other things and I no longer look forward to watch the games as in years past.

    Between the shady stuff the Ref’s are doing to nudge games to the way the head guy is changing the game, my guess is the down word trend will continue. Tell the clown to keep his grimy hands off the game and stop with all the changes.

  18. Goodell may be the poster child for fan anger, but it gets old when everything is “His Fault.” He doesn’t set prices, or get paid by the fines [which go to charities]. The owners set the prices and vote on the rules etc.
    What family can afford 8 home games @$100 a ticket x4? Certainly not that guy driving a taxi or Joe fan paying for the kids college. You can’t have a family experience if you can’t afford to bring the family!!

  19. Reviewing the above, the reason for the problem is clear. THE COST$$$. The middle class has been forced out. We can’t afford this any more. Ticket prices, parking is $50 and up, food, drink…The new mega stadiums clear cater to the wealthy and business who can write of the costs. My 47 in HDTV, and monthly cable bill (Cable plus the Sports package is still half the cost of a single ticket. And I have no line at the bathroom. Want to fix the game Mr. Commish? LOWER THE DAMN PRICE. I love my Seahawks, but I have yet to see a game in the new stadium. it is just to damn costly.

  20. They’ve priced themselves out of the market for a casual fan. Who wants to pay $300 for two seats in the upper deck end zone and then extra for parking, beer and hot dogs. The only people that can enjoy a game live is if their company has a skybox and you may be give a perk to attend a game. I’ll just stay in my easy chair and don’t even have to fight the traffic.

  21. maybe people don’t want to watch because the product sucks. phantom flags, bogus penalties, the NFL media cramming average players down our throats saying they are great ( i.e. andrew luck), fixed games, including playoff games like the miraculous giants Super Bowl runs, the ray lewis and jerome bettis farewell tours.
    maybe everyone is finding out that roger goodell and robert kraft are best friends or maybe that kraft is head of programming at CBS, or that jim nantz roots for the patriots when he is calling games. or the jets being 8-8 this year giving a LARGE new york fan base hope for next year.
    Its all a joke, and you people are all being tricked. go watch the WWE, at least you know that its not real.

  22. I can’t get cell service or wifi in Ford Field. The beer is lame and expensive, and the food is average. The product on the field is average too. Why the hell would I go on any sort of regular basis? The home experience of watching the best game available on my couch is by far the better experience.

  23. It’s not hard to figure out. Your tickets are too bleeping expensive! Period!

    Some concerts sell out in less than an hour.

  24. I wouldn’t go either if I had to sit out in snow and possible blizzard contitions to watch it. Much prefer to go where it’s warm and the playing conditions are an advantage to neither team.

  25. The more I hear Goddell talking about locating a team in London and the more he moves regular season games to London and Mexico City, the more I become detached from the NFL.

    They make plenty of money right here in the US. While they make additional money going worldwide, is it worth it at the expense of alienating your current fanbase?

    I don’t want any regular season games going outside the host cities here in the US, much less a team.

  26. Goodell is a friggin clown. Funny, but I’m a season ticket holder and I can’t remember ever asking for more technology at the stadium. And there’s nothing like being at a game. Your man cave can’t come close to imitating that. However, lower the Fn ticket prices so it doesn’t cost $700 a game for a family to attend a game and see how fast tickets sell. I’m so sick of the BS Goodell tries to sell.

  27. It could have something to do with the idiotic “refund” policy if the team doesn’t play.
    Who wants to have hundreds of dollars tied up in an interest free loan to the NFL, only to get “credit” towards season tickets that may or may not be wanted?
    You’d have to be an imbecile to buy under those terms.

  28. But I thought they were already enhancing the fan experience with showing the locker room at halftime. Yep that got me to spend a couple hundy over watching it on the 70 inch. Roger your 1 rung away from being totally useless.

  29. Our family bought season tickets for 30 years, we quit 15 years ago, got tired of the NFL’s greed. I said back then that the NFL would price themselves out some day and that is what we are seeing now, even if Goodell won’t admit it. When you have to pay full price for preseason games and you must buy a bad game ticket if you want a good game ticket. Then came the PSL’s and the ordinary Joe can’t afford it. It might not be to late for the NFL but I do believe they are walking on thin ice.

  30. Judging by the comments here and my gut, the golden goose is just about cooked.

    This WWE within 10 years, or will attract the same fans.

  31. The problem that seems to elude Roger, is that the more affluent a person gets, the less likely he will be to put up with frustrating experiences. Like crying or screaming children. Like walking a quarter of a mile from the car to the stadium. Like dealing with drunken slobs in the stands. Like waiting on line to use a bathroom. Like having others yelling obscenities within earshot of the girlfriend/wife/children.

    All of this is compounded by the prohibitively high cost of tickets and food/drink prices. The NFL is finding itself being squeezed between these economic realities. NASCAR already went through this and the result was a drop-off in fan support. It may happen to the NFL as well. But no one can say that for sure.

  32. The games will sell out if properly priced. Pure and simple.

    Its the shenanigans where you charge for games that you don’t play and apply the balance toward next year’s season tickets. That’s not how you treat consumers. They pay as they go; stop holding their money hostage.

  33. Don’t you love how Gödel continues to act like he cares about the fans and the fans aren’t smart enough to see through his smoke screens. he continues to water down a wonderful game. He has caused the game to lose any rhythm by continuing to add rules for more flags and reviews. he now wants to add play off teams when he can’t sell the tickets with what he has now. I could have bought tickets to the Super Bowl yesterday on his precious ticket hub, when was the last time we could do that. Wait till the horror stories come in of FANS taken at this Super Bowl. Already hear you have to take train, no taxi, no limo, to game.

  34. Let’s see…the economy is falling apart, folks can’t put food on the table….maybe that is the REASON for slow ticket sales! Who can afford to pay outlandish prices to watch overpaid prima donnas?? The NFL is just one big GREED factory, from the top to the bottom! And it is just crazy that tailgating is forbidden at the Super Bowl…I guess they don’t want you eating and drinking anything that isn’t overpriced!

  35. I’m sure the “in-stadium” experience is quite nice for Goodell, who probably sat in a luxury box. Ask the fans in the nosebleeds paying money they can’t afford who can barely see the action whether they would rather watch it in HD at home.

  36. The NFL messing around with Roger Goodell and his ideal is making the owners look like a joke. By blacking out the games from the TV not going to make tickets sell any better. So stop messing with TV fans let them enjoy watching enough games on TV maybe then they want to purchase a season ticket. All fans are not comfortable. Stadiums.

  37. Maybe if he would quit changing the rules of the game people would be more excited to go.

    But instead he sits in his office (probably petting a cat like a Bond villain) and thinks of ways he can turn this into a sport our grandmothers would love.

    I hate this jagaloon.

  38. Over $500 to bring my family of 4 to a game. For that price, I can buy a brand new TV to watch in HD.

  39. Being in the “energetic” city of Seattle, Goodell fails to mention the overwhelming number of out of control fans who ruin the experience for fun loving, responsible fans.

    I used to go to a lot of games here in Seattle, and have actually been to games all over the country. It is a very unique experience and while I sat on my laptop wanting to buy tickets oh so bad, to our first playoff game this season, no matter the cost, at the end of the day it came down to this.

    2 years ago I spent $1200 for tickets for me and my daughters to go to a playoff game. 2 adult daughters, one teenage daughter. We were subjected to rude, drunk, obnoxious fans, pushing, shoving, spilling beer on us and we witnessed 2 fights, and several fans being terrible to the visiting teams fans, that we were all embarrassed.

    As much as I’d love to take my grandson to a game now that he’s old enough, it’s safer, cheaper and far less hassle to just stay home.

  40. Prices to the games are simply too high for me. As Mr. Billy Todd said above, the middle class is getting pushed out of the NFL (and other sports). Just can’t afford it. The game experience itself is usually great, unless sitting near some you-know-what with a snoot-full. But also, in addition to the expense, sometimes you can’t buy a ticket unless you buy a ticket to another game, or another three games, or all the pre-season games, or some BS. I do not dog the stadium experience, I shall make do with instant replay, getting a beer when I want, and standing up and scratching myself in front of everyone (2 cats) and not feeling self-conscious. Okay I’m done.

  41. Actually like the letsbereal idea from the other side. As a father of 4 I have always wanted to go to an NFL game, but I am a little leary of it from the stories I hear. In some stadiums like Coors Field (baseball I know) they have sections for no beer sales. If that’s what you want sit there. If you want to be drunk and yelling sit somewhere else. Each could get what they wany without feeling out of place.

  42. Football is not for the middle class family to take his or her family anymore it’s such a shame.
    The nfl is a business I get that. But they make billions and they get tax deductions on everything possible plus get taxpayer money for city stadium with billion dollar owners

    I rather watch on tv No parking fee. No lines. No guy cursing in my kids ear And why does teams need a new stadium every 20 to 25 years. That’s so dumb u can do upgrade without building a whole new one.

    Nfl=no fun league
    Aww u almost didn’t sell out poor u Stop forcing the fans to buy tickets and give them a limit on how long they have.
    I remember giants fan telling me he had 50yd line seats in old stadium for 20 yrs then new stadium came they wanted 20,000 per seat and he had 6 seats. So 120,000 to sit in same seat in new stadium He said I will watch on tv. No loyalty

  43. First year Economics students learn about the Cost/ Benefit ratio. For many fans the cost of attending a game has far outweighed the benefits of going to a game. Plenty of people have mentioned the reasons, but one reason stands out and is common: It’s too expensive! Listen to the customer, Roger. This type of arrogance is what got the US auto industry in trouble. Detroit thought they knew better than the customer.

  44. Slow playoff ticket sales? Goodell’s answer is total BS, that the League just needs to reconfigure marketing. The obvious answer is the simplest answer is that prices are driving individual purchasers out of the stadiums. Corporations will soon completely dominate ticket sales as those tickets are passed out to clientel as business incentives. Tax write offs. Real fans of the game should invest in a real good Big Screen and keep the car in the garage. And besides, you’ll get to see the ref’s bad calls, multiple times via instant replay. They get worse every year.

  45. I went to the Monday night game against the Saints and with ticket, parking, food and drink I spent close to $400 for that pleasure. I’m not chow hound or boozer, just a normal guy.

  46. Anything but the truth, right Roger?

    Unfortunately, their answer will NOT be to charge less for tickets, it’ll be to charge MORE to watch the games at home.

  47. you can’t have it both ways. the stadium experience is devalued because of cost and logistics, but yet the price continues to climb. The nfl in england is some kind of weird joke! they put tutu’s on the qb and receivers, this is not the game I grew up with, AND I AM LOSING INTEREST.

  48. Hey, down years happen. You get scrub teams like Cincinnati as a 3 seed, and the people of Ohio can’t process the fact that there is a number higher than 16. God bless ’em, but they’re not the quickest.

  49. if you’ve been to a game in the last few years, you know the NFL onsite game experience is a joke of what it used to be. players sit around on the field more than they actually play based on the insane volume of commercials. if it’s not a close game and/or you don’t want to get absolutely obliterated with beer, it’s actually often a boring experience in many stadiums. I’m still an NFL fan – but I want the NFL I used to watch – 1:00 games ending at 3:30 not 4:30 due to a whole additional hour of commercials…

    and of course that’s not even touching on the $$ issue with tickets…

  50. Yes, watching the game at home is more comfortable and has a better view but EVERYBODY would go to the game if they could. We all know that the experience at the stadium is more alive, more fun. But you have priced yourself out of the market. The price of the tickets (and all that has to accompany it) is insane. And, yes, the safety issue at games is starting to be a factor, too.

  51. I live in Northern NJ and have a wife & three kids who would love to go an NFL game when the Steelers play either the Jets or the Giants. Try taking a family of five to an NFL game. Worst seats in the house equal a $1,000 day. Want to sit in the lower bowl around the 20 yard line? Now we’re talking $2,000 for the day (tickets, parking, food, beer…).

    Now as much as we love football, if you had the choice of going to an NFL game or spending a long weekend on Cape Cod, Florida, or Mexico (or for that matter, making a significant contribution to your kids’ college funds) for about the same cost, which would you pick?

  52. Hmm lets see, spend $100+ PER TICKET, $20-$45 for parking, $10 for a hotdog, $10 for a drink(non alcoholic), or sit at home and buy a package of 10 hotdogs for $3, a case of pepsi for $5, and pause the game to go to the bathroom.

    Yeah, nothing beats the stadium experience Roger, I think I will gladly pass on the stadium experience and instead enjoy watching the games at home on my OTA HD antenna which means I get to pick and choose between 4 different games at the same time and not what you say I must watch because of where I live.

  53. Listen Goodell.
    You greedy SOB’s in the NFL have killed the golden goose.
    $14.00 for a beer in the Super Bowl
    $51.00 for a bus ride to that former dump/landfill.
    SCREW you. Stay at home to see ALL the games

  54. Tickets are expensive and going up. We were season ticket holders for years but can’t afford it anymore. We go to one game a year now and watch the rest on the BSHD.

  55. I was a season ticket holder since 1999. I just sold them for good. Now, just like the Super Bowl the home games are out of reach for the average fan. A $700 bill for playoff tickets (I owned a pair) right at Christmas is out of the question. Beyond that, the product gets worse every year and Goodell can’t leave it alone. Your right Goodell! Colossal greed, rediculous penalties, constant commercials and your unrelenting desire to change the game have nothing to do with it. It’s technology!

  56. Goodell is so blatantly not stating the obvious — many people can no longer afford to attend these games because the price is too high.
    The economy stinks and the NFL keeps on sticking it to the average fans who love football.
    I used to to games every year, but I no longer will go unless the tickets come to me at a price I cannot turn down.
    Until all fans realize the only way you can stop this is to stay away, it will never stop.
    Don’t get me wrong — players deserved to be paid well. And the owners deserve to make a good profit. But when I see players who stink making millions of dollars per year, and organizations which are horrible making hundreds of millions of dollars per year, it’s just wrong.
    If only the fans were smarter. If they’d stop accepting it by staying away and not buying NFL products, they could force them to bring the price to see a game back down to a reasonable cost. But fans — including me — are like drug addicts. We need our NFL fix.
    Goodell and Bud Selig are two guys I can’t stand. Because they are so phony, like used car salesmen.

  57. people don’t want to risk having to bear the pain of seeing their team lose in the playoffs surrounded by thousands of other freezing, angry and depressed fans then have to sit in the traffic feeling like nimrods with some loser’s jersey on

  58. He should blame himself, the merry band of misers that he works for, and all of the idiotic ideas and schemes that he has gotten into the NFL that are ruining the game of football.

  59. It’s about the money Roger !

    I’m extremely fortunate in that I make a very good living (6 digits) but can only afford 15 yard line season tickets, which is ridiculous. How in the blank can anyone making less than 60-70k even afford end zone seats ?

    I feel guilty when I re-up on my season tickets and the NFL is on the verge of losing me and many others.

    Maybe every 3rd year, DROP prices just a bit to at least show us some kind of appreciation.

    Don’t forget what goes up must come down. It just may come crashing down !

  60. This man simply cannot be taken seriously. It’s worse than listening to a politician.

    Nothing that comes out of his mouth can be taken at face value. He cannot possibly believe that some sort of mistake or glitch in the ticket buying system is responsible for what happened.

    Everyone knows what happened. Teams are trying to extort exorbitant amounts of money for a game day experience that more and more is lagging behind what fans can provide for themselves at home.

    Lying when everyone knows you’re lying doesn’t help your situation- it just makes you look stupid.

  61. I know very few true fans (as opposed to fat cats entertaining clients) who would prefer to watch on a TV if they could afford the expense to enjoy a game in person. The fact is the cost of tickets has priced most true fans out of the market, or made the awful game day experience even worse. The NFL is reaping what it has sown.

  62. The NFL’s problem is that they are a business using an outdated business model and refuse to adapt to the changing times. In this day and age, the NFL’s greatest revenue stream is the billions it gets from television. Yet it goes out of its way to nickel and dime the casual fan. The only reason they do this is because they can do it.

  63. I love the people who complain about the stadium refreshments being too expensive. DON’T BUY THEM! I never buy refreshments at any sporting event. EVER! If you go to a football game and tailgate before and after, what the hell do you need to buy food or beer inside the stadium for? Geesh. I agree the cost is ridiculous. That doesn’t mean you have to cave in and get something. The real scam is the parking. Also, wanna eliminate “corporate” from taking over the stadiums and get the families back in? Don’t allow them to write any of it off, IRS. Watch ticket prices fall because of lack of corporate sales.

    Sorry, but just a few thoughts.

  64. Playoff ticket prices have hit the point where people look at it as a better experience and more economical to watch it at home on tv. That’s the real truth to the problem. Tickets prices are too high to begin with!

  65. I already posted earlier that the problem is the price of tickets. Simply put it is more affordable for me to watch the game on tv at home instead of paying $200-300 for a couple of tickets up in the nose bleed seats where I can barely see the game jut so I can get the “game experience”. the NFL & The team owners need to lower the prices of the tickets and the concessions and make them more affordable to the fan who’s not rolling around in money.

  66. Im the same with the prevailing opinion. In fairness to the Browns they do have affordable tickets. Went to the Browns Bills Thursday night game in upper deck in Dawg Pound and tickets paid for by business associate were only 35bucks.

    Went down to Hilton Head in late October on vacation w wife. We were undecided on whether going to Panthers Falcons game on the drive back. When we looked online good seats for 91 bucks each ticket in end zone. We decided day before lets go to game. Looked online cheapest tickets for 2 seats together was 325 per ticket. We had the money to go but decided 650 for a football game. No thank you. Cost/benefit analysis as eomeone stated above was a no go. We went to a sportsbar and watched game on Tv in downtown Charlotte.

    Beautiful stadium Panthers have. Like many others have stated, the ticket prices are absurd. Wake up Goodell. Remember pigs get slaughtered!

  67. Its an enormous hassle going to games and its very expensive. Plus more often than not, most of the action is nowhere near where your $400 aftermarket ticket is. Parking is a rip off, $30 at MetLife and that’s if you’re lucky enough to get stadium parking and nothing is quite as refreshing as that $12 plastic cup of beer. I would go to a few Giants and Jets games each year but as of this year, those days have come to an end. I’ll be sticking with my 60″ TV and actually see what’s going on.

    Oh yeah, tailgaiting is overrated too. Its really not that much fun. I can drink a few beers and toss the football around in my yard before the game and then actually use my bathroom if needed, at any time, without a line! Who woulda thunk it?

  68. Most everyone has said the same thing for years – I know I have – that the in-stadium experience is simply too expensive to be affordable for the average person. I am thankful to have a good job and make a decent salary but a live game is still a once-a-year (if that) treat for me. Minimum of $100 ticket price for nosebleed seats, $25 to park, $6 for a single slice of pizza, $9 for a “premium” beer, and a $7 pretzel makes my in-stadium experience cost about $150 and I still have to put up with the drunk idiots around me as well as fight 45000 other guys to the bathroom.

    The alternative is to watch the game at home for a fraction of the cost… my TV and couch are paid for, an ENTIRE pizza is $12, a 6-pack of REAL premium beer is $9, no drunken idiots, and I have the bathroom to myself. Which would you prefer?

    These cries for mercy, unfortunately, fall on deaf ears. The NFL will continue on their current trend as long as people pay those prices. Want lower prices? Vote with your wallet and stay home.

  69. Is there any chance someone (anyone) at corporate can convince Goodell to read these comments ?
    Remember the Presidential debate where George H.W. Bush was asked how much a gallon of milk costs… He didn’t know the answer and was skewered by the media as being completely out of touch with the average American.
    King Goodell is just too far out of touch with the average fan.

  70. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but after 45 years, I’m losing interest in football. The ticket prices are more than I can afford, the cost of the NFL and sports package on cable is rising, a lot of the fans are obnoxious idiots that spew hatred and obscenities, the ref’s are incompetent, and a lot of the players are an embarrassment to themselves with their morals and law breaking ways. I’m just not excited about football anymore.

  71. The main problems are money and morons (the ones sitting close to you and the ones who seem like it is their first time behind the wheel when it comes time to leave)

  72. I have been to the SuperBowl on 3 different occasions, and grew up watching the Miami Dolphins every home game for many, many years. Now I take a look at the sheer cost of attending a game, and wonder if I will ever see a game live unless I hit the Powerball! Watching TicketMaster upcharge the tickets even higher is ridiculous.

    I say set the ticket sales as a responsibility of NFL, and since they are alrady getting a piece of every ticket sale, there would be no upcharge. Cut out Ticketmaster. Then, a team can decide when they need to dump tickets and get that sellout, they just reduce remaining tickets on sale. Clearance Blitz! Fans subscribe to get notices, and voila.. a ticket that sold for 30% less to get them in and bang their wallet at the game is better than someone at home and an empty seat at the stadium.

    I have priced out preseason games and found that for the most part in both Miami and Tampa, they are just as expensive as regular season games! To watch people get tryouts, and over 50% of the personnel playing will not even be pro players within the beginning of the regular season…. I think your ticket sales should be far lower to garner more interest.

    More ridiculous are the majority of clowns that play the game and get ridiculous salaries for average play. They have 5-6 good years 3 mediocre years, and then “retire” and are on welfare or bankrupt because they did not really pay attention in college. No skills, banged up body… damn this is REALLY the next iteration of the WWE! Wooooooooooo!

  73. I’m sure the stadium experience would be the best if you had your own private parking lot and entrance and got to sit in a catered luxury box.

  74. In the case of the Packers, it was a very cold game which may have been a factor. Watching in the warmth of home or a bar had to be tempting even to the most loyal fan.

    Plus I think many of the packer fans knew they didn’t have a team that would win and advance anyway.

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