Goodell on future Super Bowls: We need to get into as many communities as possible


NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell kicked off his press conference in New York City on Friday by poking fun at the intense focus on the weather for Super Bowl XLVIII.

Fake snow dropped from above Goodell’s head, which drew laughs now that it looks like this might not even wind up being the coldest Super Bowl ever played. It didn’t end the talk about what putting the Super Bowl in New Jersey and New York means for the future of the title game, though. Goodell fielded multiple questions about where the game could go in the future and whether it would be played in “cold weather” cities in the future.

“We know there’s interest in other communities hosting the Super Bowl. I think the ownership will sit back and review that when we’re done, but we have a very aggressive process in how we select cities. The ability to host the Super Bowl is more and more complicated, more and more complex because of the size and number of events. The infrastructure is very improtant. There are over 30,000 hotel rooms needed even to host the Super Bowl so there are some communities that may not be able to do it from an infrastructure standpoint, but we know the passion’s there.”

That hedge aside, Goodell seemed to signal that such games are on the table. He referred to Super Bowl XLVIII as a turning point in the league’s history and later said that he didn’t forsee many host cities getting multiple bids in the near future.

“I believe we need to get to as many communities as possible and give them the opportunity to share in not only the emotional benefits but also the economic benefits. It helps the NFL, it helps our fans and it helps grow our game.”

Glendale, Arizona will host the Super Bowl next year with Santa Clara and Houston on deck for 2016 and 2017. New Orleans, Indianapolis and Minnesota are bidding on the 2018 game with Goodell’s comments on Friday suggesting that some new blood will be in the mix when it comes time to talk about the 2019 game.

79 responses to “Goodell on future Super Bowls: We need to get into as many communities as possible

  1. “Goodell’s comments on Friday suggesting that some new blood will be in the mix when it comes time to talk about the 2019 game.”


    NOT LONDON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. If you mean you need to get into San Diego, Miami and New Orleans ONLY, I’m with you. Otherwise, forget it.

  3. Like London, England? Yeah, the tax emept NFL should probably not be trying to put a massive revenue generator on another continent. But to Goodell, its all about the money.

  4. In eli land peyton will 1 up lil bro. He will tie him in rings. But he will do so with 2 separate franchises and weaker defenses. And when is all said in done the “he cant do it in the cold” talk will stop. He will hoist the trophy and wave at arch and eli in maras owners box. And hand richard sherman a rubber ducky.

  5. I just heard everyone in Cleveland pull a Lloyd Christmas: “So you’re telling me there’s a chance… YEAH!”

  6. By 2019, Los Angeles will probably be in the mix. And don’t put it past Goodell for trying to put that Super Bowl in London.

  7. Every Superbowl game from here on should be played in Baltimore. M&T Bank Stadium is by far they greatest in the NFL and world. Baltimore is the cleanest and wealthiest city in the NFL. And, the mighty Ravens are the greatest franchise in the NFL. I have spoken.


  8. Had Mother Nature dumped a few feet of snow on top of this particular Super Bowl…Goodell and others would have been far less open-minded towards having another Super Bowl in a northern state.

    I live in South Jersey, and it’s very cool seeing a Super Bowl played in my home state, but I still believe that the most important game of the year should be held at a warmer location that presents a smaller chance of weather affecting the game. Plus, I find that games are more exciting when the players are warm and loose, as opposed to cold and stiff.

  9. GB – not enough hotels, infrastructure, & night life
    Chicago – too small stadium
    Cleveland – you’re Cleveland
    Buffalo – see Cleveland

    Baltimore, Cincy, & Pittsburgh are all iffy

  10. Nashville and Seattle should get a look. They both have newish stadiums in big cities, and the weather wouldn’t be horrible for Super Bowl Sunday. Kansas City should also be another possibility instead of going to the same places over and over. One of these 3 cities should get one before New Orleans or Miami/Tampa Bay get to host another one.

  11. Pepsi has always been the major sponsor of the Superbowl. I wouldn’t be surprised it they make the suggestion for Charlotte since the company is from North Carolina.

    The fastest growing city in the US, and still only around a million people in Mecklenburg County.

    Is the potential for ice the only reason cities like Charlotte and Nashville aren’t ever in consideration?

  12. I’m ok with Goodell spreading the NFL on the world as long as he quits turning the league into a flag football sport. If QB’s cant be hit they don’t belong on the field. If kickers cant be looked at without a flag they don’t belong on a football field.

  13. Personally, I think the Superbowl should be played under good weather conditions if possible. I like December football and January postseason games to feature cold weather, but in the Superbowl I want to focus on the players and the game, and I don’t want the elements to be a factor because I like to see a “clean” game and I want all of the players to be in a position to succeed. I’d be fine keeping the Superbowl in indoor stadiums and warm weather cities.

  14. what he meant to say is if we can hijack local tax payers for a billion or so to build a new stadium we will come to your community and in doing so use los angeles and london as a wedge to get you to conform .
    those communities that already built a stadium prior to his reign of terror or those that will not cave in to our demands will not get a super bowl and face the possible loss of the franchise
    and don’t push it he has mayflower on his seed dial

  15. Read between the lines. Goodell is telling owners to build new stadiums or massively renovate. He’s also telling communities they better pony up public taxpayer money to build the stadiums for the multi billionaire owners of billion dollar teams in a league worth tens of billions of dollars tax free. “Oh, you want a Super Bowl? Pay up, you serfs!”

  16. It’s time to change the tax exempt status of this league after it was revealed that any party’s or the massive out door event near the Meadowlands, can’t use any NFL Super Bowl or NFL logos or language in support of these “Fan Based” events.
    What a joke! It’s time us fans took our league and OUR Super Bowl back!

  17. Build a dome in Vegas or LA and have the game there every year. It’s a neutral site, it’s a dome, it’s a city that can support the volume. There is no logical reason to have the game in cold, small, dilapidated or unappealing locations simply to add a “geographical diversity” merit badge to your sash.

  18. Since NFL franchises strong arm cities to build new stadiums, the NFL ought to have SB’s in cities that spend all this money to satisfy the owners.

    Help out the tax payers that are your fan base. Get those thing paid off quicker.

  19. Packer fan here, so hopefully I’m a bit unbiased about location since the SB will (sadly) never come to Green Bay.

    Every Super Bowl should be played in New Orleans. It is, hands down, the best location. Great party scene, great nightlife, and unlike every other location, the super dome is located in the center of the city. Most other stadiums are located out in the sticks, so the atmosphere around the stadium sucks. Fans can literally walk to the super dome with hurricane in hand, then walk from the game back to the French Quarter to keep the party going. No more New Jersey, no more Arlington TX. Keep the good thing going

  20. No sane packer fan wants the Super Bowl in Green Bay. If your a football fan you should definitely experience it once, but the city is gridlocked after preseason games.

    I live in MN, and Minneapolis even being considered is lunacy. Early February is miserable here. AT BEST your looking at temps in the low 30s, or it could be like today….5 below zero. Cool city but not for the Super Bowl.
    Miami, San Fran, San Diego, New Orleans and MAYBE Houston should host the game every year. No one wants to visit a cold city in February.

  21. I wish he would have the same approach to the annual NFL Draft. Pushing it back into May just because the Radio City Music Hall was booked that weekend is ridiculous!

  22. i can’t wait until he brings up in about 2 or 3 years that they are going to “expand” the SUPER BOWL to about 2 more games a year.

    that way we can have 2-3 SUPER BOWLS a year!

  23. Listen, I love watching bad weather games. It’s fun to watch teams slog it out in the elements.

    I just don’t think it should effect Championships. Bad weather significantly favors one style of offense over another. Therefore, if one offense plays that style, they have an inherent advantage.

    Why do you think Championships in football are played at neutral sites? The idea is that the outcome should be decided by the talent on the field with no outside influences. Period.

    If we don’t care about outside factors effecting the outcome, why not just have the Super Bowl at the home stadium of the team with the better record?

  24. Let’s see, the NFL become by far the most dominant pro sport by having the Super Bowl rotate mainly between New Orleans, Miami, and LA. Now Goodell contents that the NFL has to spread the Super Bowls around to “as many communities as possible”.

    What a lame-brain.

  25. I’m trying to find something to get passionate about here. Since hardly any of us actually go to the Super Bowl it doesn’t matter to me which building in I’m seeing the inside of. The game is on the field. If it’s outside I guess I prefer nicer whether but I think either way is cool.

  26. The reason we watch sports is for escapism.

    Straight up, it’s the reason we even turn on our TVs at all. Truth be told I love seeing playoff games in the cold. It’s a battle all the way to get to the big dance.

    But I live in Toronto. Let me see palm trees and sun for three hours, please.

    Tired of greed and the ultimate puppet himself ruining this game.

  27. Any and every community except for the one with the best climate in late January earlier February.

    The last time the game was played in San Diego it was 81 degrees.

  28. If infrastructure is a major consideration then I guess the new minnysoda monument to their stupidity stadium can’t be a host since the main bridges collapse leading into their new circus tent and clown review.

  29. How about this:

    All pre season games are played in cities without a team, Sacramento, Boise, Fargo, San Antonio etc.
    All Superbowls go to the teams city that loses the previous years Superbowl.
    That way it would take away some of the heart wrenching sadness of losing the game and give them some incentive to get back the following season.

  30. What an idiot! I’ve been to many playoff games at Arrowhead in subzero weather, rain, sleet and ice and it’s NOT a great fan experience that I would pay mega bucks for! Give me resort weather in a town where there is good entertainment, food and things to do in addition to the game to make it worth the price of the trip. There are plenty of venues in cities with domes or warm weather locals where a person doesn’t have to jeopardize their health for the sake of the “experience”. Phoenix even has golf!

  31. All these cities mentioned and not Tampa and or Miami.. That’s a disgrace.. New stadiums my ass.. No one wants to spend $5-10K to go to a super bowl and freeze or stay inside all week, regardless of domes or retractable roofs.. Reward cities who usually rape their fans to get said new stadiums and still black out their home teams games.. Whatever Goddell.. Roselle is rolling in his grave

  32. Baltimore is a great choice. Within the immediate couple miles from the stadium you can find any kind of entertainment: Science Center, National Aquarium, Federal Hill, Fort McHenry, Sports Legends Museum, Inner Harbor (shooping and eateries), Fells Point (pubs galore), a casino is being built right down the street from M&T. And if you need to see some adult entertainment -we have that too. We have plenty of hotels and have successfully hosted the Indy car series the past 3 years. Sure all cities have their bad areas, but the downtown area of Baltimore is pretty decent.

  33. Lambeau field ! Shouldn’t the best fans in the world get to host the Super Bowl at least once? The weather is fine in Green Bay in February. If we get lucky, it should climb above zero by game time. Then we will see who the real fans are. Real men watch football outdoors in the north country, where the beer freezes and its too cold for cheerleaders ! It might be hard on the players, but who cares, it will be entertaining !

  34. To the guy who said “No more Indianapolis, please”…. As a long time resident here, I hate this state as much as the next person, but we hosted one hell of a SB, as told by almost everybody…

  35. Correct me if I am wrong but Minnesota2018 would be in an open air stadium….in Minnesota…in February?

    I think Goodell is just begging for a problem. Don’t get over confident because NY worked out great. NYC is after all NYC.

  36. Is Seattle in the mix. He needs to payback to new stadium builders and they have a new stadium there, but they have a quiet nightlife, quiet town.

    Baltimore is due. How about Boston. And the 3 NY/NJ teams are getting their due this weekend, so hopefully not again for 20 years.

    Miami needs a new stadium or substantial renovations to the one there already, but only after they get a new owner. Still, why punish the town for the actions of the current Dolphin caretaker.

    Goodell needs to make it clear weather is no longer a factor where the SB goes, therefore, Miami should be back on the rotation. It’s 80 freaking degrees now.

  37. This is 1 way to bring a Super Bowl to Cleveland …….
    Better be 2 teams with ground games, the winter winds from the lake will ground many of today’s teams.

  38. I would think that Minnesota would be ideal. I think the idea is to get the game into places where people don’t know much about football, get them educated and give them a better understanding of the game, as well as allow them to see the game played by a couple of great teams. If that’s the case, Minnesota is an ideal venue.

  39. I know the Deadskins put a lot of money into rehabbing DedX recently but you dont put lipstick on a pig. They tear down RFK now that the soccer team gets
    new digs and they build a new stadium there financed in part by SB promise. Package deal to get name changed from Redskins. Bet on it.

  40. In my opinion, the Super Bowl should be held in warm climates for the following reasons:

    1) The location should be in a destination area where teams and fans are rewarded with a semi-tropical trip in the dead of winter.

    2) The field and weather conditions should be as neutral as possible as to not give advantage to another team.

    No one wants to visit a cold weather city in February, regardless of how great of a summer city it is. Cities like New Orleans, San Diego and Miami are popular winter destinations for a reason.

    If a dome team makes it to the Super Bowl, I don’t believe it is fair for them to have to play in a potential cold, windy, snowy environment when the championship game has always been played in the best playing environments (except for Miami in 2007). If the game has not been played in a warm environment, it has at least been played indoors.

    Roger Goodell is doing everything he can to ruin football. I have always been in support of tweaking the game here and there, but he has re-made it and ignored the wishes of fans.

  41. Only if Vegas had a stadium….because it would be a perfect match for the SB. I know the NFL frowns on the gambling nature of Vegas, but that would be epic!

  42. “Weather” you like it or not Denver is all but guaranteed a Super Bowl in the future based on the commish comments. Denver has more than enough hotel space, Top of the line convention center, 300+ days of sunshine, A good public transportation system, LODO, and a great stadium. Did I forget to mention the great back drop of the Rocky Mountains. Yeah Denver will definitely be hosting the Super Bowl in the next 10 yrs.

  43. Goodell and the NFL no longer cares if the Super Bowl is played in a warm weather locale. If they did care, San Diego, LA/Pasadena and now Miami would still be a part of the SB rotation!

  44. San Francisco is beautiful this time of year.
    I would love to see a SF Super Bowl once every 8-10 years from here on out!! 60 degree sunny blue sky Super Bowl, what’s wrong with that??

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