Goodell opens press conference with defense of Super Bowl host


NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell opened his annual “State of the League” press conference with a defense of New York/New Jersey as a host of the Super Bowl.

As fake snow fell behind him, Goodell noted that the forecast calls for good football weather on Sunday and said there will be no weather delays.

“We appreciate the magnificent job done by New York and New Jersey,” Goodell said. “And just to confirm, we will kick off at 6:30.”

Goodell said that former Commissioner Pete Rozelle once said the Super Bowl should be played in ideal conditions, and Goodell believes that New York/New Jersey is, in fact, an ideal host.

“I believe Pete would be very proud of where we are this week. We are doing something innovative and unprecedented. Something consistent with the essence of football and the Super Bowl,” Goodell said. “This is the No. 1 market and a great stage for this Super Bowl matchup, and the world will be watching.”

The latest forecast calls for the world to watch a Super Bowl played in temperatures around 40 degrees. If all goes well, this won’t be the last time a cold-weather city with an outdoor stadium gets to host a Super Bowl.

64 responses to “Goodell opens press conference with defense of Super Bowl host

  1. Since he is supposedly sitting in the stands, I hope he gets stuck next to a drunk Seahawks fan that ate too much.

  2. So Goodell is touting the greatness of playing a SuperBowl in a “cold weather city” and part of his justification is that it won’t be cold?

    Alrighty then.

  3. You mean NJ/NY?
    This fantasy that NY is hosting the super bowl is rediculous.
    Ralph Stadium is in the state of NY.
    The Bills are the only team any part of NY is home too.
    East Rutherford is part of NJ.
    Are we just going to keep ignoring elementary geography here?
    Typical of todays NFL. Ignore reality to make the soap opera more appealing to the masses.

  4. But has he blabbed about how much the fans want more London games, expanded playoffs, and an 18 game regular season yet?

  5. Lots of true football fans don’t have the money it costs to get into the superbowl.

    Goodell is greasing the big money, that’s all.

  6. If you have to defend the decision then you probably made the wrong decision. That statement is useful in many situations but definitely applies to the Superbowl.

  7. It’s been less than 30 degrees in the Northeast for that last week or so. The fact that it may be OK on Sunday is just luck. It does not prove that you can play in cold weather city. It proves you can play in cold weather city when the weather is not bad!! The bottom line is if you are playing the percentages, there is a lot more bad things that can happen weather wise in the colder cities than in the warmer cities. The true question is whether the thousands of corporate ticket holders with no interest in either team will sit out in the cold for the entire game or whether there will be empty seats after halftime. Pay attention to the club level as that is where most fans often disappear in the second half when it is cold.

  8. You know who the real loser in the whole Superbowl thing? New Jersey. Everyone including Chris Berman from ESPN think the game is in New York. Hey,Gov. Chris Christie! Now is the time to shut down bridges.

  9. I wish he would just say it like it is…

    This is most certainly not an ideal climate/situation. However, the quid pro quo for public stadium funding was a superbowl.

    Pete Rozell would liked the public funding, but hated that the cost was a superbowl outside in the Northeast in February.

  10. I can’t stand Goodell. Remember, he’s the guy who wants to play 18 games all the while he says he cares about the health of the players.
    And, while L.A. still has no franchise, this mental midget wants to put one in London.
    This clown makes over 30 million a year, so he damned sure has no clue what it takes for a family to go to a game, let alone the Super Bowl.
    Goodell is as phony as they come. Fortunately, the weather is going to be fine on Sunday. It could get as high as 50. So, he lucked out. I was hoping for the zero degree weather which we’ve been having over the last 2 weeks.
    The camera crews will be spending as much time panning the crowd for all the brainless celebrities who will go to the game despite not knowing a thing about football as they will the players on the field.
    But Goodell will be hailed as some kind of genius after this one’s over. But he’ll still be just a puppet for the owners, to me.

  11. Goodell got lucky the weather is good. Now he’s gonna push for more cold weather city Super Bowls. No one wants to see a Super Bowl in a snowstorm. Just because it didn’t happen this time doesn’t mean it won’t happen next time.

  12. Superbowls do not belong outdoors any longer. The fans are going to suffer, not the NFL. Fans are being told to be in their seats 2 hrs before kickoff, then with all the commercial breaks and a longer half time show, the game will probably exceed 4 hrs. That is a minimum of 6 hrs folks will be sitting mostly inactive. Even at 40 degrees, a lot of people are going to be chilly and hurting by the time they get out of the stadium. This was a bad idea.

  13. The proof will be in the next time a “cold weather” city is chosen to host. Even though this clown would never admit that this idea is dumb, it will be 5-10 years before they feel people will have forgotten about how stupid this Superbowl was to try and do it again.

  14. Green Bay has Lambeau Field, the best football venue in the world with the worst infrastructure to host any big event.

    Chicago is the best city in the U.S. to host this type of event with the crummiest stadium known to man.

    The only thing they have in common is the cold weather.

  15. How about a team in L.A. before you force feed London to us. So what if you sold out three games there? I guarantee you a new franchise that wins 2 or 3 games their first year will NOT be filling the seats there. And then, what free agent wants to relocate his family to London? They’ll NEVER have a contender there! Or maybe this is how L.A. gets a team after all because after 4 or 5 seasons that London team will be moving back to the states.

  16. Since when was New York part of New Jersey?

    The stadium that the Giants and Jets call home is actually in New Jersey. It is sad that the Governor of the state had to buy his his town a sign to advertise the fact that the Super Bowl is actually in his state. Meanwhile the NFL is setting up a Super Bowl block part in….New York….where there is no stadium, and no game. Huh?

    The Governor was interviewed and said that since he used the words “Super Bowl” on his sign that the NFL might very well fine him and force him to take it down because technically he is breaking rights to the term. He said it would be a stupid move, but that essentially (these are my words, he was much more diplomatic in his wording, but this is what he was meaning) it wasn’t the first stupid move the NFL has done…pointing out the fact that he again had to use his money to buy his own sign and that the NFL hasn’t been bothered to do any advertising for the actually state/city that is hosting the event.

  17. I doubt it has anything to do with the host, people will go to a cold weather superbowl, cold weather doesn’t stop people flocking to Manhattan every year. It’s more of the the fact that the prices are continuously going up, the economy hasn’t gotten any better, and the quality of the game is going down.

  18. Some of greatest games in history have been in very cold weather. Much better outdoors then dome games.
    No reason Super Bowls can not be played in northern venues.

  19. Why is this such an issue? Consider:

    1) Average viewers/fans of Super Bowl – 100,000,000. Those actually in attendance – 80,000. So less than 1/10th of one percent would be stuck watching the game in frosty conditions. Being that these folks can afford a ticket, or have connections to those who can, not much sympathy here.

    2) There are 32 teams in the league – 30 of which are predominantly unaffected by the winner as they are not in the game. Another 1 team will win, leaving them unconcerned on whether its 72 degrees or raining locusts and fire. They will celebrate a title and all will be well.

    So .0008% of fans of the game, and 1/32nd of teams have a legitimate gripe about a historical event in NFL history. I don’t love Goodell, but what is the big deal? Bash the guy on London games instead.

  20. Some body needs to ask when is he gonna quit taking home field advantage in the SB away from the Best team, and giving it to somebody else.

    The only reason is the wimps in the south don’t like snow. But then again, where exactly in London?

  21. This is total bs. THe SuperBowl should not be played where weather can be a factor in the game. We want the game to be determined by the play on the field PERIOD!!!

  22. If they can play a Super Bowl in NJ, then the next should be held in Green Bay, home of the best NFL fans in the country. Real men watch their football outdoors in the elements, backing their teams despite frigid temps and metal bleachers. The rest of you are pansies, watching at home on your HDTV’s, while the best fans in the NFL sell out Lambeau field and its frozen tundra ! Go Pack Go

  23. Wonder how Broncos fans will feel towards Peyton if he wins. It seems like a win for Denver Sunday is more about Peyton the player than the Broncos winning a Super Bowl. Peyton will always be considered a Colt so it must be kind of a weird situation. Sherman and company can help make this post moot Sunday night though.

  24. As of Thursday, 17,000 tickets remained, which has more to do with ticket prices than where the game is played.

  25. LA has already had two chances to support the NFL with the Rams and Raiders. In what alternate universe does it make sense to give them a third strike? A London franchise is beyond idiotic. Goodell is a doofus of the greatest magnitude

  26. Just to be clear, the Super Bowl has already been played during freezing cold and snow storms (Detroit, Atlanta, even Jerry World come to mind) but the league had the good sense to play the game IN A DOME on those occasions. Let’s face it, for the Kommisar, this is all about the corporate fat cats and sponsors being comfy in their heated sky boxes. The fans and – most of all – the players mean nothing. Eventually this genius will put the game where even the fat cats can’t get there on time (say, Atlanta in a 24 hour traffic jam during a snow and ice storm like this past week) and the rotation to warm weather cities will return.

  27. Goodell sure got emboldened once the weather forecasts finally morphed from ominous to decent.

    Consider yourself fortunate, Roger — you (may) have dodged a bullet.

  28. So Roger, I guess that means you’ll be open to holding the Super Bowl in Foxboro, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Buffalo, Cleveland, and Green Bay, along with Baltimore, Washington and Cincinnati? Right?

    No, I didn’t think so.

  29. The Cowboys play in Arlington
    The Patriots play in Foxboro (which is SOMEWHERE in New England)
    The Washington Team plays in Landover

    NYC is the closest metro area to the stadium, and the teams that play there are commonly known as the New York Jets and Giants.

    So now seems a good time to complain about the name of the location.

  30. First of all, it may reach 40 at some point on Sunday, but it most certainly will not be 40 degrees at 6:30pm, over an hour after sunset.

    The nighttime temperature is predicted to be 29.

    Secondly, weather on any specific day is random, within a certain range. The fact that there isn’t going to be a blizzard or an ice storm on Sunday, February 2nd in East Rutherford, NJ, is not in any way shape or form a predictor of future winter weather in another city in another part of the country.

    So if they have the Super Bowl in 5 years in the new stadium in Minnesota and there is a blizzard what are they going to say- “Well it didn’t snow in New Jersey 5 years ago! How were we supposed to know this could happen!”?

  31. Goodell is sitting in the stands? Wow, that’s awesome. I hope he sits in the middle of a bunch of DB Seahawk fans. He can teach them about acceptable behavior and sportsmanship and they can bring him a baggie of happy.

  32. Only people who care that the State of New Jersey is getting short-shrift are Jersey politicians looking to exploit an opportunity to win some votes and people who have inferiority complexes. The Giants and Jets are called New York teams, because of that city across the Hudson. They’d NEVER be in East Rutherford otherwise. Get over it already.

    As for the site being a poor choice for a venue by virtue of the weather, I think that’s untrue. What has made this Super Bowl somewhat of a dud is the absurdly strict policies on getting to the stadium and the prohibition of tailgating. Planners tried to control every single thing about the event so they could milk every cent out of attendees, they deprived all the fun out of it in the process.

  33. He carries himself like a corrupt Russian oligarch.

    Why is the NFL tax exempt?

    If safer helmets exists why does the league not use them?

    Why is the richest major pro league in the world the only one that does not use full-time trained officials?

    Why isn’t every play reviewable if I coach wants to use one of his two challenges?

  34. Part of Rogers job is to expand the fan base of pro football. Exploring a team in London fits exactly into his job. And having a Super Bowl that is affected by the elements is football. Not every team plays in a dome. Football is meant to be affected by the elements not coddled from them. I a lot of you roger haters don’t understand what his job actually entails. A lot of the things you hate him for are the things he is supposed to do as commish. Get a clue.

  35. Denver has shown us all one thing…. if your team wants to win a super bowl get a quarterback that was drafted by colts 😉

  36. Great, now Green Bay thinks they can have a Super Bowl. If you can’t sellout a playoff game that your teams playing in what makes you think you could sell out a Super Bowl you won’t be in?

  37. as someone who lives in nyc and has giants season tix–the weather isnt the issue is that noone in nyc cares about the super bowl. every other city that its in embrases the hell out of it. if u stray from super bowl blvd u would have no clue there is a super bow. nyc is to big for the super bowl. the only diff betw reg season and the super bowl is going to be the commute. the same guidelines for getting into the game are the same for both giants and jets.

    green bay isnt ever going to get a superbowl because they dont have enough hotel rooms there which is a requirement of a super bowl

  38. Dang, I was hoping for a blizzard and negative temp so they’d NEVER do this again. Fans attending the game (without a heated sky box like Goodell) will be miserable.

  39. New Jersey will get none of the credit but they will get all of the blame if something goes wrong!

  40. The redskins play in Hyattsville Md., the cowboys play in Irving Tx., the new 49er stadium is in Santa Clara, and the Bills play in Orchard Park. How come we only hear about the GIANTS & jets?????

  41. I still can’t get over all the complaining fans in regards to the cold weather factor of the game. Trying to ‘control’ the weather by selecting warm locations is stupid. Your team still wins and loses games on the road, or at home, in december games that play host in cold climates. It is obviously a part of the game, so why give in to the outcry over 1 more? It’s because we’ve all been conditioned by the league to want/need the Super Bowl at an indoor or warm outdoor stadium. I went to the Vikings game at TCF stadium when the dome collapsed. There was more than 6 inches of snowfall that day, plus pounding winds and obvious cold temps. It was a blast. Everyone else had fun too. You could see it. Nobody cared about suffering the elements or losing feeling in thier fingers or having wet socks. I cared more about trash talking the bears fans next to me, seeing Cris Carter play catch with fans in the stands, and throwing snowball (fireworks) in the air for a TD celebration. Plus, the hot chocolate in between beers made life great. Fretting over this game is just silly. It can’t get much worse than having a poor city like New Orleans (with poor seats that they cant even paint all the same color) hosting the Super Bowl with no lights on the field for an hour. Yeaaahhh

  42. I live in NJ, the weather on Sunday is going to be the nicest weather we’ve had in 3 weeks, and immediately after the game its gonna be a disaster for the next week at least. You got lucky Goodell

  43. Let’s see, have the big game in 40 degree weather in a city that could have had much worse weather in Feb. or have it in warm, sunny, Florida or southern California?

    How can this be a tough decision? Goodell is wack.

  44. Theres no guarantees. The only way to guarantee good weather is a dome. Even then you can have an ice storm like in Dallas or a power outage like last year which still impacts the fans. Even in warm climates with outdoor stadiums like Arizona and Tampa can bring heavy rain…which is way worse for football than 30 degree temps.

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