Goodell sees “a lot of benefits” to expanding the playoffs


NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell sounds like a man who wants to see more teams in the playoffs.

“We currently have 12 teams qualify for the playoffs, as you know. We are looking at the idea of expanding that by two teams to 14,” Goodell said at his State of the League press conference. “There’s a lot of benefits to doing that. We think we can make the league more competitive. We think we can make the matchups more competitive towards the end of the season. There will be more excitement, more memorable moments for our fans. That’s something that attracts us. We think we can do it properly from a competitive standpoint. This will continue to get very serious consideration by the Competition Committee and then the ownership will have to vote on it.”

The decision on expanding the playoffs, however, is not up to Goodell. It will be decided by a vote of the NFL’s owners, and the owners aren’t necessarily in agreement. Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is all for it, but Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie sounded a more cautious note, saying he’s concerned about how the scheduling of the extra games would work.

What may tip the balance in favor of expanding the playoffs is money: Two more playoff teams would mean two more playoff games, and those games would fetch upwards of $100 million apiece from one of the NFL’s TV partners. It’s hard to picture the NFL’s owners turning that down.

130 responses to “Goodell sees “a lot of benefits” to expanding the playoffs

  1. Roger used the analogy of the crippled kids at the school playground.

    “The important thing is that they be included and not made to feel left out when the choices are made.”.

  2. A lot as in “one dollar, and another dollar, and another dollar over here, and here’s a dollar”… there are millions of reasons why Roger would want this.

  3. Goodell must have been consulting with Terrelle Owen’s publicist: “There are 100 million benefits to exanding the playoffs.”

  4. There’s a lot of benefits because there’s a lot of $$$

    He shouldn’t even bother trying to make any other excuse. Everyone can see right through it.

  5. My first preference is that they leave well enough alone. However, since this is probably going to happen, I just hope they do it right. Adding just one additional game leaving only the top team in each conference with a bye is the wrong way to go. Rather two teams should be added so that when the playoffs begin, everyone plays just like they do in the NHL, NBA and MLB. Do away with byes. They are just too unfair.

  6. This guy HAS GOT TO GO!!! Erodes the game annually. Sold out the integrity of the game years ago. Now he wants to water down the playoffs and bring replay (ability to manipulate outcomes of games) directly into the NFL Front Office?

    Tagliabue….PLEASE COME BACK!!!

  7. there are already ridiculous scenarios where teams at .500 or less make the playoffs… the NFL is going to make that worse?

  8. the playoffs are supposed to be very exclusive. you have to fight to get there, and still you come up short in an OK season. emphasis on OK. you make the playoffs with a good to great season, and that is how it should be

    look, we all know its coming, we all know eventually a team moves to London, we all know this is all part of their big plan to expand their fan base and make the game “more exciting”(aka more lucrative for them)

    but as a diehard, I think it sucks, all of it. from removing kickers to making it impossible to count on a defense to hold a lead under 30 points, to moving OUR sport to England, to expanding the darn playoffs. all of it, just kind of sucks

    can’t we just say “they make enough” stop paying them more, stop raising the darn cap, and stop raising ticket prices? maybe just be totally content as America’s number 1 sport? ah heck, we all know that will never happen

  9. I think its a great idea – the NHL, NBA, and MLB all expanded their playoff formats and look at them now! Maybe with a larger playoff field the NFL can catch up with those fan favorite leagues.

  10. oh, and I actually enjoyed the CONFERENCE VS CONFERENC battle, not watching my fav defensive player blow up my fav offensive player in a meaningless game.

    darnit Goodell, I defended you for so long.

  11. I can live with expanding playoffs. Dont change the PAT, its tradition. Keep the darn thing. Not the kickers fault they got so good. Then you better look at outlawing the forward pass or shotgun, teams are getting too good at passing.

  12. Look at all the excitement it creates for the NBA. The whole country is just electrified by it right up to… whenever they finally end it.

  13. I see the Bills making the playoffs sooner than expected 🙂

    Seriously though, they added those extra Thursday night games and thats the only way Buffalo can get a night game, and now this is probably the only Buffalo will see the playoffs.

  14. why not just have a 32-team playoff? why not have football all-year around? It’d be like a bazillion dollar, money-making machine

    oh, right theres other factors to think about besides money and short-term views of trying to get as many monetary gains as humanly possible as quickly as possible

  15. might as well keep expanding the playoffs until the Super Bowl is in July,then we only have to wait one month for the next season to start.

  16. The real problem here is that the owners, like Jerry, are not seeing huge cash flow improvements, even though the value of franchises are increasing.

    Jerry’s team has increased in value to over $1.3B, but he receives the about the same amount of cash from the league as the Bengals (excluding locally generated income). That pisses him off, and he wants the team to throw off more cash without him selling shares to celebrities like Ross in Miami.

  17. Once they make the playoffs 14 teams, they only question will be … how soon can we make it 16 then 18 teams.
    We all know it has nothing to do about competition; it all about the Benjamins.

  18. I don’t understand why everyone act like this is watering down anything. Pretty sure Arizona should’ve made the playoffs. Bears two years before. I don’t see 10-6 teams making the playoffs as being a watered down format. For you math junkies, the NHL and NBA is 16/30 teams, or 53% of teams. NFL would still only be 14/32, or 44% of teams. Not even close and still under half. I think it’d be awesome; more football that won’t affect the statistical recordbooks. Plus, why does the #2 seed deserve a bye anyways? It’ll create more competition at the end of the year fighting for the #1 seed, meaning more teams having something to play for in Week 17.

  19. Roger never mentions you negative Nellies when he talks about the fans. So you must not be real fans; you’re in the way of progress!

  20. I’ve hated this guy since the day he said he destroyed the patriots’ spygate videos because “they were no longer necessary.” He just keeps getting worse and worse. I just want to punch his smug face one time.

  21. 8 – 8 Steelers and 10-6 Cardinals would have been the two additions this year.

    To be honest, the way those two teams finished the season, they would have been the 2 teams that no one would have wanted to face in the playoffs.

  22. For real competitive league improvement Goodell should trade the pathetic minnysoda vikqueens to the CFL for the Toronto Argonauts.

  23. Roger,

    If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. The playoff system is the one thing left you haven’t damaged or otherwise ruined.


    People who don’t care only about profits.

  24. You don’t need to expand the play-offs. Just issue a lifetime ban for the Bengals, they’ve wasted a playoff spot 3 years in a row now.

  25. Seriously, is this guy paid on commission for every major change that occurs under his watch?

  26. I don’t see how any sane football fan could take up for this imbecile. Goodell is good for the NFL, like John Gotti was good for the mafia…

  27. This guy needs to be stopped! He is wrecking the best sport on Earth. A well spoken owner needs to speak up in the media. Then others will follow and Roger will be toast. Until one or more of the owners speak up this guy is only going to get more powerful and reckless.

    An 18 game season (destroys all the previous records… TD’s, int’s, sacks etc.) with almost half the teams in the playoffs; this from a guy who is obsessed with player safety. Roger is a lunatic bent on turning American Football into Euro soccer or the NBA.

    The Emperor has no clothes!

    Are all 32 owners so afraid of this guy? Who is going to stop him? Speak up somebody besides the idiots like Jerry Jones who back this luacy.

  28. Each time I see a report on Goodell and read the comments, everyone writes as is its some shock the the NFL is money motivated. It’s a business not a charity, the goal of any Executive of a company is to find ways to increase profit year over year. The NFL continues to get bigger and bigger and for all the people who complain about Goodell, the owners, the money we still watch, buy the gear and go to the games. Football is and will continue to be the best sports product out there and they will always look for changes to drive in more revenue.

  29. Hey Goodell, have you seen the polls? Fans DON’T WANT this. We made the NFL #1 and we can take it back too. I’m starting to get the itch to watch some baseball come to think of it.

  30. The ONLY reason to do it is more money for the NFL.

    The cost is that we’ll get more 8-8 watered down, junky teams in the playoffs.

    Growing up I respected that 14 then 16 hard fought games meant something.

    Winners, big winners, went to the playoffs and everyone else stayed home.

  31. I never liked this idea. The playoff format is perfect how it is. Why fix something that isn’t broken? It’s like reinventing the wheel. Of course ‘jerry’ wants an expanded playoff format. That’s the only way that ‘Average’ 8-8 team would make the playoffs! !!!! 8-8 teams have made it to the playoffs with the current format in the past. Do we really want to see more of these ‘Average’ teams in the playoffs? I sure don’t!

  32. When you’re talking a $10B empire, what’s a couple hundred million more? Leave it be already…

  33. This would be the Cleveland Brownies only hope… but they’re destined to remain in the basement of the AFC North for years to come.

    Go Ravens 2014

    2x Super Bowl Champions

    Joe Flacco Super Bowl XLVII MVP

  34. Goodell is such a pathetic, overpaid sap for owner greed. Who does he think he’s kidding with all his PR nonsense about “more competitiveness” and “more excitement”–when we all know it’s all about making more money for owners, who are already stinkin’ rich, at the expense of the players.

    The NFL is the most competitive professional league in America already, and already 40 percent of the teams get in the playoffs. We don’t need more games or more teams in playoffs. Of course, if the owners had their way, in every sport, every team would get in the playoffs so they could make even more money from a massive playoff tv schedule. They just play fans and consumers for dopes. Goodell makes a ton of money but the poor guy can’t have much dignity being such a constant shill for the owners. Capitalism at its worst.

  35. It don’t matter. One more good draft class by the Colts and everybody else’s championship window is closing. Luck is about to run the NFL. He smashed both of these garbage teams thats playing in the Super Bowl this year.

  36. How about every team gets a trophy, everybody makes the Pro Bowl, and an Jerry Jones gets his own trophy, so he doesn’t feel bad about being a GM that he would have fired if it wasn’t himself. Doctor don’t heal thy self!

  37. ( Goodell sees “a lot of benefits” to expanding the playoffs )

    Just what? 3 weeks ago, Jerry Jones said almost the same thing huh? and oh yeah by the way Jones is a very influential member of the competition committee too! Imagine that, add a few teams to the mix and guess what? the Cowboys get in the playoffs, hahaaaa NOT

  38. It’s ALL about money with Rog. He had officials rig games to the desired outcomes generating the teams he wants in the Super Bowl.

    You think officiating is just “that bad” ?

    Niners got jobbed since last super bowl.


  39. Why isn’t anyone this outraged toward college football? This year they had 35 bowl games, their players make $0 and the Universities make all the profit. At least in the NFL the players make 48.5% of the profit. They add bowl games each year, change the formate, add more primetime games but nobody complains about the colleges greed for money. And lets not even joke that its about and education…

  40. This is what he sees…………..$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

  41. Hey Roger, “LESS IS MORE.”

    You know why football is so successful? They only play 16 games in a season. That makes them exciting. More games = less exciting.


  42. Those greedy SOB’s who own the league just want more and more money. Their lust for money is going to ruin the game. Us fans are only “revenue sources” to them.

  43. you guys absolutely crack me up…don’t change ruins the game. Quit whining. When they expanded to 6 playoff teams per side, it worked out, as everyone is fine with it now.

    Same with 18 game season-if it happens, great, more football. Probably weren’t as many complainers when the league expanded from 14 to 16 games.

    Heck, let’s go back to the round ball since the pointy one ruined the game so much.

  44. I guess it could work.

    It’s not something I’d personally like to see, but all you’d have to do is eliminate the first round bye for the second seed.

  45. It’s not Goodell. He’s just the mouthpiece. It’s the owners looking for more cash. That said, STOP IT! Leave the game and playoff format alone.

  46. Yes, good idea.

    Let’s become more like the NBA.
    – everyone in the playoffs
    – refs massaging games to suit television
    – etc.

    NBA is SO MUCH MORE popular than the NFL.

  47. Why not just expand the season to 82 games like the NBA, with their convoluted playoff structure where half the teams make the playoffs and be done with it? Just think of all the revenue with that!

  48. They shortened kickoffs and want to get rid of extra points because of possible injuries, but it’s okay to have more games. Unbelievable.

  49. And the next thread talks about not selling out these playoffs. So I guess you want the public to spend hundreds watching 8 and 8 or worse teams.

  50. Just have 2 divisions per conference, that way only the top two spots are guaranteed and the rest of each conference can duke it out for the final 4 spots in each conference.

    That is the only thing that needs to be changed.

  51. I would love to see them go to 16 teams – but do the selection of wild cards across the league. So the chance of a 7-9 team getting in goes wayyyyy down…

    This year we would have had.

    Bears @ Sea
    Miami @ Den

    4 Games on Saturday
    and 4 Games on Sunday

    Start 10AM – end @ ???
    Kickoffs off next games would not be fixed – would happen at 15/20 minutes after the end of the preceding game.

    TV would LOVE it

  52. I just counted the number of times that either the “$” or the words “money” / “dollars” were used in the comments – 3,496…

    But it’s really all about the competition and you people are wrong!

  53. A lot of comments here calling Goodell a goof for wanting more games i.e. more money. Goodell is on salary. Goodell is only the mouthpiece for 32 owners. If Jerra were the only owner who was “all for it” with 31 against, there woulb no expansion. By the way, of that 100K per extra game, how much goes to the underpaid players?

  54. its okay unless there is no bye weekend. Than, its not worth the top two teams pushing it. Get done with the season in week 13 and take 3 weeks off

  55. Goodell keeps trying to grow the revenue pie, and expanding the playoffs adds gate receipts, tv revenue and makes some regular season games more meaningful.

    Goodell’s “greed is good” maniacal quest for money certainly has more than its fair share of downsides — but it does keep him in a job making $30,000.000.00/year.

    Do not further expand the playoffs. Enough.

  56. Totally agree with afcdomination.

    I am a British football fan and do not want an expansion team over here, do not want a super bowl over here, the game is played in the states its your game nobody else s. The NFL would have nothing without you American fans. I love the game with passion spend a lot of money watching it and reading about it. The London games are great for us from a selfish standpoint and maybe that’s as far as the league should go. I think a lot of this speculation, only ideas that will never happen. A tweak here and there is good but some of the things we are hearing is pure madness. Something that i do laugh at is how they can still compare the game from a statistic point like QB / Receiver completions when the game now is not what it was back in the day. 20years from now basketball scores will probably be the norm in the new improved NFL


    I really like this from a player standpoint. These guys put their bodies on the line for our entertainment. They should be rewarded with a shot to win a title, and this increases their chances.

    I don’t get who wouldn’t want more playoff spots, which means a chance at your team winning a championship. If you make the playoffs, your franchise makes more money. We all want that for our squads, right?

    This has nothing to do with safety. You can ask any player, and I bet they say want this. They already at risk playing a 16 game season. You think these guys want to play in vain? Everyone of them want to play for a chance in the playoffs.

  58. Goodell keeps trying to grow the revenue pie, and expanding the playoffs adds gate receipts, tv revenue and makes some regular season games more meaningful.

    Goodell’s “greed is good” maniacal quest for money certainly has more than its fair share of downsides — but it does keep him in a job making $30,000.000.00/year.

    Do not further expand the playoffs. Enough.

  59. Where is the USFL when you need it. The answer to player safety is add more games, travel to London, remover PATS which adds another smash mouth play for 2 points after each TD? WTF, so like the Hawks make the post season at 7-9, the NFL gets bashed for it and now they want the first 6-10 team to make it. I tell you all right now Jerry Jones is trying to destroy the NFL just Trump destroyed the USFL. Greed, ego and power are at play here.

  60. Goodell only sees the almighty dollar signs that allowing two pathetic teams into the playoffs. He only cares about the money, never the integrity of the game. Leave the current format of 12 teams, allowing two more garbage teams in won’t make the league more competitive.

  61. How can any fan of this game want to see teams with losing season records in the playoffs?

    The only logical conclusion as to why Roger deems this so vital is that he IS NOT a fan of professional football. He is a fan… and a cheerleader of the rich classless jerks that he works for to, as one poster pointed out, find every dollar that can possibly be squeezed from the game, from the fans, and TFB if the game becomes cheap and phony garbage.

  62. Everyone talks about watering down the playoffs or if it isn’t broke (blah blah blah)… Tell me why the team that comes in 2nd deserves a week off to rest & then gets a home game? The only team that deserves that treatment is the team that comes in first place. Also, who doesn’t want triple header football the first week of the playoffs? You could have games from 1 PM – 11 PM Saturday & Sunday.

  63. and in a completely unrelated note, there was a story the other day about the multi-billion dollar NFL hoping to more than double its profits within the next few years. but adding playoff games, and trying to expand to 18 games is all about the fans and competition. Goodell is incapable of being sincere and of doing anything that isnt completely driven by improving profits and improving his salary. because, right Roger, what fans really want is to see more teams with mediocre regular seasons get into the playoffs.

  64. It is hard to believe this dude gets $30M a year–here is another example of absurd, outrageous American capitalism. He could be earning, say, $3 million annually and be enormously well paid, and he could focus on just managing a good league and a good product. But no, billionaire owners rain money on him in exchange for his commitment to help them grow their already huge profits–at the expense of fans and players. It’s all about greed, everyone knows it, but we have to listen to his “oh, we’ll have even more excitment” PR schtick.

    Maybe we should just quit with all the incremental nonsense and play every pro sport all year long, every team in the playoffs, and be done with it.

  65. yea, like a 20 game season, an NFL team is London, two in LA, so godell gets a raise.

    Also, almost forgot the most important part, the possibility of a team with a miserable record (7-13), winning the last 4 or 5 games and becoming SB champs Why have a regular

    As usual, its all about $

  66. God Dell is such a fake. Is done good things for the league but he lies all the time and thinks we can’t see through the crud.

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