Hall of Fame voting takes place Saturday


Tomorrow morning, a group of 46 voters will conduct a lengthy meeting, in which football immortality will come for as many as seven players.

The finalists for the Pro Football Hall of Fame will be whittled down and voted upon, before being announced tomorrow night.

Voters will choose a maximum of five modern-era candidates from the list of 15 finalists.

That group includes four first-year finalists (linebacker Derrick Brooks, wide receiver Marvin Harrison and tackle Walter Jones, along with coach Tony Dungy. Also making the cut to 15 were nine of last year’s 10 finalists: Wide receivers Andre Reed and Tim Brown, running back Jerome Bettis, guard Will Shields, defensive ends Michael Strahan and Charles Haley, linebacker Kevin Greene and cornerback Aeneas Williams, along with owner Ed DeBartolo Jr.

Rounding out the 15 are kicker Morten Andersen and safety John Lynch are the other finalists.

A pair of seniors committee finalists — punter Ray Guy and defensive lineman Claude Humphrey — are voted on separately, requiring 80 percent of the vote to be approved for the Hall.

For the others, an initial wave of discussions will be held, at which point the finalist list will be whittled to 10. Then comes more discussion, and the list is cut to five. At that point, a yes-no vote is held on each of the candidates individually, with the same 80 percent threshold.

42 responses to “Hall of Fame voting takes place Saturday

  1. Adrian Peterson – Future Hall of Famer
    Cordarelle Patterson – Future Hall of Famer
    Xavier Rhodes – Future Hall of Famer
    Sharrif Floyd – Future Hall of Famer
    Jared Allen – Future Hall of Famer.

    Our franchise is this decorated, deal with it.

  2. DeBartolo ought to be in. Andersen, Guy, Humphrey, Jones, Reed, Haley, too. No argument with Lynch. Not sure Strahan deserves it. Do not think Dungy deserves it. If he gets it, then dammit, Dick Vermeil deserves it – he’s coauched in two super bowls and turned around more than one team!

  3. I look forward to hearing Ray Guy finally gets in. He was an unbelievable field position weapon for those great Raider teams.

  4. Gonna be a shame when Tony Dungy gets in as a first ballot HOFer and guys like Tim Brown and Andre Reed get snubbed again. To me Dungy falls in the John Madden class of coaches..HOF worthy but not first ballot. It took Madden nearly 30 years and Dungy is a first ballot? What a black eye for the HOF

    Dungy career coaching record
    139-69, 9-10 in playoffs, 1 SB

    Madden career coaching record
    103-32, 9-7 in playoffs, 1 SB

  5. while i do believe that tony dungy is a very good coach and a great person, why is he even up for hall of fame, much less a finalist. dungy, bettis, and lynch i dont see going. jones is in, harrison should be even though reed and carter have waited…he is just better. too many tough calls

  6. Look at it like this…if you had to pick a 53 man team fri the exact 8-10 year era most played in, would this guy be THE guy?

    Brooks – check
    Jones – check
    Strahan – uhhmmmm
    The others – a notch behind the best

    But some quality dudes like Bettis. One high class guy. Harrison without manning = just another guy

  7. If Marvin Harrison played in the era of Tim Brown, Carter, and Reed, he definitely would be “just another guy” 100% agree. He’s a HOFer, but first ballot? No way in Heaven. IMO any WR who came in the league after 1995 should have their numbers severely scrutinized.

  8. I can’t wait to hear the lame excuses why Andre Reed wasn’t chosen. The papers and magazines they write for will replace my Charmin.

  9. It’s actually a shame and somewhat of a travesty that Tim Brown isn’t already in. He retired in the top 2-5 of most every major receiving category and played with complete and utter garbage quarterbacks until Rich Gannon arrived. He was also one of the league’s most dynamic return men. I really don’t get how he wasn’t first or second ballot. He’ll probably get snubbed again this year as well.

  10. Walter Jones and Derrick Brooks are the only 2 first ballot guys worthy this year. Also, it’s a Hall of Fame, not Hall of Above Average, so no Bettis, please.

  11. You got to be kidding me with some of the finalists. Tony Dungy, really a first ballot hof????? I don’t think so. Bettis-out, strahan-out. There are a few more on that list should be out. What ever happened to Jerry Kramer, Jim Marshall, and players like those. The pro football hof is getting week.

  12. ESPN has already declared Tony Dungy to be among the all-time great head coaches, which leads me to believe the political correctness will continue with his Hall of Fame induction. Sad. Sad. Sad.

  13. No way Andre Reed belongs in the HOF.He played with a HOF QB,RB and WR, yet he still managed to NEVER have back to back 1000 yd seasons, and only 4 total.He failed miserably in the SB, famously losing his composure and costing his team vs Wash.Meanwhile Tim Brown posted 9 CONSECUTIVE 1000 yd seasons playing opposite James Jett and catching passes from mostly journeymen QB’s.Oh and for good measure,Brown was a dynamic punt returner late into his career.Tim Brown was simply a much better WR than Reed.That being said I think Reed will get in first, due to ignorant voters.

  14. I really have to question the voting with all sports… It seems to me that it is a popularity contest amounts VG football players… There should be the HOF along with a sections of the hall dedicated to the VG players, coaches and builders… Today’s voting is taking away from past accomplishments of the truly GREATS

  15. Dungy deserves to go in as a contributor not for his coaching. The fact is he is the first black head coach to have success. His cover two defense even though it was used by the steelers when he was a player was revolutionary when implemented with the Vikings and Bucs.

  16. Bettis is 6th ALL TIME rusher. Every other RB in the top 14 is in the HOF. Bettis suffered from asthma, he used an inhaler between plays on the sidelines. When you played the steelers back then you knew you had to stop the run. Stop the Bus.

    He ran when teams knew the steelers were running. Under cowher the steelers were 106-1-1 with a 10 point lead, because bettis closed out the game. Sure there are a lot of backs who have highlight plays, big gains, but most of them didn’t last very long, and certainly no back the size of Bettis gained the yards he did or lasted as long. For those who talk about his 3.9 avg, only 81 more yards would have given him a 4.0 and he was held out of his final game to rest up for SB run. If he played that game he also would have had his 9th 1000 yard season.

    Bettis played most of his career at 265 pounds. No back of 240 or more ever gained even HALF of his yardage. Bettis had amazing feet for a man his size. Only FIVE RBs in NFL history have more yards, and none of them are nearly as large a back as he was. Don’t judge him against RBs who were smaller faster, more agile, as a big man he has no equal. He belongs in the HOF period.

  17. LOL Andre Reed failed miserably in the SB, really, I believe he is behind only Jerry Rice in catches in a SB. Ill informed people like that are also on the voting panel..Reed and Brown both should be in by now, and if Harrison gets in first the travesty will continue to grow.

  18. Just don’t use any argument that involves or pertains to the word “teammate”.

    Being a good or bad teammate doesn’t mean someone is a better or worse player.

    Playing great makes you a great player.

  19. So you know Warrick Dunn has more rushing/receiving yards than Bettis, along with a better average and he was a good returner. Look it up. Dunn is 17th all-time in yards from scrimmage, Bettis is 20th.

    So is Dunn a HOFer? I don’t knows – but he’s more deserving than Bettis.

  20. If your name win1soon refers to the Bills, I hope your patient because they are STILL years away from contending for anything.Reed is second in SB catches because the Bills were getting crushed and he was racking up stats in garbage time.Four SB’s and not one significant catch.The one game{SB XXV} that was close, Buffalo leaned on Thurman Thomas.Fact of the matter is one of the huge reasons Buffalo NEVER won is because Reed was such a selfish, me first player.Never happy,always felt slighted about something, is what he will be remembered for.Despite the affect his toxic pesonality had on the team, he was a very good player, just not Hall of Fame worthy by any means.

  21. its is an absolute travesty if reed does not get in he was the second best wr of his era IDC who was throwing him the ball dude was a monster he deserves it over a lot of these guys

  22. John Lynch deserves to be in the HOF because he resurrected the role of the enforcer-type Strong Safety that Ronnie Lott invented, and he played it better than anyone else in his era.

    Admit it, whenever you see a Strong Safety wearing #47, you think about John Lynch.

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