John Fox: Now we’ve got to perform


The Broncos had their last practice of the season on Friday afternoon and will now turn their attention toward mental preparation for Super Bowl XLVIII.

Coach John Fox said that players would do a brief walkthrough at MetLife Stadium on Saturday, but will otherwise spend the remaining hours before they face the Seahawks “reviewing and visualizing what their job is” on Sunday. To help them do that, the Broncos will move to a different hotel for Saturday night and try to remain in the “very focused” state that Fox said they’ve been in this week.

“Guys appear ready,” Fox said, via pool reporter Jarrett Bell of Yahoo! Sports. “We’ve worked hard. Now we’ve got to go perform.”

The Broncos also released their injury report for the game. Defensive tackle Sione Fua missed his third straight practice with a calf injury and has been listed as doubtful for Sunday. Defensive tackle Terrance Knighton (knee), quarterback Peyton Manning (ankle), running back Knowshon Moreno (ribs) and kicker Matt Prater (illness) are the leading names among the nine Broncos listed as probable.

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  1. If the Broncos were to win this game, it is ALL due to Peyton Manning. I am NOT saying that cannot happen, it can, and he is THAT good, but if you go Roster Vs. Roster, the Seahawks are the better team all around. I understand Bronco’s fans/People that hate the seahawks will thumb down this, but if you are perfectly honest, its true.

    Hawks 30
    Broncos 23

  2. I could care less who wins but Denver has way more talent on offense than Seattle. They are more talented than Denver on defense so that pretty much evens them out. No way Seattle is better all the way around

  3. Denver has 6 starters on defence out. That is what will make this game closer than it should be.

    Having said that, the guys who have stepped have really started to jell.

    Broncos win!

  4. Michael Irvin says the Broncos need to prepare for just one thing Sunday, PAIN! Lot’s of pain. The Hawks are bigger, stronger and faster and they are hungry to win this thing. Ask Vernon Davis what playing the Hawks is all about.

  5. John Fox really is a heck of a coach.

    I hope that isn’t overshadowed by having Manning on his team.

    He had the Panthers in the Super Bowl with Delhomme at QB… and he built an offense that got a Tim Tebow-led team into the 2nd round of the playoffs.

  6. @beastmode5150

    Your right, seahawks team is far better all around. Just look at the receivers, clearly favors the seahawks. TE, not a question. Offensive line, obviously better thaDenver’srs 17 allowed sacks this season.

    Defensive side of the ball, the only area that Seattle has a clear advantage is edge rushers and safety’s. The reason they get the nod at edge rushers is because Miller is out. Bailey is healthy and DRC has played as good as any corner in the league this year. LB’s are a wash.

    I hope that Seattle is underestimating Denver’s D. They are going to have a rude awakening if they think that they are just going to go into that game and walk all over them. Phillips, Jackson, Ayers and Pot Roast might have a few things to say about it.

  7. @klutch14u says:
    Jan 31, 2014 7:09 PM

    Kill the head and the body will die. Get to Manning and call it a day

    Seattle uses a 7 or 8 man rotation. They won’t be rotating against Manning with the no huddle. Hope they are ready to be on the field for long stretches.

  8. winninaintsinnin;
    Seattle by double digits. Book it! hahahahaha laughing my a** off this is the same Seattle team that struggled to beat the last place Texans by 3. Denver beat the Texans by 30 Seattle is over hyped doped up frat boys about the get schooled by Thomas, Julius, Decker, Welker, Moreno oh yea Manning.

  9. Willie McGinnis says Caroll one of the smartest coaches he’s ever been around.

    Seattle is not only one of the youngest teams ever in the SB, free agents want to come to Seattle.

    Roll Hawks roll.

  10. And this is the same Denver team that avgd 23 vs very average San Diego defense.

    BTW, Denver had more PEDs than Seattle. At least 2 Seattle suspensions were for pot.

    This won’t be close and Seattle will win its first SB.

  11. Yes, good point. The only advantage Seattle has on defense compared to Denver’s is edge rush.


    Seattle is the first defense since 1985 Bear’s to lead NFL in yards, points and TOs and that Bear’s defense didn’t lead in pass defense.

  12. Gosh Seahawks fans are delusional. It’s almost as if they are a fan base that isn’t used to success…

  13. Check out Barnwell’s article this week. Seattle’s D in unquestionably good yes, but there have been 7 better defenses (by the numbers) in the Super Bowl era. Tenth since 1970 is still pretty good though…

    1. 2006 Ravens
    2. 2002 Buccaneers
    3. 1995 Chiefs
    4. 1970 Vikings
    5. 1994 Browns
    6. 1985 Bears
    7. 1986 Bears
    8. 2000 Ravens
    9. 1988 Bears
    10. 2013 Seahawks

    By the way, only 3 teams on that list won the whole thing. In fact, only 4 of those teams REACHED the SB.

  14. all I care about is the point spread and the over/under
    because this going to be a blowout by one team
    not close at all,one team will fall on it’s face
    my money goes on Seattle to falture
    because of pressure

  15. welcome to the legion of……who cares you aint stoppin’ Manning and co on sunday.

    the legion of “scoring more than the other team”

  16. Talk to me after the game vdub. I already knew this, but if you have watched any lead up, pretty much everyone that watches film for a living is picking Seattle. Why do you think that is?

  17. Here in New York too…. A sea of hawk fans – more Denver fans are arriving but everyone I’ve gone it’s seattle fan domination. Let’s hope it stirs them to win this game with confidence.
    Seattle 24, Denver 20

  18. I am sick and tired of the media trashing the Denver Defense. All they did is shut down the best offenses in the playoffs in San Diego and N.E. They didnt just slow them down, they SHUT them down. Seattle’s Offense is a one trick pony, if Wilson has to throw without bootlegs hes average. 49 Qb rating this postseason for Wilson. Legarrete Blount, Stevan Ridley, and Shane Vereen collectively are a bigger running threat than beast mode. Blounts 260 lbs Ridleys 220 and a lil fast, and Vereens the scat back. Seattle only has downhill least mode. He will get shut down too. Denvers D-Line of Malik Jackson, Robert Ayers, Terrance Knighton, and Slyvester Williams will dominate Seadderalls pathetic O-line. LB Nate Irving has step his game up in the run, Paris Lennon brings a physical veteran with leadership to the middle and making calls and adjustments. Woodyard/Trevathan bring alot of speed and can take Zach Miller out of the game. Champ Bailey is healthy again and can shut down Baldwin, Tate, and Percy 1 route/bubble screen Harvin. Oh yeah and DRC has been playing like a top 5 corner this year. Tony Carter and Kavyon Webster can cover too, i see Jammer coming in as the 3rd safety. Denver puts the hammer Duke Ihenacho in the box to help with Lynch and they will throw some blitzes at Wilson. Denvers O vs Seattle’s D isnt as evenly matched as the pundits say. Seattle is a heavily situational D-line rotating team, which is gonna bite them with Peytons no huddle. They go pass rush, Knowshon/ball gets the ball for 4-5 yards. They sell on the sun then the screen game as well as the play action/pass game opens up. Sherman will get beat in this game, he might snag an Int but he wont shut down DT (Sherman 6’3 205, DT 6’3 235) Maxwell will get school by Decker, and Thurmond cant keep up with Welker. Add in the fact that Seattle lives on press coverage and Denver loves to run rubs, picks, fake double screens and double moves LOB will be OOB (out of breath) Julius Thomas will test Chancellors pure cover skills, cuz unlike Jimmy Graham who had no recievers that really scare anyone, Seattle wont be able to give him much help besides a LB but thatd open up Denvers run game. Seattle loves cover 3 which leaves gaps underneath, up the seam, and across the middle. Earl Thomas will have to help with Decker and/or Welker. I see Denver using alot of trips, motions, and using TEs like Virgil Green in the back feild. Peyton will find away to take away what seattle does best, bump and run. I also see Peyton using the screen game effectively too playing on Seattles aggressiveness. Playaction will hurt Seattle too because of how denvers run game is a threat and looks the same as the playactions that they run. Seattles D-line might get a sack or two but Denver has the best O-line in the game and peyton will get his time, especially once the running game gets goin even a lil bit and the seahawks run themselves tired trying to be the man. Brandon Mebane will dissappear in this game. Manny Ramirez is playing pro-bowl caliber, Zane Beadles made the pro-bowl last year and Louis Vasquez is an all pro. Red Bryant can be handled by big Orlando Franklin and Chris Clark has been outstanding. The Broncos also have the tools to run 2 TE formations with Virgil Green (who can run block and catch, has good speed) and they also have Jacob Tamme who could start on most teams. If Denver goes 4 wide and brings in Bubba Caldwell with DT, Decker, Thomas, and Welker, Peyton will have a field day if his line can give him 2.5-3 secs. Matt Praters big leg is also a weapon as well as Trindon Holliday in the KR game (which hell get some chances, provided Sheattle can score, Haushka doesnt have a very strong leg and itll be cold so thats a harder ball) and Eric Decker in the punt return game. Harvin could do some damage in the return game but a 250 lb hitting him full force could be lights out. Seattles best chance is Marshawn goes over 150 and Peyton throws 2 or more picks, or Montee Ball Fumbles. If Seattle doesnt get some breaks, this game will close and half time and a blow out for Denver in the second half. I liked Seattle prior to Superbowl week. They and their fan bases are rediculously arrogant classless bunch for a franchise that has never won anything. 0 SB experience on SEA sideline vs SB HC and 2 time SB QB Peyton Manning, Denver having the better coaching staff. Seattle misses thier artificial crowd noise and get embarrased in this one. Good young team, need a #1 WR and O-line upgrade. Final Score Denver 34- Seattle 17

  19. 55 Bradley, Stewart (IR) LB 6-4 258
    28 Carter, Quinton (IR) SS 6-1 200
    78 Clady, Ryan (IR) T 6-6 315
    25 Harris, Chris (IR) CB 5-10 199
    67 Koppen, Dan (IR) C 6-2 300
    47 McCray, Lerentee (IR) OLB 6-3 249
    58 Miller, Von (IR) OLB 6-3 245
    69 Smith, Quanterus (IR) DE 6-5 255
    99 Vickerson, Kevin (IR) DT 6-5 328
    95 Wolfe, Derek (IR) DE 6-5 298

    Without all of these players Denver is still the better team position by position.
    If Bradley, Carter, Clady, Harris, Miller, Smith,Vickerson, and Wolfe played this game wouldnt even be close

  20. Niners (#3), Panthers (#2), Saints (#4), Cardinals(#5) and Rams (#10) Those are the D’s rankings for the year. Hawks are 8-2 against those teams including post season play. Broncos are 0-0 against them having not played a game against any of these teams this year. Broncos D? Ranked #20 , you Denver fans better score some points cause the Hawks are gona put on a show on O. We 12’s know are D is nasty and your O hasn’t been punched in the face all year. Our O has, just ask the fans of the teams up above. Those games were brutal and tough, guys were pounding on each other with no mercy. Those games were Steelers vs Ravens. GO HAWKS!!!!!

  21. Hey Fox. Who writes your bilge?
    Give the ball to Manning and get out of the way.
    You are as useless as teats om a bull.

  22. You mean Barnwell who picks Seattle by double digits?

    Statistically the best pass defense in NFL history.

    The only defense to lead the league in points, yards and turnovers in the same season since the 1985 Bear’s and they didn’t lead in pass defense.

    But I’m sure Denver’s defense is certainly better.

  23. We 12’s….. LOL….Seattle fans really think if they wish or want something bad enough it’s a done deal. Very delusional….. You have not played an offense like Denver’s…talk all you want, Seahawks D will have their hands full.

  24. Bill Polian admits his big mistake moving from hotel at last day and instead of helping his team Buffalo,against the Cowboys,they came in tight and lost big to Dallas.You can hear the interview on ESPN Mike and Mike show.

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