Marshawn Lynch was scheduled to appear on Jimmy Fallon’s show tonight


It’s fitting, we suppose, that a guy who doesn’t like to talk was scheduled to appear on, you know, a talk show.

During a break in today’s edition of Pro Football Talk at the Super Bowl on NBCSN, which originated all week from 30 Rock, we heard that Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch had been scheduled to show up as a guest on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.

But practice went too long on Friday for the Seahawks, and Lynch wasn’t able to make it.

The fact that Lynch was even willing to do it should be enough to make the heads of multiple members of the media explode.

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  1. I know this is really complex for a do nothing lawyer such as yourself to understand, but it’s a bit different chatting with ONE talk host, than, say, 300 different reporters at once.

  2. Lynch doesn’t like the forced system and the rules and politics of the NFL way. He was talking about what is a good bridge to the fans and he feels Jimmy Fallon is a good bridge. And he’s right. Jimmy Fallon is smart, funny, likable, and the public loves him because he does know how to be a bridge. Jimmy Fallon is awesome. The NFL is none of these things, thus they aren’t a qualified bridge for Lynch to want to cross.

  3. Why should this bake the “heads of multiple members of the media explode”? This is why so many people despise the media! I am not a Lynch fan nor a Seahawks fan but I’m on his side with this one. There is no reason he should want to cave to the pompous media pricks that think all athletes should give them the time of day. I know they are subject to interviews per their contract but that does not mean he should have to do it to your standards. If he so chooses to go on a talk show then so be it that’s his choice not yours! Maybe he would rather do that because the whole interview will be aired on tv and people can form opinions for themselves rather than have some gung-ho journalist take snippets of an interview to spin any story the way he wants. Not all journalist are like this but many are and I know I wouldn’t want to risk finding out the hard way which ones are. Journalist are ever turning in to self-righteous blow hards that only want to sway the opinions of others to fit their agenda and I respect the fact that Mr. Lynch doesn’t respect them! And for all the people that were calling him dumb for the way he spoke at Wednesdays press conference did you happen to hear the way he spoke during Thursdays? Very well actually, so maybe he knew some ignorant people out there would stereotype him and that’s exactly why he did it. Don’t stereotype me and say I’m just sticking up for another brother I’m white just calling it as I see it and that is just my opinion

  4. That would have been epic. Marshawn does have a sense of humor. And it would have been a fun jab at all the talking heads whose feather’s were ruffled.

  5. Marshawn Lynch is actually highly engaging when he isn’t being hounded by journalists with the agenda of breathlessly scouring his words for something to cherry pick out of context for a sensationalist headline. Journalistic integrity is dead and gone.

  6. LOL Lynch is now actively trolling the media. And serves them right – they set themselves up for it with that pathetic tattle-tale whine to the NFL, trying to get him fined.

  7. My initial reaction to this was, “Wow, this kind of blows his argument that he just doesn’t like talking to the media.” But then I realized that it is a much different animal. When the print media interview him, they can take one sentence or one phrase out of context and blow it all out of proportion. On a talk show, they get everything that Lynch says without edits. Viewers also get to see that he actually has a pretty engaging personality (which you can’t “see” at all in a newspaper, magazine, or blog interview). People forget how badly he was burned by the Buffalo media.

  8. Because being on a late night talk/comedy show is the same as having a mic. shoved in your face and being asked a bunch of stupid questions.

  9. We’re all better off not hearing what this “genius” from Cal-Berkeley has to say. The most profound thing he has ever said is “not guilty”.

  10. He’s already showing how much of a hypocrite he is and how what he is doing has nothing to do with how “uncomfortable” he is to talk to people.

    It would also punt the excuse that he doesn’t have much to say, boss.

    What Lynch and his supporters do not understand is that he is not paid to JUST PLAY FOOTBALL. Part of his contract that he WILLINGLY signed includes the part of him making himself available to the media and to participate. He (and his supporters) seem to think it is some sort of slave-like mentality to the process. No, you are being paid to do this. It is part of your job description. Every other player in the NFL has to do it too.

    If the players hate it sooooo much and feel that strongly about it, they can bring it up to the NFLPA that negotiates their salaries, the rules, and such. It is the NFLPA that agreed to this part of the contracts with the NFL.

    Lynch has 4 options:

    1) Participate and stop being such a jerk
    2) Don’t participate and pay the fine
    3) Lobby his player rep and get other players to lobby their player reps and lobby the NFLPA to negotiate this term out of contracts once the current CBA expires.
    4) Quit football.

    Part of your job, boss. You are paid to do it, boss. Stop being a whiny millionaire, boss.

  11. Would Fallon have been drunk from a three-martini lunch and deliberately asking questions meant to generate controversial responses that would add to the number of clicks on the eventual article?

  12. Lynch is fast becoming a princess. I hope the Broncos steal his tiara and send her hope in a pumpkin towed by the Bronco mascot.


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