MJD “fine” with Jags allowing him to hit open market


Just after the end of the regular season, Jaguars General Manager David Caldwell said that the team would not be making an effort to re-sign running back Maurice Jones-Drew before free agency opens in March.

There wasn’t much reason to expect otherwise after the Jags opted not to negotiate a new deal with Jones-Drew at any point during the 2013 season and Jones-Drew said Thursday that he wasn’t surprised by what Caldwell had to say.

“I’m fine with it,” Jones-Drew said, via the Florida Times-Union. “I kind of figured that because we didn’t talk throughout the year. That’s part of the business. There’s no hard feelings. I gave everything I could to the organization. I appreciate them giving me that opportunity. Wherever I go next year, they’ll have a person ready to play at a high level.”

That closing note sounds like one coming from a player who plans to be playing for one of the 31 other NFL teams next season, but Jones-Drew said that he wasn’t ruling out a return to the Jaguars. Neither did Caldwell, although there’s obviously a good chance of one with the Jaguars doing little to suggest that keeping the franchise’s second-leading rusher in history is a top priority.

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  1. Is he past his prime? Probably. But the jags are toward the top of the list when it comes to salary cap space so since they have to spend most of it why not resign him and finish his career with the team that drafted him & gave a face to the current era team. I don’t blame him however for wanting to win at the tail end of his career, just think the jags owe it to him to at least give him a decent offer.

  2. Brunell, jimmy smith, Fred Taylor and mjd.

    How sad is it that jacksonvilles ring of honor is more impressive than the jets?

  3. This team is way too young to have a veteran skill player that young players can look to for leadership leave the team. Draft another RB and let him watch MJD prepare for 2-3 years like we did when Freddy did the same. We hopefully will have a star rookie QB that will need someone to dump the ball off to as a safety blanket.

    But there’s no chance that MJD will be passed over by 32 teams this time. He’s too good.

  4. Couldn’t they have gotten on the phone with Irsay and said “we’ll give you MJD for a 4th and a 6th”? Or even a 7th? Anything? Now they let him walk for nothing.

  5. What the Jets and Jags do or have done matters not. The Vikings are about to begin the most dominant run in NFL history. The pieces are set. The rest of the NFL is already checkmated.

  6. #1 – the jets have 1 SB and have 6 HOFers, all but 2 of those made their names elsewhere and in fact were enshrined with other teams – Art Monk and John Riggins (Redskins), Ronnie Lott (49ers), and Curtis Martin (Patriots).

    That being stated the Jets have also been around for 60 years, so it stands to reason that they should/would have more of both.

    #2 – The Vikings making a dominant run. They need way to many holes filled and they have a rookie HC, while they might do it in the future, and they may even do it with Zimmer, the in the near future is a little overstated.

  7. It’s such a relief when a player talks reasonably. The Jags are young and don’t need an older RB. From his point of view, he only has a few more productive years in the league and probably wants a chance to win more than 6 games in a season.

  8. he wants to go back to the west coast..hes from LA, this has san diego written all over it.. ronnie brown isnt being resigned and they need insurance for the often injured ryan mathews

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