Patriots going with variable pricing for 2014 tickets

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The variable pricing model for NFL tickets is spreading.

The Patriots are joining the Lions in instituting the approach, which aims to better reflect the expected demand for games by charging different prices for games over the course of the season. The Patriots announced that there will be three tiers of games — Preseason, Premier and Marquee — with four regular season games in each of the top two tiers.

Season ticket holders will still wind up paying the same amount for their 10-game packages as they did in past years since the change in prices for individual games is meant to reflect the perceived value of those games. As a result, preseason games will cost about half as much as games in the Premier tier with the top tier games costing $19-50 more depending on the area of the stadium.

The Patriots also announced that they are raising ticket prices in two of the seven seating categories at Gilette Stadium. The remainder of the seats will cost the same on a season ticket basis as they did last season.

14 responses to “Patriots going with variable pricing for 2014 tickets

  1. What a joke. They are still charging the same $$ for the package. So I should feel better a $135 ticket will now be worth $35 for preseason and $235 for premium ?

    The Patriots have been sold out since 1994 with a long waiting list

  2. … Ha Ha Ha … The Dynasty is FINISHED and time is NOW to Start LOWERING the Prices to this DUMP and NOT Raise them … Poor Krafts see the writing on the Wall , the Patriots are Done , Screw the Fans as Long as Possible !!! …

  3. I don’t go anymore to live games at Foxboro or anywhere. Corporate culture has taken hold with an emphasis on conformity and marketing of a product. I am sick of replica player jerseys on most everyone, the stadium club and scripted cheers via the stadium announcers.
    I miss tin bleacher seats, crazy crowds, muddy parking lots, having to huddle together to stay warm and the feeling you just braved something amazing just to make it through watching the game!

  4. Peyton Manning 2013 season
    68% Comp 55TD 10 Int’s 115.1 Qb Rating

    Tom Brady 2013 season
    60% Comp 25 TD’s 11 Ints 87.3 QB Rating

    Matt Cassel 2008 1st season as a starter, now he’s a backup
    63% Comp 21TD’s 11 Int’s 89.4 QB Rating

    Alex Smith 2013 another great game manager
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    Tom Brady stats against the Colts in Foxboro (handed the ball off 44 times)
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    Tom Brady is the most Over rated QB of all time!

    You can keep your Tom Brady, I’ll take my Peyton Manning Thanks!

  5. The power structure wants us to fight over who is better: Peyton Manning or Tom Brady as a way to deflect attention that they are making all the money and that there is widening class difference between poor and rich. Fighting their wars for them also provides a feeling of heroism for us but profits for them.

  6. Actually, the plan is to delete 1 preseason game and add more playoff games. So, it makes financial sense (for the NFL) to go to variable pricing to delete low priced games and add expensive marquee games. Add in increased TV revenue and the NFL is a piggy bank for owners.

  7. Does this mean preseason tickets will be $10?
    When I had season tickets paying the same price for preseason as regular season suxed.

  8. Smoke and mirrors. Stadium experience stinks unless you have great seats. Not worth the other costs and hassels. Although the one person I know who has season tickets has said he does it to get away from his wife for at least one day a week. Can’t argue with that.

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